Sunday, December 17, 2017

Twin Peetz - As We Do (Vinyl Version) / Sascha Müller - Terre De Dub 1 [Sascha Müller Music]

Put on the circuit as a limited to 10 copies - sic!!! - hand-numbered and hand-cut vinyl release via Sascha Müller Music is the latest split 12" effort crafted by Sascha Müller himself and the Berlin-based producer Twin Peetz. Whilst Twin Peetz' focuses on the deeper, ever spiralling and more melodic edge of DubTechno with his tune "As We Do (Vinyl Version)" which might be best described as a fusion of Echochord and Maurizio labelwise we see Sascha Müller's "Terre De Dub 1" explore a more haunting, ghostly and most importantly more technoid realm within the genre, providing a proper muscular tool for close to peak time DubTechno sets. Collectors item!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Xposed 4Heads - 8Bit Ride (Official Video)

Super cute and very playful holiday greetings from the remarkable band outfit widely recognized as the Xposed 4Heads. This is for the lo-fi lovers.

Kedr Livanskiy - Ariadna [2MR 029 Promo]

Released in early September via the 2MR imprint is Kedr Livanskiy's debut album "Ariadna", crafted by the Moscow-based artist Yana Kedrina using her artistic nom de guerre to cater an array of ten tracks both inspired by her own urban environment as well as mythological thoughts and 80s electronic pioneers from Russia. Starting with the album's title track "Ariadna" a new sonic world opens up comprised of dreamlike (Neo)Cosmic, Electro and ethereal, Pop-infused vocals whereas the follow up "Sunrise Stop" brings on all embracing organic bass waves and a decent 4/4 drum layer as foundation for Kedr Livanskiy's voice driven journey into deep retrofuturistic space. Drawing more influences from the Space Age - and ItaloDisco of sorts - is "Your Name", a highly seductive tune which might be referred to as the albums hit single, "Mermaid" provides a floating, beatless approach to (Neo)Cosmic and "ACDC" featuring Martin Newell on vocal duties presents more of a mystical, spiralling Spoken Word vibe before raving Electro beats and oldskool'ish Breakbeats send punters to new ecstatic heavens. With "Za Oknom Vesna" Kedr Livanskiy's vocal approach meets proper, slightly trancey Detroit Techno for the first time, "Love & Cigarettes" combines heartfelt, deep ass melancholia with driving Electro vibes again before the "Sad One" contributes a concluding beautiful, naturalistic tale of Synth Ambient to the albums story. Furthermore we see the digital bonus track "Fire & Water" weigh in a slightly tribalistic approach to vocal driven Intelligent Techno as well as massive dancefloor potential and the vinyl exclusive "Sunset" unveils the most touching, widescreen panorama SloMo Synth Techno we've come across in quite a while. Great stuff. Highly recommended.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Gregg Kowalsky - L'Ambience, L'Orange

Ambient or (Neo)Cosmic beauty?

Kim Myhr - You | Me [Hubro Music]

Put on the circuit via Hubro Music in late November, 2k17 is "You | Me", the latest album effort by Norway's Kim Myhr who, according to the album info, is delivering his first longplay piece in which everything is derived from one specific musical idea. The result is an album split in two, with an "A" and "B" side simply named like that, in which the 18 minutes spanning continuous "A" side provides a feel of slowly evolving, Ambient-infused PostPostRock accompanied by decent electronic backings, providing a steady and organic flow leading into a dismal greyscale mood matching the misty ocean and dark'ish clouds depicted on the albums cover before the "B" side mostly relies on a dreamy guitar motif that immediately induces autumnal melancholia into every listener, stretching its 20 minutes total runtime into an ongoing eternity and therefore turns this one into our favorite out of the two tunes to be found on this longplayer.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Moby - Like A Motherless Child (Official Video)

So Moby is officially bringing back the BigBeat / Alternative fusion we all loved so much in the late 90s. It's about time.

Goner - YS 2

Deep, sub heavy and multilayered rhythmic structures for Electronica headz and low end fanatics. Epic!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sascha Müller - Controlling EP [SMSM 017]

Announced for December 20th, 2k17 is Sascha Müller's new digital single dubbed the "Controlling EP" on which the Meppen-based producer caters four subsequently numbered tracks all going by the same name. The opener "Controlling_1" provides a raw, lo-fi take on repetetive, overly simplistic Techno with an early 90s twist, "Controlling_2" follows a similar path whilst providing a cheeky sequence of quirky bleeps that puts a smile on our face for a reason and therefore is to be recognized as one of the best Tongue-In-Cheek Techno tunes ever whilst "Controlling_3" brings forth more demo vibes and a seemingly unmastered angle of dry MinimalTechno for hardcore headz. Finally "Controlling_4" comes up with the most floor friendly attitude for those preferring their oldskool Minimal Techno raw, pounding, uncut und with a slightly humoristic twist. Interesting, this.

Juxtaposition - Juxtaposition [Nakama Records 012]

Released in late September via the Norwegian Nakama Records imprint is "Juxtaposition", the first album by the improviser supergroup of the same name comprised of Agnes Hvizdalek, Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard, Utku Tavil and Natali Abrahamsen Garner. Going into the recording process without any compromise and with different approaches towards the art of Noize as well as Free Improv the music provided by the Juxtapposition quartet is defo heavy and made for the headstrong, incorporating elements of HarshNoize and sheer sonic terror, distorted echoes of Electronica, Field Recordings, electronics, scraping sounds, electric guitars, shredded and warped vocal bits, manipulated and abused instruments as well as loads of seemingly unorganized chaos which is amalgamated through the mixing and mastering process committed by Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard and legendary Noize master Lasse Marhaug himself. Not exactly one for romantic candlelight dinners but great stuff anyway.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Marco Resmann feat. Deep Aztec & Black Soda - Babylon Side [Watergate Records 044]

Coming in via the man Marcoe Resmann himself is "Babylon Side", his latest release on Berlin's Watergate Records which he recorded straight in the Red Bull Studios of Cape Town / South Africa alongside the two local artists Deep Aztec and Black Soda. Whilst the 12"es title track featuring the both of them embarks on a damp, fever'ish late night TechHouse journey for already heaving crowds turned into a dreamlike, hypnotic state by the tunes unique vocal approach and decent Acid references we see "Abadala feat. Deep Aztec" providing a similar, yet sped up and more pounding vibe for technoid hours, once again weighing in mystic vocal bits accompanied by scarce tribal percussions and scattered, twisted modulation efforts as well as a spine-tingling atmosphere leading towards a short, yet distinct climax. On the flip Oliver Huntemann is taking care of the title remixwise whilst turning the tune into a powerful, well muscular and Acid-referencing tool for primetime sets before Marco Resmann's very own re-interpretation of "Babylon Side" is a thrilling, rolling and ever spiralling Tech affair catering nothing but pure energy for bubbling and buzzing ravers on a jam packed floor. Proper!

Orson Hentschel - Facade I

A deep, fascinating Space Ambient / (Neo)Cosmic / Spoken Word fusion taken from Orson Henschel's forthcoming "Facades" album, due for release via Denovali on January 26th, 2k18.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Erik Honore - Unrest [Hubro Music]

Another recent release on Norway's Hubro Music label is Erik Honore's second full-on solo album effort named "Unrest" after the social and personal unrest of the period in which it was produced. Based upon a live performance by Stian Westerhus at the Punkt Festival in Kristiansand in 2016 which was live remixed by Erik Honore the album brings on a menu of eight tracks starting with "Surge" which is a dark'ish take on piano-led Ambient musically, accompanied by haunting, ghostly electronic sounds and providing a thrilling, yet partly score'esque atmosphere whilst the "Abandoned Home" comes across as a deep, highly romantic vocal effort for oldschool, black and white Hollywood movies - think "Moon River" here, but on a more minimalistic scale musically. The title track "Unrest" tales a tale of essentially this, being comprised of various layers of high pitched, nervous violins partly bringin on a siren-resembling undertone and overall feel of being highly alert, nicely contrasted by lonely ethno flutes, the short interlude "Remain" caters full on, purified flute romanticisms which find a continuation in the beautiful, stripped down and dramatic vocal piece that is "Blinded Windows" before "Apparition" once again is about to please both lovers of haunting scores as well as carefully crafted Ambient bringing forth piano melancholia and guttural non-vocalisms. With "Procession" we're introduced to the first Electronica / Ambient crossover on this album, providing not exactly a beat but a rhythmic, structured bass pulse, multi-layered loops and elements of Dub to an hypnotic result appealing to both early Pole- as well as Senking-fans before "The Park" defines a new blueprint for heartfelt, stripped down and simply beautiful songwriting in 2k17. Check!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Toxydoll - Hawkward [AUT Records 037]

Put on the circuit on October 23rd, 2k17 via AUT Records is "Hawkward", the second studio album by Toxydoll, a genre bending quartet comprised of Vicent Domenech, Alberto Cavenati, Bob Meanza and Olgo Nosova. Introducing their new longplay piece with "Acanounia", a captivating, lively and score'esque take on Jazz Noir with a spy flic touch the pack of four immediately catches our attention, delivering a huge, atmospheric and glitched out mid-track breakdown and brutal drum eruptions whilst weighing in a more Funk-driven approach and Crossover-resembling, slightly distorted bass lines alongside a whole lotta noise in "Whole Lotta Dog". Following up is "18 Triggered Off", a tense piece of Late Night Jazz perfectly depicting the feel of strolling through the empty streets of a fog-covered big city, past midnight in late fall, whilst dabbling with a bit of a FreeJazz attitude. "Obatala" is a highly percussive, fever'ish interpretation of a traditional Cuban theme and the first vocal piece on "Hawkward" which interestingly is more reminiscent of what westerners might identify as African Traditional, kind of , "Castellana" delivers more of a solemn, introspective feel and an obvious hint of all-embracing melancholia and "Mr. Trotzkopf" is built out of deep, partly electronic and part Field Recording-resembling atmospheres, lonely desert guitars and what can be well described as Dark Jazz. Towards the end we see "Viruta" taking over seamlessly, immediately diving into highly agitated, buzzing Jazz realms bringing forth a massive crescendo as a grand mid-track climax and the final cut named "Chasm" is the most far out and experimental cut in this longplay effort, fusing more Jazz Noir / Future Jazz with an isolatinist urban vibe surprisingly turning into tender romanticism and musical crooning towards the tunes end as a sweet and unexpected closure.

B.Fleischmann - Here Comes The A Train

Things are getting a little funky with the first teaser single for B.Fleischmann's forthcoming album "Stop Making Fans" which is about to drop via Morr Music in 2k18.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Bruxista - Human Resources [Clang 058 Promo]

Released on October 27th, 2k17 via Clang is "Human Resources", the new album work put on the circuit by Jose Manuel Cerda using his latest moniker Bruxista for this longplay piece instead of relying on his longtime established alais ESDLCP here. Stepping into a new period or phase of his musical journey with the introduction of this artistic guise we see Mr. Cerda taking on new challenges, entering a fusion world of cut up, Jazz-infused drumming mixed up with heavy Dub-influences, a steady 4/4 drum foundation and hefty, all-embracing bass waves in "Rhythm Of Precarity" which will be a well-appreciated enrichment to both advanced Techno as well as open minded World Music floors due to its sample heavy exoticism and beauty, "Bruxism" picks up on jazzy vibes as well but is more of a Herbert-influenced House tune with a little Balearic Disco twist whereas "From Protest To Proposal" is going down a stumbling and skwee'ish Downtempo / Beatmaker / Beatdown alley whilst providing chopped pads and well thought out melodic complexions for Romantic House lovers. The perfectly entitled "Anti-Selfie" is based on and built around a vocal sample saying nothing more than "Hallo" meandering through the stereo field, accompanied by hammering, yet captivating piano play and Electronica structures for highly advanced dancefloors appreciating bits of romantic Indietronica as well, "On The Backyard Path" is the albums secret hit single, complex, but pushing forward and also a weapon of choice in more intricate bass music sets for sure, the 81 seconds long "Interlude" provides a sweet digression into bleepy, beatless electronic Lo-Fi Funk and "The Owner$" weighs in some off-kilter, SloMo Techno on a surely 'troity note, reminding us of the anfractuous musical works delivered by producers like Oni Ayhun for a reason before "Successful Underdevelopment" combines an intense, captivating  signal sequence with freestyle modular improv and samples played backwards as well as scattered drumrolls and highly complicated melodic layering to a braincell stimulating effect and the 88 seconds "Outro" provides a solemn conclusion which can be identified as influenced by meditation and (Neo)Classical music for sure. Good stuff.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Dr. NoiseM - Book Noise

Quite an interesting, and only in parts music related, release by the ever active Noize producer dubbed Dr. NoiseM. Using the PhonoPaper app created by Alexander Zolotov the Meppen-based artist transferred a whole album of Experimental Electronic and Noize tracks into a visual print format which can be re-transferred into sound and played back via scanning the single print pages of the book with an ios smart phone or tablet pc using the named app which also allows individual sound manipulation through variation of scanning speed or direction, shifting the consumers role from listener to active remixer and creator within the listening process. The results of the transfer are visually thrilling, obviously noisy, black and white images of a distinct beauty, showcasing symmetry and frequency shifts in fragile detail, partially even resembling ripples on a pond or evoking mind boggling 3D illusions for the advanced eye. Not only one for the followers of Noize as a genre but also a recommended piece of coffee table art for graphic designers, visual minimalists and computer design geeks. Check.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 058]

Put on the circuit as its 058 via Supersix Records is Sascha Müller's latest untitled album piece which contains a dozen new and previously unreleased tracks crafted by one of Germany's busiest, yet most underrated producers. With the opening track "After Party" we're taking off into a realm of properly stripped down - not: minimal - Techno accompanied by dubbed out, slightly Trance-inducing pads for all Intelligent Techno headz, "Amazonas Becken" is more of a pounding, muscular affair weighing in damp, tropical heat and hints of tribal percussion, "Bass T-Error" caters a wall of brutal Rock drums played in a straight 4/4 manner accompanied by a hefty portion of - hence the name - twisted sawtooth basslines for the  ElectroClash and BigBeat crowd before the "Bunker" provides stumbling, ecstatic borderline HardTek / Hardcore for violent late night sessions in underground - well... - bunkers. The epic and beautifully crafted crystalline Ambient / (Neo)Cosmic sound of "Centaury Prime" immediately evokes memories of deep unexplored space, "Control My Body" is more on a twisted, Acid-infused RaveTechno tip, bringing warped synth sequences, astronautics-related vocal samples and razor sharp hi-hats to the table whilst the "Crackle Box II" is providing 152 seconds of rhythmic crackles indeed and "Deep & Dirty" goes down the brutal lane again with a barrage of highly compressed Hardcore drums and eerie background sweeps. Being into "Deeper" things means grooving along to heavily pounding Techno with a slightly Progressive, partly even Psychedelic attitude and a well catchy, bass focused main motif surprisingly leading into a floating Trance cascade throughout the tracks course, "Droids 02" is a cold, futuristic Slo-Mo Techno affair for spaceship robot raves, "Drum & Bass" is a gooey, playful and frolicking piece of Future Tribal Techno for heaving crowds on a full on Rave tip and the final cut "Eserver" is a blueprint for fast paced, tool'ish, distortion heavy Tribal Techno in 2k17 for sure. Quality.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2017

01. Fatima Al Qadiri - Shaneera [Hyperdub 110]
Loads of Hyperdub releases in this months charts and Fatima Al Qadiri tops this list for a reason. Annonunced on these pages earlier this year her "Shaneera" EP does not only focus on the topic of queerness in the Arab world but caters five higly unique and fascinating amalgamations of contemporary bass music, epic synths and deep, mysterious and for a reason untranslated vocal bits for an advanced club crowd. Great stuff!

02. DJ Tre - The Underdogg [Hyperdub 114]
Yes, it's finally here. DJ Tre's new EP does not only feature the long awaited super dry Jungle / GhettoHouse-slammer "It's House Hybrid" but also three more stripped down, yet bass heavy pieces of Juke / GhettoHouse madness. Ace.

03. Sully - Escape [Keysound Recordings]
What a massive, yet diverse sophomore album effort brought to us by Sully. From deep, spine-tingling and beautiful Ambient spheres to heavy Grime bangers, 2k17 Jungle and even new takes on Sublow and UK Garage this highly recommended double vinyl is a must have for every fan of contemporary bass music of any sorts. Check.

04. Sofa Surfers - 20 [Monoscope Productions 001]
See review for details...

05. Black Seed - Dirty Box [Sign Bit Zero 004]
Quite an interesting one, this. Originally intended to be played on 33rpm speeding things up to 45rpm turns all four tracks on this 12" into raw, untamed and wildly improvised blueprints of early 90s Belgium Techno and Rave for strobe-lit underground dancefloors in subsurface shelters. Great stuff.

06. Umeko Ando - Iuta Upopo [Pingipung 058]
Vintage? Ethno? World Music? No matter what, this charming little 7" on the Pingipung label contains two variations of deep, traditional and partly tribalistic music of possibly Japanese origin that will be become opening staples of future sets at the Mojo Jazz Cafe in Hamburg for me. A little off the beaten path, especially when it comes to its repetetive chants but therefore great.

07. Yak - Darunia / Mido [Version 009]
The best release on Orson's Version-imprint so far. "Darunia" brings in deep and highly complex MythStep for all those who've been in love with Shackleton's Skull Disco label from day dot whereas "Mido" is, after an epic and well stretched out intro, more on a thrilling Tribal Techno tip, willing to set all pounding dancefloors on fire within seconds.

08. Proc Fiscal - The Highland Mob [Hyperdub 109]
Put on the circuit via the bass music staple Hyperdub quite a while ago Proc Fiscal caters four tracks on this one, providing a fusion of raw oldskool Grime instrumentals with more detailed, Electronica-focused bits of so-called SinoGrime to an epic and partly even anthemic - see: "Skulka" - effect for those being deep into the genre ever since although these tracks are pretty tricky when it comes down to incorporating them in a regular DJ set. Specialists tunes for sure.

09. -

10. -

Ross Manning - Reflex In Waves [Room 40 Promo]

Put on the circuit in October, 2k17 via the Australian Room 40 imprint is Ross Manning's latest album entitled "Reflex In Waves" which accompanied his first major survey exhibition named "Dissonant Rhythms" earlier this year. Following his approach of recording and pitch shifting sounds created on mainly self-built instruments we see the Brisbane-base artist open this longplay effort with "Three Tuned Sets In Crystal", a short trip into percussive, slightly ritualistic repetetion of metallic tones kinda resembling Asian drums and instruments used in meditation and ceremony whereas "Where Points Meet" picks up on a similar level but covers the overall feel in loads of echoes and reverbs to a point in which one gets a whole well-blurred crescendo of sorts accentuated by warm, single bass bits before the second part of the tune unveals a clearer, yet multilayered sonic picture of a well solemn nature, once again disintegrating into a Noize (Not Noize) state later on. The title track "Reflex In Waves" starts off with seemingly random metal percussion improv and various kettle clangs falling together in a more structured manner throughout the tracks course before "Small Increments" bring in a kind of crystalline buzz of sorts and the approx. 11 minutes spanning album main piece "Braking Formations" seemingly fuses bits of Field Recordings with intense midrange drones, eerie noises and varied layers of agitated, partly harsh pops, crackles and screeches to a nerve-wrecking effect and the final cut "Cross A Strings" goes back to the more ritualistic, multilayered, percussive  approach of the albums starter, although focusing more on wooden or ceramic drums rather than on metallic sound effects. Not an easy one to embrace, but an interesting one for sure.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Elektronengehirn - Fjord

A beautiful Ambient teaser for the forthcoming new Elektronengehirn album which has been announced for release somewhen in 2k18. Watch out.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Leroy & Angela Aux - Grain In Vain [Jahmoni Music]

Coming in straight from Munich's finest Jahmoni Music is "Grain In Vain", the first collaborational album effort created by Leroy and Angela Aux. First planned as cassette only the longplay piece has now made its way onto vinyl, sporting the same artwork and tracklisting as the original format, starting with the acoustic Blues-infused "Waste Some Time" which weighs in a massive heap of campfire melancholia whereas the follow up "The Point" caters some bleepy, 8bit Indietronics and high pitched vocals for dark winter days and "Something's Going Down" pleases fans of lo-fi home recordings and obscure, dubbed DIY FreakBlues with a quite humoristic edge to the fullest. The "Jungle Tune" is more on a Psychedelia-infused edge sporting weird dynamics whilst bordering on tripping Folk before the A-side concluding "Outside Amore" is touching Italian romanticism soundwise and is one of those tunes older followers of Leftfield music could well imagine to be released on of of Dhyana Records' legendary tape compilations back in the late 90s. Flipping the wax "Arbeitstitel" gives us a psychedelic, tongue-in-cheek yet kinda saddening view on today's working environment atop a Folk'ish home-recorded instrumental foundation slowly transforming into an array of experimental Dub FX, "Drop Me A Line" is possibly one of the most beautiful 'a man and his guitar' outings we've heard in quite a long time and the final "Pferdeparadies" defines an amalgamation of Spoken Word and Dark / Death Ambient for a new era and therefore is not only the most outstanding and epic but also our favorite bit on this album for a reason.  

Friday, December 01, 2017

N-qia - Fantasica [Noble Promo]

To be released on December 15th, 2k17 via the Noble Label is "Fantasica", the third album installment brought to us by N-qia, a project set up by Ambient producer Serph and female vocalist Nozomi. Catering a whole bunch of eleven new tunes within a playtime of approx. 46 minutes they're once again following their path to create a sound influenced by Alternative, electronic and Pop which is introduced by the album opener "Seven Nights Circus" focusing on the positive aspect of their collaborational work and bringing on quite a playful overall attitude gravitating towards Easy Listening and Lounge Pop / Club Pop. "Time Leaper", as well as basically all songs on "Fantasica", is down with this vibe as well, weighing in more complex and partly Drill'n'Bass-influenced drum programming, "Glitter" comes up with Japanese flutes and bits and bops of DreamPop, "Dream Ocean" fuses childlike innocence, bits of Country'esque banjo's and a happy-go-lucky vibe for the dancefloor, except - which goes for the whole album as well - a total lack of bass frequencies and proper bassdrums before "Fouk" drifts off into romantic dreamlands using the fast lane. The "Love Transmitter" spreads a whole lotta love indeed, especially for those loving their piano driven late night listening sessions whilst beats are on overdrive, "Lost Kids" fuses Pop Exotica with a blustering beat foundation seemingly influenced by Drum'n'Bass, catering a surprisingly ravey break mid-tune and "Like A Little Bird" is quite a blueprint for Leftfield Pop for a reason. Looking into the "Light" we're taken into an exotic paradise vibewise, the "Lover's Rock" surprisingly introduces melancholia and a twangy Blues-twist to the sound of N-qia before the final cut "Neondrive" once again amalgamates Club Pop and advanced Drum'n'Bass foundationwise whilst messing around with Dub FX to a sweet effect. Even we don't embrace the mid-range focused sound aesthetics to the fullest this is an interesting longplay piece for collectors of Exotica and related genres for sure.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Snow Palms - Origin And Echo [Village Green 030 Promo]

Released on November 17th, 2k17 via Village Green Recordings is "Origin And Echo", the sophomore album by the David Sheppard-led project Snow Palms which he basicly and originally created to provide a vehicle for music played on various mallet instruments, solo or in collaboration with musicians like Christopher Leary, Emma Winston and others on this longplay piece. With the title track as opener we see Snow Palms paving the way for things to come, creating a beautiful, yet storming piece of Synth-led Ambient sporting simple ethereal glockenspiel melodies, "Rite" follows a similar path minus the epic synths and provides - hence the name - a more ritualistic, hypnotic and light heartened athmosphere and so does its follow up "White Shadows". "You Are Here" weighs in full on kitsch and romanticism to accompany an exhibition of blurry, misty David Hamilton-inspired photographies of innocence, "Circling" provides a thrilling interplay of two playful, lively and crystalline harmonic counterparts, slowly building up towards an epic, wide screen finale, "Echo Return" is more of a calm and solemn nature introducing a simplistic, yet beautiful piano line before hefty, dramatic synth structures take over in a Vangelis-alike manner and "Vostok" seems to pay due respect to early Synth greats like Jean Michel Jarre and / or soundtracks like Francis Lai's "Bilitis". More crystalline beauty alongside a few sparse ritualistic drums is to be found in "Enclave", "Everything That Happened" gets back to kitsch-drippin' innocence whilst "Black Snow" seems to weigh in more intensity and tempo due to the use of hounded hi-hats as a foundation for the tunes complex harmonic arrangements whereas the final cut named "Illuminations" is more of a score'esque interpretation of a Classical, possibly Baroque dance tune which shimmers in many mesmerizing synth facettes for all those loving their Ambient  / Synth music rich and abundant. Quite a nice listen, this.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Morten HD - Rite Of Extreme Unction *Massacooramaan Remix

It can't get any deeper or more spine-tingling than this. Audio sex on a new level. We're in!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Erlend Apneseth Trio - Ara [Hubro Music]

Another one put on the circuit via Norway's Hubro Music-imprint in early October, 2k17 is "Ara", the second album by the relatively new formed Erlend Apneseth Trio which served its debut album on the same label in 2k16. Following a recording process that can be described as slightly more structured and prepared compared to what led to its predecessor the trio serves a menu of ten tracks on here, opening with "Utferd" which sees a kind of Ambient- / PostPostRock- / Folk-fusion emerge from the tunes intro, following a path of looped guitars and multilayered, tempo-varied string instruments before "Tundra" provides folksy slo-mo melancholia seemingly based on traditional Russian music, "Øyster" weighs in more of a cozy campfire atmosphere and "Stryk" caters tender, fragile string Ambient beauty, perfectly depicting the magic of early morning fog hovering over endless, untouched woodlands. With "Undergrunn" the trio tells an ancient tale of traditional fiddle music combined with a lively, more upbeat rhythmic foundation for advanced dancefloors, "Bølgebrytar" is as light as an early summer morning garnished with a bit of a balearic feel, "Saga" is nothing but purest ambiance of most fragile beauty whereas "Lysne" comes down to an everlasting ruminant stream of PostRock-infused, Raga-influenced guitars paired with intense Spoken Words - defo the most outstanding tune on this longplay piece. Finally, the second to last tune "Sakura" is more of a calming Indietronica outing before "Klokkespel" once gain comes back to the feelings evoked by long time untold ancient sagas told by our forefathers. If you're a core fan of the Hubro Music sound, you cannot miss out on this one.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Polaroyds - The One (Official Video)

When Indie meets a foundation built upon electronic club music, a good portion of floating Dream Pop, great harmonies, drama and vocals catchy AF it's surely "The One" - the debut single by Polaroyds, the new signing to Kulmbach's AdP Records.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Anders Holst & Yann Coppier - Onomatopeia [Clang 056 Promo]

Released on November 10th, 2k17 via Clang on the digital circuit is "Onomatopeia", the first ever album release by the Danish duo of Anders Holst and Yann Coppier, who've been collaborating in other projects but never entered the studio as a joined forces team before. Together they deliver a body of work comprised of eleven tracks, starting with a "Promise Of Something" in which the mentioned something turns out to be a cold and futuristic, beatless take on cold stellar winds and tense, metallic SciFi Ambient followed by a "Pinto Bird", pairing the machine movements and computational processes of a dystopian space lab with carefully crafted atmospheric layers and sirens on tilt mode before "Empty Letters" gets even more intense, setting all senses to alarm mode whilst providing the darkest, most spine-tingling take on Deep Space Electronica we've come across in ages, taking us straight into a captivating retrofuturist sci-fi flic possibly directed by John Carpenter or the likes of. With "Somebody Is Peeing On My Tent" Anders Holst & Yann Coppier provide more of a melancholia-inducing, partly even mourningful Ambient vision featuring sad overtones, plucked guitar strings as well as a kind of background noise crescendo, "A Delicate Fate" consists of delicate soundwaves building up, combining heartfelt sadness and calming Ambient in a close to perfect manner whereas the "Magic Mouth" utters a minimalist arrangement of Cosmic Synth tones to a highly soothing, heart-warming effect. The 9+ minutes long "Ultima Necat" seems to resemble disconcerting Field Recordings transmitted back to us from a far and distant future, delivering evidence of things unimaginable to our recent minds, "Butoh Dancers Throwing Darts" caters a menu of extraterrestrial distortions and echo-heavy mechanical sounds falling together as a take on hyper-minimalistic Electronica Dub before the final cut describes "Toot's Long Painful Death", an alienating experience as well as a carthatic, yet non-violent transition into other worlds.

Vellum feat. Jay Smirk - Landslide

One from the darkest vaults of bass music. Rewind!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 11/2017

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Greg Fox - The Gradual Progression [RVNG Int.]

Released on September 8th, 2k17 via RVNG Intl. is "The Gradual Progression", Greg Fox' latest album who sees himself going through a transformational period musicwise these days. Over the course of seven tracks, irritatingly split into eleven indexes on the CD version, he, alongside contributions by artists like Justin Frye, Maria Kim Grand, Curtis Santiago and others, serves a great, captivating and ongoing instrumental journey through a musical realm that we'd describe as intense, yet emotional, storming and scenic interpretation of vintage Progressive Rock with a quite complex, modernistic approach, some electronic sparkles and a good portion of Future Jazz whilst even influences of Drum'n'Bass, Space Rock, FreeJazz or even Cosmic synths pop up from time to time. This is a good one.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ben Wood Inferno - Wilder Wilder Faster Faster [Sumo Rex 010]

Incoming only recently was "Wilder Wilder Faster Faster", the October-released album by the band outfit named Ben Wood Inferno put on the circuit via Sumo Rex which already kinda puzzled us for a reason throughout the process of opening the letter it came with on camera. But no matter what, let's talk a little bit of music here. As the album artwork kind of indicates there's more to this album than it just being pure Rock'n'Roll as stated in the album info. According to the wild and dark'ish black and purple graphic design and imagery we get a 38 minutes serving of Rock'n'Roll in its wildest and most untamed form, a raw vision of Garage-induced ProtoPunk and teenage rebellion weighing in undeniable hits like "A Few (More) Monkeytricks", the Grunge vs. Funk vs. Crossover anthem "Sway" which is probably the main and most catchy tune on this album for all angsty skate kids and cool as fuck off-mainstream youths drinking beer and smoking bongs as well those having followed the SkateMetal and Alternative scene in the early 90s whereas "Marching Off To War" features impressive Ska-/ Reggae-influences and a killer groove for all distortion lovers galore. "Shakin'" weighs in more Ska-infusions and classic Garage Rock, "Stroke Index Serenade" merges FreakBlues and FreeJazz before "I Never Liked You Anyway" provokes a proper bar fight and the concluding "Trashedy" is another 8 minutes of Lo-Fi mayhem for underground venues packed with genre specialists. Surprisingly good and way better than expected at first sight.

Hainbach - Cymbal Crush

Who said that Trance is dead? This crystalline beauty proves that it surely isn't.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Astrid & Ephraim Wegner - Feldstudie Göppingen: Eine akustische Kartographie in 4 Teilen [Verlag Kunsthalle Göppingen]

One of the most conceptual and abstract releases we've reviewed on these pages within the past months is Astrid & Ephraim Wegner's "Feldstudie Göppingen" which has been released in October 2k17. Based on the concept of so-called 'sound walks' the pair developed, timed and composed multiple traces through the town of Göppingen on which one-take Field Recordings were made for a specific period of time on specific locations or in transition, only to be later layered, edited and partly warped through granular synthesis - resulting in a three channel sound installation on display at the Kunsthalle Göttingen from October 3rd to 23rd, 2k16. Mixed down to stereo for this release we're taken into this unique sonic realm, experiencing both a time capsule of multiple real life sound events at a specific point in time as well as their artificial alterations and warped aliasses, accompanied by extended booklets, photographs and detailed graphs explaining and complementing the sonic work to a certain level which, in a well fascinating form, meanders in between Musique Concrete, Field Recordings and intense, highly experimental Electroacoustics. Proper good stuff for the abstract minded. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Skeptical & dBridge - Poor & Poverty

Minimalist, yet bass heavy deepness from the Exit Records-camp. We're in for this.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Ziur - U Feel Anything? [Objects Limited / Planet Mu 391 Promo]

Released in early October as a collaborative effort of Mike Paradinas' Planet Mu-imprint and Objects Limited is Ziur's debut album "U Feel Anything?", a twelve track effort showcasing the musical realms the Berlin-based Boo-Hoo-founder lives in. Opening with "Life Is Not A Commodity" we're entering an eerie, haunting and captivating Ambient sphere influenced by (Neo)Cosmic and dominated by various layers of warped, sped up vocals bits sounding like alien transmissions from the far out corners of the cosmos whereas the following title track presents an arrangement comprised of precise Electronica / Breakcore-crossover and glitched, crystalline melodies accompanied by warm, analogue bass tones. The next tune gets us "Soaked" in electronic fairy dust whilst following the direction of its predecessor, "Body Of Light" - a collaboration with Aisha Devi - sees Ziur exploring ethereal, outerworldly Pop spheres and haunting, yet deeply touching overall vibes before "Cipher" causes havoc on the dancefloor with its killer fusion of glitched beats and advanced contemporary bass music. Listening to "Moonlight" is more of an abstract, in parts even Ambient / IDM resembling affair of only 68 seconds length, "Rituals Of Passage" comes across as an angsty Industrial soundtrack for a nightmarish, ritualistic transition into the realm of the dead, "Don't Buy It" picks up an Industrial Dubstep / Industrial Grime vibe delivering complex rhythm signatures and shreddered rave signals whilst "Laughing And Crying Are The Same Thing" featuring the Swedish singer Zhala fuses a dark bass music foundation with more of an uplifting, playful and innocent attitude in terms of vocal performance - a mixture of a highly seductive nature turning this into a possible underground uberhit. The next tune sees Ziur being "Drawn" towards a more cold and scientific approach towards Future Bass Music of an epic, and even slightly romantic, kind, the short snippet "Arise" is an excursion into digitally created Rhythm Industrial and the final cut "Fractals" is a heavy rollercoaster ride comprised of hefty stop'n'go beat arrangements, a BigBeat-feel on tilt mode, beautifully sculpted atmospheres and microcuts of electric guitar riffs for the headstrong. Coherent abstraction in here.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Erland Dahlen - Clocks [Hubro Music]

Put on the circuit via Norway's Hubro Music in early September is "Clocks", the latest album effort catered by Spellemannspris-nominee and highly active musician / composer Erland Dahlen who is coming at us with six new tracks comprised of sounds taken from or created by sources as droneboxes, log drum, knives and forks, mellotron, marbles on metal plates and many others which are spread out over a total playtime of 39 minutes. The opening title track provides quite a dense scenic atmosphere meandering in between Ambient and Electronica whilst catering a krautsy feel which is kinda comparable to early releases of the Moritz Von Oswald Trio, "Glas" presents more of an early morning, pre-dawn calmness in terms of atmosphere which is nicely contrasted by complex, stumbling and nearly incomprehensible rhythm signatures and tender guitar works whereas "Ship" comes up with a massive 80s drum aesthetic and an overall feel influenced by what we'd refer to as epic Progressive Glam Rock on a contemporary tip - think Pink Floyd here, but only in parts. The "Bear" brings more large scale 80s drums and Ambient Prog Rock vibes, "Lizard" - remixed by Hallvard W. Hagen - is built around a repetetive synth loop motif, eerie retrofuturistic beauty and more rhythmic complexity whilst the final cut "Wood" amalgamates Field Recordings, ambient'esque atmospheres and droning guitars for an excellent closure that is about to please both fans and listeners from various sides of the musical spectrum. And so is the whole album which therefore is recommended to a wide range of open minded music lovers.

Album artwork on Instagram!

ORI - 1986 [Filter Music Group]

Recently released via Berlin's Filter Music Group is "1986", the sophomore solo album by the Berlin-based producer Ori Alboher a.k.a. ORI who's appeared on these pages with his new video for "On The Floor" lately, a Future R'n'B cut which has been taken from the album as well. Originally hailing from Jerusalem and regarded as hot, yet underground insider tip amongst those in the know within the local scene ORI started to built a reputation, sold out shows and was even discovered by the makers of the US TV series "Shooter" which used his single "Black Book" on the score - a big turning point for the young artists career. Going into the album with the sparse, yet romantic Synth'n'B cut "Incubate" ORI paves the way for things to come, following a "Path" of abstract, captivating HipHop beats and lovely pads whereas "Solo" explores ORI's great vocal abilities atop a super stripped down Future R'n'B foundation. "There's No One Else" opens with bits and pieces of a French conversation, human beatbox based beat and a seductive bass lick reminiscent of Lou Reed alltime favorite "Walk On The Wild Side", the epic "Black Book" is a blueprint of 4/4-based Future Soul and defo, even apart from its TV success, a cut to be embraced by both more of a mainstream audience as well as Slow / Romantic House lovers whilst the title track "1986" weighs in 41 seconds of reverberating experimentation in haunting Ambient spheres and Field Recordings before seamlessly transitioning into "W.H.W.T.O. (feat. Golden Ego)" and its carefully layered backward loop structures and multiple, warped vocal layers. Being "Half Human" means to serve stripped down, subaquatic, psychological drama, surface noise loops and mind-bending vocal alterations, the "Pulse" caters nothing but deepest, most haunting slo-mo atmosphere and lovely piano lines for WitchHouse and Mutant HipHop lovers before the final "Parachute" brings back precisely crafted beat wizzardry for 808-lovers and melancholia-craving Downtempo headz.     

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

4ZZZ1 - Here We Go EP [Psychocandies 060]

Scheduled for November 23rd, 2k17 via Psychocandies is the latest four track single by the well mysterious artist 4ZZZ1 entitled "Here We Go EP". Opening with "We Go" 4ZZZ1 takes us straight onto the dancefloor, covered by a wildly moving mass of ravers going crazy to raw, unprocessed and distorted rave / hoover signals and a heavy emulation of the sound of Belgium ca. 1991 whereas the "Manager" is on a deeper, more stripped down Techno Rave tip weighing in a straightforward attitude and a carefully modulated main motif alongside bubbly bits of Acid. Following up is "Elektroturbine" which captures our attention with a well-fascinating intro sequence and quite a feel for proper Electro Phonk garnished with lovely Acid pieces whilst the final cut "Eject The System" enters more experimental territories in providing a glitched vision of deep, stripped down Electro / Electronica crossover which is defo a great thing for advanced dancefloors out there.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Rafael Toral - Moon Field [Room40 Promo]

Released via the Australian Room40 imprint in early October is "Moon Field", the latest album by the 1967-born and Lisbon-based composer Rafael Toral who has been active on the music circuit since the mid-80s. With "Moon Field" he serves a trio of connected, previously unreleased tracks opening with "The Stars" which is quite an intriguing amalgamation of static background noise, electric piano, bits of Space Jazz and what seem to be modular sounds resembling funny chirping and tweeting extraterrestrial animal sounds that could come from beings similar to the space monster seen in John Carpenter's "Dark Star". Furthermore we see "The Horizon" come up with a seamless transition and continuation of its predecessors theme although providing a slightly different, static and isolationist feel and a distinct hint of ultimate sad- and loneliness despite falling into the Ambient drawer genrewise, even serving what could be identified as ethno flutes from around minute six onwards, whereas "The Field" comes in on more playful, partly even tongue-in-cheek note, emphasizing on more uplifting piano tones and happy, twisted and sometimes weird bleeps over the course of its nearly fourteen minutes runtime. Good stuff.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sascha Müller [Sascha Müller Music 1000025]

To be released on November 22nd, 2k17 is Sascha Müller's latest digital two track single bringing us the tunes "Digicult" and "Stigma". Whilst the first mentioned tune caters an excellent and timeless take on beautifully arranged and tenderly floating Trance music that's timeless we see the second cut explore raw and experimental Techno territories paying homage to the feel of many unpolished releases of the genres early years ca. 1991 to 1993 when there were no rules about how a proper Rave / Techno track should sound like and ppl were still able and willing to push the genres boundaries a little bit further with every release.