Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ze-Ka - Ghost Planet [Opa Loka Records]

Released via Opa Loka Records in late 2017 is "Ghost Planet", the latest - and first ever - album created by the French cellist and composer Jean-Philippe Feiss under his newly introduced artistic moniker Ze-Ka which is more oriented and driving towards a world of dark, ambient'esque synths and other electronics as perfectly showcased by the brooding, slowly moving opening track "Fission (Tribute To The Liquidators)" which, according to the press release sheet, is kinda inspired by the Tchernobyl disaster - a remark totally relatable to when referring to the tunes dangerous, yet alienating hum and desolate feel dissolving into more uplifting, naturalistic structures towards the end. Following up is "Gold River", the albums 24+ minutes long main piece, which literally is redefining the meaning of time-defying Ambient beauty and slow harmonic movements through its sheer existence alone whilst "Landscape" caters an array of dry, almost scientific sounding eclectrical bass pulses paired with static crackles, panoramic string layers and single oscillating synth tones as a rhythmic foundation. With "Red Forest" we see Ze-Ka return to his Tchernobyl driven inspiration providing a melancholia-infused cello effort of multilayered complexity evolving towards a darker, danger-inducing tonality and partly even threatening atmosphere later on whereas the final cut "Oceans" caters to the needs of Ambient / Deep Listening aficionados having a thing for unstable, slightly off-kilter rhythm signatures and crackly, solemn and contemplative textures. Highly recommended!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bug - Calamitas [Interstellar Records 043 Promo]

Put on the circuit via Interstellar Records in mid-October 2k17 is "Calamitas", the latest full on album serving catered by the Austrian band outfit known as Bug which has been making waves, or better: unleashed hell'ish maelstroms of deadly noises, for almost two decades now. And with their newest effort they're marching forward on their path of destruction. A production that provides a hard hitting wall of sound, furious drums, angry vocals and brutal, yet precise guitars brings on a 38 minutes tornado of fire and fury that'll be a pure pleasure to fans of Metal and NoiseRock although tunes like "Arbeitsunwill" in parts even evoke, although way distorted, memories of genres like Alternative Rock  whereas "Fuck Me Blind" brings forth a classic Hardcore attitude and "Best Days Of Our  Lives" lives up to the promise of thundering DeathRock like nothing else. Brutal, noise-ridden, good.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sascha Müller - The Dark Side Of The MS-20 [Defenestrated Records]

Going back into time and rewinding things back to year 2007 we're taking a look at Sascha Müller's three track CDr-release "The Dark Side Of The MS-20" today which actually was put on the circuit as a limited to 30 hand-numbered copies only run via the US-based imprint Defenestrated Records which ceased operations in 2010. Providing a menu of three untitled tracks the first, and main, tune of approx. 14 minutes length brings forth an echo-heavy, subaquatic take on electronic experimentation which certainly is made to accompany a heavy, reality warping journey into the land of psychedelic drugs and ghostly entities from the multidimensional outerworld followed by 153 seconds of pure static Noize in form of slighty rhythmic, atmospheric crackles and a 5+ minutes excursion into deep, Ambient-driven bass pulses fused with scientic bleeps and sweeps from a highly retrofuturist future which make this last of the three tunes the most fascinating one out of the triple featured on this collectible mini album for sure. If you're still able to find a copy a decade after its initial release you should grab one.

Dr. NoiseM - Black Noise 02: Suicide [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Literally fresh off the cutting table is part two of Dr. NoiseM's 'Black Noise'-series, entitled "Black Noise 02: Suicide" which surely caters to the needs of collectors of ultra-limited Noize and HarshNoize releases. With only 10 - sic !!! - hand-cut and hand-numbered releases ever put on the circuit worldwide we see the artist provide two futuristic journeys into a realm of clean and buzzing sci-fi, mid-frequency focusing Noize which, in parts, even seems to cross over into Rhythm Industrial territories without providing a proper beat structure for dark souls to dance to and at times even provides score'esque qualities due to its dark and haunted atmosphere. Harsh, rare and heavy!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

DJ Taye - Trippin' (Official Video)

Juke meets HipHop. Next level shit. Full support. Fo' real.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Various Artists - Children Of Harsh [Gerpfast Raw Tape Division]

Albeit already being released in April 2k17 this massive Noize overkill cassette tape was handed over to us only a few days ago. Put on the circuit by the Indonesian underground imprint known as Gerpfast Raw Tape Division as a hand-numbered edition of only 25 copies worldwide this heavy and hard to get by compilation features a a total of 50 - sic!!! - artists of which the majority hails from Indonesia like Theo Nugraha, Grintabachan, Rhinoplex Vigil and many more but also sees contributions from places like Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Siberia / Russia, United States, Italy and other countries, with each and every artist providing a Noize / HarshNoize outburst of approximately one minute length to this album. This said, it's surely impossible to review every single track in detail but if you're a fan of the genre and insane sonic ultraviolence as well as a collector of underground tape releases this one will cater to your needs for sure, serving an international dish of Noize created by the likes of Dr. NoiseM, A Raja's Mesh Men, Ghost Skull, Harsh Noise Movement, I Eternal and numerous other ambassadors of audible warfare.

Tape artwork on Instagram!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Various Artists - Diggin In The Carts: A Collection Of Pioneering Japanese Video Game Music [Hyperdub]

Coming up on vinyl via Hyperdub on February 16th, 2k18 is "Diggin In The Carts: A Collection Of Pioneering Japanese Video Game Music", a musical follow up and compilation inspired by the Red Bull Music Academy documentary of the same name. Featuring a large bunch of a total 34 tracks curated by both "Diggin In The Carts" writer Nick Dwyer and Hyperdub head honcho Kode9 we're taken deep into a fascinating and unfamiliar world of early electronic music that was to be heard via entertainment systems like Famicom, Super Famicom, MSXturboR and other consoles or home computer devices popular in Japan throughout the 80s and early 90s. With too many 8bit and 16bit hits on here to review them all in detail our recommendations come down to Konami Kukeiha Club's epic "Opening" taken off 'Cosmic Wars' which is an epic, tension building hit in its own right, fusing both Grime'esque elements and Miami Vice-influences in less than 70 seconds, the deep, melancholic beauty of Manabu Saito's "Telepathy" taken off 'Chatty', the highspeed overdrive sequences of "BGM 3", a Konami Kukeiha Club contribution to 'Motocross Maniacs' or the epic Synth drama provided by Tadahiro Nitta's "An-Un 'Ominous Clouds' - Xak II" as well as the buzzing melodic energy catered by Hiroto Saitou's "Main Stage BGM 1" off of 'Time Cruise II' or the Cold Wave-reminiscing structures of Tadahiro Nitta's "Metal Area" which is featured in 'Illusion City' just to name a few. Highly recommended, this - not only to video game collectors and their affiliated friends.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Manga St. Hilaire - Pen Game 2 Freestyle

Another classy contribution to the Grime freestyle game. We're in!

Sascha Müller - 8k Techno Vol.3 [Sascha Müller Music]

Coming in via Sascha Müller Music these days is the December-released third sequel of the artists "8k Techno" series which, once again, caters two LoBit Techno tracks on floppy disk - this time put out as a limited and hand-numbered edition of only 17 copies worldwide. Whilst "No10_A3" weighs in a heavy, lo-fi pump alongside eerie, ecstatic modulations and an overall spookyness of sorts we see "Ready For It (Drum Version)" rolling on a harder tip, bringing forth more of a dark'ish, alienated MonoAcid-attitude for all lovers of proper 8bit music. Music as underground as underground can be!

Floppy artwork on Instagram!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

3CloneB - True War EP [Psychocandies 063]

Coming up on the Psychocandies label on January 25th, 2k18 is 3CloneB's newest three track single named "True War EP" which sees the producer coming up with the opener "Kanbarra", a bubbly take on melodic, spiralling Acid accompanied by soft, ever moving pads to create a great, Trance-inducing vibe. The second one on here is "Katapult", an uplifting take on floating AcidTrance for all hardcore positive ravers whilst the concluding "On Range" is bringing on bouncy, happy and playful AcidTechno with a hypnotic, yet uptempo Intelligent Techno twist for advanced underground nightclubs. This last one should be on heavy rotation for years for a reason.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Sextile - Albeit Living [Felte 044 Promo]

Released via the Felte-imprint somewhen throughout 2k17 is "Albeit  Living", the sophomore album created by Sextile who've already been featured on these pages with their killer track "Ripped" a few weeks prior to this post. Opening their new ten track journey with "One Of These" we're directly drawn into a heaving mass of Wave and Goth fanatics getting off to the harsh, highly energetic vibe of the tune whereas "Who Killed Six" brings more of a distorted Garage Rock meets PostPunk feel to the table with its anthemic, scream-a-long attitude before "Floored" is an echo-heavy, dark'ish effort sporting raw flogging snares and a screaming, horror'esque athmosphere which is reminiscent of Tropic Of Cancer's uber-hit "Be Brave" and "Mental" serves a Punk-influenced mental mayhem with harsh, aggressive sounds smashing everything into bits within seconds."Sterilized" keeps up with the dancefloor friendly, uptempo vibe for the punk'esque creatures of the night, the stop-and-go vibe of "Das Cat" might also be appreciated by an Indie-loving audience, "Situations" explores more Wave-heavy territories, "Crisis" seems to be the albums most accessible and therefore hit single-like song albeit being heavily distorted and wall-of-sound infused whilst the final cut "AVC" is based on marching drum machines and a cold electronic vibe paying homage to NuBeat, Industrial and Acid for the darkest hours on the dancefloor. Proper interesting stuff, this.

Monday, January 08, 2018

baze.djunkiii Charts 01/2018

01. B12 - Electro-Soma [Warp Records]
There's not many words to describe this classic. One of the most important Ambient / IDM / Intelligent Techno albums of all time, dating back to 1993 and part of the legendary "Artificial Intelligence"-series, is now back on the circuit, remastered and about to amaze and awe a new generation of electronic music lovers as well as those who missed out on this masterpiece when it was originally released. Essential!

02. DJ Bwin - Trinity [Hundert 002]
The second release on the German Hundert-imprint which made it into my box for its A-side track "Herodot" only - a great piece of slo-mo Future Jungle for heaving bass music, and especially UK Garage, floors featuring a hypnotic, minimalistic main motif and well familiar vocals samples for all the real bass headz out there whilst the flipside caters to the needs of UK Hardcore / Darkside lovers as well as to those being in love with deepest Detroit Techno for a reason.

03. Leroy & Angela Aux - Grain In Vain [Schamoni Musik]
See review for details...

04. AB 2088 [CPU7-003 Whitelabel]
This mysterious stamped whitelabel 7" caters two deep and masterly crafted pieces of floating, fascinating Electro for advanced Ambient floors and Space Night sessions. Pure minimalism meets pure underground for those in the know. Excellent stuff.

05. Twin Peetz - As We Do (Vinyl Version) / Sascha Müller - Terre De Dub 1 [Sascha Müller Music]
See review for details...

06. O3 - Trashumanica [Sofa Music]
See review for details...

07. Sugai Ken - UkabaUmorezU [RVNG Intl.]
See review for details...

08. Marco Resmann feat. Deep Aztec & Black Soda - Babylon Side [Watergate Records 044]
See review for details...

09. Round Two - New Day [Main Street Records]
Classic tune is classic. Another great fusion of proper DeepHouse, soulful GarageHouse vocals and elements of DubTechno amalgamated by the Basic Channel / Hardwax camp over 20 years ago to a timeless effect. Still good and finally in the box.

10. Null + Void - Cryosleep [HFN Music]
The debut album by the Brooklyn-based Swissman Kurt Uenala a.k.a. Null + Void, formerly known as Kap10Kurt and widely recognized as long time collaborator with Depeche Mode, serves a nice range of ten tracks, covering quite a variety of styles from ethereal SynthPop to clean and classy Electro and highly dramatic, partly even score'esque bits like the stunning instrumental workout "Come To Me" which, to us and alongside the eerie and epic vocal anthem "Hands Bound", is one of the most outstanding tunes on this longplay piece which also features bits of masterly crafted Ambient / (Neo)Cosmic alongside more uptempo-flavored tunes. For namedropping reasons one can look forward to hear the likes of Dave Gahan, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Big Pink and Shannon Funchess contributing to this album as well.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Repeat Eater - 1-2-3-4

A massive underground banger for all illegal warehouse raves out there.

Friday, January 05, 2018

12.01.2018 baze.djunkiii guest set @ 90s Rave Radio / Ems-Vechte-Welle 99.3FM

Transmission starts @ 11 p.m. GMT+1

Terrestrial transmission on frequency 99.3FM in and around the Emsland-region of Germany.

Click here for internet stream!

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 060]

Fresh from the vaults of the man known as Sascha Müller is his latest album on Supersix Records which caters another set of twelve new tracks, starting with "Metabolism", a raw and slightly oldskool'ish piece of sawtooth Techno sporting heavy drum dynamics and a bubbling, slightly trancey Acid line which fall together as giving the track a feel oftentimes evoked by early Italian productions in the first half of the 90s. The next up is "My Definition" which comes down to a deep, thrilling and tool'ish bit of primetime focused Detroit Techno weighing in an ecstatic, soft and beautiful stab sequence whilst "Nervensystem" perfectly captures the sound of rolling, psychedelia-infused Trance for late 2017 and "No Drugs" brings on banging HardTechno to the table again, a style that went way underground throughout the recent decade or so, a theme continued by the hammering "Operation Hanoi" on a way more brutal and heavily distorted tip which is catering some hard as fuck military style snare rolls for off their feet ravers. With "REM" we don't get no sleep either whilst drifting along multilayered waves of hypnotic Intelligent Techno, the "Revenge Of The Computer Gods" is getting back into war-themed, forward marching HardTechno territories with a bit of a gooey, acidic side dish, "Rock The Beat" comes on hard, banging, yet clean and with a more Rave oriented twist, hyper ecstatic synth melody and a DarkRave / Gabber-resembling overall feel before "Rocksonic" gets more tribal'esque, playful and percussive in terms of dry, hypnotizing and razor sharp Tech vibes and a classy mid 90s feel. With "Schalldruck" things slow down a little for small, strobe-lit illegal Techno-driven basement workouts that go on for days before adding a sweet'n'cheesy motif that surely adds an unexpected angle to the tunes course, "Schaltkreis" explores frolicking AcidTechno territories to a well spiralling effect and the the final cut "Schatten" is on an experimental, multi-layered percussion tip for all those being into raw, unprocessed anti-grooves and a dark, primetime Techno excess for a reason.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Gregg Kowalsky - L'Orange L'Orange [Mexican Summer]

Released via Mexican Summer in mid-November, 2k17 is "L'Orange L'Orange", the first full on solo album created by the American composer Gregg Kowalsky in about eight years. With the Ambient and (Neo)Cosmic-resembling opener "L'Ambience L'Orange" which has already been featured on these pages Kowalsky leads us into a sonic world he describes as his most uplifting and blissful work up to this very date, a carefully crafted ode to the orange sun shining brightly over states like Florida or the city of Los Angeles to which the artist relocated a while ago. Perfectly matching the warm, organic tone of the albums artwork tracks like "Tuned To Monochrome" with its playful yet beatlessly floating rhythm signatures resemble the lazy, time-perception bending feel of hot summer afternoons under a bright blue sky and a burning sun, the "Tonal Bath For Bubbles" weighs in a slightly improvised Ambient feel whilst being transmitted to this world from another dimension and "Pattern Haze" combines deep, static Ambient with a decent, yet present foundation of Clicks'n'Cuts before the "Ritual Del Croix" provides more of a misty overall vibe incorporating all sorts of fascinating noises from afar whereas the final cut "Blind Contour Drawing For Piano" takes a different turn and combines the warm orange feel of this theme-based album with beautiful Piano Ambient improvisations. Defo one for die-heart fans of the genre... and classy lounge music for your favorite high end cafe.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Visible Cloaks - Keys (Official Video)

Another beautiful journey into hyperdigital realms, guided by Visible Cloaks and their team of motion graphic designers.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Frisco - Yeah (Freestyle)

Frisco delivers pure fire on a Lewi B production here. Madness.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sum Of R - Orga [Cyclic Law]

Still catching up on a huge pile of promos sitting on our desk we're taking a closer look at "Orga" today, the latest album created by Reto Mäder's band outfit Sum Of R which has been on the release circuit for about a decade now. Put on the circuit in mid-September, 2k17 the album starts with "Intro: Please Ring The Bells", a well atmospheric and spine-tingling piece of score'esque music leading towards the minimalist Dark PostRock affair that is "Overgrown" and its ritualistic, Drone and Ambient related successor "We Have To Mark This Entrance" weighing in beautiful string arrangements and the atmospheric grandiosity of ancient sagas touching each- and everyone from a place deep within. Seeing both "Light & Dust" induces a feel of danger lurking in dark corners whilst bordering on (Neo)Classical and Ambient influences, "Cobalt Powder" is a more dynamic, in parts even noisier affair combining bass drones and sonic waves pushing one's braincells into Dark Ambient realms whilst scarce, yet thundering drum works are slowly building up tension, alongside a bluesy piano line that is, to a point of horror'esque uber intensity that will surely break the weak-heartened, levelling them up into a "Hypnotic State" in which even church organs come into play, slowly morphing into calmer, more collected sonic spheres whilst "The Passing Of Risk" provides a feel of vast subsurface depths and cavities, of mysterious, yet uncovered worlds and the magic felt within, drawing pictures of ancient times and enigmatical dwellers roaming unknown lands. Furthermore "Desmonema Annasethe" is a quite calm and static Ambient affair of undeniable beauty which is paired with decent layers of electrical buzzing and sounds of small but rattling metal pieces, "To Deny Responsibility Is To Perpetuate A Lie" provides a slow, yet overwhelming flood of subaquatic Ambient and ratcheting rhythms once again combined with sparse metallic sounds whereas the greatly named "Let Us Begin With What We Do Not Want To Be" weighs in a peaceful sonic panorama piece as epic as overlooking a mountain massif before the concluding "One After The Other" presents a more agitated and lively approach to cinematic soundscapes accompanied with a distinct, yet unusual rhythmic foundation. An excellent score for cold winter nights, this is.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Islaja - Tarantulla [Svart Records Promo]

Released earlier this month via Svart Records is "Tarantulla", the newest album created by the Finnish artist Merja Kokkonen using her artistic guise Islaja. Catering a menu of nine tracks covering a runtime of approx. 38 minutes we see the Berlin-based creator explore a fascinating realm of distinct, unique Leftfield Pop starting with the vocally warped and string heavy tale named "Ghost From The Future" which fuses both modernistic as well as ancient musical tendencies whilst "Emosein" brings dramatic, captivating multiple harmony layers of - well... - slightly björk'ish qualities to the table and its follow up "Sadetta" and its hypnotic beat backing is more of an intense and ceremonial, maybe even celebratory character. With "Tactile Material" we're entering a dancefloor crowded by SynthPop, PostPunk and Wave-loving creatures of the night which also have a thing for experimental Jazz-excursions, the "Peace Pilot" flies a plane fueled by hammering, uncompromising Techno and experimental, ethereal vocal works whereas the artists "Earty Side" is a hypnotic excursion into 4/4 driven Synth- and MinimalWave with an edgy, ambiguous twist. Looking at her "Robot Arm" Merja Kokkonen must have thought of heavy, grinding SynthPop and slowly moving gargantuan machines of future industrial eras alongside big time romanticism and intense Spoken Word lectures, "Sävel Mun Suussa" is more of a traditional ballad in a MetaPop sense and twice as sexy due to the use of the Finnish language and the closing "Sun Luona Taas" pleases all those loving large scale vintage synth arrangements as well as heartfelt and touching Retrofuturist SpacePop for a reason. Well-varied and therefore recommended for a reason.

Jana Irmert - Obstacles (Official Video)

A quite static, yet beautiful visualization of deep, melancholia-infused Dark Ambient music. We love this.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Lewi B - Who's Leveling? (Shannon Parkes & Max Must Stop It WARDUB)

It's war time again. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Nils Økland Band - Lysning [Hubro Music]

Incoming via Hubro Music only recently and already announced on these pages via the posting of its opening tune "Drøm" earlier this month is "Lysning", the second ever full length album created by the Nils Økland-led Nils Økland Band who is setting out to focus mainly, but not exclusively, on the beautiful sound of the Norwegian instrument that is widely known as hardanger fiddle, played in combination with various other string instruments, double bass, harmonium, electric guitar and many more, creating a beautiful, multilayered and often Ambient referencing atmosphere of purely non-electronic origin that, due to its floating and seamless nature, seems like it'd been crafted and created digitally, weighing in its calming and naturalistic, folk'ish strengths as well as a slightly dancy, medieval touch in the remarkable "Flukt" which is one of the most captivating standout tunes on this album whereas "Skygger" caters rural melancholia and a proper amount of ancient weltschmerz which also is to be found in the beautiful slow dance that is "Skumring" whilst the nearly eight minutes spanning "Speiling" unveils the musical abilities and dynamic range of the five piece band piece to the fullest before the intense "Bølge" seems like a tense prequel to and call for a nordic sword battle to be fought in the nearby future. A stunning musical experience that's also highly recommended for collectors of scores and soundtracks for a reason.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Frog Bitch - The Frog Bitch Fucks Your Brain EP [Psychocandies 062]

Another new one on Psychocandies is the "Frog Bitch Fucks Your Brain EP" by, ofc, Frog Bitch which is due for release on December 28th, 2k17 and caters three new tracks from the mysterious artists' studios. Opening with "Untitled 2" we're drawn into a world of dry, experimental ElectroTech rhythm signatures and repetetive, lo-fi sawtooth synths surely made to fuck up one's braincells whereas the following "Untitled 3" brings on deep, hypnotic ClubTechno vibes seemingly coming straight from the ProtoTrance era that was about 1992/1993, catering some excellent 303-modulations for a floating AcidTrance feel before the concluding "Untitled 4" presents a way harsher, distorted and merciless take on raw MonoAcid that could've been derived from the idea of pitching down screaming AcidCore to the max. This tune is for the headstrong only.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

El Perro Del Mar - Fight For Life (Official Video)

A blueprint of highly dramatic Pop music taken from El Perro Del Mar's forthcoming EP named "We Are History" which is about drop via Ging Ging Recordings on February 2nd, 2k18. We're in for the tension and suspense!

Sascha Müller - I Have A Sampler [Psychocandies 061]

Released on December 21st, 2k17 via Psychocandies is Sascha Müller's latest digital single named "I Have A Sampler" which features the title track in two versions. Whilst the 'Original Mix' caters a gooey, ever spiralling take on Acid incorporating a heavily filtered vocal sample slightly reminiscent of the French Touch era we see the 'Acid Machine Mix' bring on a darker, more pounding, yet hollow-sounding approach, emphasizing on raw hi-hats and claps whilst presenting a vibe that might remind some of us older geeks of DBX's classic "I'm Losing Control" for a reason.

Monday, December 25, 2017

DJ Taye feat. Chuck Inglish - Get It Jukin

Deep Juke to come from DJ Taye - scheduled for March, 2k18 via Hyperdub!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Ziúr - Fractals (Official Video)

Trigger warning: the combination of music and video art might cause seizures.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

O3 - Trashumancia [Sofa Music]

Released via the Norwegian staple Sofa Music in late October, 2k17 is "Trashumancia", the second ever album by O3, a group comprised of Ingar Zach, Alessandra Rombola and Esteban Algora which are making a return to the longplay circuit after ten long years with this 48 minutes piece which has been as well recorded in the Spanish town of Uruena where the group recorded their acclaimed debut. Starting with "Amaneceres" the group enters a world of very stripped down Minimal Music which goes way beyond the borders of pure Ambient, only delivering an arrangement of assorted single sonic events seemingly following a strict compositional idea and line before "Tras Un Sol Violento" serves a deep, breathtaking take on Drone and Dark Ambient music accompanied by percussive crescendoes as well guttural grunts from hell and "Caminar, Caminar, Caminando" combines Field Recordings and an ebb and flow of altered accordion sounds with brittle electronics to a very intense, yet also melancholia-infusing, inward-looking effect. Furthermore "Arroyuelos" tells tales of buzzing alienation and perfect isolation in deserted ghost towns, "Naturaleza Inerta" takes ultraminimalistic Ambient to the next level and serves nothing but a haunting, slowly pulsating atmosphere whereas "Lobizniega" brings on a darker, more threatening vibe with heavy percussions, pounding background drums and the scraping sounds of cutlery on ceramics as well as off kilter vintage synths, all falling together in a very abstract, yet Industrial-resembling manner before the final cut "Al Caer La Noche" provides a more naturalistic feel with dreamlike flutes and an overall atmosphere taken from a fairytale. Outstandingly good, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Palmbomen II - Memories Of Cindy Pt. 2

A sequel transmission from a strange parallel space-time realm. We're not sure if we'd want to be there.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Sextile - Ripped (Official Video)

Define: hypersexed Punkrock / Synthwave brutalism.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 12/2017

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 059]

Coming up with a new untitled album on his own Supersix Records label is the man known as Sascha Müller who is catering another menu of twelve previously unreleased tunes with this longplay effort. The opener "Der Schieber (Olala Mix)" weighs in hard, uncompromising and tool'ish Techno that would've been labelled as Schranz in Germany a good ten years ago, "Gain" presents Techno purism on a more hypnotizing and futuristic level, sending huge spaces to heavens with its distinct drive, "Global Control" combines raw, BigBeat-reminiscing Breakbeats with a straight 4/4, spaced out DubTechno chords, a playful, uplifting synth motif and a deep as fuck take on Phonk basslinewise whilst "Implant II" is a blueprint for banging Techno brutalism bordering Hardcore in late 2k17 for sure. Being "Impressed" comes down to dancing to super dry, yet playful House music infused with jazzy drums and sweet, seductive melodic aspects, "In The Japanese Gameroom" brings on traditional Japanese instruments, fast Breakbeats and, of course, loads of 8bit game music influences whereas "Jazzistic Part II" seems to follow a more comical, overdrive and hyperspeed approach and can be seen as a glitched, tongue-in-cheek take on Novelty Music before the "Latinoman" makes us dance to masterly crafted, percussive Techno rhythms and "Lichteffekt" weighs in a deep, complex Intelligent Techno feel for late night underground sessions in full on ecstasy. Finally, a lonely "Little Green Man" is having a ChillOut party to Acid-infused slo-mo Electro, lost somewhere in an alien swamp, the "Loved Rocking Beats" present razor sharp, B12-influenced UltraPhonk for all the dancers and breakers out there before a visit to the "Mekong Delta" unveils a new angle on metallic, ultracompressed Techno for those in need of a deadly weapon to cold floor ravers on the dancefloor. Quite a diverse arrangement of quality tracks, this.

Panoptique Electrical - Quiet Ecology [Sound In Silence 044]

Coming in from the Greek Sound In Silence-label is their late November released album "Quiet Ecology" created by the now Adelaide, Australia-based sound artist that is Jason Sweeney under his musical moniker Panoptique Electrical. Making his third appearance on the imprint we see Sweeney open his latest effort with "The World Is So Loud", a beautiful and organic 11+ minutes take on pure Piano Ambient romanticisms accompanied by decent cello strings, the follow up "In A Vow Of Silence" weighs in more of a droning, solemn and intense approach towards autumnal Ambient music and "Footfalls" caters the needs of those bathing in loneliness and melancholia throughout cold winter nights, shedding tears and suffer from broken hearts. With "Upon A Map" multilayered channels bring on a quite alarming, yet also natural and medieval feel of sorts, "A Place With Trees" takes us back into a more romantic mood and the final cut finds its place "In Between Buildings", following a similar path but unfortunately doesn't play through its entire runtime because our copy of this release is somehow scratched and faulty towards the very end. If you love Piano Ambient and moody feels, this one's for you anyway.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Lui Hill - 5000 Miles (Official Video)

Deep and touching 4K Future Soul for those going through emotional trouble these days. Lovely.

Die Tödliche Doris - Acht-Jahres-Pause / Eight-Year Pause

The most beautiful, dubbed out Noize we've come across in a while. Absolute perfection.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Sugai Ken - UkabazUmorezU [Rvng Intl. 040]

Released in late October, 2k17 via Rvng Intl. is "UkabazUmorezU", the latest album effort created by Japanese sound artist Sugai Ken who caters a menu of 11 tracks on this longplay piece which are, for the most part, based upon a foundation of Field Recordings of local performing arts captured in Kanagawa, Japan which are altered and transformed through techniques of electronic synthesis. This said, the sonic world created by Sugai Ken incorporates both elements of traditional, partly ritualistic music, Ambient / IDM and a bizarre sense for humoristic twists and turns, leading tunes like "Wochikaerie To Uzume" into unexpected, comical directions whilst "Shinobine" brings us pure calmness comprised of some background noise and a looped birds tweet. With "Okera" Sugai Ken introduces the world to an amalgamation of ritual metal percussion tones, repetetive pads and swampy sounds of a seemingly modular origin, the short interlude that is "Mei" brings on some threatening, dark and obscured transmissions from the outerworld seamlessly transitioning into "Ganoubyoshi" whereas "Doujiri" fuses fairylike harp chords with bits of Abstract Jazz and quite a tongue-in-cheek attitude on which "Katsura" picks up to provide more of an uplifting, all embracing vibe related to blog hype genres like Glo-Fi and ChillWave in terms of its overall feel. "Kugutsa Biwa" once again gets into what might recognized as strange communication signals of extraterrestrial lifeforms according to underground 70s sci-fi flics which as well goes for the follow-up that is "Sawariyanagi", a tune based on a series of highly warped vocal cut ups, before the concluding "Suzunarikibushi" takes on a dancy, playful and frolicking sonic array for a farewell which makes us smile for a reason. Highly recommended, this!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Palmbomen II - Memories of Cindy Pt. 1

What have we seen? Are you disturbed, too? Is this great? And does the universe even exist?

Nils Økland Band - Drøm

The folk'ish, untouched and natural beauty of Hardanger fiddle music at its best, accompanied by soft electronic pads and beautiful atmospheres.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Twin Peetz - As We Do (Vinyl Version) / Sascha Müller - Terre De Dub 1 [Sascha Müller Music]

Put on the circuit as a limited to 10 copies - sic!!! - hand-numbered and hand-cut vinyl release via Sascha Müller Music is the latest split 12" effort crafted by Sascha Müller himself and the Berlin-based producer Twin Peetz. Whilst Twin Peetz' focuses on the deeper, ever spiralling and more melodic edge of DubTechno with his tune "As We Do (Vinyl Version)" which might be best described as a fusion of Echochord and Maurizio labelwise we see Sascha Müller's "Terre De Dub 1" explore a more haunting, ghostly and most importantly more technoid realm within the genre, providing a proper muscular tool for close to peak time DubTechno sets. Collectors item!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Xposed 4Heads - 8Bit Ride (Official Video)

Super cute and very playful holiday greetings from the remarkable band outfit widely recognized as the Xposed 4Heads. This is for the lo-fi lovers.

Kedr Livanskiy - Ariadna [2MR 029 Promo]

Released in early September via the 2MR imprint is Kedr Livanskiy's debut album "Ariadna", crafted by the Moscow-based artist Yana Kedrina using her artistic nom de guerre to cater an array of ten tracks both inspired by her own urban environment as well as mythological thoughts and 80s electronic pioneers from Russia. Starting with the album's title track "Ariadna" a new sonic world opens up comprised of dreamlike (Neo)Cosmic, Electro and ethereal, Pop-infused vocals whereas the follow up "Sunrise Stop" brings on all embracing organic bass waves and a decent 4/4 drum layer as foundation for Kedr Livanskiy's voice driven journey into deep retrofuturistic space. Drawing more influences from the Space Age - and ItaloDisco of sorts - is "Your Name", a highly seductive tune which might be referred to as the albums hit single, "Mermaid" provides a floating, beatless approach to (Neo)Cosmic and "ACDC" featuring Martin Newell on vocal duties presents more of a mystical, spiralling Spoken Word vibe before raving Electro beats and oldskool'ish Breakbeats send punters to new ecstatic heavens. With "Za Oknom Vesna" Kedr Livanskiy's vocal approach meets proper, slightly trancey Detroit Techno for the first time, "Love & Cigarettes" combines heartfelt, deep ass melancholia with driving Electro vibes again before the "Sad One" contributes a concluding beautiful, naturalistic tale of Synth Ambient to the albums story. Furthermore we see the digital bonus track "Fire & Water" weigh in a slightly tribalistic approach to vocal driven Intelligent Techno as well as massive dancefloor potential and the vinyl exclusive "Sunset" unveils the most touching, widescreen panorama SloMo Synth Techno we've come across in quite a while. Great stuff. Highly recommended.