Saturday, October 20, 2018

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 068]

The music production machine that is Sascha Müller comes forth with another bundle of eleven tracks from the vault, released via his very own imprint Super Six Records. Opening with "Earth Calling", a deep, haunting, experimental take on filtered, stripped down Slow Motion Techno grinding away the outer layers of human consciousness despite being covered in beautiful string layers the album starts with a 10 minutes tunes whereas the following four parts of "The Dark Force Of Nintendo (I - IV)" provide a series of tunes ranging from hypnotic, spaced out Techno to swampy sawtooth Acid and Electro. Catering "Modern Primitive Evil Part 03 (Sascha Müller Remixed Sascha Müller)" we see the Uelsen-based producer cater an ancient, ritualistic and slightly threatening take on Ambient, "Der Geiger (Original Mix)" moves dancefloors with a hounded, electroid Acid-approach and "Prepare Your System" is aiming straight at the heart of the dancefloor with a dark'ish, slightly psychedelic TechTrance vibe. Following up is "Der Geiger (Sascha Müller Remix)", a variation of the original tune gravitating towards fast-paced, pumping DubTechno realms with a trancey twist, "Disco" weighs in dry, super fast-paced DiscoHouse exceeding every reasonable speed limit whilst sporting a catchy, hyper-distinct Jazz sample, and the final take on "Der Geiger (Sascha Müller Old School Remix)" goes back to Acid-fueled Hardcore Techno for those who know. Banging.

Bad Stream - Black Weed (Official Video)

Epilepsy warning! Intense flashy images will suck you into a new digital dimension. Beware.

Friday, October 19, 2018

27.10.2018 OUR HOUSE @ Cafe Holler / Deggendorf

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: House / House Classics

doors: 9 p.m.

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Cafe Holler
Amanstrasse 8
94468 Deggendorf

Dizzee Rascal ft. Skepta - Money Right (Official Video)

Strictly a banger.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

25.10.2018 Our House Kitchen @ Grandhotel Cosmopolis / Augsburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: House Music / House Classics

open end dj-set aftershow for the live concert of Analogue Birds which is taking place from 20oo cet+1 onwards. drop by!

Grandhotel Cosmopolis
Springergässchen 6
86152 Augsburg

25.10.2018 Live Podcast Transmission @ StayFM / Augsburg

A special 60+ minutes live chat operation about music and general life featuring baze.djunkiii & local hosts transmitted live from the lobby of the Grandhotel Cosmopolis venue in Augsburg.

live transmission starts: 19oo CET+1 - tune in online via Stay FM!

for live audience:

Grandhotel Cosmopolis
Springergässchen 6
86152 Augsburg

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Kosmose - First Time Out (Charleroi 1975) [Sub Rosa]

Recently put on the circuit via the ever busy experimental music imprint Sub Rosa is "First Time Out (Charleroi 1975)", the full 100+ minutes recording of the first - and last - ever concert played by French band outfit Kosmose representing its initial line-up and a highly sophisticated angle towards Cosmic, Proto-Ambient and experimental, floating Space Music that are on par with, if not even beyond, their broadly recognized contemporaries like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and the likes of. A deep, psychedelic journey into the outer realms of our inner cosmos, accompanied by instrumental, oriental-infused mantras, psychedelic guitar drifts, space age synthesizers, multiple layers of marching drum infernos and screaming distortion, extended flute solos and mystic, naturalistic calm on the first disc of this 2xCD pack entitled "The 13th Untitled Track". Subsequently following on disc two is "The 14th Untitled Track", a 60 minutes sonic exploration based on a foundation inspired by traditional Ragas, wah-wah effects, icey winds blowing over extraterrestrial deserts and and more tripping, psyched out guitar workouts perfectly encapsulating the vision of a new musical vision evolving at the times. A highly essential piece of music history, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Joe Strummer - Joe Strummer 001 [Ignition Records]

Put on the circuit via Ignition Records on September 28th, 2k18 is "Joe Strummer 001", a new 2CD / 4xLP box set documenting the works of The Clash's Joe Strummer beyond his musings and creative works within this legendary, highly influential band outfit. With 20 rare versions, early works and remasters on CD1 plus 12 previously unheard, unreleased recordings taken from the artists vast 20.000+ tracks archive uncovered after his passing in 2002 on the second one the range covered on the first disc varies from classic, fast-paced, revolutionary Rock'n'Roll tunes like 1975s "Letsagetabitarockin" recorded with The 101ers and more of Surf-oriented sound of the same band found in the follow up "Keys To Your Heart", brings forth massive Stadium Rock anthem's like Joe Strummer's solo effort "Love Kills", obvious, laid back Reggae-influences in his own "Ride Your Donkey" and even brings on some cheesy Afro-Pop / World Music vibes in Radar's 1995 recording of "Sand Paper Blues". Furthermore Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros' "Yalla Yalla" from 1999 seemingly draws influences from bands like Massive Attack, Tricky and others in their electronic backing, deep basslines and floating modulations whereas 1997's "Generations" by Electric Dog House meanders in between classic Folk and Americana, finally goes deep into bluesy, solemn areas with the cinematic "Minstrel Boy" by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros and even covers Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" alongside legendary late Johnny Cash in the following. Diving into rare unreleased material on disc 2 we see "Czechoslovak Song / Where Is England" by Strummer, Simonon & Howard being on a heavy, Dub-infused tip reminiscent of Adrian Sherwood's work at the controls, "Pouring Rain" by the same artist combo evokes distant memories of Bruce Springsteen, "Crying On 23rd" by The Soothsayers brings forth the most classic Blues vibe on this collection, the solo cut "The Cool Impossible" is as cool as things can get and "London Is Burning" by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros unfolds as a charming sing-along cut with a well-seductive electronic bass and drum foundation backing. Defo a collectors item this, revealing quite a bit of Joe Strummer's immense musical range to both fans, music historians and even the occasional The Clash-followers. Check.

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 10/2018

Monday, October 15, 2018

Geotic - Traversa [Ghostly International 321 Promo]

Scheduled for release on October 19th, 2k18 via Ghostly International is "Traversa", the second album crafted by Will Wiesenfeld a.k.a. Geotic for the label after first appearing on the imprint with his 2017-longplayer "Abysma". Inspired by the general feel evoked by travelling we see Wiesenfeld open with "Knapsack", a lively, positive take on Indietronica song structures in combination with dancefloor-suitable beats whereas "Swiss Bicycle" gravitates towards a mixture comprised of a little TechHouse and a big portion of what is usually referred to as Romantic House with cute, crystalline melodies and loads of soft synths spread all over the tune. Taking a "Harbour Drive" reveals cascading synths, more kitsch-driven piano works and an electroid 4/4 foundation for an open air season long gone, "Aerostat" goes deeper into blurry atmospheres, hyper-romantic strings and intimate vocals layered atop a straight background bassdrum and visiting the "Town Square" comes down to drifting along multiple layers of intricate melodies, plangent violins and distinct, sharp hi-hats and snares. Watching a "Terraformer" doing his thing reveals catchy 4/4-based ClubPop on a soft pad overload, the "Gondolier" provides the first proper club track with a bit of a muscular bounce alongside Geotic's trademark vocals this time bordering SynthPop and dreamy IndiePop for lovers before the final cut "Maglev" brings on more violins and beats catered to a young summer festival audience. A good beginners album if you're making the transition towards electronics from an Indie / Pop angle but a little too harmless and samey over the whole course of 45 minutes and therefore possibly easily forgotten by advanced followers of electronic music.

Datacore Productionz meets The 808 Hillbillys - Sickening Pleasure (Official Youtube Audio)

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Steve Hauschildt - Dissolvi [Ghostly International Promo]

Put on the circuit via Ghostly International on August 3rd, 2k18 is "Dissolvi", the first album recorded for the label by American producer / composer and former Emeralds-member Steve Hauschildt. Spanning eight tracks and 42 minutes the piece starts with "M Path", a lively electronic outing that's too busy for being filed under the flag of Ambient, yet too beatless and influenced by classical music structures to be classified as Electronica and therefore best filed under IDM in its purest, most crystalline form whereas "Phantox" is created of soft Ambient pads and a beauteous, trickling melodic sequence accompanied by decent metallic background rhythm structures and bouncy beats before "Saccade", a collaboration with Julianna Barwick, fuses beautiful, Plaid'esque sonic sculptures with longing, melancholia-driven vocal performance. The strangely titled "Alienself" adds dreamy Armchair Techno to Steve Hauschildt's palette whilst "Aroid" marks the return of purist SpaceAmbient and intelligent, complex rhythm signatures. The second collaborational tune "Syncope" featuring Gabi on vocals even is able to rock dancefloors proper with a quite melodic, drifting, yet driving TechHouse vibe, "Lyngr" takes punters deeper into 4/4-driven dream worlds and the concluding title track "Dissolvi" sees dissolving, crackling, electroid beats in perfect harmony with floating, crystalline waves and cute, sparkling melodies for a sweet goodbye. Nice.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Asphalt Layer - Heavy Duty Binder (Official Video)

Deep, dubbed out, beautiful.

G.Rag & Die Landlergschwister - Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt

We bet you'd never even have imagined to experience a Palais Schaumburg-song being performed by a full on brass ensemble. Intense! 

Various Artists - Notes From The Underground. Experimental Sounds Behind The Iron Curtain, 1968 - 1989 [Major Label / Iron Curtain Radio Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Major Label-subdivision Iron Curtain Radio on September 28th, 2k18 and compiled by Daniel  Muzyczuk, David Crowley and Alexander Pehlemann is "Notes From The Underground. Experimental Sounds Behind The Iron Curtain, 1968 - 1989" - a twenty-one track compilation that brings on quite a lot of hardly known and mostly unrecognized music from the Eastern Bloc produced throughout the Cold War era. Coming to us as a datadisc format with .wav-files without much information provided on each and every artist and their heritage we're starting the journey with Tibor Szemzö and "Skullbase Fractures", a heartfelt piano / Tango-ballad with read out dialogue parts from what seems to be a theatre play or a (medical) book whereas Zwitschermaschine's "Geh Über Die Grenze" harks back to the Western movement recognized as Ingenious Dilletantes and Der Demokratische Konsum playing "Krebs Ohne Stuhl" caters what seems to be a live recording of echo-heavy, yet dubbed out (Post)Punk with electronic influences and a sense for dystopian Dada. Following up is "Masfele Tay" by Vagtazo Halottkemek, a noisy, super lo-fi inferno sporting epic melodies and a sense for Metal, Punk and drama, Vladimir Tarasow provides "Atto III - Drumtheatre", or an excerpt of the original tune, consisting of ecstatic background choirs and threatening, droning synthesizers telling tales of dark spaces and a perverted retrofuturist society, the New Composers' "One Minute To Start" is quite a seductive, uptempo MinimalWave banger for underground dancefloors of now, then and forever whilst the famed East German group AG. Geige play an "Elektrische Banane" to an audience awed by its weird take on a dadaistic, electronic hypergroove. Furthermore Borghesia and their "Divlja" fuse MinimalWave, experimental Punk and a killer bass groove to great effect, A.E. Bizottsag's "Pek-Pek" takes us into lands of laid back, yet off kilter beach grooves influenced by a twisted, apocalyptic echo of British Dub and Reggae - think Adrian Sherwood's studio science here - before Ziemia Mindel Würm serves an "Untitled" piece that's an epitomy of experimental greyscale desolation and dark brutalist architecture. Going on with NSRD's "Ost West" we see the group weighing in hard-hitting electronic effects and various layers of repetetive vocal samples accompanied by naturalistic flutes, "Max-Industry" is a massive comeback for New Composers in a dramatic Proto-NuBeat / EBM / Industrial fashion evoking memories of Laibach, "Co Sme?" by DG 307 brings a raw workers aesthetic to the slightly Blues-infused table and Praffdata are playing "Live In Remont, Warsawa" to an audience shocked by the bands fusion of haunded Spoken Words, complex rhythm changes and heavy guitar distortions, followed by Aktual's "Atentat Na Kulturu" which is another live performance, this time on a highly experimental FreeJazz / FreeImprov tip. With "Oplakivanje" we see Katalin Ladik provide a fusion piece incorporating electronic experimentation, echoes of what seems to be a theremin performance, Spoken Word and Contemporary Experimental Opera / performance art, Kilhets self-titled "Kilhets" follows on the path of multilayered collage, cut-up and echo-heavy, tripped out experimentalism and Pffft...! bring on more repetetive, intense Noize / Industrial-focused live recordings with "Liva At Intermedia I (Zonic Edit)", a performance not necessarily welcomed by the whole audience whilst Vagtazo Halottkemek's second appearance on this compilation album is a blueprint of how experimental Field Recordings and polyrhythms were employed in the Eastern Bloc, this time performed "Live In Petofi Csarnok". "Ptaki", a collaborational effort of Andrzey Mitan, Wlodzimiert Borowski, Cezary Staniszewski and Tomasz Wilmanski is an amnalgamation of Field Recordings, tweeting birds and Electroacoustics and the final cut, "Der Lächelnde Chinese" by the infamous band outfit Ornament &amp Verbrechen, weighs in a beautiful lo-fi Synth vibe for a dramatic, touching and spine-tingling end sequence. Very advanced, highly interesting and 100% recommended.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Air Liquide - This Is A Mindtrip (Snippets)

This is not a mind trip, this is simply great news. A new Air Liquide single is on the way!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Aviva Endean - Cinder : Ember : Ashes [Sofa Music]

Another fresh one to be released via Norway's Sofa Music is "Cinder : Ember : Ashes", the debut album by Melbourne-based composer and clarinet player Aviva Endean which is scheduled for October 19th, 2k18. Catering a menu of seven works over the course of 47 minutes the journey begins with "Burst In Black : Under", a naturalistic, yet rhythm-oriented, spiralling and hypnotic set of layered motif repetetions, "Apparition : Above" tells tales of lifelong isolation, despair and loneliness whereas "Vapour : Between" playfully meanders between the mystique and fascination of ancient melodies and seemingly digital undertones of increasing intensity whereas "Distant  Song : Afar" introduces soft, intimate tribalistic chants as the first appearance of Aviva Endean's vocals on her debut. With "Smoulder : Beneath" we see the Australian artist touch on genres like Jazz Noir / DarkJazz and a score'esque overall vibe, her "Undulations : Behind" brings on a lively, enchanted feel evoking memories of old fairytales and mysterious, buzzing, yet friendly creatures living hidden deep in the woods and the final "Ashes For Viv : Before" once again is on a hypnotizing tip, bringing on spiralling, tender repetitions and hints of Jazz within 188 seconds. Quite an interesting view on clarinet-based music for sure.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

16.10.2018 Electronic Tuesdays @ Pooca Bar / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: TechHouse / Minimal Techno / (Neo)Trance

doors open: 11.59 pm

Pooca Bar
Hamburger Berg 12
20359 Hamburg

Monday, October 08, 2018

Raoul Sinier - Death, Love & Despair [WXFDSWXC9]

Coming back with his first album after a two years break on October 26th, 2k18 is French composer and painter Raoul Sinier, releasing the ninth longplay piece in his career and as well as the ninth subsequent number in the cryptically named WXFDSWXC-series which somehow is related to the artists 2007-released album on Sublight Records. Entitled "Death, Love & Despair" the album holds a total of eleven tracks, starting with "Introduction" which offers classics Synth melodies with programmed, shuffled Rock drums and dense stereo field experimentations before "Party Strangers" combines tender SynthPop and hefty Electronic Rock in a quite interesting way and the "Invisible Giant" even touches borders of Metal and Industrial Rock musically whereas Raoul Sinier's vocal performance and tender pianos unravel heartfelt, fragile romanticism for intimate hours. Taking a "Night Ride" we're sinking deep into the concrete heart of a broken city organism, "Table Rase" amalgamates Spoken Word-storytelling and extremely off-kilter vocal performance, "Souls Delight" brings on extreme distortion orgies and more 80s-infused Panorama Pop vocals before "La Comptine Des Cafards" combines SynthWave-vocals with muscular drumming and high end drama, "Cycle De Pierre" harks back to classical piano melodies which run in waves against the current flow of the rest of the track, therefore strangely evoking echoes of memories of Soft Cell and Jimy Sommerville / Bronski Beat for some obscure reasons whilst offering more epic, Trance-synths and a brutal wall-of-sound breakdown towards the tunes' end whilst tossing the "Lucky Coin" means more drama and a feeling of burning all bridges on a cold winters day. Finally "Stay Down (We Fly Part III)" touches ballad'esque, inward looking sci-fi realms before a wall of midrange synths and distortions blows everything away and the concluding "Conclusion" weighs in a big portion of Crossover and Funk and shuts things down as our favorite tune on this highly unique longplayer. Worthwhile. Check!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Havard Volden - Space Happy [Sofa Music]

Released via the great Norwegian imprint Sofa Music on October 5th, 2k18 is "Space Happy", the latest album created by producer / composer Havard Volden who is presenting a collection of 11 tracks and miniatures on this one, covering a total runtime of 36 minutes here. Working without track titles but simply numbering the pieces to be found subsequentially Havard Volden leads the listener into a world of full on experimentation from the very beginning, employing experimental tape loops, guitar manipulation, Field Recordings and other bits to create a dense, stimulating and spine-tingling universe of feedbacks, multi-layers and outerworldly melodies, a closed cosmos of beautiful sonic quirkyness beyond anyone's control or imagination, scifi, contemporary and retrofuturistic at the same time whilst evoking memories of early pioneers of experimental electronic music production, scores for lo-fi, low budget films, swampy exoterrestrial landscapes, mysterious, ethereal rituals dedicated to unknown gods and goddesses and beauteous Ambient sequences at the same time. Extremely stimulating stuff. Get this.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Mose - Film Musik [Klangbad 080]

Released on September 28th, 2k18 via the infamous and ever active Klangbad-imprint is "Film Musik", the latest album created by the musical collective that is Mose, presenting a whole menu of 26 tracks split into three parts over the course of this 58 minutes spanning longplayer. Comprised of five musicians only employing natural instruments most of the times untouched by any electronic manipulation we see Mose create an intimate, partly melancholic and beautifully calm atmosphere touching genres like Jazz, Jazz Noir and PostRock in a most organic manner, leaving room for each and every single note and instrument to unfold, embracing everyone like the warmth and flickering lights of an open fire on a late winters afternoon whilst even bringing in a bit of Mariachi- and TexMex-vibes at times for additional touch and emotional drama. Most beauteous music. We're into this.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Helios - Veriditas [Ghostly International Promo]

Put on the circuit via Ghostly International on August 31st, 2k18 is "Veriditas", the latest album outing by American musician Keith Kenniff who's employing his artistic nom de guerre Helios for this one whilst also being active under the name Goldmund and as one half of the Shoegaze Pop project Mint Julep musically. Once again recorded in both Oregon and Maine in nocturnal states, using a withered, yet beloved mini-cassette recorder as an instrument of choice for sound manipulation we see Kenniff explore sonic realms of deeply blurred, soft and all embracing Ambient on this album outing, partly exclusively comprised of tender pads at times resembling a feeling of un-reality, like taking tunes by Boards Of Canada and stripping all the beats, whereas others like "Dreams" or "Harmonia" are drifting towards a kitsch overload with cliche pianos and bits of Easy Listening / Muzaq shimmering through every now and then whilst "Upward Beside The Gale" comes as a sweet surprise providing obvious influences of Folk / Desert Blues. But no matter if you're in for the billowing clouds of goodness or the soothing kitsch - if you're an Ambient collector / lover / aficionado this is an album you might want to put on your checklist for a reason. 

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Merope - Naktes [Granvat 016]

Released via the Belgian imprint Granvat on August 24th, 2k18 is "Naktes", the third album by the ever fluctuating band outfit Merope which - for this longplayer - consists of members Indre Jurgeleviciute from Lithuania, label co-founder Bert Cools from Belgium and Frenchman Jean Christophe Bonnafous. Bringing on eight new tracks the trio caters new interpretations and angles on traditional Folk songs from Lithuania, presenting them in a tender, most naturalistic way like the opener "Ganiau" which seems to have full on innocence written over it in any possible way with its beautiful guitars, vocals and flute melodies whilst the follow up "Sniegas" weighs in beautiful Ambient pads and "Seng Ge" comes in as an instrumental composition fusing Indietronica with Oval'esque crackles and dense, multilayered atmospheres for lovers of the early Morr Music-imprint. "Rototo" harks back to rhythmic, yet non-percussive Folk naturalisms, "Arklys" goes deep into slightly ballad'esque realms with what seems like an Asian touch of sorts whilst "Mirra" presents itself as an scintillating, shimmering chromatic piece of Ambient purism. Finally the title track "Naktes" evokes memories of dew-covered meadows and winding, untouched rivers before "Li" closes on a instrumental, flute-induced waves of pure enchanted folkloristic beauty. Highly recommended!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Sascha Müller - Joy Of Acid [Psychocandies 072]

To be released via the Psychocandies-imprint on October 25th, 2k18 is "Joy Of Acid", the latest four track EP release by one of our favorite Acid headz - Mr. Sascha Müller himself. Opening with "Native Destruction" we're entering a tripped out psychophonic realm that combines swampy, retrofuturist sci-fi signals with a straight Acid-infused no bullshit ClubTechno approach whereas "Bermud" brings on a trippier, groove-infested musical vision which would've been filed under the flag of HardHouse, or a variation on the mentioned style, in the first half of the 90s. Furthermore "Das Ding" goes down a jackin, stripped down alley of raw killer ChicagoHouse infused Acid before the final cut "ATM Oz" caters an interesting, yet slightly off-kilter take on Minimal AcidTrance sporting an interesting set of counteracting motifs for a tripped out audience.

Empirion - I Am Electronic (Official Video By VJ Grobkorn)

Hard hitting Chemical Breaks are making a comeback with this one. Check!

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

baze.djunkiii Charts 10/2018

01. Combat Dubs [Intrauterin Recordings 006]
No words necessary - my label Intrauterin Recordings is back. Check soundfiles and release info here....

02. Toni Moralez - Ghetto Techno [F.T.P. 005]
Heavy, raw and banging. From uncompromising GhettoHouse / Chicago Basement for those still in love with the brutalist sound of labels like Dance Mania to stripped down, 808-heavy Electro and even a tongue-in-cheek, GhettoBass-referencing bootleg of Ginuwine's legendary hormone-dripping anthem that is "Pony". Must have. Period.

03. Foreign Concept - Gozen EP [Critical Music 111]
One of the best, if not the best, Drum'n'Bass releases of the past months - stripped down, steppy, classic and yet with a highly modernistic flavor each of the four tunes on here brings its own distinct characteristics to the table, be it the warped mid-range synths and dubbed out rave stabs of "Kilmerdson", the dreamy, rolling, vocal-driven, dark'ish vibe of "Black Tea", the warm, overwhelming Minimal Drum'n'Bass flow of the title track which is a collaboration with Monti whereas "Ron Millionario" weighs in fast paced, sci-fi tension alongside classic vocal sample bits that, as far as we remember, have been most prominently used by Aquasky on their MSX EP once released on the seminal Moving Shadow label.

04. RP Boo - I'll Tell You What! [Planet Mu]
See review for details....

05. Wargirl - Poison / Sassgirl [Clouds Hill]
A limited whitelabel 7" release on Hamburg's Clouds Hill label I purchased directly at the legendary Clouds Hill Studios when I was invited to join the audience for the live recording session of the forthcoming Wargirl-album which is about to follow their most recent EP named "Arbolita". On "Poison" we see the band drifting off into ethereal, fascinating 80s-infused spheres on a crossover between PostPunk and Pop whereas "Sassgirl" brings forth a good portion of hefty P-Funk for steaming hot dancefloors on fire. Great stuff and - afaik - limited to 200 copies or even less.

06. Clans Of The Alphane Moon - Mission Alpha III [Sleepers Records]
Mr. Andrew Lagowski, the man behind Lagowski, S.E.T.I., Dr. Fleischbrittel and some other aliases as well as member of Nagamatzu reveals his latest musical project on the Berlin-based Sleepers Records-label. Employing the name Clans Of The Alphane Moon we see the long-term creative taking a turn on very British early 90s Techno / NuBeat on "Burst" whilst "Noisemap" dabbles with intense high-speed Techno and interesting vocal samples seemingly taken from an English speech dealing with space, although the vocal cuts sport an intense German accent. On the flip there's "Wired" bringing forth a hard hitting, EBM-informed approach towards Techno, "Mind In Motion" goes deep into subfrequent territories, robotic rhythms and psychedelic melodies before the final cut "Roppongi" gets down with the complex Electro / Phonk crew to a thrilling effect that's surely set to mesmerize advanced club crowds for a reason.

07. Taciturne - 6 Fragmente In Der Chronologie Des Wahnsinns [Synderesis Records 001]
What a re-issue. Originally put on the circuit via Hamburg's legendary Fischkopf-imprint these six tracks produced by Taciturne haven't lost any of their fascination in terms of deep, dark, athmospheric Hardcore and Breakcore and sound as timeless as ever in their raw, unprocessed beauty which includes the hammering rework of The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry". Only for the headstrong, still, and limited to 200 copies in red vinyl.

08. Ivy Lab - Death Don't Always Taste Good [20/20 LDN Recordings]
Originally coming from a background of Drum'n'Bass it's safe to say that "Death Don't Always Taste Good" is the most advanced release for the duo that is Ivy Lab so far. Completely leaving the dancefloor and uptempo attitude behind the two producers create a universe of darkness and haunting atmospheres, sporting spooky, outerworldly vocal bits, alien sounds and even some Illbient references atop a foundation that's closer related to TripHop, Electronica and partly Trap than to any variation of contemporary Drum'n'Bass these days. Far out and therefore highly interesting.

09. Twin Peetz - Quartz [OD Cuts 003]
See review for details....

10. Schlakks / aniYo kore - Wer Eins Sacht... [self-released 7"]
See review for details....

Monday, October 01, 2018

Shop & Distribution Update: COMBAT DUBS - Untitled [Intrauterin Recordings 006]

The collaborational limited to 120 copies 7" bass music release between baze.djunkiii & Sascha Müller under their shared nom de guerre COMBAT DUBS is now available via

Q[e]M on discogs - the official baze.djunkiii / Intrauterin Recordings sales account (Germany)
Juno Records (UK & Worldwide)
Minor Mailorder (Germany)
Otaku Records (Hamburg / Germany)

Tashi Wada With Yoshi Wada And Friends - Nue [FRKWYS / RVNG Intl.]

Put on the circuit via the RVNG Intl. subseries FRKWYS is "Nue", the new album by Japanese composer Tashi Wada who is teaming up with his father and early Fluxus-member Yoshi Wada for a studio session alongside a plethora of other renowned artists including the highly praised Julia Holter on several occasions and tracks. Aiming to combine synthesis with acoustic instruments the album opens with the soft retrofuturist Ambient pads of "Aubade" before "Ground" fuses a climaxing bass drone with intense, vibrant bagpipe signals and moog improvisations whereas "Litany" hovers feet above holy grounds in the most fascinating, simplistic, yet ethereal Ambient manner we've experienced in ages. "Ondine" explores darker, ritualistic territories with layered non-vocalisms of four participating members of the recording group alongside a nervous midrange drone, "Niagara" brings on a widescreen panoramic early morning scenery of pads accompanied by echoes of thundering background percussions, the "Double Body" once again brings forward calm, ritual drums and a series of bagpipe layers and "Bottom Of The Sky" is built from crystalline bells and their resonance atop an ever present, yet unobtrusive background signal evoking memories of sterile, scientific lab environments. Furthermore "Mutable Signs" provide ever morphing darkness and electro-organic melancholia, "Fanfare" takes a solemn, inward looking turn and could be, due to its collected and ceremonial character, described as a future to be for burial or church music and the final "Moments Of Exile (Coda)" caters iridescent, organ like beauty for a touching closing of another excellent RVNG Intl.-release you need to add to your collection.

Album artwork on Instagram!

The Evils - Rockers (Official Lyric Video)

High octane Rock'n'Roll and excellent videography by our Atlanta-based friend Jeff Shipman. Check!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Daunik Lazro / Dominique Repecaud / Kristoff K. Roll / Geraldine Keller - Actions Soniques [Vand'oeuvre]

Sitting in our postbox without much accompanying information about the albums release date or bits about the intention of the project was "Actions Soniques", a sixteen track collaborational album built on a musical foundation of vocals, electronics, electric guitar and baritone saxophone. Obviously split into two major parts, the first one including tracks 01 - 07 whilst the second one consisting of tracks 08 - 16, the sound on the album has been recorded under the leadership of Dominique Repecaud in March 2016 and provides a lesson in full on experimentalism, opening with "Place Tahrir" which amalgamates Field Recordings of what seems to be a TV program with Jazz- and ProgressiveRock infused excursions on guitar and saxophone whilst an intense layer of Spoken Word-performance unfolds alongside echoes of Experimental Opera whereas "Wild Cheval" brings on tension through continuous sinewave electronic presence and non-vocal screaming. "Blue Micheline" seemingly gets lost in subaquatic realms of nervous modular synthesis before catering more Free Improvisation, "Combat De Platine Et De Guitare" is less of a war but more an inward looking miniature, "Ombre Double" caters loads of nervous electronic scraping and highly digital twists alongside droning atmospheres,  abstract vocal utterings and a distinct wall of sound, "Eraflures" brings forth another spine-tingling miniature before "Roc Neuronal" closes the first section of "Actions Soniques" on a well-aggressive multilayered tip incorporating electric guitar feedbacks and Field Recordings once again before taking a turn towards fragile, minimalistic composition. Going forward with "Un Grand Malheur" the group of artists picks up on a more scenic, score'esque vibe for spine-tingling moments and post-apocalyptic rituals, "Le Guilleret" combines a rhythmic approach with sonic outbursts within 61 seconds and "Nudite Du Fugitif" seemingly even incorporates elements of PostRock or vantablack Apocalyptic Folk for haunted midnights and fog-infused horror stories. "Passaceille Electronique" sees the group exploring stripped down digital rhythm abstractions with additional, feedback-heavy improvisations, "Le Gardien Des Inyambos" goes even further into fever'ish Post-PostRock realms as well as pure African desert ambience and "Transe Vintage" combines tribalistic background chants with vintage sci-fi electronics which could be taken off a - or serve as - score for some eccentric space horror flic for a reason. "C'est Dimanche A Vandoeuvre", seemingly a homage to the label itself is more of a ruminant, hypnotic exercise in darkness, "Clavecine" could somehow by filed under the flag of Broken Country / Broken Folk performed by ghosts in a madhouse and the final cut "Apres Ca, Il N'y Aura Plus Rien" takes droning guitar intensity alongside tribalistic vocals and fragile electronic additions to a next, even more exciting level. Highly unique and highly recommended!

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Dizzee Rascal - Don't Gas Me *Beez Neez Remix (Official Glitch Audio)

Jesus, the big basslines are hitting hard in this rework. We're gassed.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Seasick Steve - Can U Cook? [BMG / ADA Promo]

Announced on these pages with an official audio posting of the albums title track earlier this month we see Seasick Steve releasing his new album "Can U Cook?" on September 28th, 2k18 which is actually the ninth full length release of his career. Spread over a total runtime of 55 minutes and thirteen tracks the American producer makes sure we don't forget he's got the Blues from the very first minute but transfers to a rocking, powerful and well muscular level, bringing forth a dirty, straightforward Rock attitude, distorted, yet perfectly executed guitar works and raw, direct vocals but also pays homage to the genres stripped down, naturalistic and down-to-earth attitude with more inward looking desert pieces like "Sun On My Face" or the good ol' times referencing "Last Rodeo" whilst tunes like "Down The Road, "Shady Tree"" or "Young Blood" sonically depict a Bourbon-fuled, raw American nightlife attitude - in a time in which hard drinking, chain smoking and full contact arguments weren't frowned upon by a wide majority of the population. Good ol' times these were!

04.10.2018 baze.djunkiii presents OUR HOUSE @ Beat Boutique / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: House / House Classics

doors open: 9 pm

Beat Boutique
Max-Brauer-Allee 219
22765 Hamburg

OUT NOW: Datacore Productionz meets The 808 Hillbillys - Databending [Psychocandies 071]

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Schlakks & aniYo kore - Wer Eins Sacht... [self-released 7"]

Put on the circuit in early March, 2k18 but only incoming lately is this lovely little self-released 7" single which is a - and the first - collaborational effort released between the Dortmund based artists Schlakks and aniYo kore. Whilst the A-side sees rapper Schlakks perform his well melancholic HipHop tune "Schmeiss Die Farben An Die Wand" on top of a deep, sparse and touching beat structure produced by aniYo kore the well-beloved TripHop outfit provides a new version of "All Of Us" on the flip, a track once featured on their 2015-released "Tally Sticks" album which has now turned into deep variation of ballad'esque Alt Pop performed atop a sparse foundation of twangy guitars and stripped down live drums, revealing a new angle of the bands musical work which surely will appeal to an audience broader than their original core fan base. Deep.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Geir Sundstøl - Brødløs [Hubro Music]

Scheduled for release on October 19th, 2k18 via Norway's Hubro Music-imprint is "Brødløs", the new album outing by Geir Sundstøl who's been teaming up with an elite group of musicians including the likes of Erland Dahlen, David Wallumrod, Nils Petter Molvaer and more to record and realize this fresh, eight tracks and 30 minutes spanning longplay piece. Opening with "Snev" the listener is immediately drawn into a Morricone'esque scorescape fusing twangy Country guitars and melancholia-infused electronic beauty followed on a similar path by the scenic, yet more calm and innocent "Leben"  whereas "Laems" brings forth full on Naturalist Ambient if this is even a thing genrewise. With "Warsaw / Alabama" Geir Sundstøl amalgamates and reinterpretes his favorite works by David Bowie and Brian Eno to a great touching and heart-warming effect whilst providing perfect music for classic, yet advanced ChillOut-floors, "Kraag" weighs in a good portion of Easy Listening and even hints of Hawaiian hot summer beach chill before "Blunder" goes even deeper in terms of total twang guitar relaxation, "Kulten" provides a bit of an asiatic Chill flavour with its damp overall atmosphere, background tablas and exotic plucked string tonality before the final cut "Waterloo" goes back to the score'esque backcountry excellence we've already experienced at the very beginning of "Brødløs". Recommended.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol.5 [SM Traxxx 28-2018]

Scheduled for October 11th, 2k18 is Sascha Müller's new digital two track single to be released via the ever active SM Traxxx label. Opening with "Track 09" the Meppen-based producer provides a dry, spiralling take on Acid toolishness for DJ's in love with fast paced, uncompromising Dance Mania-sound and related musical flavours whereas "Track 10" is on a tool tip as well, yet gravitates towards more gooey, trancier realms whilst sporting some unexpected Disco powerstabs for the high energy rave massive.

Various Artists - Marcel Vogel's Lumberjacks In Hell [BBE Records]

Scheduled for release on September 28th, 2k18 is the new BBE Records-release that is "Marcel Vogel's Lumberjacks In Hell", a celebration of the label of the same name which celebrates its eighth anniversary this year as a staple for soulful and funky House. Compiled by the labels head honcho Marcel Vogel we're taken through a continuous DJ mix of one hours length on the first disc of the 2xCD compilation showcasing the mans abilities in terms of mixing and selection, emulating a wild ride through a mostly Funk- and Disco-infused club night of the 70s whilst introducing an additional hint of contemporary, yet organic House music here and there, bringing on slices of epic BrokenHouse / Phusion even with tunes like Boogie Nite's "Jazz-A-Nova (Oooh)" as well as sweet Latin percussion grooves with Nachtbraker's "Jared Fogle" and massive soulful bangers like Jonna's "Everyday" whilst Frawl's "Be Good To Me" provides epic lofi block party vibes housewise. But these are only a few exceptional picks out of Mr. Vogel's recommended DJ mix whilst the second disc holds 13 out of 14 featured tracks as full length versions for more full on Disco / Funk and House Music immersion. Lovely.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Somewhere Underwater - Recovering (Live Underwater / In Space Session)

When a rehearsal session turns out to become a beautiful, trippy video something has gone very well - and it surely has for Somewhere Underwater! - Goodbye [Felte 050]

Already teasered on these pages earlier this month was "Goodbye", the new album outing by Jeff Fribourg's band outfit which was put on the circuit by the Felte imprint in May, 2k18 but only sat in our postbox recently. The opener "Lude (I Need It)" immediately evokes memories of a long gone era in Cold Wave and Industrial whilst the subsequent "Father" turns the page immediately to bring on a seductive, grooving and dancefloor moving PostPunk vibe, before "Numerical Depression" speeds up things and gives us a greyscale hit for The Cure-fans and lovers of distinct British accents whereas "Without Bloom" gravitates more towards a killer, Indie-flavored attitude and "State Line" is a full on anthem for Shoegaze-loving kids suffering from teenage angst and depression. Those who've been following us on a regular have already checked "A Memory Stained" previously, "Hate" gets us straight away with its eerie SynthWave-feel and ethereal female vocal performance on top of twangy guitars and "The Black Bird" slowly sails away on inward-looking winds of bloom whilst singing songs of Apocalyptic Folk for those who follow the likes of Current 93. With "Again" provide a hint of British ProtoPunk for moshpits and dancefloors going astray and the final song that is "We Hide" weighs in repetetive intensity and droning, meandering basslines alongside desolate guitars for a sweet closing. An excellent album, this!

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 30 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

And here we go! Meppen's Dr. NoiseM is back with the thirtieth edition of his ongoing 'Studio Works'-series and once again he's serving more than an hour worth of new music with this one. Starting his new offering with "Stakker Robot", an alienating piece of eerily warped and transformed communication bits seemingly coming straight from a Dalek's nightmare the follow up "Test" is defo made to test a) our hearing abilities and b) anyone's sanity being a heavy, midrange-focused tour de force through the universe of deadly Digital Noize whereas "The Inferno Of Lust" is a crumbling, metallic, ghostly distortion affair surely not to be enjoyed by the faint-hearted before "Total Warfare" unleashes 136 seconds of Death Ambient eerieness. Furthermore "Untitled" brings forth 17+ minutes of hollow, soul-sucking Cold Ambient from the outerworld whereas the much shorter subsequent "Untitled 1" provides a dark, grinding maelstrom of excellent low frequency Noize as our favorite pick on this album whilst "Wintersturm" is more like an echo of a deep space storm caused by a supernova somewhere around the outer edges of the Bootes Void and therefore recommended to all followers of the Dark Ambient genre for a reason. With "Dr. NoiseM" we see Dr. NoiseM dedicate one of his tunes to himself, revealing a repetetive, yet thrilling mixture of Dark Ambient and dubbed out, Electronica-infused Rhythm Industrial before "Destroy Everything" is an empty, ode to off-kilter Ambient and diffused time warps whilst the final cut "Untitled_Still_01" is another ten minutes of extreme, crackling Digital Noize that no sane person would ever define as music at all. But - who talks to sane people anyway?

You Me At Six - VI [Underdog Records / Kobalt Promo]

Scheduled for release via Underdog Records / Kobalt on October 5th, 2k18 is "VI", the new album by former Emo-related Rock outfit You Me At Six which has already been announced on these pages with the video for their massive smash "3 AM" earlier this month. And this is not the only big tune on the album for sure as the bands sixths longplayer opens with the anthemic, muscular Rock banger "Fast Forward" followed by "Straight To My Head" which fuses catchy Indie and hefty snares with melodic synth melodies for daytime radio audiences as well as buzzing underground venues whereas "Back Again" brings forth a sweet, positive Pop attitude and - once again - evokes memories of the German band outift Captain Capa which we've been following for quite a while now. Seeing a "Miracle In The Mourning" the band follows the beaten path of positivity, "I O U" is - at least on our version of the promo album - broken but starts with quite a funky bass line for sure and "Pray For Me" is quite a bop for Indie girls in love. Being "Predictable" sees You Me At Six at their catchiest for sure, providing a possible single-to-be and large scale stadium anthem, "Danger" brings forth a well-funky uptempo take on Indie before "Losing You" closes the thirty minute album on a more melancholia-infused level. Defo one to check out, this os.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Jlin - Autobiography [Planet Mu Promo]

Scheduled for release on September 28th, 2k18 is Jlin's new album "Autobiography (Music From Wayne McGregor's Autobiography)" which is once again released via Mike Paradinas' Planet Mu-imprint. Technically not an album but a score for a dance choreography realized by Wayne McGregor we see Jlin deliver approx. an hour worth of new music here, split up into 13 tracks overall and starting with the "1st Overture (Spiritual Atom)" which is not only paving the way for thing to come but also turns out to be a piece meandering in between Ambient and sparse sci-fi Electronica instead of Jlin's signature Juke-related efforts of her previous releases. These things start to come into play with "Annotation", merging commercial bigroom Rave melodies and GhettoBass-signatures whereas "Carbon 12" brings on dreamy melodies and ethereal non-vocal choirs in combination with Electronica-referencing beat structures whereas "Unorthodox Elements" comes across as an outing of mechanical aggression, "Anamnesis (Part 1)" fully indulges in beautiful piano romanticisms before drifting off into Future Tribal-realms for a bit and "The Abyss Of Doubt" is maybe the darkest, most abstract, cut up and fascinating bit on this album for a reason. The follow up "Mutation" stays on the beaten part of eternal pitch black darkness, "First Interlude (Absence Of Measure)" goes in deep in terms of free floating atmospheres and all sorts of field recorded sounds put into new use - including a ticking clock, ironically, and "Permutation" caters killer RoboJuke for a well-intense, dystopian future. With "Kundalini" we see Jlin explore the stereo field whilst fusing a more oriental approach with elements of SinoDubstep, "Anamnesis (Part 2)" harks back to the piano romanticisms of its predecessor, "Blue I" caters more piano alongside kitsch-dripping synthesizers and tribalistic, African chants and percussions before the concluding "Second Interlude (The Choosing)" waves goodbye in a large scale Ambient manner, paying homage to the production and compository techniques of early Synth pioneers influential to the sound of electronic music today. Check.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Spectrasoul - Untitled Horn (Official Audio)

Deep ass Drum'n'Bass for those who know. Killer!

Xavier Charles / Jacques Di Donato - Ilex [Protagoniste]

A student-teacher affair this album is. Having worked together for long now the story goes that Xavier Charles once was a student of clarinet teacher Jacques Di Donato back in 1990, a relationship that lead to a highly successful and long lasting collaboration and now to the duo's most recent album on Protagoniste in which the musicians further explore the possibilities of their instrument, this time accompanied by additional sound sources such as lawn mower and helicopter. Yes, lawn mower and helicopter! Together the duo caters a selection of fourteen improvisations, all of them recorded in 2014 and defo providing a homogenic body of work for all fans of a well experimental approach towards wind instruments with "Wisteria" sticking out most for its playful, yet accessible and slightly even tongue-in-cheek nature whereas "Cerisier" defines longing, yearning melancholia to perfection within 160 seconds of runtime only to name two of our favorite tunes from this album as special picks. A specialists release for sure, but an interesting one anyway.

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Droid Eater - Acid Orange 7

Masterly crafted ElectroAcid for dancefloors in space. We're in love!

Laurel - Dogviolet [Counter Records]

Released via Counter Records on August 24th, 2k18 is "Dogviolet", the longplay debut of British singer Laurel which already has been featured on these pages with her song "Adored" taken from the album as well as her previous "Park EP" back in 2016 for a reason. On her first full length delivery we see the young talent, which rocked two headlining UK tours this year, opening the show with a "Life Worth Living" - a stripped down, yet extraordinary powerhouse of an emotional, heartfelt Pop ballad followed by the seductively, spatial bop that is "All Star", a tune which probably could've done better with a little less reverb on the vocal part, before the "Same Mistakes" go up a more (Blues)Rock-oriented alley stylewise and cruising along the "South Coast" is an intimate, ethereal and slightly twangy, off-kilter affair. "Hold Tight" brings on a large scale panoramic feel with a little bit of a late 70s flair, the "Sun King" sees Laurel going into full on contemplative, inward-looking ballad mode whilst "Crave" brings forth powerful 80s drums, dreamy guitar solo works and more of Laurel's trademark ethereal, high-pitched vocal performance and being "Lovesick" equals dabbling with elements of Future Soul and Power Pop for daytime radio audiences without turning commercial or away from the beaten path at all. With "Take It  Back" the British singer gravitates slightly more uplifting vibes, "Empty Kisses" serves a sweet interplay between driving beats and emotional choruses and the final cut "Recover" brings out Laurel at her most broken, vulnerable and emotional for a reason. Sweet stuff, yet the albums overall production and mixdown seems a little too midrange / high frequency focused for our tastes as we're fans of a more balanced and not that ear-piercingly sharp sound which is a little turn off taking away from the overall quality of Laurel's music.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Anders Vestergaard & Finn Loxbo - I'm Fine With The Swirling Colors [Gikt Records]

Put on the circuit via Gikt Records on September 12th, 2k18 is "I'm Fine With The Swirling Colors", the latest album outing created by the Scandinavian duo Anders Vestergaard & Finn Loxbo who joined forces back in 2014 collaborationwise. Spread over a runtime of thirty minutes total the duo presents two new, 15-minutes spanning tracks, starting with "Harsh Furnishing" which is a spatial, highly abstract take on hyperminimalist Post-PostRock meets Improvisation, sporting long periods of near-silence and intimate guitar works accompanied by sparse percussions and static feedbacks for intense, highly focused listening sessions. With "Carver" we're walking a similar path in terms of reduction and minimalist approach, yet the overall feel of the tune is a calmer, more organic one - far from soothing or easy, but gravitating towards realms that have once been explored to a great effect by projects like Klimek at their very early stages. Recommended, this. Especially for "Carver".