Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Various Artists - 5 Years De:tuned (Preview)

The Belgium-based label and party organisers De:tuned are celebrating their 5th anniversary these days and what could be better than unleashing a massive vinyl box set with one of the most impressive line-ups one has seen on a compilation box? We won't start any namedropping here, but listen to the whole preview set on Soundcloud and you'll be cold stunned if you love your classic Techno music right.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Buttering Trio - Jam [Raw Tapes Records Promo]

Recording a whole album within a three days session is quite an achievement, even a bigger one when the session is a flowing freestyle jam taking place without any song layouts or pre-sketched ideas brought into it. Tricky circumstances as such and a challenge for sure which was accepted by the Israeli band outfit Buttering Trio in November 2013 but things became even trickier and more intense when Palestinian barrages hit Israel and were answered by air raids immediately at the time the session took place. That said it's quite astounding how calm, jazzy and laid back the result of this session turns out to be, rightly named "Jam" after its initial approach and pleasing the audiences ears with a bunch of eleven tracks now put on the circuit via Raw Tapes Records. Starting of with a vintage synth twisting NuSoul jam - "Circles" -, exploring the sweetest, vocal driven DeepHouse grooves in the future classic  "I Cried For You" and turning heads towards slow-motion, Tango Noir-influenced, highly dramatic Downtempo with the super eccentric "Master Of Rockets" the first three tracks unveil the broad and impressive musical variety of the stylistic range covered by Buttering Trio which masterfully manage to incorporate influences like Scandinavian Skweee or Westlondon Phusion into their musical spectrum as well, creating a wide, organic and lovingly embracing cosmos that surely appeals to an audience from everyone being fond of Compost Records' seminal "Future Sound Of Jazz"-series, to followers of labels eclectic as Tru Thoughts, those blessed with a reliable sense of style like Hamburg's Lounge Records or Legere Recordings and those being pleased by the works of DJs like Gilles Peterson and his Brownswood Recordings, Bugge Wesseltoft and - last but not least - the pioneering works of the original Mojo Club . And although some of the tunes on "Jam" might be suited into a high quality, advanced lounge concept it is tunes like the short "Juno Juno" that perfectly showcase that the Buttering Trio is way more than just that by incorporating well-quirky, tongue-in-cheek synth sounds and psyched out Dub FX whilst the following, dolorous Jazz melancholia of "Window 04" seems to be a sweet on-repeat compagnon on a cold winter night in front of an open fire, sipping on some proper port. More deep melancholia strikes with "What It Madness", this time accompanied and nicely contrasted by mad'n'rhythmic white noise cut ups, a thrilling Funk bass and dark rumbling beats best played throughout the second half of the night to a Dub-aware crowd of advanced punters looking for something special. Finally we see "What Your Waiting For" amalgamating the Skweee with NuSoul and - again - twisted Dub, proving that the bands members have got a healthy sense of humour by altering and shifting the vocalists voice, sending it to outer space and back without losing the soul aspect lieing within. Nicely done, check this.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mr Mitch - Parallel Memories [Planet µ 335 Promo]

One to watch out for all evolution lovin' grimeists and Electronica headz is "Parallel Memories", the debut album of Gobstopper-founder Miles Mitchell known as Mr Mitch which is set for release on December 1st, 2014  via Planet µ, serving a quite different, tender and athmospheric view on the genre that's hardly found in other producers tunes, no matter if being instrumental or vocal backed. With the first tunes "Afternoon After" and "The Night" being pure Electronica and laid back ChillOut it takes a bit until the raw, unprocessed basslines and skeletal, highly compressed drums associated with Grime do appear in "Intense Faces", a sparse instrumental cut with a lovely, kinda playful and dinky melody that might be filed under the flag of PostGrime if one feels the need to open another musical drawer here. The first vocals appear in "Don't Leave" which is an autotune driven piece of modern UK Urban paying homage to Soul choruses and epic synth lines. With the skeletal crimescene vibe of "It Takes Hold Of You" the tension truly mounts and brings to mind very early tunes of the Two Fingers project crossbreeding with Virus Syndicate's dark industrial feel of ca. a decade ago whilst "Sweet Boy Code" featuring Dark0 seems to be the albums ladies tune, evaporating echoes of DigiSoul and Rhythm'n'Grime in a tingly bedroom manner. Coming up next are the "Wandering Glaciers" weighing in some reduced, but still heavenly and crystal clear synths sparkling their way through an icey arctic night, "Feel (Don't  Ask)" seems to refer to Grime aesthetics in a quartertime tempo and "Bullion" brings in a more noisey Illbient-infused, ever spiralling opium den feel based on a nerve wrecking yet thrilling off-kilter loop and slow hammering bass drums nicely contrasted by the super positive, Plaid-reminiscing Electronica vibe of its follow up "Denial" that features some anthemic, ecstatic and well tongue-in-cheek vocal cutups for mid-rave abuse. Although sporting some obviously HipHop-rooted sample work the calm, introvert feel of "Fly Soup" suggests a post rave listening on cold winter sundays before the final cut "Hot Air" drives advanced dancefloors crazy with ever building layers of stone cold sci-fi sound, warped aerial strings and pounding drums promising a climax that never comes. Thrilling. Check. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Recondite - Iffy [Innervisions Promo]

Put on the circuit only via the highly appreciated Innervisions imprint is "Iffy", the third longplay effort from the studio vaults of Lorenz Brunner, better known under his Recondite moniker amongst lovers of electronic music these days. Praised for his unique amalgamation of technoid melancholia and his stripped down - not minimal! - approach in the use of rich sounding, partly cinematic but never kitschy melodies by the likes of Sven Väth or Richie Hawtin and backed with a massive string of releases on Absurd Recordings, Ghostly International, Dystopian, Innervisions, his own Plangent label and more, all of them released within a period of three years only, it's pretty obvious that this man is on a mission, following the paths of what the now Berlin-based but originally Bavaria-rooted producer regards as the very essence of electronic music. No matter if Recondite explores the realms of Techno or Electro or even wades through Acid-infused quagmires musically - it seems like he has found his magic formula in the use of only very few essential elements per track, usually one of of them being a huge, warm, very organic, simple and ever embracing bassline that's accompanied by a sparse, secluded yet yearning but still alien'esque synth melody evoking feelings of security and comfort whilst echoes of longtime dolor are ever present underneath this surface. Even a track like "Buteo" which is nothing but a cold latenight killer causing massive mayhem with its metallic sci-fi tones and brooding bassline evaporates some foreign, acrid fumes and so does the tense follow up "Duolo" that makes pretty sure that something evil and dangerous is lurking in the dark corners of each venue although heavenly analogue synth angels are guarding the sweaty, heavily heaving crowds whilst a tune like "Steady" presents vernal innocence and beauty within a classic piece of Ambient / Electronica paying homage to the genres early days of so-called Intelligent Dance Music and the beautiful, tender slow jam "Jim Jams" is waving farewell to exhausted ravers, sending them home safely after a long night out. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hyperdub 10.4 [Hyperdub Promo]

Closing the circle of ten years anniversary compilation albums Hyperdub has put its "Hyperdub 10.4" selection on the circuit quite recently, another 2CD piece that was heavily cut down for press promo use with CD2 only available as stream on request and Burial's contribution to CD1 omitted from the promo cut. But regarding to the 13 tracks remaining - both tunes selected from the labels past five years catalogue as well as fresh, previously unreleased cuts - "Hyperdub 10.4" is more than ready to please the UK Bass dancefloor massive. Starting with the warped time signatures of Cooly G's "Him Da Biz", turning into "Ugly Observations" from the House meets UK Funky side made by Ossie & PHRH and bringing in technoid pieces like Funkystepz' "Vice Versa" that sets out to please the bass headz as well as followers of stripped down but hard hitting House with its classy melody, kosmische synths and seductive vocal cuts the message is clear within less than 15 minutes: Dance your ass off to the funky music! With Walton's dry tripping "Laser War" and Kode9's "Oh" exploring bubbling TechnoBass areas of motor city pedigree this rule is clearly obeyed and Ikonika's banging "Position VIP" fuses some of the heaviest Techno drums around with super minimalist off-kilter synths, rave signals and influences taken from Dancemania's sickest Chicago Basement releases - a tune crafted for steel and concrete wombs like the legendary old Tresor Club in Berlin and possibly one of the most impressing cuts on "Hyperdub 10.4". More ravey ClubTechno signals are to be found in Funkystepz' highly fascinating "Fuller Rev VIP" amalgamating tribalistic Techno and UK Funky for a buzzing massive whilst Dorian Concept's rework of Martyn's "Mega Drive Generation" obviously pays homage to the more twisted, experimental and Electronica-based side of electronic music, puzzling ravers and pleasing more advanced punters due to its calm, organic and partly jazzy vibe. More twisted filter works and dry bassdrums are provided by King Britt as Fhloston Paradigm in "The Phoenix", a deep experimental House cut with a jazzy twist that's also the title track of his recent album. DVA is having a "Monophonic Nightmare" based on deep, duophonic bassline modulations and blaring analogue space keys so unique that one might recall the long gone TechnoJazz genre to pigeonhole this tune genrewise before Bambounou is on remix duties for Jessie Lanza's "Fuck Diamond", providing a clap-heavy excursion into raw technoid abstractions. Coming in with a brand new, tender but yet 4/4 based digital love song made to please all DeepHouse and 808 aficionados out there is Cooly G with her tune "Love Again", paving the way for Kyle Hall's closing tune "Kaychunk" which is a frolicking Detroit affair featuring chopped analogue beat structures and vast beautiful strings on the border of  Broken Techno and Future Garage. Nice.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Various Artists - Universal Quantifier [Halocyan Records Promo]

Coming in as the best, most fascinating physical promo format these days was the new, recently released "Universal Quantifier" compilation put on the circuit via Halocyan Records. A card-sized, classy looking, partly coated aluminum piece with a fully revolvable USB-port that holds all 24 tracks of this compilation, a huge bunch of pack shots, liner notes plus an additional quadruple set of Dntel remixes - one of the best prepared press promos we've come across for a long time and, on top of that, including a very fine selection of contemporary quality electronic club music catered by an illustrious bunch of contributing artists. Starting into the first half of the pack we see xxxy crossing borders of Electro and FutureGarage with his massive "Bash" which is a very well-named Bashment piece indeed that pleases bass modernists and UK Garage tradionalists alike whilst Chrissy Murderbot fuses bubbling bass notes with loads of scifi undertones and a kinda electroid feel that blends in perfectly into both Detroit Electro and UK Bass sets for a reason and cold floors advanced dancefloors with the return of hoover noises. Friends of UK Funky and sweet, dreamy oldskool'ish piano licks will be pretty pleased to see Hackman touching their soft spot with a sweet early morning jam named "Semibreves" before (Dub) Techno headz get their first fix with Sumsun's super bass heavy "Avey Oliver" which is a true statement in terms of seeing club music as body music. All clubs better provide a proper P.A. when this one's battered into a heaving crowd. Staying on a straight, but more frolicking 4/4 tip we've got Mr. Paul Woolford serving a nice menu of chatoyant synth works riding on a slightly 'troity TechHouse / (Neo)Trance foundation that is about to stand the test of time for a reason and might easily turn into a future classic clubwise. This also goes for the stab heavy, uplifting and The Third Man-produced ClubTechno hybrid called "Red Boxing" that introduces some echoes of UK Funky to more uptempo tech floors before Arkist's "23 Summers" brings back the some very detailed beat and sound programming in Future Garage whilst lifting vocal bending to the next level. Not "23 Summers" but a 23rd century urban lovesong with loads of lovely chords and sweet synth bits. One for the Drum'n'Bass headz on the floor is ASC's tune "Sonic Assault" which is a truely skeletal ride to the dark side basswise whilst minimalistic melodies are meandering like polar flares - that's what we call a sweet example of epic beauty in bass. With Raudive - also formerly known as Oliver Ho - we see a pretty appreciated purveyor of classy, no bullshit attitude Techno weighing in more than one and a half decades of productions experience in his tune "Last" whilst DJ Pierre's HEY Wildpitch MX of Dosem's "Attica" is nothing less than a raw BassTechno monster that's about to kill some weak ass nuskool ravers on the dancefloor - get ready for serious LFE ('low frequency explosions') that are made to destroy and some really great samples from an oldskool Gabba anthem. Closing the first CD1 of "Universal Quantifier" with Minilogue's so-called "Ocean Of Love"-Mix of Sumsun's "New Piano" we see the term of Intelligent Techno rise again with a neverending subaquatic intro sequence and deep, thrilling beats spiralling through a universe of floating, string heavy beauty and an impressive total runtime of approximately 17 minutes. Opening CD2 it's Artifact's "Cry" that beams us straight to the center of a heaving, pumping and especially glitzy House music floor, working the crowd to a maximum effect with a slightly techy and well ecstatic attitude. That ecstatic feel bound to a primetime brockout is also to be found in a deep, but well stab-heavy remix built French Fries for xxxy's "Bash" which is a stripped down, sexy ass 808 UK Garage tune for lovers of more intimate venues whilst Legowelt's rework of Chrissy Murderbot's "Friendship" is more of trademark Legowelt tune, focusing on straight 4/4 and playful, 'troity melancholia with a positive vibe. The next remix to come is Extrawelt's so-called "Griddle RMX" for Paul Woolford's "Pursuit", a deep functional TechHouse affair touched by DubTechno and a very Acid-infused low to midrange synth sequence that's about to set floors on fire. With Max Cooper's remix of Aki Latvamäki's "It Is Not Now Either" another TechHouse soldier is at the controls here, providing loads of low frequency bass, hollow snares and a more tool'ish albeit trippy feel alongside some quirky breakdowns and mazy strings - one of the rare weaker moments in the "Universal Quantifer" universe. Coming up next is Stabber's "Huh!" remixed by Randomer who builds a stomping, muscular fusion of ElectroTech well infused with rolling background amens, killer breaks and massive bass artillery as well as supercut, well-familiar vocal bits - all this falls into place as the essence of a ravers heaven, providing ultimate brockout moments whenever played out. Large tune! Not that large but still made for dancefloor pleasure is the collaboration of Arkist and Appleblim named "Addict", turned into a solid piece of dubby, uplifting, glitzy ClubTechno by Komon. With Kangding Ray's remix of ASC's "Sonic Assault" we see a calm, fever'ish broken beat slowly turning into a more 4/4 driven, tribal'esque structure that - despite its atmospheric overall feel - is able to seriously do damage to unprotected eardrums... and innards. Another one from the - beatwise more complex - bass side of things is the collaborational rework of Raudive's "Last" crafted by Al Tourettes and Appleblim who're turning the technoid original into a cleverly swinging FutureGarage tune with an iridescent main motif and shiny strings. As a contrast to this fascinating dancefloor cut Dntel's "Peepsie" is transformed into a lovely, relaxed and well-floating PostStep / AmbientBass cut by Hyetal that is followed by the second rework for Stabber's "Huh!", a quite hypnotic, hardstepping PostJungle / Future Jungle vision crafted by Matthias Zimmermann - seemingly this guy has a bright future to come as his complex beat chopping is nothing less than amazing. With Jason Potratz' "Absent Center" borders between hard, super tense, 'troity Techno and banging Hardcore seem to blur before the great Joey Beltram delivers a highly energetic, big room Techno cut with his remix of Dosem's "Atica" - a perfect closing tune for this compilation and a huge dancefloor smasher. Additional reworks of Dntel tunes included on the promotional USB card are provided by Slackk, Maxmillion Dunbar and Sei A, covering a spectrum from UK Bass-infused Detroit Techno, well-experimental SloMo Tech featuring strangely hypnotic, meandering drums and weird flange effects as well as classic techno with a deeper, athmospheric twist, nicely rounding off this great and highly recommendable accumulation of tunes from the Halocyan-imprint.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Radian + Howe Gelb - Radian Verses Howe Gelb [Radian Releases 001 Promo]

Set for release on November 25th as the first album to be put on the circuit via the new imprint Radian Releases is "Radian Verses Howe Gelb", a collaboration of the more Improv- / PostRock-oriented Austrian band outfit Radian that's defo not afraid of electronic textures and atmospheres with Alt.Country-legend and -vocalist Howe Gelb who states "This is a Radian album. I'm only living in it.". And although this fusion of influences is not the most obvious ever it seems like they're  complementing each other well in a way that might evoke memories of some early Morr Music or Digital Kranky-releases, the rare but legendary split 7" of 40 Sekunden Ohne Gewicht and Zwei Tage Sauerstoff released on Guido Möbius' Emphase Records back in 2001 or possibly Einstürzende Neubauten's "Silence Is Sexy" album although we see at least a few heavy, electric guitar riffs trying to break their way through distorted Cut-Up Campfire Country in noisy experimentalisms like the well tongue-in-cheek off-kilter orgy named "From Birth To Mortician".  But there's also enough space for more tender tones (...and crying babies) presented in the relatively short Piano PostRock cut named "...And Back" whilst a certain rebel romanticism and melancholia is to be found in the lyrics of the slowly starting "The Constant Pitch And Sway" that later gives way to more excessive, drum-ridden moments before fading out into endless echoes and eerie atmospheric drones. With "Return To Picacho Peak" the musical attitudes of the collaborating parties are perfectly falling into place, creating a sweet ride into darkest campfire melancholia whilst the disquieting, threatening beats and feedback drones of "Pitch And Sway Again" provide a more anxious, Tarantino'esque-feel in contrast to the songs soft spoken vocals before a cover of the alltime classic waves listeners goodbye in a mostly acoustic not less dramatic way, making "Radian Verses Howe Gelb" a sweet companion for long autumn nights in front of an open fire.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Noises

Alien swamp sounds although the comet is way too small for having things like that on its surface. And the comments are funny as hell. Biggin' up ESA  for their Rosetta / Philae mission!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Maurice Louca - Benhayyi Al-Baghbaghan (Salute The Parrot) [Nawa Recordings 002]

Dealing with more oriental sounds of Egyptian origin is the forthcoming sophomore album of the Cairo-based composer and musician Maurice Louca which will be released via Nawa Recordings under the name of "Benhayyi Al-Baghbahan (Salute The Parrot)" on November 17th. Following up on his 2007-debut "Bikya" he and his fellow guest musicians like Shaker Ismael, Mahmoud Abd El Khalek, Alaa 50, Alan Bishop, Mohamad El Mahalawy and many more are amalgamating a musical body of various styles representing the Arab world with elements like slow, but heavy Rock drumming - "Al'Asr Adh-Dhababi (The Golden Age)" - or Bhangra-reminiscing rhythms - "Al-Mashoub (Idiot)" to a coherent ensemble that frees the Arab music from the shady drawer that so-called World Music might be seen as and makes it - maybe also due to the mostly instrumental nature of the compositions - more accessible to a Western audience that is usually not very familiar with or used to listening to Arab scales but will well float along the more electronic and dancefloor-focused title track whilst "Tassaddu' (Rupture)" turns the focus towards odd loops and weird, dubby cycles. With the psychedelic organs, tripping strings and twisted cross references to Jazz found in "Maksim (Maxim)" Maurice Louca caters a quite fascinating piece of Arab Psychedelia that's followed by a kitsch-dripping fusion of Blues-/Country-infused twang guitars and super cheesy synths in "Al-Mallahat (Salt Pans)". In "Sharraq Rah Tegharrab (It Will Set)" heavily twisted, digitally obscured male vocal bits are accompanied by a more balearic foundation that might be best described as of live played ChillOut / Downtempo origin with a FreeJazz twist before the final cut "Malnash Diyah (Spineless)" brings some old cliches of snake charming fakirs back to mind due to the super obvious main melody meandering around a set of well-abstract, yet block rockin' beats, finally proving that "Benhayyi Al-Baghbahan (Salute The Parrot)" is an album well worth to check out, even if Arab music is not your favourite musical playground of choice

Monday, November 10, 2014

Kein Kiel Festival 2014 [Limited CD-r]

Going back to the good old, classic school of independent DIY-releases we came across a sweet little six track CDr compilation that was issued in a limited print run of 50 copies only alongside this years KEIN KIEL festival - an event originally featuring the underground music scene of the North German city of Kiel with historical roots going back into the very early 80s. With the 2014 listing of the legendary NO MORE, the Canadian Minimal Wave / Industrial outfit Psyche as well as the relatively young combo Bleedingblackwood & The Bernsteins directions were set to more darker shores and the six tracks - both solo songs as well as cross collaborations of the three bands involved - on this limited underground sampler perfectly complement this setting, presenting a musical spectrum from highspeed Kosmische / SynthKraut to solid  PostPunk, proper Wave and longing, more experimental yet epic home recordings that are kinda reminiscent of ...well... the early tape and so-called Ingenious Dilettantes underground which is very well suitable whilst keeping in mind where the KEIN KIEL festival is rooted. Nice one.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Lawrence English & Werner Dafeldecker - Shadow Of The Monolith [Holotype Editions 002 Promo]

The Monolith (Twin Screen Version Excerpt) - Werner Dafeldecker / Lawrence English / Scott Morrison from ROOM40 on Vimeo.

When it comes to places on this planet that can be described as hostile, alien and especially isolated the Antarctic Peninsula is one of the spots that comes to mind easily. And it's the exactly this isolation the pair of Lawrence English & Werner Dafeldecker was looking for when working on their collaborational effort "Shadow Of The Monolith" that will be relased via Holotype Editions on November 17th. Restructuring and electroacoustically re-editing recordings of atmospheric, hydrophonic and ionospheric source material that has been captured around the Antarctic Peninsular all eight tracks reflect upon the cold, desolate conditions of this specific surrounding - no matter if it's the seemingly unprocessed Field Recording from inside one of the countless research stations set up in this untamed wilderness going by the name of "Marambio" or the meandering pulses of static noise found in "Mapping Peaks", accompanied by clanging pitons that are driven into frosty rocks. More organic but to some point even more alienating sound movements are to be found in the obviously subaquatic recordings of "Moro Mute" which document a steady swell under layers of icy crackles and echoes of myriads of buzzing micro crustaceans whilst "Fall" comes across like a Field Recording from another planet where inscrutable non-humanoids are shifting metal pieces of unknown function. With "Rio Gallegos" quivering distortion and industrial noises take over for 141 seconds before the final "Outtake" leads us back to a calm, but still perturbing state of Drone-led Dark Ambient. A specialists album for sure, but a recommended one for a reason.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Manga, Rival, Ghetts & Eyez - Uh Oh (Prod. By Lewi B)

Manga and Ghetts - two of our favorite MCs spittin' lava bars over this sick bass beast. Blam!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Claas Brieler (Jazzanova) - Boiler Room Collections

A highly entertaining and quite educational insight into the record collection of Claas Brieler, one of the founding members of Jazzanova and the Sonar Kollektiv label. Great music to hear and some interesting stories shared... Recommended and well spent 108 minutes for every record collector and DJ.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

06.11.2014 NO MORE live @ Grüner Jäger / Hamburg

NO MORE are back in Hamburg this week - we're not gonna miss out on that for reason. Legends on stage and friends to meet. Lookin' 4wd to this.

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Sunday, November 02, 2014

baze.djunkiii Charts 11/2014

01. The Bug - Exit [Ninja Tune]
Following up to The Bug's highly praised "Angels & Devils" album his recently released 2x12" piece "Exit" comes up with more darkness, although we see the calmer, deeper, angelic side of The Bug's musical vision come on top here. Apart from "Void" and "Function" which both have already been featured on "Angels & Devils" we see the "Void Version" explore an even more subaquatic, dubbed out terrain that will be well appreciated by those who're still loving Alec Empire's "Low On Ice" to pieces whilst "Black Wasp" brings in solemn Illbient-infused Downtempo and ethereal  background choruses which are muted in the following "Black Version".  Heavier sounds are to be found on the second 12" of this twin set with the massive DistoGrime-banger "Function" that kills every dance due to being cut even louder than on the full album as the only track on the C-side of "Exit" and so does the new Industrial Dancehall-piece "Blaow" on the flip. Heavy. Get.

02. SB81 - The Blueprints EP [METHXX 007]
Shaun Bateman's a.k.a. Nolidge's second appearance on the mighty Metalheadz-imprint under his  relatively fresh SB81-moniker is a fest for all lovers of classic Drum'n'Bass and the genres early heydays when producers like Hidden Agenda, Source Direct or anyone else featured on the first "Platinum Breakz" box set was setting new standards with each and every new dubplate. Perfectly emulating these times with earthshaking bassquakes and a lot of super detailed beat wizzardry the title track builds an endless, dark tunnel for the true headz out there whilst the "Four Tun (170 Re-Visit")  starts things with a long, haunting intro sequence and evolves into a tricky, bass warped piece of fascinating halftime Drum'n'Bass. Finally we see the B2-tune "Arq" catering a more modernist musical vision of deeply fragmented, yet minimalist bass music of the future.

03. Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 5 [Audiolith Promo]
See review for details...

04. Terry Farley presents Acid Rain: Definitive Original Acid and DeepHouse 1985 - 1991 12" Sampler 1 [Harmless]
Seemingly my longing to complete my vinyl collection with represses of long-loved classics instead of digging the crates for new musical developments has raised since I kinda stopped to play out as a DJ so I couldn't withstand this 12" - especially due to the fact it features DJ Pierre's "Box Energy" as A1 which I regard as one of the best Acid tracks of all times. Furthermore there are more less known classics like Ralphie Rosario's "In The Night (Original Kenny Night Club Mix)" as well as two Laurent X cuts - "Drowning In A Sea Of House" / "Machines"- that are perfectly complementing my growing stock of Acid House / House tunes from the pre-1990 era. Recommended.

05. Terry Farley presents Acid Rain: Definitive Original Acid and DeepHouse 1985 - 1991 12" Sampler 2 [Harmless]
More beloved AcidHouse classics on this one - a double pack served by Frankie Knuckles featuring Jamie Principle with two of their best known collaborations "Baby Wants To Ride" and the highly hormone-dripping "Bad Boy" whilst Pierre's Pfantasy Club "Got The Bug" while riding the thrilling 303-lines of their seductive, vocal driven anthem and Pleasure Zone fulfills every oldskoolers "Fantasy" with a great late night House jam.

06. Jammin Gerald - Factory Funk [Dance Mania 258]
It seems like there are a lot of long gone labels offering represses and re-releases from their back catalogue these days and the beloved Chicago-based Dance Mania-imprint is one of these. One might guess if this demand for raw classic originals is caused by the lack of originality and edginess in a lot of todays productions or if people are keen to explore the roots of Juke and Footwork when it comes to the sound of windy city but apart from that unanswered question it's a great opportunity for collectors and lovers of electronic dance music to complete their collection with missing bits and pieces. Jammin Gerald's "Factory Funk" originates from the year 1998, an era shortly before the labels long hiatus, and serves seven raw, unpolished GhettoHouse / BootyFunk tunes for those who know which are seemingly - due to the occasional skips a lot of Dance Mania pressings are known for - even reproduced from the original mother that also served as the pressing tool for the initial print run. That spoils a bit of the fun here but on the other hand keeps up the original grimy street vibe Dance Mania was known for back in the days. A lesson in history.

07. Bitzbaker [Bitzbaker 001]
The first release from the mysterious Bitzbaker-imprint produced by the man they name Bitzbaker himself is so fresh (or rare) that it's not even listed on discogs yet so its origins remain somewhat of in the dark. Coming in to Germany via a French distributor this four track piece serves plastic-sounding DigiDub, Lo-Fi Trap with a gangster vibe, Skweee'ish Electronica on a happy tip as well as a laid back Downbeat tune for nice sunny summer afternoon session. Recommended.

08. Various Artists - Four Jacks Vol. 1 [Poker Flat Recordings 153 Promo]
Poker Flat Recordings are celebrating their fifteenth anniversary with a series of four 12" releases, each of them features two reworks of the labels back catalogue classics as well as two brand new tunes from artists that haven't appeared in the labels roster before. On the first issue we go on a journey with a quite thrilling rework of Steve Bug's "A Shot In The Dark" which is called "Taylor 'Trapped In 92' Remix" for a reason, moving dancefloors with decent oldskool stabs and positive vibrations whilst The Organ Grinder remixes Boris Dlugosch's "Sweet Talk" to a well-stomping effect whilst raw synth motifs are swaying to and fro, accompanied by a sweet little Acid-modulation and Future Garage-reminiscing vocals. On the flip we'll find the notorious Youandme and their "Quince" providing a tense, stripped down version of crime scene House for the small hours of an ecstatic night out as well Tom Flynn's "She's Nice" which is a deep, damp and sexy TechHouse affair sporting a plinkering, ever modulated synth line as most recognizable feature alongside some mysterious background vocal bits for an extra thrill.

09. Vandal / Yowii / TLB [Raggatek Power 003]
Originally released in 2013 this one caters a quite interesting and well unique fusion of heavy pounding Hardcore with a few Tribe Tekno bits and a remarkable amount of Jungle-influenced Ragga-toasting - a combination that amalgamates surprisingly well into a bouncy, positive crossover of styles able to mash up anything from illegal Teknivals set up by crusty Hardcore heads and independent spirits, massive Drum'n'Bass raves as well as the occasional soundclash  on fire. Nice one.

10. Yvat / Tlic - Yvatlic [Minor Label 031]
Limited to 200 copies on yellow, labelless vinyl is the latest release on Leipzig's Minor Label, fusing the creative forces of the two artists that have been responsible for a main part of the labels output throughout the past two years. Whilst Yvat fuses heavy distortion, beat twisting and melodious Electronica in a kind of Aphex Twin-manner on the A-side we see Tlic explore cold, grinding, sci-fi'ish soundspheres based on a slow, pounding 4/4 foundation on his B1 tune "Digital Kautschuk" whilst things are speeding up with "Homeo Sapiens" on B2 to a not less grinding effect. Frosty.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box

For the love of really weird music videos.

Sascha Müller & Duality Micro - Atomic City Grooves [Psychocandies 029]

Scheduled for November 27th is "Atomic City Grooves",  the next full length album to be unleashed via the Acid-loving Psychocandies-imprint which is crafted as a collaborational effort by Sascha Müller and his longtime associate Duality Micro. Usually known for exploring the wild side of the cankered, acidic swamps the opening ten minutes-jam "Stomach Recorder" shows off a new, surprisingly deep and partly romantic variety in Acid whilst featuring tender pianos and decent slow motion beats. The following title track takes the still present piano play to a more haunting and spooky place that hypnotizes late night crowds with creepy field recordings, tantalizing strings and eerie surface noises. With the arrival of the mysterious "Space Machines" we see time signatures get really gooey and viscous Acid lava starts to surround tripping Electro beat structures that just "Shove Shove Shove" their way through the hot fumes rising from the molten rocks in the next tune. Talking the second to last chapter of this deep Acid trip we see the "Robots In The Jungle" staging a feverish ritual dance whilst echoes of extinct felines' roars are providing a spine-tingling thrill from the dark side before the final cut "Thank You And Good Night" serves a previously unheard of fusion of Electro, Acid and deep ass Dub - amalgamating these styles into a sweet, superminimalist late night smasher for Ambient-friendly dancefloors. Props!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Peter Knight & Dung Nguyen - Re:Residual [Parentheses Records Promo]

It's been four years since the pairing of Peter Knight & Dung Nguyen interwove the musical strings of Western and Vietnamese music with their album "Residual" to a highly acclaimed result and it's only now that their collaborational effort is valued again with this package of five remixes released in album format under the name of "Re: Residual" via the Belgium-based Parentheses label, sprawling out into a wide and well-fascinating musical spectrum with Lena's interpretation of "Autumn Music" that leaves a lot of the Asian influences intact and comes across as a sweet and thrilling piece of what might be described as EthnoDub. Furthermore we see Tilman Robinson on remix duties for the "Phase Pedal" serving a calm, minimalist DroneAmbient recut accompanied by tender, warm but still isolated guitars well reminiscent of early works provided by Post-PostRock / PopAmbient artists like Klimek whilst Joe Talia's interpretation of "Minky Star" also explores ambient'ish paths but crosses over into warm, playful Clicks'n'Cuts as well as to embedding the sound of transformed, reprocessed brass winds to weigh in an abstract level of Future Jazz - think the legendary Viennese "The Showroom Recording Sessions" 12" here - to the 11+ minutes journey into advanced bar music of the very future. With Black Sifchi's edit of "Travelling" we see a cold, clean, metallic accumulation of rhythmic layers and buzzing sci-fi structures combined with vocals that might have been taken from an educational film about astronomy, especially star clusters, before the final Dan West remix of "Residual" fuses cold Drones with frequently pulsing bass lines and a dry MinimalTechno excursion that leads us straight to the heart of the well-advanced dancefloor. Nice one. Recommended.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jstar vs The Mouse Outfit (feat. Dubbul O) - Gwan Test The Marshall

Nice vibes. Dubbage!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sascha Müller feat. Nora W - Get Into My Life [SMNW001]

Scheduled for November 12th is Sascha Müller's first collaborational effort with the German vocalist Nora W which is featured in two versions on this fresh digital single. Whilst the so-called "Life Is Too Short Mix" turns out to be a proper, well-rounded and surely dubbed out Armchair Techno tune floating through deep space whilst the vocal bits are chopped and scattered all over the place the "Full Vocal Mix" is a more straight stomping HardHouse affair with dramatic pianos and string arrangements complementing vocals not less dramatic and well influenced by late 80s House music pioneered by black, disco- and gospel-schooled divas in influential outfits as Inner City, Soul II Soul and the likes of. Nice.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Various Artists - Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 5 [Audiolith Promo]

Recently released via Hamburg's finest Audiolith-imprint is the fifth issue of the labels more club- and dancefloor-headed "Stiff Little Spinners"-series which caters all lovers of perfectly crafted TechHouse with a well melodious, sometimes even NeoTrance-infused twist as well as those who've been following the relatively new Romantic House-movement which - in parts - has been shaped by the inner circle of artists that are related to the Stiff Little Spinners. The series' latest outing features six brand new tracks by the likes of Krink, Kalipo, Gimmix, Joney, Torsun Teichgräber & Danja Mathari as well as a remix by the man they call Rampue who reshapes Babette Conrady's "Shame" on this one to a fine result. Once again this 12" is setting high and valuable standards in its overall use of tender, soft-spoken melodies, floating synth structures and huge, ever embracing organic basslines dropping into the three dimensional continuum that a venues dancefloor is where they can be heard and felt to a heartwarming effect due to their massive physical presence for a reason. And this time it's especially the B-Side that serves two super remarkable future classics with Rampue's piano-heavy remix of "Shame" as well as the huge vocal anthem "In My Own Skin" by Torsun Teichgräber & Danja Mathari that gives us the goosebumps due to the sweet, slightly naive and uberly cute vocals and touching piano beauty. Fully recommended - don't miss out on this limited to 300 copies vinyl pressing.

Friday, October 24, 2014

See It Here First: Kasper Bjørke meets Kurt Uenala a.k.a. Kap10Kurt @ Otaku Records / Hamburg

A sweet little chat session with the Danish producer Kasper Bjørke who has recently released his album "After Forever" via hfn music and his dear friend Kurt Uenala a.k.a. Kap10Kurt who helped to shape and polish the albums overall sound in his Brooklyn-based studio and also happened to have worked with Dave Gahan on his songs on Depeche Mode's "Delta Machine" album. Mostly shot at the Otaku Records store in Hamburg before the guys played a show at the legendary Golden Pudel Club which turned out to be an awesome good night out - not only talking the musical side of things here as both of them are really nice types to chat and hang out with. Hope to see 'em soon for another show in Hamburg!

Fujako - Soul Buzz [Angstrom Records Promo]

Recommended to those who love the recent The Bug album to bits and are well fond of Mutant HipHop or Crooklyn Dub-imprints like WordSound or Black Hoodz is the latest release of the Brussel-based Angstrom Records which is dedicated to all things mutant and off-kilter. With Fujako's new 10" that is bringing on grim layers of distortion and industrial noisecapes the imprint caters the needs of all Mutant HipHop- and - especially talking "Preachers Echo" here - NoizeDub-headz with new levels of Opium-infused darkness whilst MC Black Saturn apocalyptic lyricism unfolds on top of dubbed out slow motion beats and Illbient-reminiscing bass wars able to destroy and delete any inapt fake P.A. system within seconds. If one needs to wipe off some nuclear dust from a massive wall of speakers to set up a zombie rave in the midst of the Nevada Test Site this is the sound to play on repeat for a reason. Don't let there be light - let there be fucking darkness!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monsieur Fleury & Dr Walker - Non Linear Reality Dub v1_1

Monday, October 20, 2014

Waschmaschinenfest 2K14 [LIMBS 001 Promo]

Our journey through the wicked world of weird audio tapes continues with the first release of the freshly founded LIMBS-label which is the new "Waschmaschinenfest 2K14" compilation, a C30 cassette based on Field Recordings of - well... - washers. Recorded, contributed and remixed - sic! - by artists like Xotox, Klonk, Low Entropy, Jasmina, Fgnugen, Aehm and Indesit we're introduced to quite a few different types of washers e.g. ones crafted by Bauknecht, Haier, Siwamat etc. and their typical, mechanic sound patterns as well as to dark'ish Drones, haunting athmospheres and cold, scampering experimental Tribe Tekno for underground soundsystems and chemically polluted teknival scapes. Quite interesting for collectors of conceptual releases - and washers.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mike Skinner & Murkage - Tonga

Mike about to lounge a new bass-dedicated night in Dalston which will go by the name of TONGA and is all about an amalgamation of Jamaican Dub, UK Grime and Garage. Built with the help of DJ Klepto from Murkage this sweet mixtape reflects the sound of TONGA and it seems it's gonna be the new place to be - loads of amazing tunes squeezed into less than 40 minutes here. Don't miss if you're in Dalston.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bullenfreunde 2K14 [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 004 Promo]

We love tapes. We love weird music. And we love Noize, highly digital Noize and more experimentalisms when it comes to the quite mysterious "Bullenfreunde 2K14" tape which roughly translates as "Coppers' Friends 2K14" titlewise. Being released without any tracklist or further information about the many tracks origins we're confronted with the mentioned style, droning sub-frequency attacks, quirky lo-fi loops, phocked-up braindance which is kinda reminiscing to the very early, non Jungle-related, days of the still active Sozialistischer Plattenbau-imprint or things coming from the late 90s Leipzig tape underground that catered the needs of the headstrong with heavy Rhythm Industrial, 8bitCore, Doom Electronics and loads of things far more way out than just to be filed under the "leftfield" flag. And so does "Bullenfreund 2K14" whilst adding more musical variety with also taking care of Hardcore addicts, Bleep-heavy Breakcore, alien  swamp recordings and sci-fi machines switched to tilt mode. There's no way not to love this. Also check for a reason if  you've been a fan of the seemingly defunct Dhyana Records imprint back in the days or are a collector of - possibly very limited - obscure tape items in general.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

4ZZZ1 - Untitled EP 1.0 [Psychocandies 028]

Lo-Fi Distortion Techno? Broken 8bit Beat? Heavy banging underground sounds for the headstrong? If all of these styles seem well appealing to your musical preferences you are well recommended to check out this EP featuring a bunch of six tunes that are about to smash the last bit of sanity left on a heavily heaving dancefloor into bits and crumbling pieces within seconds. From the very first track onwards this 32 minutes tour de force is firing from all cylinders, starting off with a bouncy, crushed Psycho Techno piece for the headstrong, continuing the crazy rollercoaster ride with super giddy melody pieces laid out over militant, Hardcore hailing drumworks and metallic, dry, futuristic uber-bleeps whilst the third tune of six can be described as hammering distortion excess for those digging the most extreme borders of what might be filed under the flag of Broken Industrial Techno - or Rhythm Industrial with a technoid twist. Talking track number four we're still following the same path musically although the bassdrums seem to be even more compressed and harder hitting whilst echoes of psyched out Acid are providing a spiralling background of braincrashing sonic modulations, before things speed up a bit and we're greeted with Industrial Speedcore-references in the fifth of six untitled tracks when all of 4ZZZ1's machines run on full tilt mode whilst some rusty pin-joint is irregularly squealing off rhythm. Finally the closing track provides an ultraminimalist highspeed workout somewhat between Next Level Drum'n'Bass and supersonic, sterile Electro that could've well been created by the master of sci-fi sounds, the great Current Value himself, throughout an experimental studio workout. To be unleashed on October 28th - get this monster!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Israel-based Band Named 'A Cat' Obviously Can't Internet

Although we've stated clearly in our contact section that we're totally annoyed by bulk emails and newsletter spam plus that we're not interested in any kind of digital promo files this email from the Israel-based band A Cat just appeared in our postbox only recently.

Hey! We’re ‘A Cat’, Digi-Rock-Afro-Disco band based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

VIDEO TIME! - Inside Out - LINK 
You can listen to the audio-only version on our Soundcloud.

Our new single, “Inside Out” expresses our appreciation to modern dance music and traditional west-african beats, wrapped in a the unique cooperation of the two video artists -  Shahar Levy (cut out animation) and Vadim MEchona (photography). You can download the song in WAV, or MP3. 

Please take notice that the song will be available for purchase on itunes, so these links are for your personal use only.

‘A Cat’ is composed of four unique musicians and electronic-craftsmen creating spacey tunes and based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

‘Disconnect’, our last single, is a dark wedding between grunge, and minimal techno - LINK

Hope you had fun listening, would like to hear from you if you did!

Scratches and purrs,
A Cat

Getting these kind of email junk is annoying for a reason and it should be pretty clear that we haven't been listening to any of their music but it's even more annoying if the mail is sent out as open CC bulk email to 161 people including label managers of Mad Decent and journos / bloggers from all over the place including We Are The Mascotte, Pitchfork, Nothing But Hope And Passion, The Guardian etc..
We reckon that these might be not so amused about the fact that their private contacts are now scattered all over the place and will be flooded with even more bulk mail in future times but mustn't it be pretty embarrassing for the band that all these people now are aware of the fact that the bands promo guy is too inapt to use email properly? So if that goes so terribly wrong it might give an idea about their use of musical instruments... 

But we'll take our time to go even deeper into a few remarkable details in this mailout.

Hey! We’re ‘A Cat’, Digi-Rock-Afro-Disco band based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Well, there's nothing wrong with being from Israel but it doesn't make you special at all. You're a band begging for an editors attention and referring to your provenance in the very first line does imply that there's nothing interesting to say about the band at all but "Hey, we're from Israel". You're stealing our time anyway so there's no heads up for that.
Plus: Digi-Rock-Afro-Disco. Seriously? Sounds like a kind of weird artsy fusion that takes influences from everywhere but doesn't go anywhere. And besides that does it seem to be a pretty clever idea to send this kind of music to a website that's mostly focusing on electronic music anyway? There've been exceptions and we've been writing about the likes of Sinkane and others but it's pretty obvious that you haven't been checking our website properly but just sent this email out into the blue to every email adress you could get hold of.  

VIDEO TIME! - Inside Out - LINK
You can listen to the audio-only version on our Soundcloud

There are a million music videos out there every day so having one is not a big deal. Soundcloud isn't that special either, especially if you don't link to your profile at this very point. And what about the mysterious Inside Out - a title or a description of the videos mood? You don't know but the mystery is solved later.

‘Disconnect’, our last single, is a dark wedding between grunge, and minimal techno - LINK

Uh, nice. More weird fusion music that might sound totally different to what the new single is about. Have you ever thought about how your possible fanbase - if you have any fans at all - might handle these rapid change?. Yes, life's a box of cookies they say and you'll never know what's the one you get next but fans expect things they can relate to, short: continuity. If you serve Indie today, Techno tomorrow and Opera in three months you're only making sure that you will lose more fans than you'll gain through your eclectic diversity.

Scratches and purrs...

Again. "Scratches and purrs..." Really? Is this like "welcome to the world of rainbow-pooping ponies" or do you want ppl to take you and your art seriously?

Hey guys, sorry for using Cc, our mistake. We know its pretty annoying, and we'll make sure it won't happen again. TO CONTACT US PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MAIL, send a message directly to EMAIL

After several complaints about sending the email as open CC to all of these people instead of using the BCC for bulk mail the band came back with another email that was meant as an apology but - again! - was sent out as open CC to all adressees although they "... know its pretty annoying, and we'll make sure it won't happen again" which has been the biggest #wtf moment of last weeks internet at all.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

9 Things To NOT Do When Emailing Music Blogs

Although these pages run a "Don't Email Us At All"-policy it seems like a good idea to reblog the following nine super important points from New Zealand's Dub Dot Dash for a reason. More info and a more recent example of how to spoil a bands reputation by sending stupid emails is about to follow very soon.

1. Add Bloggers to Your Mailing List Without Giving Them a Heads Up
I don’t know who you are, yet I’m suddenly on your mailing list and there’s no unsubscribe button. At least send an email to let me know you think I’ll like the music you plan on blasting out. It’s even worse when the email blast says things like “this song is different than what you heard last time“. “Last time”? I don’t even know who you are.

2. Buy Lists of Email Addresses
People compile lists of blog addresses they found on the internet and then sell them. To me, buying these lists is almost as shady as buying followers. Someone added my contact email to some Australian blog list, and now I get a ton of emails inviting me to shows in Australia. I’ve never even been to Australia. [I get this a lot -don't invite me to your showcase in London/New York/Austin without checking my location!]

3. CC Your Email Blasts
If you’re sending a press release to a bunch of blogs and CC all of us, I can see everyone else you sent the email to. BCC us. Otherwise, I’m going to look at the lists of email addresses and see what types of sites you grouped me with. If I don’t like them, I probably won’t listen to your music. 

4. Write Excessively Long Subject Lines
When you’re writing a subject line for your email remember that anything beyond 11 words will probably be cut off in the inbox view. 

5. Get the Blogger’s Name Wrong
If you’re cutting and pasting the body of the email into new messages and personalizing it, be sure and proofread. You might have forgotten to change the name of the blogger or the title of the blog. It’s not always the end of the world, but it could prevent you from getting your foot in the door. 

6. Only Send Links to Music
There’s a link to a SoundCloud track in this email, but that’s it. Why should I click this? Who are you? You don’t have to send an entire bio, but at least say hello and tell me what this link is. 

7. Be Overly Casual
I know this isn’t a job application or the New York Times, you can keep it casual when you send an email pitch to a blog. However, there is such a thing as being TOO casual, especially if you have no prior relationship with the blogger. Don’t unnecessarily throw in words like “shit” and “whatever”, it’s distracting. “I like to sample my guitar recordings as if they’re someone else’s records or whatever”“producing shit on my computer” 

8. Lie About How Much You Love the Blog
Bloggers can tell when you’re lying about being a devoted follower of their blog. “I’ve been following your blog, it’s great” is often followed by a link to music that sounds nothing like what I post. If you’re not going to do your research then don’t lie about it. If you really do like a blog, specify what you like about it. 

9. Spam Bloggers
One producer has everybody on his team emailing me every time he puts out a new remix, which is every week. I get four emails about the same song every week. I don’t even remember what this guy’s music sounds like, but I don’t like it. It’s okay to follow up a few times, but don’t be excessive."

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 026]

The man / machine they call Sascha Müller is back again with another twelve strong selection of tracks, bundled as the 26th untitled album in an ongoing series released via his very own Supersix Records imprint. Opening with the surprisingly detailed "Klikklakk 2" which presents a more snare-focused, atmosphere-led experimental Techno approach we're taken straight back to the center of the dancefloor with the stereo-field exploring, mad percussive Tribal Techno storm named "Kongo Beatz" followed by a cold, merciless banger going by the name of "Machine 2" partly crossing over into HardTechno realms. With his "Mechanik Wardrobe" Mr. Müller presents a more floating, organic journey that might be influenced by classic ProtoTrance but works well within a context of, likesay, Intelligent Techno that doesn't sound mechanical at all whilst the pounding "Messure 2" delivers a melodic yet stomping amalgamation of Hardbag House and ClubTechno with few dubby elements. The following "Meta 2" isn't meta at all but more like a super solid, down-to-earth Techno tool sporting some really haunting, anti-groov'ish percussion elements and psyched synth movements. The same roughly goes for "Metaplex II" if one's taking out the anti-groove thing. More m's are to be found in "Microprocessor" which seems to be the most positive, possibly even jumpy Techno tune on this album, one that's - albeit quite stripped down - created to put a proper E'd up smile onto all the raving crews faces for a reason: spiralling Acid lines for life. Uptempo minimalism is to be found in a tune named "Minimal Terrorismus" which is minimal for sure, but - despite of some weird groove experiments - shows no evidence of terroristic activities at all. It's more that kind of tune that'll recharge a crowds battery due to the use of decent, kinda ravey stabs and ghostly sounds flickering in the back like candle lights. Coming up next is "Neostatic", a battering sonic warfare which is about to please even Hardcore lovers with its hard hitting drums and overwhelming bassride, followed by the stone cold, psycho Techno assault "Nuclearer Winter" which pays intense homage to the dark side of Motor City, spiralling its way through nearly seven lightless minutes of sonic tension. Finally the albums closing tune "NumLock II" even fools around with military style snare rolls on top of a banging beat foundation and is proper fodder for all DJ's sporting a straight up no bullshit attitude. Nice. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

DJ Big Hank - We Gettin Bukk 15 *Hank Rx

Chicago Juke fo' real. Deep.