Sunday, November 24, 2019

Silent Fires - Forests [AMP Music & Records 058]

Incoming from France only recently and to be released via AMP Music & Records on December 6th, 2k19 is "Forests" the forthcoming album by Silent Fires, a quartet comprised of Karoline Wallace, Hilde Marie Holsen, Hakon Aase and Alessandro Sgobbio. This international array of young talent from the, oftentimes Jazz-related, Improv scene caters a menu of eleven tracks in total, covering roughly a playtime of 41 minutes in which they are, according to the accompanying press info, exploring the 'theme of spirituality in its multiple meanings'. Despite us being pretty much doubtful when it comes to esoteric concepts and nebulous meta-meanings the band of four defo touches our soul with the surprisingly structured emotional opener "En Aesthenala" which we had rather expected to come across in a classic vintage Broadway production or a French Film Noir than on an album created by four Improv experts. This tender, romantic intro makes way to an intense Spoken Word meets climaxing Noize turning into melancholia-infused piano piece with "From The Entrance Of Love" whilst the third cut, "Similar Lymphs", provides another great example of not only great craftsmanship and musical mastery but also proves that classic writing and dramatic songs performed and executed with class never will be out of style, no matter what the musical hype of now might be at any specific moment in time. With the rest of the eight songs following in great style without any fillers this one comes as a timeless surprise that shall be referenced as a golden, treasured classic in the future by many generations of musical connaisseurs for a reason. Check!

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