Sunday, February 18, 2018

Ueno Takashi - Smoke Under The Water [Room40 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Australian Room40-imprint in November 2k17 is "Smoke Under The Water", the latest longplay work by Japanese guitarist Ueno Takashi who presents a body of work consisting of seven untitled tracks on this one which is released roughly a decade after his label debut "Sui-Gin". Within this a little more than an hour spanning outing the artist explores realms of crystalline, busy and multilayered Ambient seemingly based on altered, repetetive guitar pickings, influenced by Classical dances of baroque origins and hints of ritualistic Japanese music. This combination seems a little off and irritating in the first place but develops a undeniable fascination and hypnotic suction over the albums course, drifting off into dreamy, highly Psychedelia-infused territories with the well outstanding tune "Three" whilst "Five" evokes, for some strange reason that is, memories of more abstract Church Music and "Six" gravitates towards a totally derailed, out-of-tune Country vision of sorts. Intredasting.

Aaron Spectre - They Don't Know We

One heavy DarkJungle-banger taken of Aaron Spectre's most recent "Roots We Seek EP".

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sextile feat. Sienna - Current Affair (Official Lyric Video)

PostPunk is still alive and well. Have you ever been in doubt about this?

Friday, February 16, 2018

Creta - Babe In The Egg Of Blue

Beautiful Deep Listening / Click Ambient taken from the Creta debut album on Karlrecords which is scheduled for early March, 2k18.

Palais Ideal - No Signal [Dark Vinyl Records 078]

Within a few days only Palais Ideal's debut album "No Signal" is the second longplayer in our pile of albums to review that involves Richard Van Kruysdijk, this time in cooperation with John Edwards and exploring totally different territories compared to his solo effort as Cut Worms. And although the press release sheet causes a bit of skepticism as it lists a whole lot of bands under a 'for fans of...' headline, a marketing move we're not really fond of at all and thought this had ended for good, we're curious if references like The Sisters Of Mercy, New Order, Ultravox, Editors, Trentemøller, Lebanon Hanover and many more really come into play on this album. And, well they do, kind of. The opening song "Crossfade / Dissolve" paves the way for things to come, merging contemporary production values with a clear vision of the 80s which is surely informed by SynthPop and New Wave, yet more gravitating towards the eras daytime radio Rock than to the big hair, all dressed in black creatures of the night that have left a mark on dressing up and going out up to this day. With "Deity", maybe the albums most remarkable tune and a potential single, we're dealing with a precise drum machine swing and a distinct, slightly Ska-influenced offbeat feel evolving into an epic, slightly over the top showcase towards its end, "Remains" full merges Indie and New Wave melancholia, "Funtime" amalgamates a bluesy, Sisters Of Mercy-reminiscing darkness with a massive contrasting sing-a-long chorus whilst "The Book Of Lies" is about to please fans of Trentemøller's dreamier output musicwise indeed whilst dabbling with SynthPop romanticisms on a close to kitsch level. Furthermore "Seen Missing" is borderline 80s daytime radio, "A Black Noise" gets back to a Sisters-feel in its verses (and vocals...) whilst the chorus once again is on a more way more uplifting tip and "Resistance" causes proper dancefloor mayhem with its upbeat and uptempo, flogging Indie feel. The "Invisible Eye" could be another, more radio friendly, yet slightly rebellious single take and the final title track weighs in quite a bit of a ballad'esque feel towards the end. Overall this album is not as dark as we expected it to be and might not be everyone's cup of tea, even amongst die-hard genre aficionados, due to John Edwards quite unique special vocal style but still one to check out if you've got a thing for the darker side of the 80s and are keen to add a bonus chapter to a book that has all been written.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 24 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Recently released via Dr. NoiseM Tapes is "Studio Works 24", the latest in an ongoing series of albums which presents us with ten brand new tracks the ever active producer cooked up in his lab. Opening with "Dead Filters" we're confronted by a nine+ minutes excess of scraping Noize accompanied by a set of cold, alienating strings, "Dead Kapitalism" caters heavy pulses of low-end HarshNoize and an overall atmosphere comparable to his 'The CDr A-B-C'-series whilst the "Death Of A Chinese Clown" is more of a solemn, partly even scientific affair in terms of Cold - or better: Death - Ambient, literally. "Freedom" means another powerful, electrical HarshNoize buzz mixed with highly distorted text-to-speech fragments, "Plasticine" seems to depict the process of decay itself through an ever changing intensity and a wide range of dynamics whereas "Radio Freedom" pierces ones ear with loads of, well, amplified radio static, high pitched frequencies and fragments of what might be recognized as distant fragments of Classical music whilst the "Teenage Mutant Noise Turtle" lives of a most brutal curtain fire of highly compressed sonic events per second and "The Scottish Highlanders On Dope" serve a surprisingly melodic, yet totally absurd, vary-speed and vary-tuned, glitched interpretation of a single, fully obscured musical motif. Finally "TRIQ_WQ" is an excellent blueprint for Dark Ambient and "Untitled For Harry" once again is going back to the trademark aesthetics of 'The CDr A-B-C' for a full 17+ minutes. Good stuff for die-hard fans of the artists ever growing body of work.

Lucrecia Dalt - Tar (Official Video)

Cold, unsettling Future Tribal taken from Lucrecia Dalt's forthcoming album "Anticlines" which is about to be released via RVNG Intl. in early May, 2k18.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Nakama - Worst Generation [Nakama Records 013]

Incoming via the Norwegian label Nakama Records is "Worst Generation", the latest - and November 2k17-released album created by the five piece Improv super group Nakama, consisting of Agnes Hvizdalek, Adrian Løseth Waade, Ayumi Tanaka, Andreas Wildhagen and Christian Meaas Svendsen. Based on the idea of Socrates' complaints about the younger generation in ancient Greece the group dedicates this fully improvised album to the five historically distinguishable generations alive today, starting with the "Lucky Few" defined by eerie atmospheres, ghostly non-vocalisms and  carefully plucked violin strings alongside rattling percussion sequences whereas the "Baby Boomers" are starting on a minimalist level, work their way up to a short, dark'ish and intense climax before the "Gen X" seems to be a way more buzzing, hectic and hyperactive generation according to their partly FreeJazz-like interpretation. Dealing with the so-called "Millenials" the group that is Nakama serves improvisational works on a deeper, slightly more relaxed tip before ending up in chaotic mayhem whilst the "Plurals" mix multilayered improv percussions with warped bass tones, alienated pianos  and plucked strings to a soothing, yet unsettling effect.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sascha Müller - To The Love Of Re-Birth RB-338 [Psychocandies]

Just released on the ever active Psychocandies-imprint as a limited to 20 copies box set is Sascha Müller's latest outing, a tribute to the former music production software Propellerheads Re-Birth RB-339 v2.01 which contains a bunch of 50 - !!! - tracks with total runtime of more than six - !!! - hours on a floppy disk which can only be played back through the software named. The result is an epic excursion into the realm of Acid, AcidHouse, Gabber, raw Electro, Techno, AcidTechno and floating AcidTrance which is, considering the albums total runtime, much to take in but also a musical fest for all genre lovers and oldskool ravers alike who are well likely to recognize many of the sounds and modulation patterns used over the course of this ultra-extended and highly collectible, hand-numbered longplay effort for sure. Get!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Jaap Blonk & Terrie Ex - Thirsty Ears [Terp Records]

Recently released on the Dutch, Terrie Ex-founded imprint Terp Records is "Thirsty Ears", a collaborational effort by the labels' founder on electric guitar and harmonium whilst the long-term composer and producer Jaap Blonk contributes his voice and additional layers of electronics to the nine tracks of the album. Fully based on an improvisational approach we see the duo exploring both worlds of intense Spoken Word poetry accompanied by distinct, atmospheric, yet dark'ish sound spheres as to be found in the opener "Sound" as well as minimalist, tongue-in-cheek outings like "Cratchy" or the off-kilter loops and playful bleeps catered in "Gilded Flurries" which provide a hyper-psychedelic soundtrack for a journey into one's inner self, an exploration of the subconscious led and guided by retrofuturist microbots. With "Some Hubbub" we see guttural vocal explosions of utter madness, scat and Dada-influences meet with sparse, improv guitars, "Let's Go Out" evokes a feel of imminent danger paired with a feel of psyched out romanticism noir, "Netherbends" takes us back to a Blues-infused lunatic asylum of sorts and "Who's Knocking?" fuses improvised guitar strumming with buzzing electrical noises to a great, isolationist Post-DesertRock effect, evolving into a recording of Donald Duck on acid throughout the tunes final minutes. Furthermore we've got "Amicable Plops", a funky affair providing more full-on madness in terms of its vocal side before the final "Fog Hunt" digs deep intro retrofuturist, electrical noises created by alien apparatuses of unknown scientific use and scraping percussions as well as hardly defined guitar-related tones. Excellent, yet very leftfield stuff for those in the know!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Visible Cloaks - Lex [RVNG Intl.]

Put on the circuit via the great RVNG Intl.-imprint on December 8th, 2k17 is "Lex", the latest EP release by the Portland-based duo known as Visible Cloaks, loved and appreciated for their unique, dreamlike and cyberreal approach to their work which we showcased in the feature of their EP track "Keys" a while ago. With six tracks - or seven in the Japanese edition - their latest outing proposes the existance of a utopian dream language, starting with the multi-layered Ambient-outing "Wheel", going deeper into realms of playful, slightly Vaporwave-infused Electronica bits in "Frame" whilst exploring communication strategies of the future with the beauteous, yet outerworldly vocoder piece that is "Transient". The title track weighs in a strange yet soothing approach to warped, ever shifting synth sounds and soft, atmospheric layers, the 14 minutes main piece that is the "World" beams us inito heavenly, softly lit Ambient gardens reminiscent of nothing less but the main concept known to believers as 'paradise' before the Japanese bonus cut "Permutate Lex" provides a way extended, alternative take on the albums title track for all those loving their tunes exceeding the 10+ minutes mark for a reason.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Wu-Tang - Lesson Learn'd ft. Redman, Inspectah Deck (Official Video)

Real HipHop is the realest - and the Wu is still the illest.

Cut Worms - Cable Mounds [Opa Loka Records]

Richard Van Kruysdijk is back on Opa Loka Records. Based on a circuit-bent Omnichord, a monophonic synth and some guitar works we see the Dutch artist provide an array of seven tracks on "Cable Mounds", his sophomore album released under the artistic moniker Cut Worms. Opening with the 15 minutes effort "Witch Brogues" Cut Worms delivers a perfect introduction to the albums musical pathways which are, for a full hour that is, meandering in between surprisingly warm and welcoming Dark Ambient, time-bending Deep Listening Music, beautifully floating organic Ambient structures as to be found in "Iron Dingbat" and all embracing vintage synth drones accompanied by carefully arranged pads as presented in "Ape Digger". With "Frog Skirt" we're entering more solemn, inward looking territories, the "Parasite Lug" presents quite a cold, futuristic and sci-fi friendly approach with its warped subfrequencies, atmospheric clicks and mechanical movements reminiscent of giant machines whereas "Acute Beater" follows a similar direction whilst providing an even darker, colder and defo more threatening feel of total fear and alienation before the final cut "Senor Tofu" caters beauteous, heart-warming vintage chord movements and hints of Post-PostRock for a lovely conclusion of a highly recommended longplay piece.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Aaron Spectre - Roots We Seek EP [Jahmoni Music]

Here it is! The US-based Jungle / DarkJungle / Breakcore wizard that is Aaron Spectre returns to Munich's famous and infamous Jahmoni Music imprint with a second four tracker and once again he's on fire for sure. Whilst the title track presents a sweet and uplifting fusion of positive, Reggae-infused vibes and hefty, chopped DarkJungle we see "They Don't Know" start out with an intro sequence reminiscent of classic Missy Elliott-beats soon evolving into one of the most brutal DarkJungle massacres we've come across in a while - this tune is a war! On the flip the "Three O'Clock Rock" starts as a distinct stepper and soon turns into a full on amen inferno that would've be well suitable for a release on labels like Rewind Records or Omeko in the past whereas "Hey Natty Dreadlocks" takes care of quite a bunch of of beloved, well familiar Reggae- and Jungle-samples only to give them a raw and fast paced update Drum'n'Bass-wise. But this wouldn't be an Aaron Spectre tune if there wasn't some space reserved for proper amen mayhem as well. Good stuff.

Friday, February 09, 2018

Denis Frajerman - Rivieres De La Nuit [Douzieme Lune]

Put on the circuit as 001 of the new label Douzieme Lune is "Rivieres De La Nuit", the most recent album by Denis Frajerman who has been active as a solo producer since 1995 and left his mark on the scene as a member of groups like Palo Alto or Le Chiendent as well. With his latest album the French artist, alongside an army of guest musicians, kinda leaves his experimental roots behind and feasts in a deep, and obviously red wine-infused, rainy afternoon melancholia, starting with the 8+ minutes Jazz Noir / Pop Noir piece "The Lifts" with its beautiful vocals and folksy, hand-picked guitars meandering through the stereo field whilst the title track provides an exotic yet hypnotic, slightly Krautrock-influenced traction and "Noverem" pairs Exotica, Latin elements and Opera-influenced vocal exercises to a unique and thrilling effect. With "Cello Solo" we find a darkish, approx. 2 minutes long skit which is exactly what its title promises, "Lambeaux De Ciel" comes across as a vernal, innocent and pure take on what modernist, instrumental Folk can be these days whilst "La Poupee De Fil Doree" is a multilayered exercise in ever repeating motifs in Jazz and "Requiem For Elja" brings on a somehow Future Jazz-related, dancey feel whilst introducing both widescreen panorama arrangements and Spoken Word poetry to the listener. The nearly eleven minutes spanning "Une Aurore De Lune" evokes, without being Rock-related at all, memories of a beloved Rock classic whose name escapes us right now and the final cut "Glassnost" provides quite a bit of (Neo)Classical drama and sonic expressionism for those who know. Defo one of a kind, this album is.

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Thursday, February 08, 2018

baze.djunkiii Charts 02/2018

01. Hi5Ghost - No Sleep [Hotline Recordings]
Albeit being a follower and fan of Grime from day dot there's hardly any riddim instrumentals on the vinyl circuit that have been grabbing my attention throughout the past few years as the genre has obviously shifted towards a more polished, less grimey way of production. With "No Sleep" we see Hi5Ghost bringing back the gritty feel, the imminent darkness and the crimescene vibe I loved about the genre from early on whilst Peder Mannerfelt's rework on the flip effortlessly transfers this atmosphere into a thrilling Broken Techno-context to smash the worlds underground floors to bits within second. Highly recommended!

02. Mike Dunn - My House From All Angles [Moreaboutmusic]
One of the House music greats is back to deliver, and he delivers with a boom. On the circuit for about 30 years now there's no doubt that Mike Dunn surely knows his "...House From All Angles" and his recent eleven track longplay production lives up to this title for sure. From raw, trackstyle pieces to dark, jacking Chicago House, hypnotic Acid bits and the occasional uplifting Vocal House anthem this one is top notch and defo a timeless and worthwhile addition to every collection as well as an essential center piece for many many DJ-sets of an everlasting, soon to come future. Classic!

03. Hardrive - Deep Inside [Strictly Rhythm]
These days are great days for all those loving their classic House Music to the max and therefore this repress of Hardrive's seminal 1993 anthem is a must have addition for anyone's collection. Uplifting, soulful, ecstatic and still great after all these years!

04. Goldie & Skepta - Upstart (Roadtrip) [Metalheadz]
Leaving alone the fact that the seminal Drum'n'Bass-imprint has been providing quite a chaotic string of catalogue numbers and sub-series throughout the past years, including this 12", we're provided with quite an usual collaboration / crossover with the Boy Better Know camp here. Goldie & Skepta's conjunctional effort "Upstart (Roadtrip)" is neither Drum'n'Bass nor Grime but might sit well amongst many BigBeat-classics tempo- and vibewise whilst "Poisonous Darts" crafted by Goldie & Fraims with the legend that is DRS on vocal duties evokes a feel of imminent danger and adds a complex, yet sparse beat programming to eclectic, advanced 140 sets.

05. Acid Jesus - Flashbacks 1992 - 1998 [Alter Ego Recordings 030]
We're suckers for electronic music history and therefore this massive triple pack including the complete anthology of Roman Flügel and Jörg Elling Wuttke's discography and all their complete output under their legendary Acid Jesus nom de guerre is a must. 16 tracks of complex, stripped down, masterly crafted and captivating Techno with hints of Acid and the upcoming Minimal Techno movement, bits of Electro and influences from the UK scene - all to be found on a triple vinyl pack. Tracks to check: "Move My Body", "Fairchild", the hyperseductive anthem named "Jesus", the bubbly, yet deep uptempo banger that is "Odyssey" as well as the mind-bending HypnoAcid stomp named "Gamma Ray" and the uplifting, happy tune which is the "Black Knight".

06. Dr. NoiseM - Black Noise 02 (Suicide) [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]
See review for details...

07. Pauline Anna Strom - Trans-Millenia Music [RVNG Intl.]
See review for details...

08. Various Artists - Children Of Harsh [Gerpfast Raw Tape Division]
See review for details...

09. Doms & Deykers - Dedicated To Those Who Feel [3024]
Quite a surprise, this one. Somehow I missed out on this 12" collaboration by Doms & Deykers, also known as Steffi and Martyn to followers of contemporary Techno and bass music, which was originally released back in 2k16. Together they're about to rock all Future Garage floors with the anthemic, catchy A-side track "It's You That I See" whilst the B1 tune "Bafff" is taking us back to the glorious days of ProtoTrance when tunes like "Stella" ruled each and every dancefloor around. Epic!

10. Freddy Fresh - Comacid EP [Forced Nostalgia]
Another flashback to the 90s, this is. Featuring four mid-90s tracks from Freddy Fresh's massive back catalogue we see the Belgium-based imprint Forced Nostalgia cater a nice menu of spiralling underground Techno, Acid and bits of deep Electro from the vaults of the Minneapolis' legend. A great trip, this is!  

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Levelz - Front Face *Dub Phizix Remix

Dub Phizix did it again. Drum'n'Grime on fire!

Monday, February 05, 2018

Atamina - Sycophantic Friends [Makkum Records 021]

Having featured a small share of African music on these pages throughout the past years it's now about time to examine the latest release on the Dutch label Makkum Records which has been one of the go-to places when it comes to releases of the Ghanaan Kologo sound and continues to be with its latest album, Atamina's "Sycophantic Friends". Hailing from a town near the border to Burkina Faso we see Atamina, or Professor Atamina as he's likely to be called at times, present a well modernistic, uptempo and dancefloor friendly take on Kologo, a trademark sound that unfolds with the catchy opener which is the title track, presenting a driving sonic vision which seemingly draws influences from the tradtitional Ga music rhythmwise as well and therefore might be working well in combination with tunes created by the Ghanaan Ga / House wizzard DJ Katapila in a DJ-set. With this tune he lays the foundation for things to come, e.g. the well-remarkable smash hit that is "Enjoy Yourself", the more traditional, raw and story-telling Kologo tune "When Two Elephants Fight" or the surprisingly uplifting and positive "No One Wants To Die". With "Rubber Song" Atamina seemingly revives unprocessed, drum machine rhythms of the 80s, "Guhumenga" is once again going back to the Kologo roots and so is the intense, captivating "Bakolko" whereas "Yine Nbise Mam" dabbles with fast paced call-and-response structures and the final song "Tizigra Seem N Tayange" is a blueprint for the spiritual, deep felt side of Kologo for sure. Highly recommended. We'd love to see a vinyl release of this CD only album as well!     

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Blaney - The Severance [Yerrrr Productions]

Released on November 10th, 2k17 via Yerrrr Productions is "The Severance", the latest album outing by Ed Blaney a.k.a. Blaney, a Manchester staple who has been sharing the stage with the recently passed Mark E. Smith in The Fall as well as being active in the one-off project Trigger Happy in the mid-90s. Starting into his ten track outing with the anthemic "Happy Return" which combines Wave / Indie-elements partly reminiscent of NO MORE in its slow sections whilst incorporating Alternative / Alt Rock and even Police'esque bits to a great effect we see the follow up "Feel The Rain" drawing influences from raw Garage Rock, "Bin Liner" brings quite a bit of Ska to the table and the albums title track "The Severance" gets us straight by the balls with its bluesy, yet anthemic Rock'n'Roll feel. With "Thinking Of You" we're getting more Ska-/Reggae-infused offbeat action paired with rocket-fueled high energy sections, "11007 Days Old" brings on a classic Blues ballad for thoughtful sunset moments on a lonely American beach, "Tessa" picks up on a similar vibe yet turns towards being a heartfelt love song indulging in epic harmonies and dramatic arrangements before "The 11th Man" revives a rebellious teenage (Skate)Punk feel that's reminiscent of the genres early days for sure. Finally being in "Blackpool" is a quite desperate and lost BluesRock affair that picks up speed dramatically and the final cut announcing "The Arrival" is more of an uplifting and positive take on Ska towards the end that will go well in a UK Reggae-dance as well. Check!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sascha Müller - Kenmodo EP [Psychocandies 064]

To be put on the circuit via Psychocandies as the labels 064 on February 22nd, 2k18 is Sascha Müller's "Kenmodo EP", the latest digital outing  by the Meppen-based underground producer. With the title track "Kenmodo" we see Sascha Müller entering a spiralling, highly thrilling world of Acid / AcidTrance which will be praised by those still loving Emmanuel Top's classics like "Acid Phase" and "Turkish Bazar" whilst "Acid Slimback 1" is more on an groovy, Acid-driven House tip sporting positive modulations, raw snares and a catchy, sawtooth-based midrange synth motif for deep ass late night sessions. Proper!

Saturday, February 03, 2018

East Man - Red, White & Zero [Planet Mu Promo]

Scheduled for release on February 16th, 2k18 via the ever active Planet Mu-imprint is "Red, White & Zero" - the new, and first ever, album by Anthoney Hart a.k.a. Basic Rhythm under his freshly introduced artistic moniker East Man. Focusing on and influenced by the sparse, raw and skeletal nature of early Grime productions we see Hart presenting a menu of twelve tunes, twelve collaborations with a wide array of mc's from the London underground including Darkos Strife, whose lyrics atop "Cruisin'" are amongst the highlights of this longplay piece, Killa P, Kwam, Lyrical Strally and others all spitting their bars on a foundation that's way closer to a sonic aesthetic once pioneered by the likes of Vex'd, Ruff Sqwad, Virus Syndicate or Plastician - then: Plasticman - than to the more polished, oftentimes mass market-reaching Grime productions of more recent days, even crossing over into Speedhall / Industrial Dancehall territories with "War", an East Man / Irah collab, whilst the eerie, intense "Drapesing" opens the window into the thoughts of and happenings in rough inner city areas and housing projects in a quite unusual, yet touching way. If you've been into Grime since early on, this one album will be of interest for sure. 

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Le Millipede - A Somewhat Stuffy Non-fiction Writer (Official Video)

Wonderful playful melancholia taken from the forthcoming Le Millipede album "The Sun Has No Money" which will be released via Alien Transistor in early March, 2k18.

Various Artists - H5N1 [Toxic Industries 041]

Another blast from the past that reached our offices only recently although this massive compilation to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Italian label Toxic Industries has already been put out back in March 2014. And well, there's a lot to take in with this limited to 50 copies only release which holds a bunch of four - sic!!! - spray-painted CDr albums containing a total of 47 tracks, a so-called 'self-infection kit' and a t-shirt all packed in a small white cotton bag. With such a massive release it's nearly impossible to review the entirety of all tracks but our favorites on the 'H'-album , the first out of four combined giving us the name / type of an influenza virus which is "H5N1", are "Distortaco" by vent aitcH plus, a perfect example of Post-PostRock- and Drone-driven minimalist Instrumental Desert Rock, Ass-OIO's "Black Eyes Mamba" which as well provides us with a damp, fever'ish and dense isolationist Post-PostRock / Noize fusion from the dark side whereas Ezcaton's "Torture Medioevali" fuses ultra brutal HarshNoize with highly digital clicks to an effect that makes your ears bleed and your brain melt and Halalnihil serves a maelstrom of harsh, violent, vocal driven GrindNoize in his track "Csiklokitepes". On the '5'-album we see, amongst many others, Deviated Sister TV bring us claustrophic whispers and super cold Dark / Death Ambient with "Dall'Altra Parte Del Branco", RBMK's bleak, yet threatening Dark Ambient-outing "Psikhushka Mon Amour" reminds us of Kostnice's "Finsterfelden"-album for a reason, Dona Ferentes "Yellow, Exhausted And Stinking Of Iodine" brings on an apocalyptic soundtrack for a future dystopia and Xerxes The Dark unearthes "Quasicrystals" which are emitting an unexpected, yet fascinating transmission of Intelligent Techno / DeepTechno for outer space dancefloors. The 'N'-album opens with Corazzata Valdemone's "Poesia, Onore & Nitroglicerina III", a dark'ish excursion into gooey alien swamps in which the purified incarnation of evil lurks for sure, Cadlag's "Legionella Erratus" introduces us to what might be referred to as Symphonic Noize in future times, Dissociative Disorder's "Scar" caters a destructive maelstrom of brutalist, warped HarshNoize and Sascha Müller's "Gas Panet" weighs in a good portion of isolationist Cold Ambient accompanied by fast-paced clicks to take our minds to well desolate places. Finally entering the '1'-album we see Negative Climax and their "Vritasura -Unplugged- (The End Version)" which is a tense, atmospheric collage comprised of guttural vocalisms, Dark Ambient, ethereal voices and minor chord pianos to accompany one's way down endless stairs to a hell'ish void of nightmares whilst Trou walks down the "Suicide Allee" only to find a HarshNoize wall hitting hard and without any form of mercy, Uv Ursa Spr + The Austrasian Goat bring on a deep, mythical Ambient vibe in their contribution named "Circumbulation" which is interspersed with crackling, ever moving Noize fragments before the Chamber Of Tapeworms presents "The White Garden Of Deformed Bodies... Emitting Lymphatic Pollens", another soul grinding Noize transmission from humungous subsurface voids and Hulduefni's "Mysteries Of The Night" comes across as a deep, ultraminimalist and beautifully executed piece of Post-PostRock for those in the know, just to name a few tracks off of this massive pack. Recommended, if you're still able to find a copy.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Moby - Mere Anarchy (Officical Video)

Things are getting intense with Moby's latest video, taken off his forthcoming album "Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt" which is due for release in early March, 2k18.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

NO MORE - What About Us? (Official Video)

NO MORE are paying homage to Mark E. Smith of The Fall who passed away recently. And what a tribute this is!

Repeat Eater - DeSync 1

Positive, playful AcidElectro at its very best - there's nothing not to love about this tune!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Various Artists - My [MHz]

Going back to the year 2005 with a review of "My", a six track compilation EP released via the now seemingly defunct MHz-label which was handed to us as a very belated promo copy earlier this year. Released as limited run of 100 copies all housed in a small woolen knit-bag we see artists like the infamous Klangstabil, Priester Kunst, Sascha Müller, Screening, Dai and Ukuphambana all making a contribution to this six-track comp which explores a musical range including intense Noize / Death Ambient-crossovers as to be found in Klangstabil's "Super2", minimalistic Rhythm Noize / Clicks'n'Cuts in Priester Kunst's "Rauschgebet" and a stripped down, seemingly electroacoustic Ambient / Electronica fusion in Sascha Müller's "Electron" whilst the flipside offers a beautiful take on free floating ChillOut with Screening's "Pits", explores distorted, dubbed out Leftfield Folk / Indietronics accompanied by Phonk-driven electronic rhythm signatures for advanced dancefloors of the future with Dai's "Body Tek Trash" and finally employs a dark'ish, swampy Rhythm Industrial attitude in Ukuphambana's "Ungral Disastro" which might be a minor hit in alien underground parties up to this day. Good stuff from a distant past!

Tape packaging on Instagram!

T2 feat. Powerdress - Goodtime 1

A massive Bassline / Niche banger, this! We can see punters getting wrecked by pure sub power only.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Cyberchump - Sweet (After The Burn)

Our statewise friends will be back with a new album this year! This is good news and seeing the diving deep into sparse, minimalistic, crystalline Ambient realms on their first outtake from the longplay piece is quite a promising sign of forthcoming greatness. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sascha Müller / Dr. NoiseM - Hard Wired 4 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Soon to be released as sequel no. 4 in the labels ongoing 'Hard Wired'-series is a new split release on Dr. NoiseM Tapes, this time bringing together Sascha Müller and Dr.NoiseM - which is basically the same person using different aliases whilst sharing a split tape with himself. As usual fully wrapped in soldering wire and weighing in a massive overall playtime of 5 - !!! - minutes a.k.a. 150 seconds per side this limited to 15 copies underground cassette tape release brings us a slice of a warped, seemingly randomly generated pulse combined with swampy Ambient tones and sci-fi sirens on the Sascha Müller-side whilst the Dr. NoiseM side gravitates more towards a scientific, yet distorted transmission from outer space taken from a classic 70s sci-fi B-movie. Lovely. 

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Gintas K - Acousma Light [GK Rec. 001]

Incoming from Lithuania is "Acousma Light", the latest album by Gintas Kraptavicius - better known as Gintas K to followers and fans of the countries experimental music scene - which has been put on the circuit via his freshly launched imprint GK Rec. as the the labels very first release. Following the principles of  Pierre Schaeffer's 'acousmatic music', a term derived from Pythagoras' ancient lecturing methods, in which a sound source is not to be seen via a concert or listening session the Lithuanian artist presents a menu of nine so-called episodes, all subsequently numbered and following a certain principle of sonic deconstruction and recomposition. Without going into detail on each and every episode presented it seems like the source material, in parts based upon beautifully floating strings, is - over the course of each single track - slowly, and digitally, decaying, shattering and falling into granular, highly compressed and overtly dry bits and pieces, creating a chaotic, yet not necessarily fully un-organized wall of fast moving slivers hitting the listeners ear as an overwhelming, unfiltered maelstrom of artificial, probably MAX MSP-generated sonic events, partially interrupted by beauteous static Ambient breakdowns like in the 17+ minutes long "Episode 3" which even caters hints of heavenly melodies and Electronica within its second half. With "Episode 4" we're even getting into more humoristic sonic realms following in array of computer tones evoking thoughts of of playful little robot discovering and messing around with tonal scales, "Episode 5" presents and eerie, hauntingly warped transmission from an interdimensional outerworld whilst the approx. 13 minutes of "Episode 7" take small-grained, multilayered digital chaos to a next level for lovers of Noize (Not Noize), Glitch, Clicks'n'Cuts and other hypermodernist, post-millenial genres alike. Fascinating stuff in here! 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Heal - Espace D'Incertitude [Sound On Probation Promo]

Scheduled for February 16th, 2k18 via Sound On Probation is "Espace D'Incertitude", the latest album created by Laurent Perrier under his Heal-moniker, a longplay piece split into two sides, each of them dedicated to a certain brand manufacturing modular systems - Buchla and Mutable. With five tracks on the Buchla and four on the Mutable side the artist uses and abuses their specific devices and takes us on a journey with "Post Pesto", exploring a musical field which, despite being fully electronic, evokes memories of Classical art music and formal dances, "Numero D'Etape" keeps up the playful repetition whilst gravitating more towards classic Electronica / IDM vibes, "Terrain Vague" keeps things clean and, in an abstract way, Electro related whilst presenting a swirling, horrorscore worthy bassline, "Par-Devers" drifts into hypnotic, sub-aquatic realms of click- and glitch-driven Ambient / Electronica and "Fer De Lance" presents spiralling fountains of repetetive, slowly evolving synth modulations. For the Mutable side we see "Monologue" serve an array of sparse, yet beautiful pads catering to the needs of all Ambient lovers worldwide, "Hysterese" fuses warm Ambient structures with crystal clear synth tones, reprocessed femal vocals and calming, ruminant guitar layers whilst "Paids D'Evidence" brings a majestic, slightly vintage (Neo)Cosmic feel into play whilst electroid tones cater a rhythmic foundation before "Stridule" finally waves goodbye, kinda picking up where the album started and presenting another formal, defined structure for dancing although being more playful in terms of modulations and tonal variety.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Deep - Alpamare

One of the most beautiful Dark Ambient / Drone / Post-PostRock-infused journeys we've ever come across, brought to us by Augsburg's legendary band outfit Deep.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 01/2018

01.02.2018 baze.djunkiii @ Beat Boutique / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Liquid Sky Berlin]

file under: House / DeepHouse

doors open: 9 pm

Beat Boutique
Max-Brauer-Allee 219
22765 Hamburg

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 061]

Fresh on Sascha Müller's very own Super Six Records Extra-label is the imprints 61st instalment, a new untitled twelve track album opening with "Solid", a sweet, friendly and playful piece of spiralling ElectroPhonk from outer space whereas the follow-up "System 100 Part 02" picks up some irregular transmissions from unknown origins, "The Move" gets things moving with a proper ClubTechno approach and swinging shakers, "Traumwaschgang" presents an Adolf Noise-reminiscing journey into TripHop and kitsch-dripping organic sounds whilst abusing jazzy ChillOut vibes and some tongue-in-cheek German samples and "Turbulance (Electro-Mix)" takes us back to Sascha Müller's High-Head Records days, reviving one of his hit tunes from back in 2002. With "Waldläufer" we're entering a sonic realm drawing influences from the retrofuturistic space age with multi-layered, psychedelic echo/synth sequences, sirens and irregular claps depicting a full on acid trip steering towards and intense climax, the "E-Connection" deals with some modest Acid modulations and a stripped down, yet pumping Intelligent Techno feel over the course of approx. 5 minutes, "System 100 Part 03" explores sparse Dark Ambient / Death Ambient territories and "Untitled" embarks on a beautiful vintage SynthAmbient journey towards a neon-lit city built on retrofuturism and melancholia. Furthermore the "CompuRhythm" brings on haunting Future Tribal for robotic raves, studying the "Deep Field" unveils static crackles and cosmic signals from a world far far away whilst the concluding cut "Manager" gets knee-deep into raw, minimalistic Detroit Techno for a maximum dancefloor hype. A collection of tunes a little different from Sascha Müller's usual, more dancefloor-focused output but therefore thrilling and refreshing for a reason.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Repeat Eater - Snake Dance *Edit

Although the overall sound quality on Soundcloud sucks after their switch to 64kbps encoding this tune is still a blueprint for masterly crafted Electro. Check!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Hainbach / Coarses - Moss And Blight (Music Video)

Beautiful Ambient for Mondays melancholia.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Molecular - Warmest Regards [Hiddenseer 002 Promo]

Put on the circuit as the second release of the relatively fresh Hiddenseer label in early November is "Warmest Regards", the new album effort created by the ever fluctuating Molecular project which is - for this longplay piece - comprised of founding members Pete Simonelli and Lynn Wright alongside Simon Goff, Algis Kizys and Sam Ospovat. Based on a foundation of violin, bass and drums the trio caters a menu of seven tracks, providing an intimate feel of PostRock-infused improvisation and organic warmth, all recorded live in session at New River Studios in London after a week-long tour through England. Although the track titles are not given on the promo sheet we've received what  comes across in this fusion of tense, dreamlike musical mastery and intense poetry is a feeling of having missed a great session fueled by Spoken Words and organized chaos, partly influenced by genres like highly psychedelia-induced ProgRock, a feel of FreeJazz and whiskey-fueled, late night Beat Poetry for all those who live their lives up to the expectations of every night, every night that could be a very last one in the late of a nightbound creature.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pauline Anna Strom - Trans-Millenia Music [RVNG Intl. Promo ]

Relatively fresh on the circuit is "Trans-Millenia Music", a compilation album released via the great RVNG Intl. imprint which focuses on the works of the electronic music / synth pioneer Pauline Anna Strom who recorded and composed the tracks to be found on this album in the time from 1982 to 1988. Published originally on three full length vinyl albums and four cassettes self-released by Pauline Strom this album, which was first announced on these pages in late October, caters the first official overview on the artists work, a 13 track selection starting with "Freedom At The 45th Floor" which is a floating, organic precursor to all Ambient music whereas the slightly New Age-influenced "Virgin Ice" could've been making its way into the catalogue of Berlin's legendary Inter-ference Records throughout the first half of the 90s. With "In Flight Suspension" the Bay Area-based artist dives deep into spiralling Synth purism, "Bonsai Terrace" - hence the name? - brings a solemn, slightly Japanese overall feel to the table, "Energies" is a well-tripping, spaced out affair for advanced extraterrestrial dancefloors and whilst being on a "Mushroom Trip" we're encountering outer-dimensional entities, heavenly strings and space-time-altering sound warps, all leading towards a strange, yet captivating dancefloor smash. Furthermore "Cruising Altitude 36,000 Feet" is more of an experimental, subaquatic effort from which a beauteous, yet repetetive melody emerges, the "Spatial Spectre" provides a feel of eternal, danger-heralding twilight, a tune as a perfect match to function as an epic soundtrack to ancient battles and gruesome bloodshed, "Warriors Of The Sun" provides more of a rural, naturalistic, yet not tension-free feel and the crystalline "Rain On Ancient Quays" trickles down tenderly on a beautiful late summer afternoon. Experiencing the "Morning Splendor" we're exposed to frolicking fountains of vary-speed Synth goodness of a unique kind which might've drawn some influences from Classical music when created, "The Unveiling" presents more of a light-hearted, vernal and romantic attitude incorporating free floating piano melodies alongside carefully layered strings and synth pads before the final cut named "Gossamer Silk" offers a vibrant etude to all piano lovers out there. What a great flashback into the early days of electronic music production!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Otako - Magnum E.P.

An excellent piece of junglistic goodness just put on the circuit via the Jigsore-camp. Wheel and come again!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Ikonika feat. Jammz - Sacrifice (Official Video)

Transferring Grime / R'n'G into a retrofuturist setting - this is what this epic video does!

Martina Lussi - Selected Ambient [Hallow Ground]

New on the Swiss-label Hallow Ground is "Selected Ambient", the album debut of the Swiss composer Martina Lussi who, knowingly or unknowingly, partly borrows her album title from a legendary Aphex Twin album or at least evokes associations to the alltime classic and reference album for many that followed. On this longplay piece the artist presents an array of four tracks named after precious gemstones starting with "Sodalith", a floating, rippling excursion into and blueprint of classic Ambient presenting some irritation in terms of serving slightly wafting guitar movements from a Psychedelia-driven world whereas the follow-up "Achat" caters fascinating, yet haunting sub movements paired with ear-piercing, metallic atmospheres and an overall eerieness which is once again broken by inward looking, spatial guitar plucks, bits of distant, subaquatic percussion and unexpected tonal warps whilst later, and for no obvious reason, adding a straight, club-based 4/4 foundation to the otherwise freely morphing layers of sound. Furthermore we see "Citrin" fusing muffled, ever shifting crackles, seemingly field recorded bits and a repetetive, warm and embracing Post-PostRock attitude from which a frosty vintage synth spiral unfolds before "Opal" caters a solemn amalgamation of pure Ambience and stripped down Electronica-resembling loop structures which unfold clear and undisturbed to make this final cut our favorite choice on this album.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pinkcourtesyphone - Indelicate Slices [Room40 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Australian Room40-imprint on November 10th, 2k17 is "Indelicate Slices", the latest full-on album created by Richard Chartier under his artistic moniker Pinkcourtesyphone. Without much information to draw from on the press release we're diving straight into the musical delivery by the Los Angeles-based artist which opens with a "Romantic Threat" which is more of a threat than romantic in its three minute spanning score'esque and futuristic attitude whereas "Lure / Beyond Exactly" provides a spatial journey into Dark Ambient led by slow, hypnotic pulses, evil-worshipping drones and ominous clicks whilst the albums 24 minutes spanning main piece named "Minimumluxuryoverdose" starts with a thundering electric buzz which transforms into a fretful low end modulation accompanied by static crackles and cutting winds recorded on distant planets whilst spiralling, spooky lights flicker and shine on a faraway horizon without being able to dissolve the tunes overall feel of total de- and isolation for a reason. The "Date Of Loss" fuses cold, screeching sonic psychoterror with solemn, ecclasiastical contemplation, "Above Chandeliers" weighs in a long exploration of  Deep Listening Music presenting a feel of unrest and inherent fear alongside beautiful athmospheric strings and a quite unexpected, romantic end sequence whilst the short skit "Problematic Interior (Den)" is more of an excursion into a dystopian future tribal scenario and the final cut "In Voluptuous Monochrome" caters more electrical buzzing, expertly arranged bass waves and a hint of ancient dangers lurking in the dark, unexplored corners of our universe. A close to perfect album, this.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ze-Ka - Ghost Planet [Opa Loka Records]

Released via Opa Loka Records in late 2017 is "Ghost Planet", the latest - and first ever - album created by the French cellist and composer Jean-Philippe Feiss under his newly introduced artistic moniker Ze-Ka which is more oriented and driving towards a world of dark, ambient'esque synths and other electronics as perfectly showcased by the brooding, slowly moving opening track "Fission (Tribute To The Liquidators)" which, according to the press release sheet, is kinda inspired by the Tchernobyl disaster - a remark totally relatable to when referring to the tunes dangerous, yet alienating hum and desolate feel dissolving into more uplifting, naturalistic structures towards the end. Following up is "Gold River", the albums 24+ minutes long main piece, which literally is redefining the meaning of time-defying Ambient beauty and slow harmonic movements through its sheer existence alone whilst "Landscape" caters an array of dry, almost scientific sounding eclectrical bass pulses paired with static crackles, panoramic string layers and single oscillating synth tones as a rhythmic foundation. With "Red Forest" we see Ze-Ka return to his Tchernobyl driven inspiration providing a melancholia-infused cello effort of multilayered complexity evolving towards a darker, danger-inducing tonality and partly even threatening atmosphere later on whereas the final cut "Oceans" caters to the needs of Ambient / Deep Listening aficionados having a thing for unstable, slightly off-kilter rhythm signatures and crackly, solemn and contemplative textures. Highly recommended!