Thursday, September 29, 2016

Jaykae - Pull Up *Mike Skinner Remix

This one's a stone cold killer tune. Absolutely essential bass banger.

Katie Gately - Colour [Tri Angle Records Promo]

Scheduled for October 14th, 2k16 via Tria Angle Records is Katie Gately's new album named "Colour" - a seven track affair in which the LA-based producer combines her obvious love for PostPunk / Art School-influenced songwriting - think The Slits or Bitch Band No. 1 here - with dense, layered electronic structures and rhythms composed of found sounds and a clear sense for dancefloor smashing hit formulas like the one used in the epic tune "Tuck" which clearly is about to rock every venue dedicated to Indie and PostPunk albeit being based on a dedicated 4/4 foundation. The same goes for the epic, slightly drummachines NoisePop anthem "Sift" which combines a wall of unsettling,  alarming frequencies with a playful, innocent vocal approach, "Rive" comes across as twisted Piano ballad combined with highly compressed electronic eruptions that might've been well suitable for Björk's "Biophilia" album as well, "Frisk" starts out with a quite seductive sawtooth bass to bring loads of theatrical, intoxicating drama and "Sire" caters thunderous, complex multilayers for those longing for the ultimate musical climax and melting braincells as this track seems to be more intricate than classical Wagnerian compositions at times. Finally, "Climax" steers towards calmer, more ballad'esque seas, although the dark'ish intro sequence and the minimalist bass figure keeps our minds on high alert for a reason. This one's epic! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

(ghost) - The First Time You Opened Your Eyes [Sound In Silence 031]

Another new release on the Greece-based Sound In Silence imprint is (ghost)'s third ever longplay piece entitled "The First Time You Opened Your Eyes" on which the artist from Denver, better known as Brian Froh to his friends and parents, serves a calm and relaxing trip to the lands of Ambient and Deep Listening Music in which the title track - spanning over 34 minutes and therefore being the only tune on this limited and hand-numbered album - presents a continuous, slowly evolving stream of sonic textures, rich and multi-layered like small ocean waves continuously breaking at the shore after a bright summers day. Take this description, add some angelic, otherworldly harmonic string constructions and what you'll get of this amalgamation is one of the most recommendable Ambient albums we've heard in 2k16 so far. Beautiful.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Gintas K - Low [Opa Loka Records]

Recently released via Opa Loka Records is Gintas K's newest album named "Low" which sees the Lithuanian producer cater a menu of eleven tracks which concludes an album trilogy that also includes his 2009-released longplay piece "Lovely Banalities" as well as the 2013 album "Slow". Over the course of roughly 43 minutes the artist explores a musical field we'd rather describe as Unambient because - although Ambient influences and textures are present throughout the whole runtime - the melodic and floating tonality of the album, also influenced by pretty much organic elements reminiscing of Post-PostRock or Indietronics, is somewhat decaying, interrupted by metallic noises and distortions on overdrive which surprisingly never come across as aggressive but tend to be more of an inward looking and pondering nature which, in parts, is not well represented by the tracks truncated runtime rarely exceeding the four minutes mark and therefore feeling more like skits and rough sketches of experimental nature rather than the fully thought out sonic sculptures they could've turned into over time. This said, we feel that "Low" doesn't meet the expectations we had after we've reviewed Gintas K's "Message In The Bottle" album earlier this year and therefore leaves us behind a little unsatisfied for a reason.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Sascha Müller [Sascha Müller Music 100016]

Scheduled for October 6th, 2k16 is Sascha Müller's new digital two track single on his very own imprint Sascha Müller Music. With "Deep Down" we see the Meppen-based artist explore the realms of masterly crafted, dark'ish peaktime Techno which is comparable to Thomas P. Heckmann's highly acclaimed works on labels like Wavescape whilst "The Horn Track" caters all punters needs with a well seductive fusion of TribalHouse and technoid structures which are accompanied by - guess what? - a dry, killer horn sample for all those DJ's out there willing to take a risk to send party people into the descents of an ultimate dancefloor craze. Good stuff!

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 09/2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Kuedo - Slow Knife [Planet µ 380 Promo]

Due for release via Planet µ on October 14th, 2k16 is Kuedo's sophomore album "Slow Knife" which is following up to his acclaimed 2k11-debut named "Severant" now. Starting into the fourteen track journey we see "Hourglass" opening a door leading towards dreamy, well synthetic soundscapes that seem to be influenced by both Electronica and Trap in ultra slow motion and tunes like the almost beatless "Under The Surface" or the brooding and nightmare-inducing, surely SynthPop-infused "In Your Sleep" which kinda reminds us of Fatima Al Qadiri's twisted, yet often chromatic melodies continue on the path paved whilst the title track "Slow Knife" embraces pure Synth Ambient and "Floating Forest" comes across as a well-slowed down variation of instrumental Future Grime. Throughout the second half of the album we see the overall tonality changing slightly with the mysterious, ancient atmosphere of tunes like "Approaching", the darker, well dramatic (Neo)Classical string arrangements of "Broken Fox - The Black Hole" or the Illbient-infused, decaying soundcapes of "Breaking The Surface" which might as well, like many other tracks on the album, be taken from a quite unsettling movie score of sorts - a field which is kinda related to Kuedo's day job of being a sound designer and commercial composer and which has defo had an influence on his artistic approach towards this longplay piece that  has him taken further away from his origins in the bass music scene than he has ever been.  

Friday, September 23, 2016

Club Des Belugas - Nine [Glamjazz Records]

Coming in just today was "Nine", the new - and ninth - album produced by the mulit-membered band outfit named Club Des Belugas who are about to take a break for the time being after this piece will be released on September 30th, 2k16.  Put on the circuit via Glamjazz Records as double-CD format featuring a whole of thirty - sic! - tracks we'll find both a lot of new original tracks as well as remixes crafted by Club Des Belugas for other artists and vice versa on this massive pack that's meant to cater all fans of NuJazz, Funky Breaks and NuFunk for a reason with huge hits like the hounded, slightly Yello'esque "Pogo Porn (ft. Karl Boes)" or the deep, piano-driven LatinHouse rework of Mo Horizons' "Ai Mi Morena" whilst their rework of The Cosmic Surf Club's "Quiet Dawn" fuses classic TripHop with elements of Easy Listening and Future Jazz - think: The Gentle People. With "What The Butler Heard" Club Des Belugas are entering quite enthralling Space Bossa realms, "I Just Want  To Make Love To You" featuring the great Brenda Boykin on vocal duties brings in classic and well-dramatic Soul flavours and the outfits remix for "Les Boulevards De Paris", originally written by Antoine Villoutreix, presents more lively, frolicking and spring-like vibes with an obviously French twist. "Full Crazy", the next collaboration with Brenda Boykin, serves a little more drama and action, slightly reminiscing to classic espionage flics' theme songs, "Mirando Al Mar", another remix - this time for the Bahama Soul Club - captures a nice, sun-infused Cuban athmosphere whilst Latin House lovers will surely appreciated the Club Des Belugas remix for "Manteca", a tune by the WDR Big Band and Arturo Sandoval which is about to cause massive mayhem on every sophisticated dancefloor. As one might guess, the story continues in a similar fashion throughout the rest of this longplayer, which is quite a fusion between album and compilation that, if rumours about the bands break at hand are really true, is a well thought out grand finale to the bands working efforts that surely includes a lot of seductive, yet well varied dancefloor fodder that easily can stand the test of time for a reason. Sweet stuff!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Panoptique Electrical - Disappearing Music For Face [Sound In Silence 030]

Recently incoming from Greece was "Disappearing Music For Face", the newest album output by the Australian artist Jason Sweeney produced under his moniker Panoptique Electrical and put out on the circuit via the Greek imprint Sound In Silence as a limited to 200 copies run of hand-numbered CDr albums. Exploring sonic terrains heavily informed by both introspective Electronica and scenic Ambient whilst providing most romantic layers of tender, caressing piano playing over the course of approx. 49 minutes we see Mr. Sweeney rolling out an album that might seem a little kitsch-driven at first but immediately starts to grow on the listener and soon develops into a beloved soundtrack for rainy, melancholia-infused late fall afternoons, providing highlights like the more uptempo, somehow Indie-reminiscing tune "In A Forest Forlorn" or the dramatic, emotionally stirring "C Minor Spell" which even touches the borders of Dark Ambient in a way whilst tunes like the crackling "Desired Decayed" or "A Picture, A Landscape" tell musical tales of a love long gone. This is good stuff - check!

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Hans Tammen - Deus Ex Machina [Clang 042 Promo]

Catching up on the last summer promos today we're taking a closer look on Hans Tammen's latest album "Deus Ex Machina" today which was released via Clang in the first half of June. Subtitled "Endangered Guitar Live" it's pretty obvious what this album is dealing with - a nineteen track take on the artists work with the hybrid instrument, an amalgamation of live guitar and a computer running the Max / MSP software, documenting his approach to the well-complex and chaotic function of this extrordinary instrument in the years 2004 and 2011. The results of this can be fascinatingly clean and sci-fi sounding whilst being infused by a little bit of Post-PostRock in tunes like "Transaxle" or "Delusional Parasitosis" whilst bits like the "Planetary Gear Train (Euclidean I)" or "Attack Study" provide a little more Rock'n'Roll-feel in terms of energy, but - due to the nature of the instrument - are taking these towards entirely new levels of abstraction, naturally. The "Combustion Chamber" even provides absolute Vantablack darkness and is meant to creep the hell out of ppl suffering from depression and / or mental issues for a reason. In "Sun-And-Planet-Motion" Hans Tammen even explores the abstract art of single note picking on the Endangered Guitar whilst the subsequent "Epicyclic Train (Euclidean II)" as well as the "Jonval Turbine (Euclidean III)" unveal the heavier, slightly ultraviolent side of the instrument. Furthermore the "Interlude In Copenhagen" evokes memories of uncontrolled modular synthesis, "Deinoccus Radiodurans" brings in more bass heavy, yet glitchy low frequency despair for those who can handle the most lightless hours of the night before "The Interlude At Ramapo's" finally brings in a little lighter, playful elements into the overall sound of "Deus Ex Machina" which defo is one album piece that'll be more appreciated by those digging true sonic experimentalisms in all their different variations.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

John Chantler - Which Way To Leave? [Room40 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the ever active Room40-imprint on August 26th, 2k16 is "Which Way To Leave?", the latest album effort created by Australian-born and now Sweden-based composer John Chantler who has been releasing experimental electronic music ever since the year 2000. With his most recent longplay piece Mr. Chantler explores the vast possibilities of melodic abstractions of a multilayered, distorted, yet not necessarily chaotic nature. Structured around a rhythmic but not beat-bound foundation of digital distortion and electric buzzing we'll come across a beautiful, alien array of yearning, crystalline synth melodies in the opening tune "Falling Forward",  enter a mixture of twisted, reprocessed found sounds and scientific soundcapes in "Two And Four" and are introduced to alienated Ambient in the short skit that is "Clearing". The "Fixation Pulse" takes us into toxic swamps found on planets in a galaxy far, far away and defo provides some dreamy, welcoming organo-distorted soundtrack'ish / score'esque qualities whilst the subsequent "Lesser Demands" fuses a strive for minimalistic soundscaping with sparse, resilient low frequency pulses of possibly modular or electro-acoustic origin. "All Visible Signs" however leads the listener towards inward looking ambientisms combined with ever busy, multilayered bleeps of computational operations executed in macrospace whereas the "First December" is, as the name might suggest, a slighty frosty affair and can surely be filed under the flag of Cold Ambient although incorporating some reprocessed elements of more organic origin for sure and evolving into something calm and truly cinematic throughout the course of a little over ten minutes before seamlessly progressing into the sequel which is the "Second December". Finally things are "Beginning Again" where "All Visible Signs" have left us - although on a way slower and more relaxed tempo the feel of unfamiliar machines processing data of unknown value remains and concludes an album pretty much interesting for followers of experimental music in general and collectors of sci-fi scores in particular although this one is not a score at all. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Jemh Circs - Jemh Circs [Cellule 075 001]

To be released on September 30th, 2k16 via the new imprint Cellule 75 is this self-titled album by Jemh Circs, a formerly well hidden alias used by Marc Richter who is primarily working with voice samples obtained from Youtube music videos here. This approach, resulting in the eight tracks of the half hour long album debut, leads to an array of fever'ish, blurred, multilayered soundscapes of quite irritating, yet well fascinating nature that seems to amalgamate the skipping nature of Marcus Popp's CD-collection abused for his early Oval productions, the oftentimes iriscidating, highly chromatic production value of Fatima Al Qadiri's outerworldly music and the information overload provided by non-working brain filters to people suffering from Asperger's syndrome and similar conditions. This said to paint a rough picture of Jemh Circs music, tracks like "Est" even bring in a fascinating quality that might be filed under the flag of Ambient Rave whilst "Iant" introduces the beatless, yet crowd moving action of highspeed glitching and "Mesc" delivers a 97 seconds anthem for all those loving their aforementioned early Oval releases like "Systemisch" to bits. Defo a great album that follows a pretty much conceptual guideline in terms of production without being a so-called concept album at all. Recommended!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Alien Ensemble - 2 [Alien Transistor Promo]

Roughly two years after releasing their self-titled debut album we see Micha Acher's Alien Ensemble making a comeback on Alien Transistor with their second longplay outing simply named "2" on September 23rd, 2k16. And once again Mr Acher and his fellow band members which include Andi Haberl, Stefan Schreiber, Oliver Roth amongst others set out to explore a completely non-electronic sonic environment that's well-informed by genres like Jazz,  KrautRock, Indietronics and PostRock but still aiming to create something new, epic and beautiful in its own right instead of serving a simple amalgamation of the mentioned genres elements. And in tunes like the cinematic, playful, yet crowd moving "Morgenstimmung", the more introspective and melancholic TripHop / Downtempo-reminiscing "Dope" with all its cute melodies or "Skeleton Dance" which is defo the krautsiest tune on "2" the results are defo pretty much remarkable and worth to check out although the Jazz aspect is not that present as in the band's debut and therefore we feel that the album might probably be a little less appealing to the groups initial audience and original fanbase.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Oscar #Worldpeace - Tate Modern

A catchy slow-jam banger featuring Ragz Originale on production - UK Urban entering the building big time with this one!

Sin Fang - Spaceland [Morr Music 149 Promo]

Three years after his last album "Flowers" we see the Islandic artist Sin Fang  making a return to the longplay circuit with his newest outing "Spaceland" which will be released via Morr Music on September 16th, 2k16. Being closer to genres like IndiePop / DreamPop with his most recent outing as well as touching the borders of twinkle-toed SynthPop and featuring more electronic, dancefloor compatible elements that especially show in tunes like "Lost Girls" and the Future R'n'B-influenced "Please Don't" the album opens up a new page in Sin Fang's musical work whilst the tender, yet epic romanticisms of "I Want You To Know" cover the deeper side of Sin Fang's Advanced Pop approach and "Branch" even offers cinematic qualities on a well-synthetic foundation of urban beats. Defo a good one this, although not as fascinating as it's predecessor.

Monday, September 12, 2016

LUX€ BOYZ - Should Have Pat Me Down (Official Video)

When mininalist Grime beats, unique vocals and killer Niche sequences meet the fabulous Mike Skinner - of The Streets and Tonga Balloon Gang - on video production the outcome cannot be not a major banger. So this is what the LUX€ BOYZ have in store for all of us. Tunage detected!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Eau Rouge - Margery (Official Video)

Fascinating imagery and captivating, iriscident hooklines is what Eau Rouge are bringing us with their newest video outing which shall become a major hit on the Indie scene pretty soon. This is a good one!

Thursday, September 08, 2016

baze.djunkiii Charts 09/2016

01. Anne-James Chaton / Andy Moor / Thurston Moore - Heretics [Unsounds 54U]
See review for details...

02. DJ Rashad - Afterlife [Teklife Records 001]
Detroit's Teklife crew continues to preserve the legacy of Juke originator DJ Rashad with a massive 15 track double album on vinyl, jam packed with anthems and bangers crafted by Rashad alongside many collaborative forces before he passed away. As there's too much good stuff to mention on this essential piece here are just a few recommendations one should defo check out if not buying this album blindfolded anyway - so check the amazing mashup "High On Hope" by Microglobe X Machinedrum, the super dope crackhouse anthem "Let's Roll Out" by DJ Rashad X DJ Manny X DJ Spinn, the slightly Jungle-reminiscing "Roll A Tree" crafted by DJ Rashad X DJ Manny or the dirty AF low end killer "Wear Her Pussy Out" by DJ Rashad X DJ Earl amongst other highly recommended bangers on here!

Listen to Microglobe X Machinedrum "High On Hope" here!

03. Zombie Zombie - Slow Futur [Versatile Records]
Zombie Zombie are back! After catching our attention with their epic EP release "Zombie Zombie Plays John Carpenter" back in 2010 the eclectic duo project consisting of Cosmic Neman and Etienne Jaumet caters the needs of all (Neo) Cosmic astronauts and Space Music travellers with another well-fascinating 2x12" album incorporating a bunch of four tracks with each one spreading out over a whole side of a record and all exceeding the 10 minutes mark. Musically what we deal with here is quite a bunch of quirky, spaced out synth melancholia with a longing twist, partly dancefloor rocking beats like provided by the albums title track "Slow Futur" which also serves killer vocoder vocals for an extra layer of ultimate seduction and loads of lovely, highly enjoyable vintage retrofuturisms for advanced dancers, eclectic homelistening sessions or collectors of 70s sci-fi scores. This one is a must.

04. Various Artists - Philly Blunt: The Album [Philly Blunt Records]
Well, what a massive quadruple 12" pack this is and honestly I cannot remember when was the last time I bought a full on Drum'n'Bass compilation album - maybe because it last happened more than a decade ago? Whatever, this one got me as Philly Blunt is a classic Jungle / Drum'n'Bass imprint and there's quite a few classics on here that are revived in a contemporary, yet timeless and valuable way. Serum gets to rework Dillinja's "Gangsta", once released under his alias Trinity, Firefox' "Buck Rogers" is remixed by Bladerunner and the alltime Jungle favorite "This Is A Warning" by Firefox & 4-Tree is revamped by Serum again to please all the oldskool junglists needs. But also the original cuts featured on here, e.g. Firefox' "True Grit", the busy fastlane stepper "Phenomenon" created by Serum and Trigga on microphone duties and the masterly crafted Halftime Drum'n'Bass / HipHop-fusion "Red Eyes" by Serum feat. Inja or the tense gangsta cut "Save This World" by Serum & Voltage provide maximum dancefloor damage and are timeless tunes in their own right. If you're appreciating Drum'n'Bass in its classic, original form - sometimes rolling, sometimes hard stepping and sometimes a little jumpy -, without epic drops but providing proper Bristol-style tools for all them hardworking jocks out there this album, and the included one hours mix CD, will defo cater your needs and bring you maximum pleasure and joy for a reason.

05. By The Waterhole - Two [Playdate Records 008]
See review for details...

06. Mike & Rich - Expert Knob Twiddlers [Planet µ 369]
See review for details...

07. The International Nothing (... And Something) - The Power Of Negative Thinking [Monotype Records 086]
See review for details...

08. Vitor Joaquim - Geography [Cronica]
See review for details...

09. Skadedyr - Culturen [Hubro Music]
See review for details...

10. -

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Wwwings - Phoenixxx [Planet µ 383 Promo]

Released on August 19th, 2k16 via Planet µ is "Phoenixxx", the debut album of the outfit known under the name of Wwwings - a three headed pack of producers hailing from the Kamchatka Peninsula located somewhere in the far east of Russia. And listening to the music created by the three core members Lit Internet, Lit Eyne and Lit Daw and their collaborators like DJ Heroin, Endgame, Born In Flamez, Kastle and many others the story about how the group came to be via the Russian social network VK and how their collaborational efforts were performed via the instant messenger service Telegram totally make sense. Listening to their wild, oftentimes pretty much un- or hardly structured, ear-piercing, midrange-focused sound incorporating elements of heavily distorted bass music, Rhythm Industrial, Noize, WitchHouse and even evident, although heavily mutated  influences of Metal as found in "Pyro" immediately brings one, very specific and yet uncoined genre to mind - this is Tumblr Music! Catering the short attention span of the youth with average track lengths of less than four minutes, often rapid - and random - changes of aesthetics within a tune, bleepy, artificial melodies seemingly influenced by horror scores and fueled by the most brutal, irritating irrationality of teenage angst and self-destruction we totally see how this one album perfectly reflects the dark side of the platform named, which once was described as the home of the wasted, anxious youth. Brutal stuff!  

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Wrangler - White Glue [MemeTune Recordings Promo]

Approximately two years after their amazing debut "LA Spark" we see Wrangler return with their sophomore album "White Glue" which is about to be released via MemeTune Recordings on September 23rd, 2k16. And once again the magick triumvirate of Stephen Mallinder, Phil Winter and Benge is setting out for things big with the nine tracks featured on this longplay piece, introduced by the opener "Alpha Omega" which paves the way for tunes to come whilst mixing up cold, sterile Post-EBM / Industrial with seductive vocoder abuse and a sweet, yet simple synth melody drawing everyone towards the center of concrete, dark grey dancefloors - very 80s, yet very retrofuturist and appealing to those loving late 90s Gigolo Records and / or ElectroClash from the heart. Through the minimalist, funky shades of "Stupid" one can make out a direct connection to Stephen Mallinder's history in Cabaret Voltaire, the vintage melodies and floating strings of "Clockwork" kinda revive the imaginative soundscapes of 1983's Cybotron, "Dirty" brings on a killer take on Robotic Funk with a little PostPunk-y twist in terms of short, distorted guitar bursts and "Stop" amalgamates deepest Proto Detroit vibes with an intense, inherent criticism of today's consumer society - a fusion that results in a decent dancefloor classic to be. Wrangler's "Real Life" is more of a lively, buzzing uptempo affair garnished with expertly crafted vintage synths and well-trippy vocal bits, "Days" comes across in a more clean, scientific, yet intense and threatening manner that find its logical sequel in the dancey, driftig and slightly Acid-induced Proto IDM of "Superset" whilst the final tune "Colliding" explores sonic realms surely influenced by Cosmic and the vast melodic richness of German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk ca. 1978. Defo a well recommended album that both ties in perfectly with its predecessor but also bears witness of how Wrangler's musical universe has evolved throughout the past two years. Check!

Sea Moya - Nothing Is Real

Recently released via Humming Records is Sea Moya's "Baltic States EP" and according to the impression we get from their song "Nothing Is Real" this one defo is one to check out for all those loving their laid back AfroFunk with a slightly Psychedelia-infused twist. We do approve of this.

Friday, September 02, 2016

Eluvium - False Readings On [Temporary Residence Limited 265 Promo]

Recently coming in these days was "False Readings On", the new album by Portland / Oregon-based producer Matthew Cooper, better known under his artistic moniker Eluvium to fans of genres like Ambient and PopAmbient. Having unleashed a massive stream of releases, mostly via Brooklyn's Temporary Residence Limited imprint, since 2003 we see his latest eleven track effort as well being put out via the label which has been his musical home ever since.  But despite the artists well-obvious production experience and the fact that previous albums of his even have been grouped into limited, numbered collectors edition compilation boxes including seven - !!! - vinyl discs per box which tells a tale of Eluvium's music being in demand we're not necessarily awed by his latest work for a reason. Although the production value is high and the composition flawless for what it is, often incorporating angelic, non-vocal choirs and elements of Neoclassical music, we're quite repelled by the musical aspect and direction inherent in "False Readings On" as this is, with the exception of the slightly distorted skit which is the title track, what we'd like to classify as Cliche Ambient. Soft spoken, candy-coated, beatless and oozing with kitsch the whole album blurs into one treacly, streamlined mass of well-similar sonic events of which no single one sticks out as or comes across different due to certain individual characteristics. Instead, the whole album is a gently wafting pink cloud of surely comforting and soothing nature, sometimes a little esoteric even but often also well-generic and with a kind of Muzak'y twist that we can picture being on heavy rotation in pricey boutique shops around christmas time as well. If this is the kind of sound for relaxation one is looking for the 60+ minutes of "False Readings On" might cater your needs perfectly but after having listened to hundreds and hundreds of hours of Ambient music throughout our lives we're looking for things that go deeper and do trigger our braincells a little more instead of covering everything in rainbow-coloured cotton candy. Therefore, we're not signing up for this.     

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Zomby - Ultra [Hyperdub Promo]

Scheduled for release via Hyperdub on September 2nd, 2016 is "Ultra", the fourth album crafted by Bass Music producer Zomby who left his first big mark on the scene with his praised 2008 longplay debut "Where Were You In '92?" on Werkdiscs. Interestingly the label decided not to release any additional info on the press release sheet apart from the albums thirteen-track containing track listing and so we're diving straight into the iridiscent cascades of glittering synth lines in the opener "Reflection", groove along to the super stripped down beats of "Burst" which follows a similar path musically whilst "Fly 2", a collaboration with Banshee, somewhat touches base with both PostGarage and yearning Future R'n'B  in an atmospheric, slightly Burial'esque manner. With "E.S.P." we're slowly entering drama introducing Future Grime territories depending on a well-interesting combination of obvious riddims and a creeping background 4/4, "I" relies on a calm, chiming motif, off kilter string sweeps and a solemn, inward looking feel and "Glass" takes us straight onto the dancefloor with straight uptempo beats, crystalline layers of modulations and slightly early 90s Detroit vibe before Zomby & Burial join forces in the dark'ish, tension-inducing "Sweetz" which, although clearly Post UK Bass-focused, comes across as Chicago Basement-influenced due to the dry, repetetive use of the 'Get Me Fucked Up' vocal sample. Following up is "Her", a pretty beautiful tune covering classic Electronica / ChillOut territories before "Quandary, a collaborational effort with Darkstar which could be filed under the Fatima Al Qadiri-coined flag of SinoGrime due to its specific, kinda Asian-sounding aestethics, triggers the synapses of those longing for complex beat abstractions. "Freeze" brings in 137 seconds of crimescene madness with an early 80s B-movie twist soundwise which finds its seamless continuation in "Yeti", a tune that can be seen as "Freeze Pt. 2" if one wants to put  it like that. The next collaborational joint is "S.D.Y.F." which sees Zomby and Rezett doing their thing, delivering a distorted and worn-out version of old early 90s Breakbeat / Proto Jungle which sounds like taken off a cassette tape played a gazillion times before whilst the closing tune "Thaw" pleases all those loving their organic, floating Ambient to the max and provides a sweet ending for a quite diverse album that offers interesting bits and bops for a wide range of electronic music aficionados. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Anne-James Chaton / Thurston Moore / Andy Moor - Heretics [Unsounds 54U]

Put on the circuit via the well artsy, often conceptual Unsounds label only recently is "Heretics", a box set created by long time collaborating artists Anne-James Chaton and Andy Moor which are joined by Ex-Sonic Youth singer and guitarist Thurston Moore. Keen to musically portrait radical heretical figures through poetry and music the whole extended set incorporates an eleven track audio album piece, a full on lyrics book as well as a 'Making-Of...' DVD piece by Benoit Bourreau documenting how this whole piece came together - and an additional quick match. Although we're not able to follow the specific meaning of the individual Spoken Word bits as we don't speak any French at all we're more than awed by the captivating intensity of the raw, often distorted and clearly PostPunk / (No)Wave referencing guitar playing that tells tales of monochromatic days, concrete and an overall tristesse, perfectly falling together with the vocal use and abuse, bringing in a more monotonous, documentary tone or coming across heavily interfered, distorted and noisy like old recordings from faraway radio or TV stations. This well-balanced combination of elements depicts the world in most fascinating shades of grey, perfectly reflects upon the anger and frustration that often lies within the world outlook of those practising heresy to its fullest, most radical extent - radically expressed and cast in the massive wall of sound and brutal distortion that makes for the in- and outro of the bilingual, stereo field exploring  "The Things That Belong To William" or the super energetic expressions of the subsequent greyscale bit entitled "Heidsieck's Chords" whilst "Coquins Coquettes Et Cocus" turns its inherent radicalisms into ruminant, hypnotic minimalism of more ritual nature, bringing artists like Eyeless In Gaza to mind due to the tunes' specific vibe. With "Poetry Must Be Made By All" the artist triumvirate even pays homage to loops and Industrial Music, serving a disturbing anthem for decaying basement dancefloors before "Le Songe De Ludwig" goes back to musical meditation and hypnosis. But these are only a few bits picked from what might be our favorite album of the past month so far. Highly recommended, not only for the music but also for the great 60+ minutes documentary which unveals quite a bit of the compositional process that lead to the recent form of "Heretics".

Album artwork on Instagram!

Unexpected album artwork glitch on Instagram!

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Ramona Flowers - Part Time Spies [Distiller Records Promo]

Scheduled for relase via Distiller Records on September 9th, 2016 is "Part Time Spies", the second album effort by the Bristol-based outfit The Ramona Flowers which was already announced on these pages earlier this month. Going through the eleven songs of the album which are rolled out over roughly fourty minutes we're immediately taken by the massive opener "Dirty World" which is nothing but catchy as fuck on a little 80s tip with a great hookline that immediately sticks in your ears for ages and "Skies Turn Gold" fuses a little yearning feel with delighting, lively IndiePop before "Start To Rust" fuels drama and epicness on a well-ballad'esque vibe, incorporating great plastic sounding drums and sweet cliche piano parts. The title song  "Part Time Spies" continues to ride the midtempo wave and takes the over the top-attitude of many 80s Pop songs to a whole new level effortlessly whilst the instrumental piece "Midnight Express" serves an array of playful, highly chromatic synth melody layers accompanied by dancefloor suitable 4/4 - a tune that's meandering between genres like NeoCosmic and (Neo)Trance for sure. Following up is "Run Like Lola", an uptempo floor filler that will be battered over and over on Indie floors throughout the fall / winter season, "Hurricane" deals with a tender, romantic repetition motif-wise, serves complex, nervous beats on the fast lane as well as rapid tempo changes and several passages that - to us - evoke memories of bands like The Police for some unexplainable reason and "My Weirdo" goes full on in terms of lovely plastic romanticisms. Furthermore we see "Designer Life" enter realms of more discoid, panorama SynthPop for those loving their glitter and glitz to the max, "Sharks" are circling in shallow waters in full on romantic piano ballad mode and the final song "Cold Of The Night" takes us to more kitsch-driven late night territories and makes for a great ending of a well-recommended album effort. They say the second album is the most tricky for a band? Surely not for The Ramona Flowers !

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Soft Grid - Herzog On A Bus (Official Video)

When Illbient meets PostRock meets PostPunk things unpredictable and slightly disturbing might happen. For more disturbance check the new Soft Grid album "Corolla" which is due for release via Antime in mid-October.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lustmord - Dark Matter (Medley)

A fourhundred seconds medley of the forthcoming Lustmord-album entitled "Dark Matter" which is about to see the light (or darkness...) of day on September 30th via Touch. Captivating, this is!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Katie Gately - Tuck

Is this the new IndieElectro sensation? Lo-fi, yet super seductive, incorporating a dancefloor-filling electronic foundation as well as a PostPunk influenced attitude and elements of the SynthPop underground the first glimpse on Katie Gately's forthcoming album "Color" is pretty much promising - we can't wait to come across the full album soon!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

45/7 Vinyl Club #29 - Artist: baze.djunkiii

It's here - finally! baze.djunkiii's very own, exclusive contribution to the 45/7 Vinyl Club mixtape series which is fully dedicated to the love of 7" records - get ready for one hour of experimental goodness, Drone, Noize and Mutant HipHop!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dan O'Connor - IN / EX [Tone List 001]

Coming in from Perth, Western Australia is the solo debut of the 1989-born Dan O'Connor, a professional trumpet player who uses his instrument to create the most unusual compositions we've heard in a while. Instead of catering experimental, highly twisted or complex, Free Jazz-oriented trumpet tones on this limited to 100 copies CD-r edition the artist focuses on the rendering of individual breaths, using each and every one of these 17 single takes to create a unique sequel of often squeezed, high pitched improvisations and / or blow sounds a.k.a. "IN / EX"-halations all reflecting upon the maximum intensity and exhaustion that appears when a trumpet player takes things to, or even beyond, his physical limits. Defo an impressive body of work, especially when considering that the total runtime of the album does not exceed the 13 minutes mark but still feels way longer and defo more intense than the majority of longplay pieces released these days. If you're knee deep into very core of experimental music, this defo is an album to check out for a reason.

Kat Vinter - Pure Luxury (Official Video)

A little more than a year after releasing her "Islands EP" the Australia-born, world travelling artist Kat Vinter is finally back with a new video - and more important, with an epic song that once again porves how very well her glorious voice works alongside deep, Post-Garage / Future Garage influenced beats.

And if you didn't know - we've met Kat Vinter in late 2015 in Hamburg when she was touring alongside German Pop star Lena. If you haven't seen it yet check out  this video on Youtube!

Serph - Plus Ultra [Noble Label 218 Promo]

Released on July 15th, 2k16 via the Noble Label is Serph's new longplay piece entitled "Plus Ultra" which is, to be honest, not exactly an album in its original sense but more of a thirteen track collection selected from former albums and now served in a slightly re-arranged manner. Altogether the bundle of tunes covers of a musical spectrum that can be described as surely influenced by genres like Downbeat, TripHop and NuJazz which are re-interpreted in a rich, more sugar-coated and surely more electronic way that's somehow reminiscent of Rephlex' mid-90s Easy Listening supergroup widely recognized as The Gentle People which awed their audience with their very specific, kitsch-oozing take on the Downtempo / Exotica scene back in the days. In tunes like "Monsoon (Unknown Season Version)" this attitude is even fused with fast-paced, spiralling and ExoPop-influenced IDM, "A Whim (Solid Jam Version)" brings in a mixture of Library Music, Jazz and a synth-driven, hyperchromatic 80s TV show intro - think NEON here! - and "Soul For Toys (Pilgrim Version)" takes the amalgamation of Dope Beats, glitches and scenic melodies to another level for sure - and maybe is the most outstanding track of the album as well which will be - although way happier and positive sounding - defo appreciated by those loving DJ Krush's "Entroducing" album to bits. With "Luck (Darjeeling Version)" cuteness finally goes into overdrive mode due to layers upon layers of sweet, melodic elements and "Memories" somehow manages to invent Balearic Bossa Pop for sunsets on hyperspeed. This album might not cater things unheard of and possibly might seem to be a little too cheesy at first but throughout the journey things slowly start to fall into place and finally it all makes sense, somehow. Do not check if you're allergic to panorama melodies and scenic string arrangements, though.   

Monday, August 22, 2016

Mike & Rich - Expert Knob Twiddlers [Planet Mu 369]

Scheduled for September 2nd, 2016 is Mike & Rich's "Expert Knob Twiddlers", a classic album originally released by Rephlex back in 1996  and now re-released via Planet Mu with an additional bonus cut of seven tracks which are formerly unreleased tracks or alternative versions of original tunes. Crafted in a collaborational - and partly reasonably drunk - session during the World Cup by Richard D. James / AFX and Mike Paradinas back in 1994 on quite basic, limited gear all of the ten, now remastered, tracks found on the original album do prove that both artists were in it just for the lulz at this point. Playful, oozing with Phonk and dabbling with jazzy loops as well as elements of Easy Listening and Exotica tunes like the fully loop-focused, Proto-Proto-BigBeat bit named "Jelly Fish" are both simultaneously stupid and pretty much delightful mustly due to its awkward theremin-emulating space bleeps and the ever repetetive main motif which is surely a brainwashing trap whilst "Eggy Toast" weirdly fuses Bossa bits and 70s Psychedelia to a fascinating effect. Further highly recommended bits are "Winner Takes It All", a super dope take on Electronic Future Jazz meets futuristic TripHop / B-Boy Breaks, the twisted, well-cartoon'esque "Upright Kangaroo" and the concluding  "Bu Bu Bu" which mixes up deep ass sub frequencies, piano-driven Jazz Noir, irritating vocals and space FX to a soothing (not soothing) fusion for those into Easy - and Uneasy - Listening alike. When it comes to the new and / or alternative cuts featured on the second CD of the album which - like all others - have been remastered from original DAT tapes we see "Vodka (Mix 2)" coming  up with a unique vision of exotic, oriental and fast-paced Jungle Phonk a.k.a. glitch based IDM'esque Drill'n'Bass minus the amen break, "Portamento Gosh" serves sweet, slightly kitsch-y and tongue-in-cheek Moog lines with a hint of vintage melancholia and so does the rich, melodic "Waltz" - a musical effigy of retrofuturistic romanticism, dubbed out. Furthermore "Brivert & Muonds" caters most brutal beats on overdrive which are evoking fond memories of the former Chicks With Dicks project or the longtime gone Anodyne label and are best described as heavily distorted TripHop with a dope'n'jazzy twist before the "Clissold Bathroom" provides us with more distorted beats snippetwise. Finally "Jelly Fish (Mix 2)" is on a faster tip, catering the original loop on a more lively, yet more dry beat foundation and serving soft Moog pads as well as the characteristic theremin'isms in puzzling split stereo before "Organ Plodder" waves our dancing braincells goodbye with a more Easy Listening, yet not necessarily soothing attitude. Good stuff for sure and due to its additional bonus tunes defo an album of some historical value indeed. Check!

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Zöller & Konsorten - Flucht Nach Vorn [GMO / Rough Trade]

Well, sometime I wonder if music pr companies do even do proper research when they're building their databases and collecting press contacts from allover the place. After we decided to pull our email contacts from this website for being flooded with spam and stuff it has become rare that we've been receiving music that is totally off the beaten path and not nearly close to the focus of what we're taking care of here - mostly electronics with a pretty much experimental twist - but sending us an album like the one we're about to review now is pretty much like a shot to the moon. We're talking about the debut album of Zöller & Konsorten, a four piece band comprised of members of bands like BAP, Udo Lindenberg's Panikorchester, Fury In The Slaughterhouse and Leningrad Cowboys - the first two being well known and praised within the German Rock scene whilst the latter are renowned internationally but all - and that's for sure - lightyears away from what we've reviewed and liked, ever. No more fucking Rock'n'Roll is what German Techno pioneer Westbam once proclaimed and that's the path we're following for sure, plus: we're well skeptical when it comes to the use of the German language in any kind of Guitar-driven music - but these are only a few thoughts before we've even dared to press play. And after the first seconds of "Flucht Nach Vorn" it becomes pretty clear that all our apprehensions were pretty much understated, it's all way worse and this album is a nightmare. To cut things short - a totally dusted and musically outdated fourteen songs longplay effort for smalltown moped riders from German villages, still dreaming of the magic once provided by movies like "Easy Rider" and of America as land of the free whilst never being able to look at the world over the rim of their own tea-cup because they're bound to the old sod. For us there's absolutely no way to make it through the whole 47 minutes of this album so we stopped our review attempt after three and half songs and now we're sad that this kind of music even exists and apparently there are still ppl digging stuff like that. The 60s are over, the 70s as well and even back then this tame germanized counterfeit version of Rock'n'Roll was nothing but a sad mistake. Guess we'll need some Merzbow now to heal our wounded ears.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Dr. NoiseM - The CDr A-B-C: N [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

To be released on August 23rd, 2k16 is Dr. NoiseM's new album "The CDr A-B-C: N", the next sequel in the ongoing alphabetized series on his very own imprint Dr. NoiseM tapes. After the extremly dark and even slightly threatening approach of its predecessor we see the new episode going back to calmer, not that frightening territories. Still on a very minimalist tip the 74 minutes of this album are still to be filed under the flag of Dark Ambient for sure but bring on a more relaxed feel that might be described best by the metaphor of a bleak sun rising over a fog-covered, but well scarred battlefield. These moments of peacefulness, just before the mist vanishes to unveil the gruesome remains of total hate and warfare are captured in the mood and atmosphere of this longplay piece in perfect fashion, providing an excellent mixture of quietude and simultaneously an unsettling feel of moribundity. Deep.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gudrun Gut - Vogelmixe [Run United Promo]

Scheduled for September 3rd, 2k16 is "Vogelmixe" - a very special release by Berlin's underground staple Gudrun Gut who has been around in the now-capital's music scene for more than three decades now and left her personal mark on many projects ever since. With her new album she is on a remix tip and reworks a bunch of eight folkloristic songs originally released on the compilation album "Heimatlieder Aus Deutschland", a conceptual work documenting the sound of these specific songs, partly rooted in the 15th century, that have found a new home in Germany due to the traditions of immigrants that brought those with them from their motherland and keep them alive where they're at home now. Coming from regions and countries as different as the Maghreb region, the Beti people in South Cameroon, Cuba, Transylvania or the Arab region, where the religious group of the Alevi hails from and many more, all these are taken out of their original context and more or less drawn onto the dancefloor by Gudrun Gut who mainly uses a straight 4/4 as foundation to de- and reconstruct the original bits which are also to be found on a separate CD in their original form as they were on the  "Heimatlieder Aus Deutschland" sampler. As one might expect from a more concept-driven approach like this we don't get massive dancefloor bangers here when it comes to the results but more like dry and kinda bulky, cumbersome tunes that still are charming and functional in their own way - especially when it comes to multi-layered African SlowHouse of "ZaNeYen" which one easily can imagine to fit in Ricardo Villalobos' most trippy DJ sets or the heavy Rave-emulating sawtooth synth-attacks in the well-pumping rework of "Marhba" which, despite the lack of subs, might drive dancefloors crazy due to its ever spiralling nature in combination with tribalistic chants. With "Dobro Jutro" we're entering more haunting territories that are well informed by Illbient with a steady change of dynamics, use of echoes and backward loops before the mighty 4/4 brings revelation and fever'ish ecstasy to nightmare-inducing rituals, "La Sombra Del Ayer" brings in more of a relaxed but still twisted take on Latin Easy Listening before slowly evovling into dubbed out Minimal House and "Toma Da La Ca" caters the most pounding, yet disturbing variation on Balearic SlowHouse we've come across - like ever. With her rework of "Ein Kleines Waldvögelein" the Berlin-based producer explores a hypnotic and definetely fascinating crossover of Downbeat and distorted Electronica and finally "Dilmano Dilbero" somehow evokes distant memories of misty South American highlands and their ancient rituals whilst flirting with a modernistic take on distortion and echoes of echoes of DiscoHouse, kind of. Fascinating, although not necessarily easily accessible stuff that allows for an interesting one on one comparison of original material and remix not only for those interested in ethnic / folkloristic music but also for electronic music producers in general keen on learning more about an artists individual approach to the theme of remixing in general. 

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Vitor Joaquim - Geography [Cronica 117 Promo]

The Portuguese imprint Cronica has become kind of a staple when it comes to releases being reviewed on these pages on a regular and that's why we are looking forward to embrace Vitor Joaquim's upcoming album "Geography" that's scheduled for release on September 13th, 2k16. Vaguely dealing with the concept of how the planets geography has shaped the development of mankind as a whole throughout its entirety the album opening title track embeds fragments of space documentaries in an environment both shaped by organic sounds and glitches falling together in a warm and welcoming, yet also alien way - once again a feel that takes us back to our deeply loved copy of Oval's "Systemisch" album in a way we're sure that we're not the only ones using this classic as a reference. The second cut, "Cantino", starts with piercing digital, heavily disturbed signals that are accompanied by strange chirps, static crackle and other weird interferences, "Ganda" deals with a fusion of cold and sterile mechanic repetitions with additional layers of distorted, blurred Indietronic transmissions from an FM radio station located thousands of miles away and the pulsing, spiralling nature of "Technography" is facing some deep, organic melancholia along the way. With "Cargo" we're taken on a calm and relaxing journey provided by slow, yet steady Ambient movements and a crackly, continous hiss evoking memories of soft, steady rain on vintage autumn afternoons whilst obscured fragments of Alien FreeJazz performances are present somewhere in the background before "Exodus" explores quite minimalistic terrain and provides both an eerie, slightly threatening as well as a quite natural, ritualistic feel due its abuse of heavily and warped vocal bits by Nino De Elche which are taken from a live performance with Vitor Joaquim like many other fragments of the album were originally recorded on stage with artists like Harald Sack Ziegler, Gustava Costa and many more. In "Domo Arigato" more warm, crackly Ambient layers and crystalline glockenspiel sequences make us feel at home in any second of the track that's building up to intense density slowly, providing sampled percussion bits strangely sounding like hydraulic air pops of some kind whilst the concluding 109 seconds of "8'20"" are basicly a sequel / part II of the previous tune as their transition is seamless, bringing in processed bits of a Laurie Anderson interview as additional sonic element instead of morphing into a completely new tune. An interesting concept for a closing bit indeed, yet a well fitting finish to this recommended longplay piece. 

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