Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Trupa Trupa - Jolly New Songs [Ici D'Ailleurs / Blue Tapes And X-Ray Promo]

To be released as joint venture between Ici D'Ailleurs and Blue Tapes And X-Ray on October 27th, 2k17 is "Jolly New Songs", a new album by the Polish band outfit Trupa Trupa which brought us their massive album "Headache" back in 2k15. With their latest longplay effort we see the band revealing a new aspect of their work within a bunch of eleven songs, slowly moving away from the more aggressive, dark'ish and partly (No)Wave-oriented feel of its predecessor, keeping the Grunge, yet not the noise, out of their way and gravitating towards a more dreamy, Psychedelia-loaden style, clearly drawing certain inspiration from Shoegaze, PostRock and floating IndiePop / DreamPop which are even evident in songs like "Falling" or the Minimal PostPunk-oriented "Never Forget" although they do feature experimental, raw sequences harking back to the sound of 2k15's Trupa Trupa which was, at least from our point of view, more fascinating and unique than what's delivered on "Jolly New Songs".

DJ Manny - Like That (Official Video)

Raw Rave-flavored Juke from Chitown! We're in.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We Stood Like Kings - USA 1982 (Koyaanisqatsi: A New Soundtrack) [Kapitän Platte 038]

Re-recording scores for classic, praised as well as controversial movies is quite a risky business, especially when they're as well known and critically acclaimed as Philip Glass' work for Godfrey Reggio's legendary movie "Koyaanisqatsi" which still is, both musically and in its cinematic quality, one of a kind. This said, this album is defo about to be a 'love it or hate it' affair anyway with not much in between. Lovers of the original score will, and defo for a reason, criticize the bands approach and aim to step away from Glass' yet melodic minimalist synth vision towards a more dramatic score oftentimes based on borderline-kitsch pianos and a good portion of instrumental ProgRock heavily garnished with large walls of slightly distorted guitars and cinematic PostRock for those who appreciate bands like the formerly Washington-based band outfit Ostinato or the German Eau Rouge whereas followers of the genre surely will be naturally drawn towards the well thought out musical journey the quartet that is We Stood Like Kings caters on this extended album stretched out over a whole of two CD's with a total runtime of approx. 80 minutes. Interesting stuff, this.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Syer B - Seldom

This is the kind of raw, streetwise Grime instrumental we're mostly missing in where the genre went throughout the past years stylewise. We defo need more of this!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

baze.djunkiii Charts 10/2017

01. Sascha Müller [Psychocandies P12-001]
See review for details...

02. Robotiko Rejekto - Rejekto EP [Optimo Trax 030]
There has come a time in the history of electronic music in which re-releases of thirty - !!! - year old classics still sound more relevant and refreshing to our ears than most of the genres recent output. This goes especially for this 1987 released NuBeat- / ProtoTechno-outing once put on the circuit by the notorious Techno Drome International label. Written by electronic music pioneer Talla 2XLC and his fellow mate Ra-Hen the sound of their very first ever single release is still fresh, captivating and inspiring and should become a staple on contemporary dancefloors again for a reason. Great stuff!

03. Terrence Parker - God Loves Detroit [Planet E Communications]
Ever been in love with ecstatic, melodic and also vocal-driven House music from the mid-90s? If so, Terrence Parker's new album on Planet E Communications is about to cater a contemporary update to your needs without sounding dated and dusted at all. Both solo and working collaboratively with vocalists Merachka and Coco Street the twelve tracks crafted by Terrence Parker for this double LP are defo a fest for every true House music lover for sure and therefore essential, especially when it comes to the beyond epic "Latter Rain *TP's After The Storm Mix" which immediately became one of our alltime House favorites within a few bars only.

04. Depeche Mode - Spirit [Mute Records / Columbia Records]
There's no doubt that Depeche Mode have been an influential part of our musical upbringing ever since and therefore checking out their newest stuff is mandatory, even more since we've met their long time collaborator Kurt Uenala shortly after purchasing their massive "Delta Machine" album a few years ago. On "Spirit" we see the pop culture staples gravitate more towards SynthPop again with massive singles like "Going Backwards" and the anthemic "Where's The Revolution" but the deep, broken Blues and ballads remain in songs like "The Worst Crime" or "Poison Heart" , "Scum" recalls the dirty, distorted and Industrial-infused era of what seems to be BritPop meets Manchester's Hacienda with a well seductive, fever'ish rhythm that's also inherent to the dark and sexy "You Move" whilst "Cover Me" reveals ultimate sadness and SynthPop driven despair and "Eternal" presents us with the one big time ballad that the band always was capable of including in their longplay releases. "So Much Love" is nothing but a raw, ultimate dancefloor smash for the creatures of the night, bringing back DM in their most classic form, "Poorman" caters a seductive synth-line in combination with Delta Machine'esque Blues and sparse instrumentation, "No More (This Is The Last Time)" once again goes up an anthemic, yet slo-mo and SynthPop-driven alley before the final cut "Fail" provides more sadness and drama for a perfect closing for another great album effort by the - former - Basildon-boys.

05. Andrew Weatherall - Kiyadub EP [Byrd Out 005]
It seems like vinyl prices in record stores are getting more and more ridiculous these days and this two track 12" clocking in at around the 20€ mark  does mean we're reaching another high - or low - point in this development, depending on how one is about to put things and from which perspective. Anyway, the legend that is Andrew Weatherall puts down two excellent tracks on this one, somehow meandering in between classic DubTechno and original Dub realms, keeping advanced floors and motion and trueskool bass lovers excited with some electroid influences for a reason.

06. Camila Fuchs - Singing From Fixed Rung [Schamoni Musik / SVS Records]
Maybe one of the most fascinating, yet mysterious and mystic vocal-driven Electronica / Ambient releases of the past years is brought to us by the collaborational force of Schamoni Music and SVS Records with this six track vinyl which has been around for quite a while these days. Captivating, blurred and outerworldly this one opens a complete new and unheard of sonic realm which is well likely to appeal to fans of Björk, Katie Gately and the likes of. Get!

07. Nisennenmondai - Shackleton Remixes [Woe! To The Septic Heart]
How, and when, did we miss out on this? Obviously back in 2015 when MythStep-inventor Shackleton took care of the Tokyo-based band project remixwise and transformed their music into two highly fascinating cuts somewhere in between fast paced Techno and fever'ish Trance, once again carving out his very own sonic niche yet sending every underground warehouse rave to ecstatic heavens with these tunes of which especially the unstamped white label side shows more of a interweaving, possibly World Music- or Detroit-influenced complexity that is beyond hypnotic.

08. DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess - Meets New Soulmates At Nyege Nyege Deejay Laboratory [Jahmoni Music
See review for details...

09. Camila De Laborde - Opuntia [Schamoni Musik / SVS Records]
A sweet collaborational art music release put on the circuit by the Munich-based imprints Schamoni Musik and SVS Records which are joining forces to present the spaced out, complex and labyrinthine sonic worlds of Camila De Laborde which are meandering somewhat in between Electronica, Indietronica, echoes of highly experimental Art School PostPunk and more performance-related scoring - a mixture not as easy to embrace as her work under the Camila Fuchs guise, yet a well recommended one for collectors of the leftfield and beyond genre productions out there.  

10. -

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Manga St. Hilaire ft. Durrty Goodz - Baga

Sickness on a ridiculous level. Man don't need to say no more.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Le Crabe & Optimis GFN - Onyx Heart

Heavy, hard hitting experimental HipHop of doom. We're in for this!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sol Heilo - Skinhorse Playground [Propeller Records Promo]

Released via Propeller Records only last week is "Skinhorse Playground", the solo debut by the Norwegian musician Sol Heilo who is also, and maybe even better, known and recognized for her involvement in the countries praised Folk quartet Katzenjammer. Dealing with figures and characters taken from her very personal inner being, from a series of re-occurring, yet ever changing dreams the singer has had from her early childhood onwards she serves a menu of nine songs on her debut, starting with the beautifully dream-like, yet summerly song "America"  which has already been featured on this pages as a first teaser for the album followed the slightly darker, more intense "When My Country Died" which perfectly showcases Sol Heilo's captivating vocals which, for some reason, will send shivers down the spine of Fleetwood Mac fans for sure even though the similarities are not that obvious at all. With "London Is Trouble" we see the Norwegian artist enter more of a Folk-orientated, string sporting territory, "I Can't Sleep" fuses a musical background derived from both SynthPop and Highland Folk with crystalline vocal efforts and widescreen pads, "The Dream Escapers" weighs in a little bit of over the top kitsch whereas "Killing Karma" brings out the dancier, hell of groovy side of Sol Heilo's solo works which clearly gravitates towards daytime radio Pop in this one. With "Closer To The Sky" autumnal melancholia - and a recognizably 80s inspired drum set - strike big time, "Walk A Little Further" follows in a widescreen, panorama ballad manner before the final cut named "Happy Song" even dives into classic Country realms, fulfilling some square dance cliches without being cliche Country for a reason. Defo a good and well-varied debut, this which makes up for a good addition to anyone's collection for sure. 

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Lagowski - Creep Ohmski

A killer Rave cut from one of the electronic music pioneers and its - especially within the Techno scene - unsung and oftentimes unrecognized or overseen heroes. 

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Akmee - Neptun [Nakama Records 011]

Put on the circuit via the Norwegian Nakama Records label in late June, 2k17 is "Neptun", the first ever album outing by the collaborative quartet Akmee consisting of Erik Kimestad Pedersen, Kjetil Jerve, Erlend Albertsen and Andreas Wildhagen which are exploring a deep and very score'esque as well as experimental vision of Jazz within their music which, until now, has only been performed live in front of selected audiences in Norway, Denmark and Germany. The opening tune "Summoning" perfectly embraces the deranged feeling of staring out the windows of some rundown, nearly abandoned bar somewhen through a misty midweek November night, finding its continuation in the livelier and seemingly more improvisational buzz of "Dance Of The Maniae" whereas "Wavelengths" defines full on melancholia in combination with more of a spine-tingling DarkJazz approach before the concluding "Tides In Space" provides a beautifully arranged grand finale sporting grandiose piano lines and captivating movements in sounds for all those loving their Jazz-infused sounds based on repetetive, yet ever varied patterns. Lovely.

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Friday, October 06, 2017

Kryshe - March Of The Mysterious [Serein 013]

Released via the Welsh Serein-label on September 22nd, 2k17 is "March Of The Mysterious" - a 30 minutes longplay affair created by the German Christian Grothe using his artistic moniker Kryshe to accompany the 1915-released silent movie "Alice In Wonderland". Given this more conceptual attitude to serve as a score for a classic film and its well known scenery we see Kryshe combining his love for Ambient music and soft, floating yet ever evolving patterns with loads of live overtones masterly played and performed by real instruments. Be it the widescreen melancholia introduced by the deep Jazz-oriented opener "Queen's Court", the tender Electronica of "Night" or the lovely amalgamation of crystalline Ambient and echoes of Indietronica to be found in "Dissolving Colour", the caressing piano melodies of an "Underlying Reality", the complex, interwoven lines of "Meet The Caterpillar" or the blurred, rainy afternoon melancholy brought to us by the concluding cut "Grey Wind" - this album holds a lot of beautiful moments not only for lovers of scores and electronic music but for everyone around and therefore is a well worthwhile addition to anyone's music collection for sure.   

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Sascha Müller - Das Pendel [SMSM 014]

Put on the circuit on August 31st, 2k17 is Sascha Müller's latest digital single release named "Das Pendel" which turns out to be a stripped down, crackling MinimalTechno effort providing loads of hypnotizing wobbly bassline pressure and spaced out synth pads whilst the so-called 'TTSK YNCK MIX.1' of the original track gets rid of the distinct bass works for the first half of its runtime and emphasizes on the Deep Space Techno aspect of "Das Pendel" only to take our brains on a trip to another dimension in which alien wobble monsters turned towards the dark side of the force. Proper! 

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Odd Nosdam - Lif [Sound In Silence 040]

Incoming from the Greek Sound In Silence-imprint only recently is "Lif", the latest album outing by Abstract HipHop / Beatmaker-artist Odd Nosdam, also known and loved for co-founding the beloved and popular Anticon.-label back in the days which raised awareness for quite a lot of leftfield, yet somehow HipHop-related artists throughout its heydays. Inspired by a three months stretch of nonstop rain occuring in the Bay Area in early 2017 we see Odd Nosdam turning his head away from beats with this album, exploring new realms somewhere in the grey area in between Ambient and Electronica starting with the bleak, yet ever moving metallic waft of "MIG" which caters a feel of a cold, scientific future before "RAI" contrasts the filtered background movements with elements of DubTechno and small, bell-like sounds whereas the title track "LIF" is more of a dark'ish, intense and droning affair for those caught deep within the darkest depths of their own Ambient soul. Within the 82 seconds of "AIN" rainy melancholia shows off in full with beautifully processed piano sounds, "SES" continues on a basically similar path and the sequels "KEL I" / "KEL II" come up with echoes of a deep, heartfelt Post-PostRock attitude due to their use of plucked guitar strings. Furthermore "REN" presents a masterly arranged array of what seem to be slow motion accordion chords, "TRO" serves more of a classic Ambient vibe garnished with quite a bit of vintage surface noise and the final cut "HOM" fuses the soft pads usually found in DubTechno with complex, blurred and captivating melodic layers of an abstract kind for all those floating through hyperrealms and multi-dimensional thought bubbles. Recommended!

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Arketi-Ray - From Ever Since [Jahmoni Music]

Put on the circuit via Munich's great Jahmoni Music-imprint only recently is "From Ever Since", the first ever album release by Arketi-Ray, a fascinating band / project outfit aiming to perfectly amalgamate influences taken from Dub and Jazz within this seven track mini album. Opening up with a killer DubJazz cut named "Time Is Now" clearly inspired by FutureJazz-melancholia Arketi-Ray pave the way for the FX heavy "Dub Is Now", bringing us a hyper seductive guitar motif and a shitload of echoes before "Sinai" gets into floating Roots / Steppa Dub and "Kali" jams slowly and bass heavy to one of the most beautiful piano lines we've ever heard of. Starting the flipside with "Under Fire" the group presents a deep, Jazz Noir-inspired take on Dub-infused downtempo swing including march-reminiscing snare drums and mysterious flute vibes which finds its continuation in the even more stripped down and dubbed out sequel "Under Rubble" whereas the final cut "Heartease" weighs in a classic Roots Dub-related intro only to introduce more of a laid back, slightly Downtempo-touching BarJazz vibe for a closing. Recommended!

05.10.2017 baze.djunkiii @ Mojo Jazz Cafe / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: NuJazz / BrokenHouse / Freestyle

set time: 9 pm

Mojo Jazz Cafe
Reeperbahn 1
Hamburg St. Pauli

Monday, October 02, 2017

Melt Unit - Bath Salts *Captain Raveman Remix

Big tune, this. Jungle all the way!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn - Caboclo Jam *Remixed By Traxman

When Latin Psychedelia meets Footwork the outcome is quite fascinating.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sascha Müller [Psychocandies P12-001]

Coming in straight from the vaults of the ever active Psychocandies label is this hyper-limited and hand-cut 12", bringing us two untitled track produced by the label head Sascha Müller himself. Put on the circuit as a limited edition of 10 - sic!!! - copies only we're entering the world of ecstatic, screaming AcidTechno / AcidTrance on the etched side which takes us back to era of anthems like "Turkish Bazar" and such whilst the flip enters reverb-heavy, pounding illegal warehouse rave territories garnished by more nerve-wrecking, psychotic Acid modulations for those who know. A highly collectible banger, this.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess - Meets New Soulmates At Nyege Nyege Deejay Laboratory [Jahmoni Music]

Coming straight from Munich's Jahmoni Music-camp is this lovely little mixtape release by DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess. Following her unique, multi-layered and tempo varied polyrhythms we see DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess presenting a tour de force through afro-eccentric influences, both traditional and contemporary, intense Spoken Word passages, minimalist and instrumental PostPunk, before taking a turn into highspeed Dub and twisted bass music, heavy Tribal House with oriental influences, even GhettoHouse, brutally swinging bass beats and dubbed out Space Jazz abstractions  as well as raw, unprocessed Underground Electro. Defo a well eclectic selection for all those who love a) cassette tapes for a reason and b) to dance their ass off far beyond any form of mainstream electronic music influences. This is one for all true music lovers out there.

Monday, September 25, 2017

30.09.2017 baze.djunkiii @ Altes Spital / Viechtach

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Jahmoni Music]

file under: UK Garage / Speed Garage / Sublow

after show party for The Jewish Monkeys (Israel)

Altes Spital
Spitalgasse 5
94234 Viechtach

Sum Of R - Cobalt Powder (Official Video)

Intense atmosphere, alienating Desert PostRock and the most dystopian, yet retrofuturist video sequences we've seen in a while - great stuff!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Repeat Eater - BlueRed Box Etude 2

Beautiful spatial Ambient sounds with a slightly retrofuturistic twist. Deep!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

29.09.2017 Pure Garage & Silk @ Cafe Holler / Deggendorf

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Jahmoni Music]

file under: UK Garage / SpeedGarage / Sublow 

doors: 9 p.m.

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Cafe Holler
Amanstrasse 8
94468 Deggendorf

Friday, September 22, 2017

28.09.2017 Pure Garage & Silk @ Rosenkeller / Jena

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Jahmoni Music]

doors: 11 p.m.

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Rosenkeller e.V.
Johannisstrasse 13
07743 Jena

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Trupa Trupa - To Me (Official Video)

It seems like the Gdansk-based band outfit Trupa Trupa have been diving deep into the oceans of Psychedelia for this song taken from their forthcoming album "Jolly New Songs" which is about to be released in late October, 2k17.

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 09/2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Laxenanchaos - Mole Acid *Captain Raveman Remix

Excellent stuff here - and a blueprint of what should be considered as Intelligent Dance Music these days. We wanna groove along to those vibes for nights on end!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Phonophani - Deep Learning (Official Video)

Intense, yet beautiful layering in Phonophani's latest, more Electronica related music video. We're in for this!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Björk - The Gate (Official Video)

More minimalist than ever, yet more caring and loving than one might've expected for now.

Dälek - Endangered Philosophies [Ipecac Recordings]

Put on the circuit via Ipecac Recordings on September 1st, 2k17 is "Endangered Philosophies", the latest full length album release in the nearly 20 years spanning career of Mutant HipHop veterans Dälek who first appeared on the circuit back in 1998 and made waves solo as well as collaborating with the likes of Faust or Kevin Martin's Techno Animal in the past. With their new eleven track spanning longplayer the band consequently follows their path, fusing heavy distortions layers and dark'ish, eroding sound elements partly built from samples sent to the band by other bands and performers they've bonded with over a long time with precise, razorsharp raps and danger-inducing atmospheres as well as classic, yet obscured melodies from the Jungle scene as to be recognized by genre experts in the banging "Few Understand" whereas tunes like "The Son Of Immigrants" weigh in a melodic sense of the apocalpyse, embarking on a sonic journey towards dystopia in which - interestingly - the vocal aspect caters as just another tier within the mix, embedded in and partly overrun by a wall of noise, an amalgamation of growing intensity and emergency that should be a part of every collectors collection for a reason. Recommended HipHop and Rap for those in the know - especially when it comes to the more Postnuclear Blues-reminiscing "Battlecries".

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fatima Al Qadiri feat. Bobo Secret & Lama3an - Alkahaf

Fatima Al Qadiri will be back with a new EP on the bass music staple imprint that is Hyperdub in mid-October!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

COH feat. John Balance & Louise Weasel - Love's Septic Domain

Beautiful and captivating Industrial Poetry taken off the forthcoming COH album "COHGS" which is about to be put on the circuit via Editions Mego on November 17th, 2k17.

Friday, September 15, 2017

22.09.2017 baze.djunkiii @ Reeperbahn Festival x Mojo Jazz Cafe / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under:  DeepHouse / BrokenHouse / Disco / Edits

set time: 11 am - 4 pm

daytime set - open air in case of good weather conditions.

Mojo Jazz Cafe
Reeperbahn 1
Hamburg St. Pauli

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Lali Puna - Two Windows [Morr Music]

Released via Morr Music on September 8th, 2k17 is "Two Windows", a new album marking the end of a seven years spanning release hiatus in the career of Lali Puna which have been making waves with their music since back in 1999. Coming back after such a long period does mean that some things have changed for sure and therefore we're seeing the band turning their heads towards a more dancefloor-friendly, partially even SynthPop influenced approach which is immediately evident in the seductive opener that is the the title track followed by sweet Electronic Pop vision "Deep Dream" which has been featured on these pages in early June. With "Come Out Your House" Lali Puna serve a masterly crafted amalgamation of Indietronica and bass music-infused elements, "The Frame" - a collaborational effort with Dntel - focuses on a floating, ethereal take on vocal-driven TechHouse, "Wear My Heart" somehow evokes memories of the classic "Moments In Love" without aiming to and the "Bony Fish feat. Mary Lattimore" is dripping with tender electronic romanticism and is one of the most  beautiful Indietronica songs we've come across in ages. Furthermore "Her Daily" weighs in a little innocence on a kinda of Dancehall-related Electronica foundation, "Wonderland" brings uplifting Pop aspects and beautiful crystalline synth works to advanced, intimate dancefloors, "Birds Flying High" alongside the great  Radioactive Man gets back into Tech-/MicroHouse territories with warm, all embracing basslines and delicately cut vocal snippets as well as beautiful melodies whilst "The Bucket" is another lively, yet tender banger for open air dances under a vernal sun. Working with Midori Hirano under heer MimiCuf moniker Lali Puna cater "Everything Counts", another delicate excursion into 4/4 territories before the final "Heads Up High" calmy waves goodbye in a more ballad'esque manner. A great comeback, this is!

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Zeitkratzer & Elliot Sharp - Oneirika (Live At Berghain Berlin) [Zeitkratzer Productions]

Released in mid-June via their very own label Zeitkratzer Productions is Zeitkratzer's live interpretation of Elliott Sharp's composition "Oneirika" which was performed and premiered as a commissioned work for the Maerzmusik Festival 2014 at Berlin's legendary electronic music venue Berghain. As a composition inspired by the works of John Cage and based on Elliott Sharp's unique approach of refiltering and processing his self-generated musical manuscripts through Photoshop techniques the piece is played within one lengthy 47:43 minutes session but split into ten different sections which are, as far as pigeonholing into genres makes any sense in terms of modern contemporary music, influenced by the farmost leftfield and experimental realms of FreeJazz, quiet, score'esque passages contrasted by thundering brass and percussions, lovely melodic aspects going down into upright mayhem and highly dramatic chaos and many more, presenting eerie calmness - especially in the spine-tingling four minutes of section five -, intense, brooding precipitance and even parts reminiscent of (Neo)Classical sheet music like in section eight. Demanding, unique, complex - and defo another one perfectly fitting in the Zeitkratzer back catalogue.

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20.09.2017 baze.djunkiii @ Reeperbahn Festival x Mojo Jazz Cafe / Hamburg

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: Downtempo / Dub / Reggae / TripHop

set time: 11 am - 4 pm

daytime set - open air in case of good weather conditions.

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Mojo Jazz Cafe
Reeperbahn 1
Hamburg St. Pauli