Friday, September 20, 2019

Isan - Lamenting Machine [Morr Music 169]

Scheduled for release via Morr Music on October 18th, 2k19 is "Lamenting Machine", the ninth studio album by Antony Ryan and Robin Saville who are better known to fans and followers of quality electronic music under their nom de guerre that is Isan. Formed in 1996 and associated with the Morr Music label for two decades now the duo of Electronica pioneers opens their new eight track journey with "From A Hundred", a beautifully caressing tune which was already featured on these pages earlier this month, before "Memory Cascades" brings forth crystalline, chiming melodies floating atop of interestingly syncopated, crisp and dry beat structures and obvious, organic Indietronica influences. With "Perlon" we see Isan employing a dreamy ChillOut vibe bordering echoes of Ambient Post-PostRock and / or PopAmbient, the "Ichthyosaur" is more of a friendly, curious, playful, multilayered and polyrhythmic beast frolicking through the meadows whilst "Strix Aluco" reveals a more solemn, (Neo)Cosmic-infused side of the groups outstanding musical work. Furthermore "Ephemeroptera" brings forth more fascinating polyrhythms as well as meandering meoldies and time signatures for the musically knowledgeable follower of Ambient, Electronica and IDM, "Calliscope" is building up slowly only to create tender, fragile and scenic structures as well as a huge, slightly dubbed out bass and rhythm foundation for highly advanced late night dancefloors before the concluding title track "Lamenting Machine" seems to redefine the Ambient Rave genre for 2019 in a masterly crafted manner. Isan being as Isan as they can. Lovely.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 090]

Supersix Records Extra 090 - this comes down to a bunch of ninety untitled album releases by Uelsen's most productive electronic music force known as Sascha Müller who's back on track with another set of eleven formerly unreleased tunes here. Opening with "Planet Erde" we see the producer paying homage to our very own planet in providing a super deep, repetetive Techno vibe whilst "Planet Wobble" moves dancefloors with beautiful, lively melodies and a warm, trance-inducing take on DubTechno whereas "Planets" indulges in floating early Ambient / IDM vibes and evokes long lost memories of perfect ChillOut floors we used to hang out in for hours in the 90s. Furthermore "Plasmids In Motion" starts out with a super seductive low end sequence before slowly evolving into a deep, groovy and surprisingly Piano driven variation of Intelligent Techno sporting some bubbly background Acid modulations, "Point Basic" is on a contrary tip in terms of hard, fast pace and highly percussive Techno for ultimate peaktime abuse somewhat reminiscent of Fabrice Lig's seminal "Interwaves EP" released back in 1994, "Pop Acid" is not that Pop-driven at all but a killer AcidTrance anthem for those in the know whilst "Preisfragen" is more of a high speed variation of gooey AcidTrance influenced by abstract 'troity arrangements, TechnoJazz and MinimalTechno alike. The "Proton Dancer" is harking back to a raw, tribalistic ToolTechno approach for most unapologetic DJ-sets, "Pulsarenergie" brings forth a distinct, yet stripped down energy with its bouncy, electroid take on MinimalTechno, "Raumtanz" provides beautifully floating, soft early morning Trance before the concluding "Rubber Forces From Planet Gum" take minimalist Acid Techno to the deepest, most hypnotic level ever. Killer stuff.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Ensemble Neon - Niblock / Lamb [Hubro Music]

Put on the circuit via the Norwegian Hubro Music-imprint on August 9th, 2k19 is the latest album effort of Ensemble Neon which are taking on two extended, droney compositions by composers Phill Niblock and Catherine Lamb on this longplay piece. Opening with Phill Niblock's "To Two Tea Roses" we're exploring a 23 minutes spanning steady flow of droning, yet friendly and organic Ambient music of a both soothing and hypnotic nature, accompanied by tender melodic textures hidden deep in the mix and somewhat comparable in its trance-inducing feel with echoes and faded vibrations of ancient didgeridoo motifs still present in rural, untouched places located deep within the Australian outback where the native dream-time is still intact and undisturbed. On the other hand Catherine Lamb's "Parallaxis Forms" stays on an Ambient-infused path, yet is bringing forth more naturalistic mystique as well as more obvious references to the ensembles background in (Neo) Classical / Contemporary Classical music due to the use of distinguishable, yet droning string movement and melody as well as ethereal, floating non-vocalisms as a part of the compositions instrumentation. Deep.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Touchables - The Noise Is Rest [Conradsound]

Coming straight at us with a combination of octobass and piccoletto violin is the duo of Guro Skumsnes Moe and Ole-Henrik Moe a.k.a. The Touchables on their first ever conjunctional album which has been released via Conradsound on August 27th, 2k19. Stretched out over the course of 45 minutes and a total of eight tracks the duo is taking the musical properties of their respective instruments to the very extremes with the opener "Nothing In Between" rather resembling a Field Recording session featuring the faraway background hum of a helicopter flying miles away than any string instruments being involved, the "Barking Beetle Boogie" starts with an explosive, yet highly abstract FreeJazz approach before slowly fading away in a full on experimental manner, a trip to "Birdabyalullaland" reveals the true, albeit yet way off kilter nature of the instruments in use for the first time on this album before the "Blackout Lighthouse" seems to capture cold and deadly ambient sounds from a well hostile and dangerous environment in which one shouldn't leave his or her shelter without a shotgun and a torch at hand. Furthermore the "Peace Ghost" seems to have a thing for imitating intense, ancient, wobbly and decaying horn recordings bordering the edge of madness, the "Byalullulandbird" is picking up where its predecessor left off whilst adding additional layers of longing, sadness and melancholy to its well desperate vibe whereas "Unicorn Stocking" brings forth memories of wild horses indeed whilst indulging in a hectic, busy and somewhat even grotesque score-like approach well suitable for experimental art house horror flics shot in black and white before the concluding composition pays homage to a "Deserted Desert", summoning ghosts, sprites and spirits of those who lost themselves, or their minds, whilst wandering uncharted terrain in the years of yore. Intense.

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baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 09/2019

Monday, September 16, 2019

Various Artists - Psycho Kidzzz Vol. 6 [Psychocandies 080]

Back for another label retrospective is the ever active Psychocandies-imprint, this time presenting their latest ten track compilation named "Psycho Kidzzz Vol. 6" which is solely focusing on the highlights of the most recent catalogue and representing the wide variety of the label sound including the deep Intelligent Techno meets Acid vibes of "Datacore 1" by Datacore Productionz meets The 808 Hillbillys whilst Sascha Müller's "Native Destruction" brings on maximum drugged out levels of Acid Techno psychosis, his remix of El Atalaya's "Respect My Ability" touches base with both banging AcidRave and Hardcore and Dize7's "Two Specifications" bring forth more Psychic Hardcore just to name a few cuts featured on this compilation album which is one recommended for the real headz for sure.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Vilhelm Bromander & Fredrik Rasten - ...For Some Reason That Escapes Us [Differ Records 001]

Incoming from the freshly launched Swedish label Differ Records and due to be released via the imprint on September 20th, 2k19 is "... For Some Reason That Escapes Us", the new collaborational album effort created and put together by the duo of Vilhelm Bromander and Fredrik Rasten, both acclaimed solo musicians as well as collaborators in their own right. Opening with "Harmony For Two Or More Voices I" the musicians create a deep, beautiful and solemn feel of inward looking melancholia whereas the subsequent "A Glimpse Through A Thousand Examples" makes the organically created soundscape of guitar, voice and double bass almost seem to emulate and recreate a feel of modular electronic composition in its tender, most ambient'ish and atmospheric vibe before diving deep into score'esque, slightly haunting, super minimalist and low end focused composition techniques whilst the subsequent "Harmony For Two Or More Voices II" picks up on the melancholy of Part I whilst focusing on a steady ebb and flow of slowly e-bowed guitars which surely is about to sit well with fans and followers of the Ambient genre worldwide. On the flipside of the vinyl LP we see the theme of "Gentle Mountains" split into three parts - "Toward", "With" and "Onward"  - of which the first two are closely connected in the use of a slowly building, yet pretty intense bass drone accompanied by tender (Neo)Classical string repetition figures in "Toward" whilst "With" emphasizes and focuses on the low frequency aspect of the drone itself before "Onward" brings out a previously unheard approach to minimalist, hollow, ritualistic rhythm signatures accompanied by plucked, slightly off-kilter guitar tones in the work of the two musicians which evokes memories of Einstürzende Neubauten's "U-Haft Musik" but without the inherent aggression and desolation. Go check.

Sirom - Svet, Ki Spece Konju Cvet = A Universe That Roasts Blossoms For A Horse [Tak:til / Glitterbeat Promo]

Released via Tak:til / Glitterbeat Records is "Svet, Ki Spece Konju Cvet = A Universe That Roasts Blossoms For A Horse", the latest and third, five track spanning album effort by Sirom - described in the albums press info as Slovenian imaginary folk instrumental trio. Comprised of members Ana Kravanja, Samo Kutin and Iztok Koren we see the band serving a five track menu stretched over the course of 44 minutes, opening with the short "A Washed Out  Boy Taking Fossils From A Frog Sack" which features ancient, naturalistic, yet far away choir and singing adventures alongside a rural, yet brooding and unsettling intense atmosphere followed by "Sleight Of Hand With A Melting Key" which indeed seems to refer to echoes of tender, traditional Folk music with a lively, playful as well as hypnotically beautiful twist before taking a turn towards a more percussive approach of multilayered nature, referencing both Arab as well as Asian influences of sorts only to end up with twangy guitar plucking and dance-inducing drums later on. With "A Pulse Expels Its Brothers And Sisters" Sirom are exploring an interesting, syncopated and somewhat mechanical take on mostly percussive, rhythm-driven sound on different time scales met and replaced by longing viola motifs and mystical melodies around mid-track, "Low Probability Of A hug" brings forth a tribalistic, ritual feel in amalgamation with ancient vocalisms and memories of Folk violas and the concluding cut "Same As The One She Hardly Remembered" finally indulges in a relaxed, solemn late afternoon rural wilderness feel of sorts. File under: World (Not World) Music.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Ben Wood Inferno - Real Thing [Sumo Rex 016]

Roughly two years after "Wilder Wilder Faster Faster", the previous album by the band named Ben Wood Inferno, sat in our postbox we see the band making a return to the Sumo Rex label with their new full length joint that is the "Real Thing", another straightforward, no compromise album piece that's stretched over the course of roughly 40 minutes. And it's the album opener "Button Down & Go" which sets the tone for things to come, immediately making sure that Ben Wood Inferno are sticking straight to their guns with a punching, raw garage-y Rock'n'Roll vibe whilst the follow up "Get Wild" weighs in a certain slack in fusing heavy Blues vibes and echoes of Proto Heavy Metal oozing the smell of oil, dust, beer and tuned cars from every note before "Howl" brings forth more raw, untamed Rock energy and dirty solos whereas "Hurts So Good" smashes dancefloors with its uptempo, rough and stripped down vibe. "Gettin' Outta Here" literally means riding a steam-driven, marching BluesRock train, "Never Enough (Herman)" is another captivating dancefloor filler with a rebellious attitude and "Unreal" tells musical tales of pain, desolation, heartbreak as well as loads of not necessarily sober night outs and a certain madness induced by a hard life on the road, travelling a mad, mad world. With "All That Fall" the band even explores a bit of Psychedelic Rock in fusion with their trademark Blues-informed sound, "Either Act Or Forget" is a high octane early HardRock update for 2k19 causing havoc and bar fights whenever this is played out whilst the final cut "Set It On Fire" waves goodbye in a proper big time stadium anthem manner, implementing thoughts of riot and rebellion in the youth of today... and for a good reason maybe. Check. 

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol. 16 [SM Traxxx 39-2019]

Scheduled for release on September 19th, 2k19 is Sascha Müller's new digital two-track single "Traxxx Vol. 16" featuring the subsequently named tunes "Track 31" and "Track 32". Whilst the first mentioned brings forth bouncy, distorted, grinding and slightly acidic underground Techno featuring storming filter movements and a high octane primetime attitude we see "Track 32" employing a deeper approach somewhat in between AcidTrance and early 90s ClubTechno of the specific kind a DJ like Steve Mason would've loved to play in his BFBS radio shows back in the days.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Pagna - Nuke Vol. 7 [Nuke The Planet]

Another one fresh out on the digital circuit is Pagna's new one track single named "Nuke Vol. 7" on the experimental, yet hard-edged Nuke The Planet imprint which has turned out to be a platform for new, unsigned talent since the label launched. Opening with cold, hostile, icey storm sounds we soon see Pagna switching gears towards fast paced mechanical war and attack mode, releasing a barrage of brutalized killer drums alongside deadly atmospheres, a disturbing wall of horrifying, distorted noises which to a degree of certainty incorporates mutilated scream of torture and hands on brutality whilst a distinct, yet simple synth motif completes the soundtrack to your most evil nightmares. Disturbingly good Warcore.

Propan - Trending [Sofa Music]

Put on the circuit via Norway's Sofa Music label on September 6th, 2k19 is the sophomore album by Norwegian duo Propan, comprised of Natali Abrahamsen Garner and Ina Sangstuen, who are creating their music based on vocals and effects alone. Named "Trending" the longplayer caters a menu of 13 tracks which, in their entirety, is described in the press info as 'post-apocalyptic club album of sorts' , a well-fitting definition when it comes to the hollow, Psychedelia-infused Minimal Techno / MicroHouse experimentalisms of "Berlin Clubbing" which suddenly and unexpectedly turn into a desolate Ambient piece before "Jupiter" fuses cascading, frolicking synths with micro-cut non-vocalisms, "Aiaiai" presents intense, unsettling choir-like layerings, "A Beauty" is an Ambient beauty indeed and "Smack On The Back" brings in hollow, abstract, electroid Phonk for highly advanced late night dancefloors able to handle most yearning, slightly Morricone'esque string arrangements in a vantablack, strobe-lit environment. With "The Warmest Kiss" Propan do make a return to more naturalistic Ambient realms, "Laurie" brings forth the soundtrack for your most frightening, horrific and psychotic nightmares whilst "Always The Same" introduces a playful, positive yet off kilter approach to trippy, drugged out Leftfield Pop and Gospel loops in a well fascinating manner. "Heismusikk" caters less than two minutes of dubbed out, folk'ish Electronica sporting multi-harmonic nonvocalisms, "She Sings Like A Fairy" pairs more pain and longing with rhythmic electronic distortions and a certain art school attitude, "Meditation Tape: The New Beat" presents a unique, psyched out take on dark Rhythm Industrial / Unformatted Techno pulses accompanied by Propan's ethereal vocal usage and the concluding cut that is "Ariel" waves goodbye in terms of pairing a static feedback signal with ethereal choirs reminiscent of vintage opera recordings. Thrillingly interesting.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Mars Eilertsen - Reveries And Revelations [Hubro Music]

Released via the Norwegian staple Hubro Music on August 9th, 2k19 is "Reveries And Revelations", the latest album by the countries acclaimed Jazz musician Mats Eilertsen who, in opposite to his usual work flow, created his new, 35 minute spanning ten track longplay effort through employing cut, paste and layering techniques with the help of contributing, yet not live performing guest musicians like Geir Sundstøl, Eivind Aarset and others who either added their own touch to raw sketches sent to them by Eilertsen or had independent sketches of their own embedded in pre-existing compositions - all made possible through the incredible powers of the internet without the artists ever meeting up in person in one studio space for a dedicated recording session. The result of this wondrous approach which is technically amazing still for those remembering pre-internet days and fax machines as most high tech means of communication is a deep, score'esque and full on organic, homogenic album of tender Jazz-referencing late night and early morning music bringing forth exciting FutureJazz basslines as a foundation for melancholia-infused atmospheres in tunes like the captivating "Bover Blues", experimental, reprocessed Field Recording resemblances in the brooding, lurking "Signal" or even reveal an otherworldly take on stripped down minimal percussion vibes with the "Polynesian Pluck" which could've come straight from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop or a super rare, quirky Library Music record of the 70s just to pick a triplet of highlights on here. Interesting stuff.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Felix Lee - Inna Daze [Planet Mu 410 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the ever active Planet Mu-imprint on September 27th, 2k19 is "Inna Daze", the album debut by artist / producer Felix Lee whose other musical alias Lexxi might ring a bell for some as he's used this since 2012. Bringing forth a full body of work of thirteen tracks Lee presents a sonic universe best to be described as Futuristic Leftfield Pop heavily influenced by Synth and (Neo)Cosmic, a, well..., futuristic score attitude slightly reminiscent of musical works created by Ikonika or Fatima Al Qadiri in its neon'esque gloominess, echoes of inward looking Post Bass Music, decaying remnants of Trap and much more, presenting a wide array of vocal contributors like Yayoyanoh, Oxhy, Gaiko and others as well as masterly crafted instrumental cuts. Our favorites include the intimate underground hit to be that is "Iywata", the super seductive autotune joint "Like A Stain", the slo-mo Emo Rave smasher "Still Torn" or the dystopian, brutal Industrial Bass madness of "Smoke" which even might cause havoc on Future Pop and EBM floors for a reason. Check.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sweet Anita - Ever Get That? *Tracer Flick

Tourette's Rave is gonna be the next hype. Period.

Bon Iver - i , i [Jagjaguwar]

Coming in as quite a surprise these days was "i , i", the fourth longplay outing by the highly and also critically acclaimed band outfit that is Bon Iver. Having made major waves since their originally self-released debut "For Emma, Forever Ago" the band is coming with a fully fledged set of 12 new tracks plus the experimental, highly cut up album intro all crammed into roughly 40 minutes on CD brought to us in an artsy, extremely thought out as well as super tight and slightly impractical packaging all designers will love anyway. Musically, the content of "i , i" is as complex and multi-layered as its cover and defo not an easy one to love on first sight. Electronically created beats and atmospheres, elements of Musique Concrete and echoes of Indietronica clash with classic, inward-looking Indie, dramatic falsetto vocals, bits of Jazz, reminiscent of Gonjasufi, and hyperemotional fragility, some tracks suddenly disappearing from a songs overall mix only to pop up later totally out of time and rhythm like they were recorded on crumbled and destroyed magnetic tape, innocent, frolicking solo piano meets uplifting singer-songwriterism with a Gospel-infused attitude, DesertBlues and processed wind instruments meet Outsider Blues and ever present is the spirit of Alternative Rock and Indie. This is not an album that wants to be loved. You gotta take your time and work your way through it in quite a few multiple sittings to fully embrace its unquestioned complexity and craft although we bet even after these you won't be able to find a well obvious hit on this one which probably will rather resonate with die-hard fans than broaden Bon Iver's overall audience.

Monday, September 09, 2019

eVADE & Sascha Müller - Rebirth RB-338 Forever Vol. 2 [Sascha Müller Music]

The celebration of the legendary early DAW that is Rebirth and one of its build-in synthesizer modules continues, this time as a split album release put together by Uelsen's finest Sascha Müller and Manfred Reckers a.k.a. eVADE, each responsible for five tracks on this longplayer respectively. Opening with "Band" we see eVADE exploring a friendly, warm and slightly Acid-infused take on groovy IDM / ChillOut with an early 90s twist, "Bees" brings forth a somewhat trancey variation on raw, bubbly Acid whereas "Debronq" can be seen in the tradition of raw, unprocessed Acid tunes coming mostly from Italian soil in the early 90s, "Sepc" weighs in a darker, more psychedelic, yet well elastic approach meandering somewhat between Acid and AcidTrance and "Valve" explores a realm of screaming, ecstatic, high pitched Acid Rave for ultimate peaktime madness. Sascha Müller on the other hand covers the second part of "Rebirth RB-338 Forever Vol. 2" starting with "Dark Elements" which is a hard banging, brutal MonoAcid affair made for total destruction before "Border" takes the braincell grinding effect even further, this time atop a dry, hollow drum foundation and razor sharp hi-hats. Following up is "Wild Thing" which is a wild ride indeed, a mad lo-fi trip into Acid Rave meets raw Broken Techno, presenting a very wildstyle jam flavored attitude, "Cuba Libre" keeps on raving with a distorted, fucked up and spiralling attitude and the concluding "Cuba Connection" even employs a positive, uplifting Trance / Happy Rave vibe surprisingly emerging from a dark'ish filtered beat loop foundation to a fascinating effect.

Repeat Eater - 114.65 Beat Buddy

What's not to love about this? Oldskool'ish Phonk vibes meet the most playful Acid lines ever as well as some big ass bass. Advanced dancefloor brock out.

Sunday, September 08, 2019

Strotter Inst. / Peter Vukmirovic Stevens - Bile Noire [Arpa Viva Foundation 001]

Coming in from Switzerland only recently was "Bile Noir", a limited to 300 copies vinyl pressing produced by Christoph Hess a.k.a. Strotter Inst. and pianist Peter Vukmirovic Stevens. Combining Hess' trademark use of prepared turntables with Vukmirovic Stevens' approach to his instrument results in a total of six compositions to be found on this album which can be described best as dark'ish, score'esque and dramatic in its overall approach, bringing forth a captivating amalgamation of layered, partly stumbling experimental loops and scraping, manipulated sounds as a foundation and an expressive, moody take on piano noir which both reminds us of catastrophic winter thunderstorms and intense, early experimental movies shot in grainy black and white putting the entire range of human emotion and expression on vintage display. Interestingly, the unprocessed solo piano and the electronic backing interact and complement each other perfectly instead of providing a harsh disturbing contrast of sorts which makes "Bile Noir" a perfect conceptual addition to the collection for both fans of electronic experimentalisms as well as followers of Contemporary Classical music but will also sit well with collectors of scores and other dramatic music.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

ISAN - From A Hundred (Official Video)

Friendly, caressing, soothing and most beautiful Electronica sounds taken from the forthcoming ISAN album "Lamenting Machine" which is about to be reviewed on these pages soon.

Pharmacom - Switched On Game Boy (The Complete Concert) [Pharmacom Records]

The latest release on the long time running imprint Pharmacom Records hits the underground circuit as a numbered, limited to 20 copies cassette tape which surely draws inpiration from Walter Carlos' a.k.a. Wendy Carlos' legendary and high acclaimed early Synth album "Switched On Bach" but takes this inspiration even further in terms of a lo-fi, tongue-in-cheek Novelty Music attitude. Instead of using high end synthesizers Pharmacom employs a beloved gadget, Nintendo's Game Boy device, and its music software to turn dusted and done with Classical music by the likes of Johann Sebastian Bach, Chopin, Hayden, Liszt, Burgmüller and Schubert into something cheer- and delightful that even die-hard fans of electronic - and gaming! - music can enjoy without any regrets or resentment because, even though the notation and classical motifs remain untouched and unaltered, the microchip interpretation adds new, oftentimes unexpected, textures and a totally new perspective to these Classical compositions from the days of yore. Highly recommended stuff.

Cassette artwork on Instagram!

Friday, September 06, 2019

Mueran Humanos - Hospital Lullabies [Cinema Paradiso Recordings]

Put out on the circuit via Cinema Paradiso Recordings on July 5th, 2k19 is "Hospital Lullabies", the latest album release by the duo that is Mueran Humanos, comprised of the Berlin-based artists Carmen Burguess and Tomas Nochteff which are, incidentally, both of Argentinan-origin. Functioning both as an album in its own right as well as a soundtrack for an experimental film project realized by Burguess the seven tracks featured on this longplay outing, with lyrics mostly sung in Spanish, are meandering through the realms of what is possibly best described as IndustrialPop, oftentimes based on a straight 4/4 bassdrum foundation but usually touching base with DreamPop, Shoegaze, a droney wall of guitars and background atmospheres as well as a dreamlike, hazy, ethereal and overall outerworldly vibe. This vibe is especially prevalent in the hyper hypnotic underground EBM / Wave dancefloor smasher "Les Problemos Del Futuro" whilst tunes like "Alien" aim straight at the heart of ElectroRock-infused Industrial dancefloors with whipping beats and raw BluesRock-informed guitars and "Detras De Una Flor" even combines melancholic synth basslines with over the top ItaloPop kitsch in a highly seductive manner. "Guardian De Piedra" even evokes memories of EBM Techno greats like Empirion due to its distinct, distorted and electronic BrokenTechno beat foundation whilst its lyrics are as cold and full of desolation as they ever could be, "Cuando Una Persona Comun Se Eleva" weighs in Industrial experimentalist structures and ethereal Spoken Word poetry before the final cut "La Gente Gris" finally brings out the romantic side of Mueran Humanos for a closing. Highly diverse and highly recommended.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 089]

Fresh on the circuit is Sascha Müller's 89th - !!! - untitled album release on Supersix Records on which the Uelsen-based production bot comes at us with another set of twelve fresh, formerly unreleased tracks. The opening cut named "Nonstop Treatment" steers straight towards the dancefloor with proper ElectroTechno synths and a spatial, dubbed out and floating TechTrance motif whilst "Nude Icon" brings ultimate dancefloor joy in terms of uplifting, super positive Happy Trance and "Omega Run" deals with a hypnotic, slightly monotonous late night amalgamation of slow motion Dark Trance and Intelligent Techno. With "Packeis" Sascha Müller explores a raw, fast paced Techno vision garnished with captivating, yet oldskool'ish DeepHouse pads, "Painkiller" brings forth metallic dope Acid Downbeat for those still remembering Fauna Flash's legendary "Please... May I Sniff Your Klompen Kloqquen" 12" on Compost Records whereas "Paradise City (Remix)" warps back in time to cause havoc amongst all ravers dancing their ass off on laser- and strobe-lit Happy Trance dancefloors. Furthermore "Parameter Prozess" redefines most beautiful Ambient Trance for 2019, "Pax" introduces a dark, stripped down and slightly Tribal-infused Techno attitude, once again accompanied by beautiful warm pads and a fragile, deep AcidTrance vibe and "Permafrost" caters thrilling Rave-informed Techno for those who've been out on underground Techno floors back around 1994. Finally "Phonk The System" is a gooey, spiralling take on positive, swampy ElectroAcid built on a 4/4 foundation, "Pigmentstörung" goes down a well hypnotic path in terms of stripped down, minimalistic Acid modulations and the concluding "Pillbox" is crossing over into ever changing, spiralling realm in which DarkTrance and tripping AcidTrance meet. Nice.

Thursday, September 05, 2019

13.09.2019 Liquid Concrete presents Korsakov Music Showcase @ Waagenbau / Hamburg

Liquid Conrete Main Stage - Korsakov Music Showcase:

Ancient Radius [Korsakov Music]
Bl4ck Owlz [Korsakov Music / Eatbrain / Bad Taste Recordings]
Droptek [Korsakov Music / Monstercat] 
Maztek [Korsakov Music / Renegade Hardware / PROGRAM]
Eightball [Liquid Concrete / Urban Wildlife]

Eulentanz Stage:


Dirty Floor:

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings /  El Caballo Semental]
Phineas Tcp
DJ Chrunch

doors: 11.58 pm
admission: 15 €

Max-Brauer-Allee 204
22769 Hamburg

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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Trupa Trupa - Of The Sun [Glitterbeat Records 080 Promo]

Scheduled for release via Glitterbeat Records on September 13th, 2k19 is "Of The Sun", the new and fifth album by the highly praised Gdansk / Poland-based band outfit Trupa Trupa which have been making waves in territories somewhat located in the middle of PostPunk, (No)Wave and PostHardcore since their debut release "Headache" back in 2015. Compared to most of their previous longplayers the inward-looking, Shoegaze-referencing opener "Dream About" is a relatively tame start into a twelve track, roughly 43 minutes spanning sonic exploration which seems to be driven more by a feel of leaden resignation as well as a the bitter joy of the journey down a BritPop-infused downward spiral than by pure aggression and a raw, passionate DIY attitude. With "Angle" the band even caters a folksy lo-fi ballad which interestingly, like the rest of the album, still is defined by a certain polished feel presumably due to the bands access to bigger, better studios whilst the atmospheric, yet driving "Longing" seems to be influenced by the Icelandic music scene in its overall feel even though one rarely will come across straightforward, stripped down, no bullshit Rock drums on the mystical island and halfway through the album we do find the first proper dancefloor smash hit, this one aiming at Indie mainfloors of the world and defo not at the Goth / PostPunk scene which seemed to be a thing Trupa Trupa gravitated to over the past years. "Anyhow" even touches down on dreamy, harmless Alternative Pop somewhat in between Beck and Human Woman, "Long Time Ago" is full on thundering BritPop and "Turn" is providing full on madness somewhat between hounded Punk, a wall of guitars and pretty darn funky basslines just to name a few. This is defo an album screaming 'musical evolution' in capitals but for die hard fans and followers that have been suppporting Trupa Trupa from day dot it might be a step into the wrong direction.

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Various Artists - Issa Teklife Party

Four musical freebies from the Teklife Records camp!

Monday, September 02, 2019

baze.djunkiii Charts 09/2019

01. The Quilz - Fishing For Ketchup [Prickly Records]
See review for details...

02. Stanton Warriors - Rise [New State Music]

What a surprise, this is. The NuSkoolBreaks activists that are Stanton Warriors are taking over big time with their latest album "Rise", weighing in way more than just the regular Breaks things. From Latin Freestyle via ClubHouse and Electro to Future Jungle and beyond the journey goes, for the most part accompanied by a variety of great vocalists like Sian Evans, Scarlett Quinn, Keith Thompson and many more which shifts the albums focus away from the underground club dancefloors and towards a broader audience longing for uplifting, Pop-infused dance tracks spreading nothing but positivity and pure joy. A highly recommended Pop album.

03. Noise Factory - Vintage Vol #1 [3rd Party 019]
Another long sought after Jungle favorite has reappeared on the circuit these days. Noise Factory's "Breakage #4 (I Bring You The Future)" as the main tune on this 12" is a classic hard stepping amalgamation of UK Hardcore / Darkside and early Jungle that cannot be missed out upon as this one has brought fire to dancefloors ever since 1992 and so has the ProtoJungle cut that is "Straight From The Bedroom". Killer.

04. Luna-C - Kniteforce Remastered: Luna-C Vol.2 [Jedi Recordings 011]
Thank the vinyl gods for the flood of re-issues which are hitting the shelves of record store these days. Out of the four tracks on this 12" especially Luna-C's "Edge Of Madness (Sub Love Remix)" has been of special interest for us at this tune was featured on one of the many oldskool DJ mixtapes that have been sitting in our collection since the early 90s and therefore held a special place on our wantlist of classic tunes we defo need to track down, even though we don't know their official titles and producers... yet.

05. Dubious - Evil Shot / Heretics [Nunki Rec 006]
Once again Ivan Dubious a.k.a Dubious brings forth timeless goodness in terms of modern instrumental Dub music and shows himself to be one of the saviours of the longtime slightly underrated genre that has always been there but oftentimes hasn't been explored in such perfection as on this 7" record. Great tools for a modern selecta.

06. Various Artists - NeoTribe 03 [Mang Ton Cerveau]
These four tracks by El Dom, Nes Tribe, Azotek and Tournevis, each of the artists responsible for one track respectively, are covering the musical spectrum between uptempo TribeTekno and banging underground DarkJungle for those who know. Especially Nes Tribe's "Darknes" is a go to cut for everyone who followed the French DarkJungle scene and its early producers like Mem Pamal or Middle M since the late 90s before the producer surprisingly switches gears to go into TribeTekno mode throughout the second galf of the tune. Tarantino-fans are about to love this one, too.

07. DJ Lag & Okzharp - Steam Rooms EP [Hyperdub]
Okzharp and DJ Lag are in for quite an interesting collaboration here, fusing a dry, Kuduro-influenced rhythm signature with mostly piercing, metallic, slightly off kilter rave signals and synth sequences to create powerful, highly functional weapons for all tool-focused bass DJ's out there.

08. Hesed - The Perfect Drug EP [Analog Tecne Model]
Repressed and possibly also remastered for the year 2019 is Hesed's "The Perfect Drug EP" which originally was released in 2013. Still perfectly fresh and good for today the three tracks on this EP are a great example for what is so fascinating about the TribeTekno scene with its bouncy, uptempo beats, slightly psychedelic vibe and well trippy overall atmosphere. Timeless stuff from one of the most underrated sub-genres of electronic music.

09. In2TheSound - Commotion & Style [Sireena Records]
See review for details...

10. H - H (Stencil Editon) [Echokammer 085]
See review for details...

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Estebahn - Eastbound *M-Bahn Mix

Intelligent Future Jungle at its very best. We're defo digging this big time.

Bana Haffar - Genera (Live At AB Salon, Brussels) [Touch 71]

Put on the album circuit via Touch on July 26th, 2k19 is Bana Haffar's latest album effort "Genera (Live At AB Salon, Brussels)" which indeed was recorded as a nearly 33 minutes spanning live performance at named location on May 3rd, 2k19. Opening with what seem to be decayed, reprocessed Field Recordings from the Arab world the Saudi Arabian expat soon takes a turn towards a friendly, warm, organic and overall welcoming variation of Ambient with a slightly vintage and melancholia-infused twist. This twist is especially prevalent in the slowly evolving pads and somehow Pole'esque low frequency harmonies she builds from scratch on her extensive modular Eurorack set up whilst adding layers and layers of floating, lively and playful, later on more dramatic synth sequences on top of this foundation, steering into the realms of beatless IDM music and partly even evoking memories of a long gone genre once called Ambient Trance whilst the final turn takes the live performance into fully experimental territories, catering the needs for unsettling disturbance through employing sharp, echoing sounds of floating water (... or acids?), brooding, yet heavenly strings and loads of electrical buzzes and feedbacks before harking back to classic Ambient structures for a closing here. 

Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Daniel Menche - Melting Gravity [Sige Records 066 Promo]

To be released via the US-based experimental music imprint Sige Records on September 13th, 2k19 is "Melting Gravity", the forthcoming album outing by Drone and Static Ambient master Daniel Menche who's been carving out a unique sonic niche of his own over the course of roughly a quarter of a century now. Split into two parts - "Melting Gravity I" and "Melting Gravity II" - the album opens with a very Ambient focused, repetetive chiming metallic melody which soon is drowned by thick, evolving layers of harmonic, solemn, yet slightly distorted and off kilter Ambient textures telling tales of heartfelt sadness and emotional isolation reminiscent of acts like Kostnice or Kallabris in terms of deep melancholia whilst "Melting Gravity II" starts from a similar point of sound, yet maintains an even deeper, festive and slightly more naturalistic approach musically which makes it a perfect soundtrack for epic, beautiful sunrises or predetermines this one to be used as an excellent musical backdrop for planetariums or other space focused documentations. Recommended.

Friday, August 30, 2019

The Big Yes! - The Big Yes! [Nakama Records 017]

Released via the ever busy Nakama Records imprint on August 23rd, 2k19 is the same titled one track debut album by what the press release describes as the new Scandinavian supergroup named The Big Yes!. Over the course of 31 minutes we see the quartets members Anna Högberg, Maria Bertel, Christian Meaas Svendsen and Ole Mofjell reveal a thundering, energetic and partly even chaotic approach towards the FreeJazz / Experimental Jazz genre only to surprisingly hit the breaks hard for a stint in brooding minimalist music for longtime abandoned dungeons and spine-tingling urban exploration soundtracks before slowly building layer upon layer of highly skilled FreeJazz expressions again, this time on a more funky, cool and partially bass dominated vibe whilst the four musicians are working their way up to a chaotic, intense climax. All recorded within one live session in early 2018 and it surely was an intense one.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Dzykin - Noisetape #1 [Harsh Noise London Recycled Tape Series #19]

Another fresh, limited to 30 numbered copies release on the underground tape imprint that is Harsh Noise London is Dzykin's "Noise Tape #1" which was sitting in our postbox only quite recently. Put on the circuit on a recycled C60 cassette we see the artist provide quite a hefty lot of 22 tracks over the course of the whole album, mostly comprised of a grinding, gritty maelstrom of slowly evolving, in parts even static lo-fi Noize of raw, rudimentary nature, partly reminiscent of unprocessed electric crackles and buzzes whilst the flipside even introduces screeching feedbacks, morphed high frequency bleeps and other forms of extreme sound art to penetrate your skull and torture your braincells. A release surely most appealing to die-hard fans and collectors of everything Noize they can find. 

Afflicted - Klingklong (Original Mix) [Subcore Traxx 035]

Just put out on the digital circuit via Subcore Traxx as the labels 035 is "Klingklong (Original Mix)" by Afflicted which is a new conjunctional moniker used by the Uelsen-based artists Sascha Müller and Ufuk Özbayar for their more technoid studio efforts. Spread over about 6 minutes and a bit the two artists are following a stomping, dry and quite tool-focused path in terms of Techno here, employing only small changes and decent filter tweaks to keep crowds moving and provide less of a standalone standout anthem but more of a hyperfunctional tool for all uncompromising Techno DJ's out there.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Simbad - Collections [BBE Music]

To be released as a full length album via BBE Music on October 04th, 2k19 is "Collections", the latest longplay outing by London-based Simbad a.k.a. DJ Simbad a.k.a. SMBD, successful DJ, remixer, producer and now BBE Music-collaborator who is coming at us with his specific musical vision, pairing his studio skillz with a series of high class vocalists and other guest artists to present an array of thirteen assorted cuts for musical connaisseurs. Aiming at the center of our loving hearts with the blurred, deep and heartfelt Future Soul of "Day By Day" featuring the great Lulu James on vocal duties whereas "Elevate" with LaAerial on vocals provides an amalgamation of classic, slightly Goldie'esque Drum'n'Bass string pads and a complex foundation of West London Phusion / Broken Beat and the conjunctional effort with Byron The Aquarius named "1010" sees Simbad exploring a shimmering vision of the deepest Space Funk ever. "Royal" featuring Entek on microphone duties walks the line between more Broken Beat and echoes of NuJazz and UK Garage for highly advanced dancefloors, "Get Your Sh Together" - once again produced with Byron The Aquarius - presents next level deepness in DeepHouse, "If U" brings forth a well seductive interplay between Tribal-infused Future Bass beats and friendly, playful melodic elements whilst "Innit Dub" fuses a beautiful 808 low end with sparse, spaced out arrangements on slow motion Downbeats for major subsonic underground dances just to name a few of our favorite cuts on this one. Check.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Kikiriki - Perceivers [Harsh Noise London Recycled Tape Series #18]

Coming in only recently from the London-based underground cassette imprint specialized in recycling old tapes that is Harsh Noise London is Kikiriki's "Perceivers", a limited to 30 numbered-copies, five track DIY album effort from the deepest vaults of the musical underground. Self-recorded by Nina F a.k.a. Kikiriki we're experiencing a wide variety of lo-fi Noize with tracks developing from twisted bleeps into slightly rhythmic variations, from bass heavy drones into aggressive midrange attacks featuring brutal feedback sweeps and filters, yet also bringing forth seemingly harmonic drones as an overlay for heavily morphing distortions and a dark, ever grinding maelstrom representing echoes of a long gone exoplanetary storm recorded and amplified by a magnitude of 9000. This one's for the true fan and collector of highly experimental (non)music.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Kjetil Mulelid Trio - What You Thought Was Home [Rune Grammofon Promo]

Coming in directly from ensemble leader Kjetil Mulelid himself is "What You Thought Was Home",  the follow up to late 2017's "Not Nearly Enough To Buy A House" which was the highly acclaimed album debut by the Kjetil Mulelid Trio, consisting of Mr. Mulelid alongside Bjørn Marius Hegge and Andreas Skar Winther - both established figures in the Danish Jazz scene in their own right. Once again in for a nine track journey the trio opens with the albums title track, a beautiful take on late night BarJazz piano for smokey high class joints frozen in time, accompanied by unusually nervous background percussion whereas the "Folk Song" is coming in with a proper swing instead of reminiscing about days of yore before "Bruremarsj (Wedding March)" raises questions about appropriate pronounciation of 'rsj' as a word ending whilst indeed catering a more ceremonial, slow but yet joyful and celebratory take on piano-led music backed by a highly complex, heavily syncopated drum foundation as well as a cheeky, intentionally off kilter bass vibe. Telling "Tales" the Kjetil Mulelid Trio once again embarks on a deep, melancholic BarJazz journey, this time catering a surprisingly improvisational mid-track twist and an aura and timbre of overall wisdom and life experience, "Far  Away" goes even deeper down the intimate, tender and sometimes even romantic alley before "A Cautionary Tale Against A Repetetive Life" provides what could be a well thought out title score for a classy, dramatic broadway play. Furthermore "Waltz For Ima" is in for dramatic pianos and more swinging late night syncopation, "When Winter Turns Into Spring" even gets dancefloors moving with a lively, frolicking attitude and - although being fully organic - would've blended in well with tunes featured on the legendary very first sequel of the "Future Sound Of Jazz"- series issued by Compost Records back in the days before "Homecoming" slowly waves goodbye in a a lush and peaceful manner. We're defo seeing where the Kjetil Mulelid Trio is going with this one in terms of musical evolution and we're totally digging the direction they're headed towards. Check.

Album artwork on Instagram!

In2TheSound - Commotion & Style [Sireena Records]

Released via Sireena Records in late July, 2k19 is In2The Sound's first, and also live recorded, album - a project initiated by original drummer Mike Dudley as a tribute to his 80s PostPunk band outfit The Sound, and as a homage to the bands original singer Adrian Borland who passed away in 1999. Realized with the help of front singer Carlo Van Putten of Dead Guitars and The Convent, Jojo Brandt of Sonnenbrandt / The Convent-fame and more band members of The Convent stepping in for contributions on many levels the project soon evolved way beyond a mere tribute and took on a life of its own, with recent shows taking place in Portugal, the Netherlands, the world famous WGT fest in Leipzig - and in places like the KUZ in the small German village of Osterholz-Scharmbeck where this album actually was recorded on April 28th, 2k18. A live album which sounds, apart from short audience interactions and well obvious crowd appreciation in between the tracks, similarly proper and well balanced as a studio recording could ever sound, bridging the musical gap between PostPunk, Wave and echoes of Alternative Rock in its broadest  sense, providing dark grey dancefloor smashers like the epic "New Dark Age" or the slightly more uplifting, yearning "Total Recall". Other favorites include the high octane B1 opener "Heartland" as well as the more laid back, offbeat-infused late night cut that is "Barria Alta" just to name a few.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

H - H (Stencil Edition) [Echokammer 085]

Set for release via Munich's infamous Echokammer-label is "H", the self-titled debut album by the artistic triumvirate that is H, comprised of label head Albert Pöschl, Tom Simonetti a.k.a. Mycrotom and Leo Hopfinger a.k.a. LeRoy, with the latter two mentioned also collaborating under the name of Rhytm Police. Originally derived from an inspirational moment throughout a Rhytm Police recording session and soon evolving into a project in its own right, resulting in a nine track vinyl firstling which, in this form, only and most likely could've come from the Munich / Augsburg underground axis - not only because the artists made an effort to split the already limited vinyl print run even further with an extra special batch of only 50 hand-numbered copies coming with a limited stencil paint cover for all the die-hard collectors and street art enthusiasts out there. The M / A connection is also musically obvious for those who know, seeing the trio embracing a DIY-influenced, professional lo-fi grassroots attitude regularly found in both cities and surrounding areas as a connecting element in the underground sound of Bavaria whilst working on an amalgamation of PostRock, Dub and, of course, meandering, session'esque KrautRock which would structurally allow every single cut to go on beyond forever in a live context, no matter what the original intended track length on this firstling is. Despite not being an obvious hit album, neither aiming to be one, we see tunes like "Alpensee" evolve into beloved underground art scene favorites whilst "Am Zug" even provides some kind of Oriental Dub vibes and therefore a potential to cross over into the so-called World Music scene. "So Kommt Man Weiter (Vitamin B / Reprise)" might even sit well with fans of Ennio Morricone due to its overall score'esque vibe, "w = f mal s" takes (Math) PostRock vs. Dub crossovers to an advanced, dancefloor-friendly level, "Nebenan Zieht's" brings forth the most obvious Dub homage on this album although influences by PostPunk and echo-heavy mixdowns occasionally catered by iconic past bands like Bauhaus can be spotted as well and "Alle 11 Minuten" turns out to be a secret, tender and melodic hit for all young, cute, introvert, artsy and intelligent PostRock-loving girls out there just to name a few. Check.

Resolution 88 - Out Of Sync (Official Video)

Is this the most unexpected Jazz Funk video ever? Is a meme just a meme just a meme? Is memeception for real for real? We do have questions. Many questions.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Mara - Here Behold Your Own [Sige Records Promo]

Scheduled for release via Sige Records on September 13th, 2k19 is "Here Behold Your Own", the forthcoming longplay outing by Faith Coloccia's solo project Mara. With both the accompanied press info as well as the cover of the promotional CD  announcing the albums side A as "A New Young Birth" and side B as "Sangre De Cristo" whilst the actual promo CD is showing indices of fourteen tracks we're a little confused about what is going on here, yet we're sure that we're actually listening to the described transformation of Mara throughout the process of becoming a mother, deriving melodies from self-created lullabies she would sing to her son to be. With the results presenting both instrumental and vocal-led approaches coated by heavy layers of vintage dust or multiple blurred out, dusty tape delays we're exposed to a whole range of musical variety on this album - a spectrum ranging from crackly, mystical vocal outings, beautiful fragments of old time piano romanticism, worn out, slightly warped score pieces for movies long forgotten, peaceful, reverberating Folk songs reminiscent of a vocal approach partly brought forward and popularized by artists like Sinead  O'Connor in the early 90s, electroacoustic minimalism, rhythmic Noize movements, organ-inspired harmonic layers and way more. Yet this broad variety, but also the overall atmosphere, vibe and tonality to be experienced on "Here Behold Your Own" somehow makes it seem like we are not actually listening to a selection of cassette recordings from the years 2015 to 2018 but rather to the unearthed body of work of an early electronic music pioneer for a reason. Intredasting.

Paul Birken / Laura Grabb / Freddy Fresh - Nifty Midwest Whippersappers

File under: proper hard banging Acid Techno from a triplet of underground originators. Raw good.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Remo Seeland - Hollow Body [Hallow Ground Promo]

Forthcoming via Hallow Ground on September 13th, 2k19 is "Hollow Body", the debut album release by Swiss artist and composer Remo Seeland in terms of using his real name as a platform for an artistic outing, an outing which started to fall into place and form after an intense psychosonic experience in the NYC subway which sparked the producers interest in the interaction of ones very own psyche and its surrounding environment. Recorded in New York, Zurich and Reykjavik with additional contributions by Norman Westberg, Reinier Van Houdt and Steve Fors we see Seeland explore a sonic realm of slightly blurred, melancholia driven Ambient and floating Indietronica sounds, even beautifully dubbed out Post Dubstep in "Second Coming" which deserved to become a massive hit if this was a better, and indeed music- and not algorithm-driven, world whilst elaborating further on Tribal mystique and ethereal Synth influences over the course of the albums runtime of 35 minutes which are sending one far off into the land of psychedelic dreams. This is a good one there.

Thomas Bodenständig - Avidshecore *Terre A Terre Edit

Raw, super massive Acid Breakbeat for large scale underground warehouse raves. Killer.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Todor Todoroff - Univers Paralleles [Empreintes Digitales]

Released only recently via the art related Empreintes Digitales label is Todor Todoroff's latest longplay outing "Univers Paralleles" which features a musical selection of six tracks from the artists archives, all produced in between 1991 and 2017 and therefore spanning a 26 year period from Todoroff's early beginnings to most recent outings as well recognized sound artist and computer music specialist. Interestingly the musical universe and sonic realm inhabited by the artist has been pretty consistent over all these years in terms of gravitating towards Dark Ambient and Industrial Electronics with a quite cold and isolationist feel, accompanied by ghostly rhythm signatures and field recorded metallic clangs, bangs and scrapings, oftentimes reminiscent of pioneering figures in isolationist electroacoustic composition and intense, vantablack scores in dark sci-fi horror flics. Due to this overall feel of outerworldly, universal secludedness and, for the most part, lack of any emotional linkage to whatever context or emotional state there might be the icy musical content featured on"Univers Paralleles" will most likely, as the name seemingly suggests, remain widely unrecognized and will be discovered, and appreciated, by musically versed genre specialists only.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Blue Gene Tyranny & Peter Gordon - Trust In Rock [Unseen Worlds 018 Promo]

Released via the Unseen Worlds label on June 14th, 2k19 is "Trust In Rock", a double CD album and triple vinyl LP affair featuring both concerts held consecutively by Blue Gene Tyranny and Peter Gordon with a shared band ensemble on in early November 1976 as a part of the so-called 'Trust In Rock' concert-series which was held with the distinct purpose to explore a 'new music for rock bands' a.k.a. wanted to step away from the same old line up and structure that Rock'n'Roll in its many varieties had provided for years. With CD1 providing the 57 minutes long recording of Blue Gene Tyranny's four track spanning live show including the two epicly stretched out pieces "Without Warning" and "On The Other Hand" which both pass a little beyond the 20 minutes mark we're witnessing a musical journey including 70s Country Rock turning into epic, meandering instrumental jams ending up with a jazzy twist as well as full-on sax driven JazzRock turning Country love song and other goodness. On CD2 Peter Gordon's hour set includes a total of five cuts overall, immediately going all in with a Jazz-based wall of sound which surely was pretty overwhelming for concert goers at the time, providing an amalgamation of raw, dirty down to earth BluesRock with somewhat of a Proto-PostPunk attitude in "God's A Man" and even elaborating musically on big time period drama throughout the course of the show; an effort which, if a little more streamlined, would've even been suitable for daytime radio broadcasts at the time even though the musicians attitude was more headed towards an avantgarde approach seemingly. In hindsight it's a lot easier to tell that not too much 'new' was found in these two shows which, despite living up to a high quality standard, can feel a bit lengthy and outdated at times, even for musically curious and well versed listeners.