Wednesday, June 04, 2014

No More Emails To The Editor

Dear labels, artists, promo agencies,

after more than 9 years in blog format and overall a minimum of 15 years online as a website today - for the first time in this long period - decided to remove all email contacts given from the website and will not put them up again. The reason for this is the fact that there's still a flood of annoying newsletters and emails offering private soundcloud or other download promos coming in, even though we've clearly stated in red bold letters in the sidebar that this site is not dealing with digital promos from no-one and with no exceptions.

This site does not support digital only formats for a reason and the fact that some - or many / most - of you are still trying to get through with digital promos and simply ignore a clear and simple statement like this is seen as an ongoing and continuous act of  disrespect for the work that has been put into this website, that keeps this site alive, up and running with approx. 2500 posts and reviews written by one single person within the past 9 years alone. And this single person is not willing to waste an hour a day anymore, explaining to 100% ignorant persons, bands, artists and promoters why this website does not accept digital promo submissions from noone. This hour is better spent with what is about - reviewing music.

If you are really interested in getting your music featured here - make the effort to send promotional sound carriers like CD, vinyl or even tape directly to the adress given. Your stuff will be reviewed, you'll be getting a message when the review is live, because this website does care about music and the artists and their message behind it.

But since "promo" has changed from doing things from the heart to a menacing pestilence that floods every possible magazine, blog and even smallest tumblr site that does offer a contact opportunity with newsletters, bulk mails and cheap, worthless, low quality files the time has come to pull the plug.

Due to all this, there's no more emails to the editor. Please send postcards.

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