Sunday, May 15, 2005

Trip to Berlin

Next weekend baze.djunkiii's going down to play a double weekender in Berlin, spreading what might be called Minimal, Intelligent or Ambient Techno as well as weird ElectroPhonk. This for sure means a selection ranged Rhythm&Sound to Terminal Antwerp, including artists as well as Plasticman, Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Marco Passarani and the likes of. On Friday 20th he'll play at a small underground location called Hotel Lux, which has no official website or anything to refer to but can be found near U+S stop Frankfurter Allee at Pettenkoferstrasse 4c. All I heard about that place was quite positive so I bet it'll be a fun night out there.

Hope to see some of my berlin mates there or at least here

which is the place to be on Saturday May 21st. The Insel is known to quite everybody which has been partying in Berlin and is surely worth a trip that day - not only for the electronic music lovers but for everyone as The Psychedelic Avengers Space Experience is also featuring a good bunch of interesting bands from the field of Stoner-/Psychedelic-/SpaceRock.

The whole LineUp looks like this and includes more extra features like special SciFi-Slideshows, Space Cocktails etc.

Colour Haze
Hypnos 69
The Psychedelic Avengers
Niagara Gain vs. Ameisenautomat
The Stonedudes
Jens Kupillas

DJ’s / Performance:
Knarf Rellöm
DJ Baze.djunkiii (intrauterin rec.)
DJ Anaïs (Cliché)
H:rex (U-site)
Lord Becker (Mandra Gora Lightshow Society)


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