Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Natura Est - Natura Est [Ant-Zen]

Put on the circuit via the long time established Industrial / Experimental Electronic Music label Ant-Zen is the same titled debut album of Natura Est, the conjunctional project set up by Andreas Davids a.k.a. Xotox and Tony Young of Autoclav1.1 which is their first collaboration work effort after knowing each other for way more than a decade. Inspired by their shared love for Dark Ambient their five track album starts out with "The Root", a solemn, wonderfully droning affair perfectly matching the misty black and white album artwork whereas "The Soil" provides a darker and well brooding take on the genre, coming up with a score'esque intensity that might be comparable to early GAS releases - minus the beats of course. Looking at "Grey Skies" we're confronted with angelic background sequences in contrast to a spiralling, ever modulating bass backbone and several slighty distortion works cutting through, the "Black Town" is home to an unknown cult performing dark rituals not too far from the last borders of civilization and the final cut "Causatum" balances between classic Ambient and more of a Dark Ambient feel, accompanied by large shifting structures and teh occasional electrical buzz. Nice.

Album artwork on Instagram!

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