Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Erlend Apneseth Trio - Lokk [Hubro Music]

Fresh on the ever active Norwegian imprint Hubro Music is "Lokk", the latest album outing by the famed Erlend Apneseth Trio. Released on March 12th, 2k21 the musical three piece led by fiddle player Erlend Apneseth caters a set of nine new compositions spread over the course of roughly 37 minutes with this release, pairing their mostly acoustic roots in what might be filed under the flag of Nordic Folk with a heavy dose of electronic components and riddims, resulting in a fascinatingly unique take on Global Bass in tunes like "Impendans", a cut one could easily imagine to be a part of the Ninja Tune catalogue as well, whilst "Slekter" seems to fuse the vibe of ancient formal dances with what seems to be a Tribal-infused beat foundation, "Linjer" explores a deeper, more listening oriented realm, evoking blurred memories of some works by the likes of FSOL, "Vake" dabbles with 60 second of pure Ambient goodness and the subsequent title track "Lokk" fully harks back to what might be a snapshot scene of medieval folklore, even despite the tender electronic textures to be found in this tune as well just to name a few. Recommended.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

22.04.2021 baze.djunkiii presents Nacht Aus Beton Volume 1 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (2100 GMT+1)

„Nacht Aus Beton“ used to be a monthly Tuesday-night session Radio Flouka-resident baze.djunkiii set up at the former Meanie Bar, an offshoot of Hamburg's famed Indie-venue Molotow, straight at the heart of the cities redlight district. Branching out from and exploring beyond the boundaries of electronic music the „Nacht Aus Beton“ events were dedicated to all things PostPunk, (No)Wave, Indie, ElectroPunk, NuBeat, IndieElectro, Industrial and beyond with a skill set of an electronic music-focused DJ applied to the selection and, of course, mixing. This special show pays homage to the now longtime defunct „Nacht Aus Beton“-series, opening with a remix baze.djunkiii and Herr Brandt, founding member of bands like The Convent and Sonnenbrandt, crafted for German PostPunk / Wave-legends NO MORE which was released in 2019 as a limited to 200 copies vinyl single on El Caballo Semental, a sister label to baze.djunkiii's very own Intrauterin Recordings imprint.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: PostPunk / (No)Wave / SynthPop / IndieElectro

transmission time: 21oo - 22oo GMT+1

get locked via Radio Flouka

Todd Anderson-Kunert - You Promised [Room40 Promo]

Recently released via the Australian imprint Room40 on April 9th, 2k21 is "You Promised", the latest album outing created by Castlemaine-based producer and composer Todd Anderson-Kunert. Split into two bigger pieces, the four part composition "Taken" followed by the three parts of "Given", Anderson-Kunert's 31 minutes and 31 seconds spanning release explores a deep, ruminant path in terms of sonic minimalism, starting out with a sequence of harmonic tone pulses accompanied by spatial, voluminous, well comforting and somewhat womb-like low end movements which, overall, do not follow a specific time signature but, instead, monolithically float and hover beyond any known definition of space and time like a secluded sculpture, a microverse of sound and existence, a meditative realm that - in its second half - even introduces a more playful, tender and very carefully arranged approach towards most beautiful, nightly and minimalist Piano Ambient for lovers - yet well without the kitsch aspect that often comes, or at least is generally associated, with this style. Good stuff.

Monday, April 19, 2021

The D3VI7 - Amazonas [Eyes Wide Open Records 001]

Coming in via mail straight from the studios of The D3VI7 himself is "Amazonas", the first 10" lathe cut release put on the circuit via the new imprint Eyes Wide Open Records as their 001. With the A-side "Amazonas" the ever active producer caters a surprisingly deep take on slowly evolving slow motion DubTechno for extended late night sessions and after hour sets whilst "Feeling" on the flip surprisingly presents more of a stripped down Minimal Techno vibe garnished with a bit of a floating, dubbed out vibe as well. Quite an unusual release for The D3VI7, we'd say.

Richard Chartier - Interreferences [Room40 Promo]

Another new album released by Australian imprint Room40 on March 29th, 2k21 is Richard Chartier's "Interreferences" - not: interferences ! -, a six pieces and roughly 58 minutes spanning longplay affair which once again sees the long standing artist exploring the realm of ultraminimalism in electronic composition. With all pieces named "Interreference. (add number here)", yet not being subsequently numbered, the LA-based composer provides a calm, near static yet ever so slowly evolving take on Drone-infused Deep Listening Music, partly infused with a feel of deserted atmospheric desolation and an explorative approach towards carefully arranged, yet speaker shaking low end pulses which provide a more powerful, ground shaking impact than most releases and compositions to be found within this specific field. If you're fond of and familiar with the works of artists like Francisco Lopez, Daniel Menche, Tarkatak and likeminded composers this album shall be a worthwhile addition to your collection for a reason. Check.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Mauro Gargano - Feed [Diggin Music Prod / Puglia Sounds]

Coming in via mail from Italy only recently is "Feed", the latest album outing created by Italian-born and France-based double bass player Mauro Gargano which has been developed and brought to life alongside percussionist Christophe Mauguet and pianist Alessandro Sgobbio after Gargano had begun to explore 'new' music beyond his traditional field, including electronic sounds and particularly Techno amongst many other styles. The result of this collaborational exploration, set for release on May 7th, 2k21 via Diggin Music Prod / Puglia Sounds, is this album, spanning a total of eight cuts and a playtime of roughly 48 minutes within which the trio is following the outlines of Jazz as genre, mostly on a nightly note and reminiscent of hazy, smoke-filled underground cocktail and whisky spots whilst incorporating structures and build-ups partially reminiscent of intertwined, corresponding elements and motifs found on the more melodic side of Detroit Techno, meandering piano elegies travelling from tender tones to most ecstatic heights, complex, yet somewhat subdued drumming often placed in the far background of the mix whilst bits like "Keep Distance" are focusing on the beauty and melancholia found in a more stripped down, inward looking (Future)Jazz approach for rainy Sunday afternoons spent in isolation or even dive deep down into territories of full-on late night romanticism in pieces like "Look Beyond The Window" before the tune takes a slightly darker, more dramatic and finally thundering, uptempo leaning and synth-lead turn to take this one cut as a single reference point for the overall complexity of this longplayer.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Aniyo Kore - Alkaline Herbs [Sweepland Records]

Coming in straight from the vaults of Dortmund's Aniyo Kore and the office of the Sweepland Records label is "Alkaline Herbs", the latest album release put out by the band outfit who's marking their 10 years anniversary with this one. Also "Alkaline Herbs", which is only available as a limited to 100 copies tape edition at this point in time, marks the former duos ongoing musical transformation over the years, now resulting in a further extention of the line-up into a fully fledged trio backed by a female drummer. This said, "Alkaline Herbs" reflects this progress and evolution by featuring a set of eight cuts - with some of them being re-recordings of classics like "What A Night" or "Remedy", re-arranged or re-shaped to fit Aniyo Kore's new musical direction, touching base with heavy Stoner Rock, Sludge, Desert- and Psychedelic Rock, echoes of Americana, extended, oftentimes distorted guitar solos and thundering drums which might resonate with authentic hardcore Metal heads even though the bands ethereal, longing and crystal clear vocal approach remains untouched and unaltered despite the musical backing has changed with energetic pieces like the somewhat Chemical Breaks-infused "Muscle Memories" or even the more funky, uplifting take on "What A Night" calling for heavy mosh pit action. So we wouldn't be surprised to see fans of bands like Wolves In The Throne Room, The Hidden Hand or labels like Exile On Mainstream in the audience whenever Aniyo Kore are about to play again in post-pandemic times.

Takuma Watanabe - Last Afternoon [Constructive Promo]

Scheduled for release on May 7th, 2k21 via the new imprint Constructive, a sister label to SN Variations, is "Last Afternoon" which is the album debut created by Japanese composer Takuma Watanabe who's serving an eight tracks and roughly 31 minutes spanning firstling influenced by experimentation and his work on music for film. This said, Watanabe is pairing altered, spatial and partly processed string sounds, once again a reference to his compositional approach to film music, with highly digital, oftentimes dry and ominous electronic low end rumblings in the not so tactile opening piece "Tactile", is drifting into hazy, brittle and classical Ambient worlds with the subsequent "Wavelength" whereas the title track "Last Afternoon" presents an amalgamation of icy, subtle and crisp electronic textures and score'esque (Neo)Classical string and piano layers whilst "Text" successfully tackles the idea to recreate the innocence and naturalistic beauty of stripped down ancient Folk songs electronically, and with slightly abstract lyricism. Furthermore "Siesta" follows on a similarly atmospheric, yet misty path, lured in by the tales of yore, "Looming" is like a warm, comforting blanket with its tender pianos and seemingly re-arranged Found Sounds / Field Recordings, "Clouds Fall" utilizes minimal, electronically accompanied string composition in a way that reminds us of an imaginary love child of Ekkehard Ehlers, M. Behrens and Wolfgang Voigt when it comes to their approach towards (Neo)Classical structures before the final cut that is "Bruges" waves goodbye in a well melancholia-infused Ambient manner - coming at us in waves, indeed.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Barbara Ellison - Cybersongs [Unsounds 067]

Released via the ever active Unsounds label as their 067 on March 15th, 2k21 is "Cybersongs", the latest album outing created by composer x conceptualist Barbara Ellison and her new approach on transhuman vocalization, voice avatars as well as the use of TTS / text-to-speech synthesis within a musical context. Defined by the artist as a 'transhuman song cycle for human-like computer voices' the longplay piece in itself is comprised of thirteen tracks - varying in length from under 2 to up to 16 minutes of total playtime each, presenting an intense array of un-songs, eerie, hyper abstract and indecipherable sequences of cut up, digitally created syllables in various accents and somewhat familiar sounding transmissions, yet utterly non-sensical and probably not even belonging to an existing language, various vocal implementations speaking in tongues or uttering full-on gibberish, communication attempts launched by beings from a cyberworld, all accompanied by even more alien - or alienating - electronic backings including bits of Cold Ambient, a gallopping and somewhat TribeTekno-reminiscent sequence in "Periodemesh", slightly unnerving, piano-driven CyberJazz loops in "Knullaleague" or swampy, spine-tingling atmospheres evoking pictures of hostile, alien exoplanets covered in acidic mists, solemn IDM / ChillOut structures, brooding, thundering (Neo)Classical loops, Plunderphonics-references and more musical greatness. 100% computer generated Avantgarde Music. A fascinating and highly recommended trip into a cold, cyberdelic world, yet not an easy ride for the faint hearted. Get.

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Luxus für Alle #10: After Hours Superstrobe by baze.djunkiii (100% vinyl)

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Marta Forsberg - Tkac [Thanatosis Produktion Promo]

Another one put out on the circuit only recently via Thanatosis Produktion is "Tkac", the latest album outing created by Swedish-Polish producer x composer Marta Forsberg. Released on March 26th, 2k21 the longplay piece consists of two extended compositions - "LED And Love Sounds" as well as the subsequent "Weave And Dream" which are both clocking in at approximately 22 minutes playtime each and were, this goes for both cuts as well, originally recorded back in spring of 2015 and are operating within a realm of Drone minimalism. Whilst the first cut derives its brittle, vibrating and harmonic, yet somewhat otherworldly sound from reprocessed and, according to the accompanying press sheet, 'frozen' violin sounds which, even though slowly moving, totally defy the concept of space and time whilst even displaying a surprising hint of Cosmic / Berlin School vibes after minute 15 passes whereas the second piece, "Weave And Dream", goes down a more alarming and certainly more intense alley with its raw, somewhat Noize-bordering OP-1 drones which immediately set all listeners senses to high alert, providing a great, yet demanding listening experience, slowly drilling down to one's innermost core even at moments of near silence. Top notch. A winner, this.

The Jazzfakers - Little Water Radio Recordings [Alrealon Musique 096 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the highly eclectic imprint that is Alrealon Musique on March 15th, 2k21 is "Little Water Radio Recordings", the latest nine track album by the notorious, ever active band outift known as The Jazzfakers. Recorded live in June, 2k16 at New York's now defunct live venue Little Water Radio the 58 minutes and 58 seconds spanning selection of tracks sees The Jazzfakers on an explorative, multi-layered and multi-faceted journey, once again operating along the blurred lines of what can be described as advanced / elevated Jazz, pairing sluggish, desolate and strangely delayed greyscale rhythm signatures with longing, later ecstatic sax lines in the opening piece "Five Dashes I Say Once Again" whilst cuts like "Voice Rapid Dots Irdial" incorporate eerie electronics alongside subdued but rattling drums and what seem to be echoes of highly abstract Funk licks to a hard to grasp, yet well fascinating effect, "NNN" brings forth a nerve-wrecking, ear-piercing and partly high frequency focused take on unnerving, unsettling FreeJazz / Improv and the final "Exotic Cipher" indulges in a well intense fusion of FreeJazz piano / organ improv and unidentified, yet drilling high frequency electronics and beyond - even paying homage to 'Dr. Who' at a certain point - just to name a few. The Jazzfakers are not faking Jazz in this session. Rather they're redefining what the genres boundaries are, expanding those into yet uncharted territories. Highly eclectic, yet defo worth repeated listening sessions to take each and every aspect of this live performance in in full. Check.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Alan Licht - A Symphony Strikes The Moment You Arrive [Room40 Promo]

Scheduled for release on April 16th, 2k21 via Australia's ever active Room40-imprint is "A Symphony Strikes The Moment You Arrive", the last album by composer, musician and performer Adam Licht which is comprised of two extended pieces - the title track "A Symphony Strikes The Moment You Arrive" and "Room For Storms" alongside their respective radio edits. Whilst the first cut harks back to a live performance at PA's Lounge in Cambridge, MA back in January 2008 with its intense, harsh, cold and metallic sounding midrange droning and ever escalating feedback Noize in combination with cut up, obscured FM radio transmissions that's certainly about to drive your neighbours crazy within minutes when enjoyed at a certain volume on a proper stereo system whereas the second cut is a live recording from October, 2012 at East River Parl Bandshell, NYC, which provides a well contrasting atmosphere with its blurred, ever meandering, chill, somewhat futuristic and not necessarily comforting take on densely layered Ambient which evokes memories of genre milestones like Scanner's "Mass Observation 3" before working its way towards an astoundingly harmonic, yet nerve-wreckingly intense crescendo of sorts. Highly recommended.

J/L Duo featuring Adrian Knight & Frew Elfineh Taha - Ismalfa [Thanatosis Produktion Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the highly experimental imprint Thanatosis Produktion on April 9th, 2k21 is "Ismalfa", the new eight track album outing catered by Johan Jutterström and Andreas Hiroui Larsson under their shared conjunctional moniker that is J/L Duo, collaborating with composer and piano player Adrian Knight on the first four tracks of the album whilst working with Spoken Word artist Frew Elfineh Taha on two others as well as contributing two single duo tracks, fully focusing on their instruments of choice - drums, cymbals and saxophones. Roughly operating under and pushing forward the rough premises of acoustic Jazz / Improv we see the J/L Duo providing the most organic, probably most comforting and - speaking in mainstream terms here - relatable, most musical album released on the label so far, proving a sense of decency and nightliness in their classy, ever meandering musical improvisations which are, overall, wandering a path of musicality and harmonic interaction, spinning a masterfully woven, ever evolving sonic web following unspoken, yet commonly agreed upon rules with none of the members ever trying to break out or go to full on extremes which is quite a rare feature to be found in FreeJazz / Improv albums these days. One for the real genre connaisseurs, this.

Monday, April 12, 2021

St. Kirchhoff - For The Void [Umland Records 042]

Scheduled for release via Essen's finest Umland Records-label as their 042 in early May, 2k21 is "For The Void", the latest album created by St. Kirchhoff and probably his most experimental one to this day. Based on an instrumental foundation of guitars, banjos (!!!) and electronics and with both string instruments being bowed in several tracks Mr. Kirchhoff creates a sonic landscape comprised of nine tracks, stretched out over roughly 41 minutes total play time and meandering in between a strange, somewhat outerworldy and haunting, midrange-focused lo-fi variation of isolationist Nordic Folk presented in the opening miniature that is "Oki", absolutely brutal, ear-piercing and feedback-driven HarshNoize in full-on psychotic madness mode in the subsequent "My Cause Is Righteous Do Not Get In My Way" as well as twangy, intimate minimalism in "No Why" for the first three cuts. Furthermore "Shumagorath Bathwater" dabbles with elements of electro-acoustic compositions, glitched rhythm signatures and gnarly, woofer shaking, yet nearly inaudible low end movements whilst "Softlock" returns to a possibly Asia-inspired mostly acoustic exploration of plucked strings and "Labour" enters a world of well ominous rumblings accompanied by what seem to be noises related to mechanical computation and a surprisingly funky, comforting sub foundation somehow evoking memories of Augsburg-based band outfit Deep in their late 90s prime. The follow up that is "Shock Collar Robot Slave Goons" dives head over heels into a pool of crumbling, probably Max/MSP-processed, decaying electric guitar solos and feedbacks, the title "Here In The Void We Don't Talk About The Void" is somewhat reminiscent of Rule 1 and Rule 2 in terms of /b and the concluding cut that is "Disengage" waves goodbye in a most naturalistic, pure and innocent manner when it comes to unaltered, tempered and unprocessed banjo campfire intimacy. Recommended.

Sascha Müller - Bones & Acid Vol. 1 /2 [Bones & Acid]

Put out on the circuit as a special limited edition of only five - yes, 5 !!! - hand-numbered copies worldwide is Sascha Müller's latest single "Bones & Acid Vol. 1/2". Lathe cut onto actual x-ray images in a hand-manufactured 7" format the record itself is an absolute gem and soon to be sought after item for dedicated record collectors whilst DJs will be going to great lengths to get their hands on these absolutely banging Acid / Electro fusion tracks which are about to smash dancefloors to bits with their hard-hitting, hyper-compressed drums and mad modulation sequences. Great stuff and a well worthwhile successor to Mr. Müller's latest 7" gold vinyl release on Intrauterin Recordings.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Ground 71 - Ground 71 [AMP Music & Records 075]

Released via Norwegian imprint AMP Music & Records on September 25th, 2k20 is "Ground 71", the self-titled album debut by Ground 71, a trio of Italian descent consisting of Giampiero Locatelli, Stefano Dallaporta and, once again, Andrea Grillini on drums. Recorded in late October, 2k19 the seven tracks and roughly 59 minutes spanning album sees the three musicians on a journey into deep, nightly, noir'esque Jazz territories, following complex, ever meandering and mostly piano- and rhodes-led lines in each of their well-extended pieces of which the longest even comes close to the 11 minutes mark. This said, Ground 71 are catering a well timeless, mostly intimate and - despite its innate deepness - softly swinging firstling that surely is about to resonate with fans of classic Jazz and FutureJazz alike due to its intricate structures and interweaving sonic storylines, all masterfully arranged as well as mixed and recorded with a sense of intimacy that's unmatched and hardly to be found even in albums of this specific genre these days. Recommended favorites on here: "Personal Highway" and "One Second And A Lifetime". Check!

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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Bertrand Gauguet & John Tilbury - Contre-Courbes [Akousis Records 002]

Released as 002 of the Saint-Denis, France-based experimental imprint Akousis Records on March 5th, 2k21 is "Contre Courbes", a double CD album featuring two live recordings of concerts held by Bertrand Gauguet & John Tilbury in April 2016 and November 2019 respectively. Combining their experimental, rather stripped down approach to their instruments of choice - alto saxophone and piano - the two recordings reflect upon the state of Minimal Music within the wide approximated field of what is referred to as Contemporary Classical / Modern Classical these days, oftentimes with a yearning, longing and slightly melancholic twist due to the subdued, stretched and rather nightly sax interventions whilst other sequences die down to near silence or drift off into highly fascinating, space age retrofuturism before the second concert, featured on CD2, is in for a darker, tense and well more ominous musical exploration, in parts somewhat reminiscent of crime scene scores in a film noir setting, partly comprised of haunted air flows and super high pitched sax-processings and superminimalist Ambient realms that might even resonate with connaisseurs of electro-acoustic music for a reason. Undisturbed headphone consumption is advised.

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User10000667856 - Africa EP [User Recordings 029 Promo]

Following their scheme of weekly releases we see User Recordings coming in with their 029, the "Africa EP" put out on the digital circuit by User10000667856. With the opening tune "The Heart Of Africa" we're drawn straight towards the center of a buzzing dancefloor where pumping, tool'ish TribalTechno brings on maximum heat whereas "Zapata QUA", the second track on this single, indulges in nearly 11 minutes of bubbly, ever modulating Acid lines in conjunction with captivating, uptempo Bleep Electro for most ecstatic moments on underground dancefloors. Two killer cuts on this one.

Friday, April 09, 2021

Alexandra Spence - A Necessary Softness [Room40]

Scheduled for release via Australia's ever active Room40-imprint on April 16th, 2k21 is "A Necessary Softness", the latest cassette album release crafted by Alexandra Spence which consists of a total of four tracks spread out over roughly 40 minutes - with all of them being recorded in the period between 2014 and 2020 in locations in Vancouver, Hong Kong and Sydney. Starting of with the multi-layered, well tempered Ambient tones and tender bass pulses of "Tidewater" later incorporating bits of Spoken Word, soft, yet somewhat clanging Found Sounds as well as an intense interplay of hypnotic loops and even a Noize-related climax we experience Alexandra Spence further carving out her own, seemingly hermetically secluded and isolated niche within the field of Deep Listening Music in "Waves" which is based on and carefully built around Field Recordings of exactly those whilst "Bell, Fern" takes on a surprisingly ominous and haunted variation of scraping Dark Ambient in its very first minutes, providing relief with friendly, chiming bells and floating sinewave layers before finally turning into a soundtrack for your most unsettling, fear-mongering and gorey nightmares for a second whereas the concluding "Rain" waves goodbye in a more crackly, somewhat vintage sounding manner, partly even evoking memories of pure surface noise for the odd vinyl enthusiast out there. Check.

Extrema Ratio - A Dangerous Method [ADN Records 023]

And now... to the extremes! Released via Italian label ADN Records only recently is "A Dangerous Method", the first mini-album / EP outing created by the experimental four piece that is Extrema Ratio. Visually Industrial leaning and lyrically pairing own works with adaptions of texts by controversial figures like Mao Tse-Tung or William S. Burroughs and coming at us with a wordy, well theoretical, yet rhetorically impactful layout of the groups concept presented on the album cover it becomes pretty clear pretty fast that Extrema Ratio are not here to play. With their members coming from different backgrounds in Hardcore, Punk, FreeJazz, Rock and Improv, all genres not lacking of extremes either, and driven by an ultimate will to explore musical boundaries and sub-niches Extrema Ratio cater a highly unique fusion of hyperintense screaming and brutally growling vocals, the muscular drum power and vibe of classic Hardcore whilst all guitar and bass riffing usually associated with the genre have been replaced by oftentimes shrieking, repetetive sax torture and underlying electronic effects to create a well demanding, yet highly recommended tour de force that's to be fully appreciated by those who have been seeking out sonic extremes for a reason - and probably for years and years at this point, with the only exception to this vibe overall being the haunting, slightly schizophrenic cut that is "Asthenic Rite" which serves another layer of innate paranoia. Most excellent stuff, this.

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Thursday, April 08, 2021

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 04/2k21

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol. 35 [SM-Traxxx 58-2021 Promo]

Scheduled for release via SM Traxxx on April 22nd, 2k21 is "Traxx Vol. 35", the next digital two track single crafted by Sascha Müller for the label in an ongoing series of monthly releases. Opening with "Track 69" Mr. Müller sets dancefloors on fire with a storming, rocket fuel-fueled take on fast-paced, ever spiralling Acid Techno whilst the subsequent cut "Track 70" is on a hounded, somewhat darker and well subaquatic Techno tip with its fluttering low end warps and raw, whipping hi-hats. Proper good.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Kallo Moberg - The Tokyo Sessions Volume 2: Twist [Kamo Records 002]

Released via his very own imprint Kamo Records on March 19th, 2k21 is "The Tokyo Sessions Volume 2: Twist", the latest album release by Norwegian accordionist Kalle Moberg and the second one he recorded in Jim O'Rourke's Tokyo-based studio, this time alongside fellow international musicians Marty Holoubek, Joe Talia and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto on double bass and drums respectively. With five tracks rolled out over a total playtime of 39 minutes the group of artists continues on a path of intense FreeJazz and Improvisation, catering a thundering, demanding and more often than not hard to grasp ride through highly dynamic pieces and dramatic changes in both volume and pace, shrieking, gallopping and hypercomplex, yet fully improvised arrangements as well as short, spontaneous sonic eruptions and explorative trips into full on madness whereas pieces like "A Treacherously Bright Morning" weigh in more of an eerie, haunted and outerworldly feel for those who can endure it. An album not for the weak or faint-hearted, this.

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Listen Again: DJ Blazik & baze.djunkiii Mix Session on Rave FM (04.04.2k21)

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Nazareno Caputo - Phylum [Aut Records 070]

Coming in via mail from the headquarters of the Italian imprint Aut Records these days is "Phylum", the new, February 22nd, 2k21-released album created by trio-leading Nazareno Caputo alongside fellow musicians Ferdinando Romano and Mattia Galeotti. Taking the albums title from a scientific, particularly zoology- and botany-related taxonomic background the three artists involved cater a menu of nine tracks rolled out over the course of roughly 69 minutes playtime, tackling a playful, curious and oftentimes frolicking variation of Jazz basically built around the vibraphone as a well unusual, ethereal, yet percussive lead instrument accompanied by bass, percussion and drums to create deep, most beautifully floating Future Jazz pieces like the nightly "Adi", the rhythmically complex and polylayered, yet super intimate "Abside" which is our favorite cut on this album for a reasons whereas "Adam R." provides a take on tender, highly recommended late night minimalism in (Future)Jazz and "Phylum II" works its way from relative stripped down beginnings to complex, fast-paced and crystalline heights just to name a few. Defo an album that will surely resonate with an audience way beyond the Jazz scene due to its well comforting, yet well advanced atmosphere. Good stuff.

John Morales presents Teena Marie - Love Songs & Funky Beats Remixed With Loving Devotion [BBE Music]

Put out on the circuit on March 26th, 2k21 is "Love Songs & Funky Beats Remixed With Loving Devotion", a musical love letter and homage to Soul / RnB / Disco legend Teena Marie put together and crafted by producer and remixer John Morales who's been working on the singers original recordings for many years before her untimely and early passing in 2010. Released via BBE Music as a massive 18 track 2CD pack this large scale homage sees Morales' carefully reshaping and reworking Teena Marie's classic material - including pieces like the dramatic Disco anthem "First Class Love", the 1981 ProtoRap sequences of "Square Biz", the touching, well sexy late night grooves of of "365", the seductive swing and shuffle of "Wasn't I Good To You", the longing, ecstatic "Lonely Desire" and even a live (!!!) version of "I'm A Sucker For Your Love" -, providing a contemporary update of classic cuts that, due to its 100% authentic sound and respectful approach, could well pass as a collection of lost and rediscovered extended edits and versions from the original days of Disco, Funk and Boogie instead of being a recent contemporary production. Which is a compliment for sure.

Monday, April 05, 2021

User85694743322 - Compressor EP [User Recordings 028 Promo]

Another relatively fresh digital single put on the circuit via User Recordings is the "Compressor EP" crafted by User85694743322. With the "Kurdish Violin Compressor" we see the quasi-anonymous producer catering a brutal, feedback-heavy variation of grinding BleepGabba if this is a thing whilst the second track on this single, "Untitled 8" is more on a dry, fast-paced and somewhat screaming, electroid MonoAcid tip for true underground headz and illegal underground bunker raves. 100% approved.

Circles 44 - Cratere [Aut Records 069]

Coming in from Italy only recently is "Cratere", 069 of the countries ever active Aut Records imprint and the first longplay release for the Circles 44 trio which is comprised of Massimiliano Amatruda, Joseph Circelli and Andrea Grillini on drums. Put on the circuit in October of 2k20 the nine pieces on this one, stretched over a total of roughly 45 minutes, see the trio on a deep, classy and somewhat noir'esque Jazz tip from the late night piano etudes of the opening title tracks onwards to the driving, space age- and Psychedelia-infused electric guitars of the subsequent "Funk Dress" whereas "Brilliant Cliff" provides an excellent example of rhythmically corresponding piano lines and super complex drum works provided by Grillini whilst "Affirmative Dot Pt.1" weighs in a vibe very vaguely reminiscent of songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers in their absolute Pop prime - ... and transferred into the Jazz realm, obviously - whereas the concluding piece "Old Chair" presents a stripped down, minimalist angle of approaching Contemporary Jazz just to name a few. Good stuff.

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Sunday, April 04, 2021

Tine Surel Lange - Works For Listening 1-10 [Sofa Music]

Put out on the circuit via the Norwegian imprint Sofa Music on March 19th, 2k21 is "Works For Listening 1-10" which is the longplay solo debut created by composer / artist Tine Surel Lange who's showcased her musical and installation works in the context of countless festival settings all over the globe over the globe over the course of her career. With "Works For Listening 1-10" Lange presents a total of, well... obviously, ten pieces, opening with the curiously titled "Metal And Spoon" and progressing further with mostly descriptively named compositions like "Roof Work I-III", "Wires", "Water And Stone" and others which are partially derived from altered and reprocessed Field Recordings and partially, at least seemingly, rooted in an electroacoustic compositional process. This said, Tine Surel Lange manages to create a spatial, somewhat surreal, calm and solemn sonic landscape in many of the tunes on this debut, with some even crossing over into the realm of Ambient, Dark Ambient and Electronica whereas especially the decontextualized and unprocessed Field Recordings found in "Roof Work I" or "Roof Work III" present dry, raw, abstract and oftentimes scraping, grinding, probably even violent shades and textures of Tine Surel Lange's sonic universe. A quite well varied, interesting firstling, this.

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Saturday, April 03, 2021

04.04.2k21 baze.djunkiii presents Bigroom Takeover Volume 1 @ Rave FM 98.5 / Krakow, Poland

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: Techno / Bigroom / Business Techno / Trance

Back once again on the Polish pirate radio circuit baze.djunkiii has cooked up quite a special selection for DJ Blazik's "Mix Session" show broadcasted on Rave FM 98.5 this Sunday. Expect 60 minutes of banging Bigroom x Business Techno mixed up with the occasional underground Trance and Rave anthem you might never have heard of. Get locked.

transmission start: 2200 Krakow time

short term schedule will be posted at the stations facebook page!

Get locked to Rave FM 98.5 on your FM dial locally in Krakow / Poland!

Also tune in via 99.5FM in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz as well as via 108.0FM in Bielsko Biala.

The D3VI7 - Fluff Boyz In The Hood [Soundkleckse Records 305 Promo]

Released via the German digital imprint Soundkleckse Records on March 23rd, 2k21 is "Fluff Boyz In The Hood", the next high octane outing straight outta the studios of The D3VI7. Opening with the so-called 'Original Mix' of the title track we're facing a heavy, hypnotic and somewhat even Hardcore-infused take on spatial, reverberating Business Techno, the subsequent "Fluff Boyz In The Hood *P.T.B.S. Fluffi Fürn Fuffi Remix" takes us down a faster, crisp and defo Rave-orientied route with its ever busy electrical buzzes, futuristic minimal laser bleeps and tongue-in-cheek Gabba references whereas the concluding remix crafted by HANZZO works crowds to the max with its multilayered, heavily filtered industrial percussion elements, intense, braincell-wrecking midrange synths and brutally marching bassdrums which can be described as being set to full on combat mode for a reason. Violence!

Friday, April 02, 2021

Andreas Davids - Zwischen Halbschlaf Und Disco [AD | D.I.Y. 002]

Coming in via mail recently and released as the 002 of his very own D.I.Y. label series is "Zwischen Halbschlaf Und Disco", a new limited to 20 copies cassette tape single crafted by Andreas Davids who is also the main man behind the famed Xotox project who explores an astoundingly crisp and crystalline take on well dancefloor friendly and groovy, IDM-induced Intelligent Techno / Ambient House on the A-side whilst the flipside starts on a noisier, somewhat haunted and otherworldly tip before cascading synth melodies are aiming at more Techno-leaning crowds in terms of tempo and atmosphere despite lacking a proper low-end punch. Sweet.

Tape artwork on Instagram!

baze.djunkiii Charts 04/2k21

01. Desolat - Songs Of Love In The Age Of Anarchy [Bloodshed666 Records 020]
See review for details...

02. P.T.B.S. & The D3VI7 - The Versus Series Vol. 03 [Afflicted In Techno / Bang Le Dex Recordings]
See review for details...

03. -

04. -

05. -

06. -

07. -

08. -

09. -

10. -

Thursday, April 01, 2021

User34546789099 - Strange EP [User Recordings 031 Promo]

Another fresh one put out via User Recordings is the "Strange EP", a digital two track single crafted by User34546789099. Whilst the opening tune that is "Dub Strange" provides a deep, melodic and ChillOut-leaning take on tender, beauteous DubTechno with a slight (Neo)Trance / AmbientTrance twist the subsequent follow up "Zapata_TRE" presents a wild, well untamed and jackin' take on dry Chicago Acid and takes audiences straight back to the genres' early years - think 1989 for this one. Bang!

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents Beyond TechHouse Volume 10 @ Radio Flouka / Paris, France (25.03.2k21)

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Maja S.K. Ratkje - Vannstand [Motvind Records 010]

Released on March 12th, 2k21 via the Norwegian imprint that is Motvind Records is "Vannstand", the latest album outing created by composer Maja S.K. Ratke who has taken influence and input from the pulse of the tidal shifts alongside the countrys seemingly endless jagged coastlines in terms of song- or better: score-writing for pieces which are in fact named after places in Norway's coastal regions which then are - drumroll and.... surprise! - interpreted by children only to be re-edited and mixed by Maja S.K. Ratke herself to be cast into a final form. Rolled out over the course of eight compositions and roughly 40 minutes total playtime the results of this fascinating approach vary widely in terms of their musical direction, from collage'esque, somewhat Plunderphonics-oriented pieces created from various vocal snippets and wind / air flow sounds generated by an array of seemingly fast moving, whirling tubes, pipes and hoses to inward-looking, calm, yet highly detailed experimental Jazz / Folk cuts to echoes of echoes of highly abstract Contemporary Classical music, elements of Fluxus, Chamber Music and other bits that make "Vannstand" an album predominantly speaking and applying to somewhat of an intellectual, avantgarde-informed audience.

Neumann / Gutvik / Haker Flaten / Nilssen-Love - New Dance [PNL Records 051]

Coming in with another live album these days is the famed PNL Records imprint who've been releasing "New Dance" as their 051 on February 26th, 2k21 - a live performance by label founder Paal Nilssen-Love alongside Calle Neumann, Ketil Gutvik and double bass-player Ingebrigt Haker Flaten. The concert, somewhat of a sequel of a show that had taken place 20 years prior with a slightly different line up of artists, recorded at Oslo's Victoria Jazz Club in July of 2k20 and - like each and every album created these days - somewhat influenced by the ongoing pandemic situation sees the quartet on an intense, yet explorative journey through different realms and incarnations of Jazz, from the deep, tender and twangy acoustic guitar notes of "A Sa Et Fro" later accompanied by clattering drums and meandering alto sax lines to the complex rhythm signatures to be found in the in the nearly 31 minutes spanning main and title piece "New Dance" which partially dies off to near silence or even brooding, unsettling darkness before re-emerging in a truly experimental, improvisational FreeJazz fashion whereas the concluding "Dett Var Dett" caters an explosive eruption of hard hitting creativity showcased by a gazillion of improvised, yet masterly structured sonic events per second. One for the advanced connaisseur of the genre.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Desolat - Songs Of Love In The Age Of Anarchy [Bloodshed666 Records 020]

Released via the Austrian diy Punk Hardcore label and store Bloodshed666 Records in October of 2k20 is "Songs Of Love In The Age Of Anarchy" - a massive, and massively beautiful, five track picture disc by Desolat which is also the outfits second ever release. Coming in heavy with songs like "Nuclear Extinction To Human Civilisation" or "Dreams Of Slaughtered Yuppies Under Starlit Night Skies" and an attitude somewhere in between riff-heavy, slow motion Hardcore and Doom Metal, even sample-infused in the epic intro of "The Bureaucrat", Desolat are defo the ones able to bring the heat to sweaty full-contact moshpits and smog-fueled, strobe-lit Metal venues of doom with each and every one of the five pieces to be found on this one, including the anthemic title track "Songs Of Love In The Age Of Anarchy" as well as the high-octane fueled power cut that is "Waste Of Life". Highly recommended, both musically as well as for avid vinyl / picture disc collectors. Get!

Monday, March 29, 2021

M. Rösner - No Lasting Form [Room40 Promo]

Set for release via Australia's Room40 label on April 2nd, 2k21 is "No Lasting Form", the new album by M. Rösner which marks a remarkable return of an artist who has been one of the first people to ever release on Room40 ever and is also his first musical outing after being absent from the circuit for an extended period of time. Coming back with a total of eight brand new cuts rolled out over the course of 36 minutes and 36 seconds M. Rösner explores a tender, droning, yet multi-layered sonic universe from the very first moments of the calm, Ambient-leaning opener "Set Adrift" onwards which seems to incorporate altered, processed Field Recordings blown over from faraway construction sites as well as their mechanical processes, weighs in tender, emotionally touching and inward looking pianos in the subsequent piece that is "Celestial", drifts along the retrofuturism of computational processes and ever changing sinewave modulations in "Dead Reckoning" whilst carefully adding occasional piano notes to the mix before "Beneath The Breeze" indulges in full on minimalism and most beautiful atmospheric string works. Furthermore "Beacons" caters more minor scale pianos, this time in combination with vintage crackles and well ominous low end scrapings reminiscent of slowly grinding rocks, "Anchorage" is a blueprint for eerie late night Ambient for secluded, isolated listening sessions whilst "Three Sheets To The Wind" continues on a path of solemn piano composition and the concluding cut that is "Awash" introduces more of a glistening, brittle minimalism before crackly, dreamy vintage pianos once again provide the soundtrack for rainy autumn afternoons. Defo a timeless, well essential Ambient album and a most amazing comeback. Check!

Xotox - Forever [Infacted Recordings Promo]

Fresh on the digital circuit via Infacted Recordings is "Forever", the latest single / EP release by German producer Xotox who's been a staple in the hard and dark electronic music scene for more than 20 years now. Coming in with "The Price We Pay For Happiness" we see Xotox on a brutal, marching, yet surprisingly atmospheric path towards severe dancefloor destruction whilst catering a peaktime anthem for glowing cybergoth crowds at the same time whereas "WDYWMTKM" weighs in more of a percussive, highly futuristic and Abstract Tribal-leaning Techno vibe with its distorted electric guitar signature samples and vocal snippets which could possibly even work BigBeat / Breaks crowds to the max before "Hymn For The Undead (Interlude)" even seems to dabble with hard hitting Dubstep-influences alongside deep IDM atmospheres. Furthermore the title track "Forever (In Full Effect)" introduces complex, threatening polyrhythms and an overall feel of doom and desolation before the concluding "Für Immer (Reduziert)" takes stripped down, brooding BrokenTechno to a next level for 2k21 and therefore is our favorite cut on here. Check.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Syncopix - Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy *Euphonique Remix

This is by far one of the most beautiful and cinematic Drum'n'Bass cuts we've heard in a long while. File under: Instant classic.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Merope - Salos [Granvat 021]

Put out on the circuit via the Granvat-imprint on February 24th, 2k21 is "Salos", the fourth full length album outing released by Merope, a collaborational project run by musicians from both Belgium and Lithuania which first appeared on the longplay circuit back in 2012. Now, with their latest creation Merope cater a total of seven songs, once again - like in the groups 2018-released album "Naktes" - fully reminiscent of and harking back to the naturalistic beauty and innocence of ancient Folk songs combined with tender electronic textures and - for a first - the multilayered, ever floating vocal power of the Vilnius Chamber Choir Jauna Muzika conducted by Vaclovas Augustinas which, alongside other contributing guest musicians, played an essential role in the creation of this album and its tender, soft and oftentimes touching re-interpretations of traditional, centuries old Lithuanian songs like the ever caressing, slightly Indietronica-leaning "Bitinelis", the ecclesiastiastically floating chorals of "Oi Toli", the angelic, yet slightly kitsch-driven Ambient elegies of "Alma" or the almost acoustic minimal guitar piece that is "Sakale" just to name a few. A most beautiful album, this.

DJ C ft. Electro Organic Sound System - Circe

Our American buddy DJ C is back after what seemed to be a long time hiatus and he's back with a classy, polished, yet somewhat dubbed out jungalistic bang. We're in for this!

Friday, March 26, 2021

Hanzzo - Ziehharmonika [Klinik Room Recordings 340 Promo]

Fresh on the circuit via the Crotia-based imprint Klinik Room Recordings is "Ziehharmonika", the latest single outing crafted by German underground producer Hanzzo. Opening with the original take of "Ziehharmonika" we see Hanzzo on a heavy, brooding and well menacing peak time Techno tip, presenting deep atmospheric background droning, highly compressed drums and a truly braincell twisting main motif whereas the additional remix built by no-one less than The D3VI7 himself takes the tune to a new level, focusing on a more psyched out, bleepy Techno variation whilst taking your soul into a long dark and probably ketamine-infused tunnel with his space-time-dissolving rework.

User33885745203 - Untitled EP [User Recordings 026 Promo]

Another new one on the ever active imprint that is User Recordings is the labels 026, the "Untitled EP" crafted by User33885745203. Opening with "Untitled 18-1" we're entering a realm of banging, highly compressed and well distorted Acid madness which would've been well suitable for 90s compilation albums like the legendary 'Rauschen 5' which represented the Force Inc. label at its absolute hardest followed by the subsequent cut named "Untitled 10-1" which is exploring a similar, yet even more brutal path causing ultimate devastation and carnage on smog-filled dancefloors. Heavy.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Norman Westberg & Jacek Mazurkiewicz - First Man In The Moon [Hallow Ground Promo]

Released on March 12th, 2k21 via Switzerland's ever active Hallow Ground-imprint is "First Man In The Moon", the first ever collaborational longplay effort by producer - and former Swans guitarist - Norman Westberg and Jacek Mazurkiewicz who's well known in the underground circuit of his Polish homeland for a gazillion of projects, collaborations and disguised solo productions released over the course of the past 15 years or so. Together, the two artists embark on a five tracks and roughly 37 minutes spanning, well explorative journey - all recorded over the course of two studio sessions taking place in Warsaw back in 2019. The result is rather spatial, yet not so much space-focused as the album title might suggest but rather evoking more of a feel of maritime melancholia, pairing touchingly deep Ambient tones with what seem to be creaky ropes in the opening tune that is "What Is Good For The Goose" whereas the subsequent follow up "That Was Then" weighs in glistening, slightly feedback-driven guitars somewhat meandering in between the likes of Fennesz and echoes of Post-PostRock / Post-DesertRock released on labels like Kranky the likes of. With the title track "First Man In The Moon" Norman Westberg and Jacek Mazurkiewicz cater a take of relaxed, inward-looking and guitar-driven Deep Listening Music , followed by the blurred, yet hypnotic loops and layers of  "Falsely Accused" which is a little too intense to be bordering the genre sometimes referred to as PopAmbient and the final cut that is "Oxnard" pairs slightly washed out electronics with twangy, slightly off-kilter guitar tones and somewhat brooding strings for a well unsettling farewell in dim twilight.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

25.03.2021 baze.djunkiii presents Beyond TechHouse Volume 10 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (2100 GMT+1)

Return to the dancefloor, everyone. We're ready to roll. Opening with a contemporaty re-issue of Freddie Fresh's 1993 alltime AcidTrance classic „Return To Phantazia“ Radio Flouka-resident baze.djunkiii leads us into a realm that is truly „Beyond TechHouse“ for a reason. Mixing up dubbed out, hypnotic vibes with pumping vocal anthems, hefty House grooves and, of course, classic TechHouse tunes baze.djunkiii provides a proper 60 minutes soundtrack for your personal isolation in-house rave experience. Enjoy the ride.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: TechHouse / House / Techno

transmission time: 21oo - 22oo GMT+1

get locked via Radio Flouka

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Skarbø Skulekorps - Dugnad [Hubro Music]

Another fresh one scheduled for release on March 26th, 2k21 is "Dugnad", the sophomore longplay effort created by the Øyvind Skarbø-led Skarbø Skulekorps. Once again released via the Norwegian imprint Hubro Music the multi-piece band which could be described as an allstar ensemble of sorts caters a menu of 14 tracks within 30 minutes, a short, yet intense and well varied journey informed and somewhat influenced by the mixtapes of Skarbø's youth. This said, the Skarbø Skulekorps weighs in classic late night Jazz / Easy Listening vibes as well as explosive, highly dramatic pieces somewhat reminiscent of 80s news anchors and production music in "Kassett", twangy electric guitar solos alongside deep FutureJazz in "Triple F", even heavy Rock influences in "F-Punk" whilst the brutal, stumbling rhythms of "PGA The Fruit" or "Aslan" evoke memories of bands like Dyse and pieces like "Elia" hark back to most trippy, highly comforting Space Age Easy Listening just to name a few. A highly recommended journey that feels way longer than an actual half hour only. Get!

Album artwork on Instagram!