Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dr. NoiseM - Flexi Terror 8 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Another sequel of Dr. NoiseM's "Flexi Terror"-series which is dealing with limited to 1 - sic !!! - copy editions of combined CDr / Flexi Disk releases catering Noize / Harsh Noize-related recuts of long time forgotten German Schlager- / Pop- / Easy Listening-tunes of the 50s and 60s era. The original of "Gemütlichkeits Cha Cha" is quite an obscure Cha Cha-gem which is mostly instrumental with some stereotypical German words scattered all over the tune with a heavy, and possibly faked, American accent whilst "Daisy, Du Muss Schlafen Geh'n" is more of a novelty Jazz / Bop-fusion of rather annoying than actual quality referring to its German lyrics. But however, it's the remixes we're in for and "Gemütlichkeits Cha Cha (Flexi-Terror Mix)" brings in the right amount of pleasure in terms of fusing screaming HarshNoize and fuzzy distortions that somehow remind us of Cosmic- and SpaceRock in a quite obscure way - fusing off-kilter harmonies and sonic terror. On the other hand "Daisy, Du Musst  Schlafen Geh'n (Flexi-Terror Mix)" seems to emphasize a little on the grinding and more distorted side of the HarshNoize genre whilst riding a similar wave in terms of amalgamating off-harmonic beauty and an overwhelming maelstrom of sonic events. Heavy, yet calming.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Brutter - Reveal And Rise [Hubro Music]

Released via the ever active Norwegian imprint Hubro Music on June 16th, 2k17 is "Reveal And Rise" by Brutter, the conjunctional project of the two brothers Christian and Fredrik Wallumrød which are working on a new musical language and identity beyond any musical measure on this album. Opening with "Easier Listening" the duo creates a cold, sterile take on Industrial Dub especially recommended to those who've been digging deep into the works of artists like Monolake and related in the past, "Mi Tek No" caters a sequence of multilayered mechanical repetitions, interwoven in various tempos and non-linear ways and "Your House" digs even deeper into the realms of ultraminimalist, dubbed out structures following non-linear time signatures for the most spaced out hours on advanced, yet pitch black dancefloors. With "Stand To Downfalls"  we see more Industrial- / Illbient-related rhythm structures on extreme stereo split levels, "Hide And Sink" caters a more dancefloor friendly vision of abstract Industrial Phonk mixed up with bits of bass music and "Fallfinish" fuses heavy, metallic clangs with endless delays and strangely swirling, syncopated backbeats to create a soundtrack for all of your nightmares. Furthermore we see "Push Push" being the closest to what could be described as Techno on this album despite catering loads of abstract, grinding additions to its quite straight 4/4 meter, weighing in a not exactly halftime signature for all advanced listeners before "Haydnsikh" caters a grand finale for all fans of Illbient and Industrial Electronics, making great use of the whole stereo field like many of the tunes featured on "Reveal And Rise". We like this.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Stayhigh - Groove Theory

When Juke meets Future Soul the results are massive - a lovely cut, this!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Dr. NoiseM - Flexi Terror 3 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

The musical madman known as Dr. NoiseM is coming up with a new conceptual series these days named "Flexi Terror", putting out a bunch of releases which are each limited to an edition of exactly 1 copy worldwide incorporating two original one-sided flexi discs featuring German Schlager / Pop songs from the kitsch-dripping late 50s /  early 60s era and a CDr with HarshNoize remixes of each tune. The originals we're dealing with here are "Kalkutta Liegt Am Ganges" by Manfred Moll mit Begleitorchester, a highly innocent love song of the time as well as "La Guitarra Brasiliana" by Luiz Busch mit Orchester, both released via the Erich Pabel-Verlag in Germany. Treated by Dr. NoiseM remixwise we see "Kalkutta Liegt Am Ganges (Flexi-Terror-Mix)" being extended to a total length of 33 minutes, catering a massive, slow moving maelstrom of deadly and cold sonic mass, harsh frequency terror and an eerie, fear-inducing presence of ghostly background voices from another dimension able to induce paranoia in not only the weak-heartened whilst "La Guitarra Brasiliana (Flexi-Terror-Mix)" gets even more intense in terms of catering of ear-piercing, mid-frequency feedbacks and pitch changes which add up to a violent, yet hypnotic and even soothing stream of Noize for those whose sense of relaxation is slightly differing from what other people associate with this term. Amazing stuff.

Dieter Von Deurne & The Politics - s/t [Morr Music 153 Promo]

As announced earlier this year with the video post of  "I'm On Trial" we see Morr Music putting out the same titled debut album of Dieter Von Deurne & The Politics, the new band project launched by Dutch fellow Dieter Sermeus who is harking back to his teenage roots, influenced by his very first, and late 80s launched, band Orange Black - an Indie & related outfit which soon played warm up slots for the likes of Pavement or Stereolab as well as other of its founders teenage idols.  And these influences do show - not necessarily in a heavily nostalgia infused way but in the albums overall atmosphere which incorporates fuzzy guitars and an awareness of Alt Rock as well as Psychedelia with raw, vintage lo-fi feel, some Grunge and bits and bops of more contemporary Indie for todays younger crowds. The album even caters a surprisingly deep and romantic mid-album ballad named "Reckless Kids" which makes a heavy, yet thrilling turn about mid-tune as well as a brutal distortion excess towards the ende of the second to last  tune "Love Trouble". This is a nice one for sure.  

Sunday, August 13, 2017

19.08.2017 baze.djunkiii @ Mojo Jazz Cafe / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: Downtempo / Advanced HipHop / NuJazz / BrokenHouse / Freestyle

set time: 3 - 8 pm

daytime set - open air in case of good weather conditions.

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Mojo Jazz Cafe
Reeperbahn 1
Hamburg St. Pauli

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Candice Gordon - I Belong To The Night

An instant classic in terms of PostPunk meets Wave is Candice Gordon's most recent single "I Belong To The Night" taken off her forthcoming album "Garden Of Beats" which will be released via Proper Octopus Records in early September, 2k17. Check!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 056]

Coming from the vaults of the ever-busy producer known as Sascha Müller is the fiftysixth untitled album on his very own Supersix Records label which brings us another bunch of twelve formerly unreleased tunes of quality electronic music. Opening with a tune called the "Noise Chamber" we're drawn towards the centre of the dancefloor by some well bouncy, slightly distorted Techno whilst the "Nuclear Plant" brings us spiralling alarm signals and somehow reminds us of the first demos we've ever heard by the man Sascha Müller himself some 15+ years ago. On the other hand the "Nuclear Implant" caters a more Tribal-infused, sci-fi-oriented take on Techno, "On A Mission" takes us into deep space and gooey, Intelligent Techno-reminiscing realms, "Prime" reminds us of the long lost genre known as HardHouse / TribalHouse on a super dry, fast-paced level and the "Quarzoscillator" gets us back to raw and unprocessed early- to mid-90s Techno skits, a time when a sequence of three synth notes and banging drums would make up for a proper tune. Talking about a "RamBooster" we deal with echoing stereo signals, heavily compressed mid-range synths, twisted filters, dense reverse segments and tripping drums, "ROM" weighs in clear, scientifical MinimalTechno from future dimensions, "Schranz Control" caters maximum energy for huge underground warehouse raves and "Schwingungen" plays around with melodic bass oscillations and Kraftwerk'esque Electro blips in a quite experimental and unique manner before presenting some swampy Acid lines for the real headz. Finally the "Smog Voice" once again tells tales of deep, scifi-influenced Techno and threatening, yet beauteous monotony and the final cut "System 100 Part 01" surprisingly serves some good 277 seconds of experimental, near-silent as well as bass heavy Swamp Ambient for those in the know.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tony Buck - Unearth (Official Video)

Blurry and shaky handheld videocam sequences, exotic animals and a borderline soundscape between Post-PostRock and Noize are the ingredients for an intense, fear-mongering video that sets our very ancient instincts to a high alert status. Great.

Kassel Jaeger - Rose Poussiere

Dark, solemn electro-acoustic music meandering in between score'esque, hyperminimalist Ambient and crackling Clicks'n'Cuts due for release via Editions Mego on September 8th, 2k17.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Phonophani - Animal Imagination [Hubro Music]

Released on the Norwegian Hubro Music-imprint in mid-June is "Animal Imagination", the first outing of Espen Sommer Eide's musical guise Phonophani after a seven years hiatus. Following a mostly instinctive, animal- , or better dog-like approach to creating music as the press promo sheet puts it we see the artist entering a chaotic, yet beautiful sonic realm with this full length effort, starting with the crackling, blurred and multi-layered "Life's White Machine" which can be described best as the as a soundtrack to a psychedelic fever dream followed by "Deep Learning", a floating Ambient / Dark Ambient crossover at the start later accompanied by a hard banging Broken Techno foundation whilst the "Sunrise At Bear Island" fuses ambient'ish layers with swampy, possibly modular-generated bleeps and epic bass harmonies to a sweet effect. In "Untime Me" weird, vocal-imitating warps and modulations team up with blurry elements and well-distorted dubbings, the title track weighs in ten minutes of rattling noises and layers of hovering unharmonies whereas the Mud Boat" provides 74  seconds of spiralling electronic buzzes able to disturb your sense of balance for a reason. With "The End Of All Things III" Espen Sommer Eide crosses the 10+ minutes mark for the second time on "Animal Imagination", weighing in the most intense musical composition on the album comprised of threatening, danger-inducing bass drones and the hectic sounds of whirring electric insects able to trigger heavy paranoia in weak-heartened listeners, causing them to admit "I Have No Subsconscious" in the following tune although the off-kilter harmonies and soft pads found in this one are perfectly made to soothe one's inner demons. Furthermore "A Dark, Sharp, Heartless" could be complemented by the world 'ritual' as this might be the perfect sonic depiction of outerworldly exorcisms or the summoning of pitch black industrial demons, "Firmamental" brings in elemental unrest before the final cut "Sirma, 1997" provides ever shifting bass heavy chaos paired with exotic, altered and warped melodies of possibly ancient Asian origin. Interesting!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Monday, August 07, 2017

Irmler / Oesterhelt - Fünfter Gesang (Official Video)

Intense videography meandering in between nightmare-inducing visuals and vulva'esque eroticisms meets fever'ish, partly even threatening musical soundscapes both captivating for lovers of drones as well as of (neo)classical musings.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Giulio Aldinucci - Exodus Mandala

Eternal etherealism and choir-driven Dark Ambient is what's to expect from the forthcoming album of the Italian composer Giulio Aldinucci which is scheduled for release via Karlrecords in late September, 2k17.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

11.08.2017 baze.djunkiii @ Mojo Jazz Cafe / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: Downtempo / TripHop / Advanced HipHop / Jazz / Freestyle

set time: 3 - 8 pm

daytime set - open air in case of good weather conditions.

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Mojo Jazz Cafe
Reeperbahn 1
Hamburg St. Pauli

Friday, August 04, 2017

Antwood - Wait For Yengi

Beautifully crafted Ambient vs. (Neo)Classical spheres taken from Antwood's sophomore album due to be released via Planet Mu on September 8th, 2k17.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

baze.djunkiii Charts 08/2017

01. Finn - Late At Night [2 B Real Records 001]
Sometimes one discovers records and musical amalgamations one hasn't been waiting for but still they turn out to be amazing as fuck. Finn's "Late At Night" is such a wonderful piece, presenting a highly captivating fusion of deep ass GhettoHouse, melodic elements taken from DeepHouse and an overall atmosphere as well as beat wizzardry inspired by Juke / Footwork. Four tracks of greatness. Check.

02. Pollyn - Sometimes You Just  Know / Too Late To Change The Past *Remixes By Kenny "Moodyman" Dixon Jr. [Music! Music Group 011]
Is it still Disco - or House yet? Balancing the thin line between these two genres the two remixes crafted by Kenny "Moodyman" Dixon Jr. for Pollyn provide a nice, positive and hell of groovy journey on the dancefloor, no matter from which angle of the musical spectrum one tends to come from. Proper stuff and lovely vocal works in here.

03. Sprawl - Time Tunnel [Art-Aud 002]
One of the most diverse and most interesting 12" releases these days comes from the studios of Andrea Benedetti under his artistic alias  Sprawl and is, another unusual feature, sold in a bubble foil cover instead of a proper vinyl sleeve. With "The Contact" we see Sprawl enter deep and dark'ish realms of Downtempo Phonk garnished with bits and bops of Illbient that's very reminiscent of classic releases on imprints like Hotel Lotte or Syncom Productionz whilst "Electrotome" caters superdry and dancefloor functional Electro / TechnoBass for all those who've been loving the musical works of Aux88 or DJ Di'jital from day dot. On the flipside there's "Time", a proper, raw and pumping Techno tune for underground peak time abuse, as well as a D'Arcangelo rework of "Electrotome" which is a slightly uplifting Broken Techno vs. Electro killer which'd probably mix well with I-f's legendary "I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less" in an advanced DJ set.

04. Gajek - Micromanic [Infinite Greyscale 012]
See review for details...

05. Sound Of Yell - Light The Current [Infinite Greyscale 011]
See review for details...

06. Anthology Of Lithuanian Art Music In The 21st Century *Curated by Frank J. Oteri [Music Information Centre Lithuania]
See review for details...

07. Twin Peetz / Sascha Müller - Berlin-Meppen Sessions [SM Tapes 002]
See review for details...

08. Pharmakon - Contact [Sacred Bones Records Promo]
See review for details...

 09. -

 10. -

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Dr. NoiseM - The CDr A-B-C: Z [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Scheduled for late August, 2k17 is the final chapter of Dr. NoiseM's 26 months spanning "The CDr ABC" series - the "Z" edition which is another 78 minutes non-stop journey into the leftfield, experimental realms of electronic music. More exactly, we see the Dr. going down on a majestic take on spine-tingling Dark Ambient, presenting the series trademark respiratory and scouring sounds in the most minimalist and calming way that has ever been found in this series, breaking things down to an afar echo of all aforegoing parts whilst continuing with its overall theme and summarizing things in a well rounded way that's about to please all lovers of hyper reduced atmospheric ambiance and Deep Listening Music for a reason. Sweet.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Chelsea Wolfe feat. Troy Van Leeuwen & Aaron Turner - Vex (Official Audio)

More ethereal, floating darkness taken from Chelsea Wolfe's forthcoming album "Hiss Spun" which is scheduled for release on September 22nd, 2k17.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Gajek - Micromanic [Infinite Greyscale 012]

Released via Berlin's ever active and highly art savvy imprint named Infinite Greyscale is "Micromanic", the latest musical outing by Matti Gajek a.k.a. Gajek which enters selected shelves as a hand-numbered, limited to 300 copies 10" edition these days. After Gajek already left  a mark on the infamous Monkeytown-imprint with a full album effort filled with short snippets and sketches back in 2014 this one sees him exploring the possibilities of longer track formats as he uses the full side of this one-sided disc to deeply indulge in an intense fusion of Ambient and playfully dripping echoes of Electronica which are seemingly based on modular synthesis rather than DAW-programmed sequencing and do come across like some of the early experiments in electronic music once created by the genres very pioneers. This friendly and open attitude is later met by distinctively swinging hi-hat works, an ever intensifying, slowly shifting midrange drone, haunting echoes and, more obviously, by high speed drum sequences layered at the very back end of the mix like they've been somehow recorded accidentally throughout the process whilst a young neighbour blasted some of his latest Thunderdome / Hardcore mixtapes in the flat next door, unwillingly adding up to the eerie, outerworldy atmosphere provided by "Micromanic". Outstanding stuff, this is.     

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Vilde & Inga - Silfr [Sofa Music]

Put on the circuit on May 12th, 2k17 via the Norwegian imprint Sofa Music is "Silfr", the sophomore album created by the string duo Vilde & Inga which saw their critically acclaimed debut "Makrofauna" appearing on the well respected ECM label back in 2014. Building their musical works on the acoustic magic of violin and double bass as well as on a non-traditional approach of free improvisation the duo caters a run of ten tracks with this one, starting with the tense, buzzing, high speed Folk approximations provided by the albums title track whereas "Usynlig Flimmer" fuses a contemplative, inward looking campfire feel with captivating, outerworldly flute tones and "Urtjern" brings in dark'ish tension with fluttering, scurry bass works and floating overtones. In "Røykkvarts" the two musicians are serving an interesting fusion of scraping and chafing sounds in combination with single tones coming from plucked strings, "Fljota" weighs in autumnal, super-minimalist acoustic melancholia, "Sprø Glimmer" caters more of a nerve-wrecking approach to off kilter works on the high frequency spectrum whilst "Karbontiden" is comprised of a contrapuntal ebb and flow of string modu- and manipulations, building up tension - and distortion - all over the tracks' 329 seconds runtime. Furthermore we see "Kvikksølv" as a playful under two minutes interlude providing slightly (Neo)Classical qualities, "Aurum" is going down a deep, calm and atmospheric, partly even ambient'ish alley and the final cut "Skinnende Stein" provides a harsh, yet captivating contrast of high frequency violin play and deep droning, in parts even threatening ultra bass - a horrifying, yet highly recommended composition that should be featured as a score piece in low budget slasher movies for a reason.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Friday, July 28, 2017

05.08.2017 BETA-ZERFALL @ Komet (Basement) / Hamburg

file under: PostPunk / ElectroPunk /(No)Wave / Industrial / IndieElectro + more

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]
Herr Brandt [Sonnenbrandt / Damaged Goods]

doors: 10pm
admission: 6€ 

Komet (Basement)
Erichstrasse 11
20359 Hamburg

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sequoyah Tiger - Cassius (Official Video)

Organic, melancholia-infused Club Pop with a beautiful vintage feel taken from Sequoaya Tiger's debut album that's about to be released via Morr Music in late October 2k17.

Fendika - Birabiro [Terp Records 027]

Released only recently via the Netherlands-based label Terp Records is "Birabiro", the most recent album by the Ethiopian five piece band named Fendika which is and has been founded by Melaku Belay, known as musician as well as a dedicated and passionate night club owner in his hometown Addis Abeba. Based in and named after the independent, self-sustaining venue of the same name we see Fendika continue and at the same time develop the tradition of the Azmari, a very specific kind of Ethiopian singers and entertainers, for the future, reshaping their perception and work ethics for these modern times as well as providing a new sense of cultural value and tradition keeping not only in the groups hometown but also via touring and, as provided here, by recording traditional Azmari songs from various regions of the country for an international audience which, for many parts, would never be able to experience the magic and vast variety of Azmari music on location. Interesting stuff for those who'd like to keep their ears and minds open for fascinating musical experiences from beyond the Western hemisphere.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Music Maker - A Documentary About Null + Void

A pretty interesting documentary about the musical background of the Swiss-born and now NYC-based producer Kurt Uenala a.k.a. Null + Void who's, apart from his solo musings, also working closely with Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode-fame.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Twin Peetz & Sascha Müller - Berlin-Meppen Sessions [SM Tapes 002]

Yes, we love tapes and therefore we are pleased to take a a closer look at the "Berlin-Meppen Sessions", the latest split cassette release by our friends Sascha Müller and Twin Peetz via SM Tapes / Sascha Müller Music. Opening his side with "Airports", a sweet, more than 15 minutes spanning DubTechno effort garnished with atmospheric Field Recordings by Antistaticanimal, we see Twin Peetz paving the way for things to come including the follow up "The Tape Files (Tape Edit)" which is on a more driving and uplifting tip and could've well found a home on the well respected Echochord label which is known for its more melodic take on the genre. With "Audio Escape" Mr. Peetz continues on a similar tip but presents a way deeper approach musically built on a foundation of slightly broken, yet technoid beats before "The Tape Files (Deep Sleep Edit)" gets rid of any kind of underlying beats and provides a masterly crafted journey into dubbed out Ambient realms. On the flip Mr. Sascha Müller opens up with "Reversed Commando", a Deep Techno affair garnished with a few, ambient'ish and dubbed out atmospheric elements whilst "Gorkie Park" gives us more of a Cold Ambient vibe when it comes to the tunes' short intro that soon makes way for a classic and club friendly DubTechno approach whereas "Goldrich" fuses darkness and a more MinimalTechno-related feel to a great, floor filling effect before "Francies" concludes this tape album on a feverish, slightly tribal-infused and minimalistic tip and provides a proper soundtrack for pumping late night club sessions. Check!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Jeffrey Roden - Threads Of A Prayer Volume 2 [Solaire Records 004]

After we reviewed the first volume of Jeffrey Roden's "Threads Of A Prayer" series in November 2k16 it's now about time to take a closer look at "Threads Of A Prayer Volume 2" which has been put on the circuit via Solaire Records in mid-May 2k17. With a total of nine tracks stemming from the same session as the ones featured on its predecessor we see the artist continuing his journey into both minimalst and (Neo)Classical composition starting with "The Field", a trio for violin, double bass and timpani which is based on minimalist, yet tonal repetetion and large amounts of space in between its individual sequences which are turning towards thunderous drama for a fraction of the tunes length at around minute nine whereas "As We Rise Up" - another trio composition for violin, double bass and organ - seamlessly emerges from the aforegoing tune on a more romanticism-loving note combined with a steady underlying bass pulse of organic - and hypnotic - quality. Furthermore the title track "Threads Of A Prayer", a piece for solo piano, caters deepest minor scale melancholia and slowly decaying single notes before a sequel comprised of "6 Pieces For The Unknown" provide a continuation of this path although on a slightly more romantic and partly even chord driven tip. If (Neo)Classical music and minimalism is your thing, this album might be one for you.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Null + Void - Asphalt Kiss (Official Video)

Our man Kurt Uenala a.k.a. Null + Void caters a massive gem for all trueskool Electro headz with the first video taken off his forthcoming album "Cryosleep". We're diggin' this for a reason!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sound Of Yell - Light The Currents [Infinite Greyscale 011]

Released via Berlin's Infinite Greyscale-imprint only recently as a limited to 300 copies 10" edition is "Light The Currents", the second vinyl release by the British Folk / Experimental outfit Sound Of Yell after their longplay debut in 2014. Coming in in two parts we see the first one, originally written for an exhibition of artwork by Katy Dove, provide a tender, yet lively acoustic feel of innocence and early autumn melancholia perfectly depicted by the vocals of both Georgina McGeown and Victoria Morton which are deeply embedded in the mix like another slightly blurred layer of instrumentation whilst "Light The Currents (pt2)" provides more of a warm and organic instrumental Folk feel that's laid back and all embracing like a beautiful summer's afternoon used to be in everyones childhood memories. Lovely.

Sascha Müller - Anti-Data [Sascha Müller Music]

Without any doubt the man known as Sascha Müller is the master of quirky formats and weird, hyper-limited conceptual releases. With his new limited to 4 (!!!) copies art release "Anti-Data" he presents a whole album of 25 tracks stored on a hard drive that he single-handedly destroyed after the track data had been transferred to the drives storage space. Therefore the tracks will remain unheard, untouched, unchanged forever and can never be rescued for obvious reasons. Intredasting!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 055]

Recently released via Sascha Müller's very own Supersix Records-imprint is the labels 055, another new and fresh selection of 12 previously unreleased tunes from the artists archive of quality electronic club music. Entering a "Global Network" we're immediately drawn straight into the heart of a massive warehouse rave where fast-paced beats and heavy strobe attacks dominate the scenery whereas the follow up named "Hintergrundstrahlung" caters more of a underground late night vibe for minimalist, slightly psychedelic science-fiction Techno parties hidden deep within alien swamps or forests. With "Implant I" we're back on the fast track and working out to highly distorted signals and sharp hi-hat layers, "Internal Runner" combines sexy HardHouse grooves, tribalistic percussions and soft ClubTechno stab sequences whilst "Jazzistic I" fully deconstructs a Jazz-infused loop via various cut-up techniques and quirky Dub FX. Fans of harder and slightly dark'ish Techno vibes will be pleased by the force that is "Lichtbrechung", the "Lonesome Acidman" serves a menu of raw distortion levels, flogging sound warps and a few melodic aspects on an uptempo level, "Lots Of Knobs" bring nothing but straight up Hardcore brutalism and "Loving My Computer" provides a heavy dose of captivating, ElectroClash-reminiscing ItaloTechno that one would've expected on label like International Gigolo Records or Forte in the very beginning of the noughties. Furthermore we see "Mehr Vom Leben" cater a little surprise with what feels like an attempt to revive Jazz-driven BigBeat for about 275 seconds, "Monocular" is on a filtered and funky Techno tip, mixing this vibe up with some decent Acid modulations as well as trancey strings and the final cut "Mr. Flexibal" takes us back to more minimalist territories and even adds some Electro influences and well-driving signals to a straight 4/4 based foundation. Proper.

Notstandskomitee - The Golden Times [Block 4]

A massive digital only album release coming from our old mate Malte Steiner a.k.a. Notstandskomitee - available since May 26th, 2k17!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

22.07.2017 Incredible #1 @ Icarus.Club / Lübeck

A journey from Dub & Reggae into Jungle, Oldschool, Drum'n'Bass and Neurofunk. Join us!

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Jahmoni Music]
Dub/a\lity [Liebe & Respekt]
Pickney Dada a.k.a. Mr. Moe [Cease & Sekkle]
Fibe [Hamburg]
DJ Shade [Icarus.Club / Pirate Revival Project / Bollwerk]

doors: 11 pm
admission: 6€

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Ziegelstrasse 2A
23556 Lübeck

Monday, July 17, 2017

Miguel Angel Tolosa - Ephimeral [Sofa Music]

Released on April 7th, 2k17 via the Norwegian label Sofa Music is "Ephimeral", the latest album effort created by Spanish composer Miguel Angel Tolosa who has been involved in several of the imprints releases throughout the past years - both as an artist as well as mastering engineer. Aiming at nothing more than focusing  on '...the experience of time through listening with an additional, subtle emotional element' he provides a selection of ten tracks on this longplay piece, starting with "Rio De Cristal" a beautifully droning piece of Ambient / Deep Listening music followed by the short interlude "Tropismos" which fuses deep drones with electrical clicks and buzzing as well as what seem to be underwater Field Recordings whilst  "El Reino Azul" seems to explore dark and deadly Death Ambient-spheres located somewhere in extragalactic planetary systems far out and beyond. With "Contornos" Mr. Tolosa returns to 124 seconds of what he introduced with the albums opener, "Sol De Plomo Y Purpura" starts with real time thunder only to cater nothing but crystalline Ambient layers once the tunes intro is over, "Fragmentos De Ti" is built from the subfrequent sounds of slowly shifting tectonic plates which are accompanied by various layers of hissing white noise and the short interlude "Palida Y Movil, Sombra" provides a feel of solemn and ritualistic meditation of sorts. Furthermore we've got "Musgo", maybe the most threatening and unsettling piece on this album, pairing heavy downpour and cold scraping echoes of sci-fi machinery, "De Un Pais De Hierro" takes us down a similar path in terms of unrest and intensity and the final "Alla Lejos" closes things down on a click-heavy, fluttering DarkAmbient level instead of providing a peaceful goodbye. Nice one.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Enderie - Tape 1 [A Guide To Saints 017 Promo]

Put on the circuit only a few days ago via A Guide To Saints is "Tape 1" by Enderie, a project by Andrew McLellan who aims to document the intensity of contemporary city living with the six tracks to be found on this album. Opening with "Let Systems Decide (A Laser Beam)" Andrew McLellan reveals a clear vision of dry, experimental, fast paced Techno providing a FreeTekno / Teknival related sense of aesthetics and various layers of raw, Industrial sounds as well as repetetive vocal works not unrelated to DJ Marcelle's latest outing whereas the "Meal" comes in at a similar vibe but gets darker and way trippier on a Broken Techno level whilst weighing in deadly bass synths to kill even the most Hardcore loving punters in underground warehouse raves with brutalist sound domination techniques. Relying on "Stopped Memory" we're taken to dubbed out, Illbient-resembling lands of highly detailed vocal glitches where we're getting ready to "Attack The Power Of The Hordes" with pure Industrial bass power and well thought out polyrhythmics. Furthermore the second to last tune "Sore" weighs in a hard, distorted and hyper-compressed killer groove for all die-hard lovers of proper Hardcore, Rhythm Industrial, Noize and pitch black, apocalyptic rave signals before the final cut named "It's A Feasible Feat To Be Here" provides more of a grinding, repetetive and braincell-wrecking mindfuck for strobelight-driven late night sets. Recommended for the headstrong!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Greg Fox - Catching An L (Official Video)

If VaporJazz wasn't a genre before this video comes up with a perfect definition.

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 07/2017

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Martin Küchen - Lieber Heiland, Laß Uns Sterben

Wind instrument melancholia meets static and scraping Noize - an excellent first glimpse on Martin Küchen's new album scheduled via Sofa Music on September 8th, 2k17.

Friday, July 14, 2017

21.07.2017 baze.djunkiii @ Mojo Jazz Cafe / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: DubTechno / DeepHouse / BrokenHouse / Disco / Edits / Freestyle

set time: 3 - 8 pm

daytime set - open air in case of good weather conditions.

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Mojo Jazz Cafe
Reeperbahn 1
Hamburg St. Pauli