Saturday, December 15, 2018

Sascha Müller - Auslaufrillen Megamix [Kein Label In Sicht 001]

I'ts there, finally. We knew this would be coming at some point for quite a while now and now the Uelsen-based producer Sascha Müller finally brought one of his weirdest, most experimental musical ideas to life as a limited, hand-numbered edition of 100 gold vinyl 7"es. Following the concept of recording crackling run-out grooves from various classic Pop albums and glueing them together into one crackly mess of a megamix this one is a collectors novelty piece for those searching for the most extreme, unusual vinyl releases they can get hold of. Expect looped crackles, pops, surface noise and all the good stuff related to listening to vinyl on a regular but do not expect any kind of structure or user friendly listening experience at all. This is for the die-hard collectors and vinyl freaks only.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Historische Aufnahmen / Historical Recordings Vol. II [Gagarin Records Promo]

An interesting, because well unusual, release is this album put on the circuit via Gagarin Records on November 1st, 2k18 on which Hamburg's famed artist and sound researcher Felix Kubin has compiled a ten track selection of rarely heard, interesting historical recordings recorded as early as 1930 as well as recent as in 2002. Extracted from sound carriers like gramophone records, reel-to-reel tapes and DAT each of these recordings, partly sounding like Musique Concrete despite being of historical and contextual nature, cover distinct historic or political events, document certain automatic mechanisms or even weird jingles, technical teaching materials for the use of leak detectors and what seem to be early experiments in electronic music. Highly fascinating stuff. Get!

Jana Rush - Flight Of The Bumble Bee

Jana Rush takes Juke / Footwork to a next melodic level whilst providing tense, dark'ish sci-fi business as usual, staying true to her minimalist trademark sound aesthetics. A massive tune, this!

Martin Ptak - River Tales [Col Legno]

Released on November 2nd, 2k18 via the experimental Col Legno-imprint is "River Tales", the latest album outing by Austrian composer / trombonist Martin Ptak who is presenting an array of eleven new compositions stretched out over a timespan of 60 minutes on this one. Brought to life with and through an ensemble of 13 musicians including Martin Ptak himself we see the "River Tales" floating slowly and majestic like the Danube river in Ptak's hometown of Krems, meandering festively between classical Ambient structures and Contemporary Classical / (Neo)Classical composition techniques, serving touching, dramatic piano pieces like the fascinating "Stream", the thundering, dark'ish "Merging", the frolicking (Neo)Classical etude that is "Flood" or the highly Jazz-infused "Cyclo", just to name a few outtakes from this longplayer which will surely apply to an audience beyond (Neo)Classical circles for a reason.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda - Ke I Te Ki [Room40 Promo]

Released via Room40 on November 2nd, 2k18 is "Ke I Te Ki", the latest three track collaboration album by Akio Suzuki and Aki Onda, recorded in fall 2015 at The Emily Harvey Foundation in New York. Spanning a total album runtime of approx. an hour we see the opening title track clock in at 23+ minutes, presenting an array of scraping and squealing noises as well as spaced out, outerworldly modulations atop a slow moving background bass drone and early morning Ambient arrangements whereas the follow up "Yo Ru No To Ba Ri" weighs in what seem to be slightly reworked Field Recordings of motor sounds or similar alongside decent electronic atmospheres and subaquatic echoes whilst the final cut "Hi Ka Ri" presents a sequence of vintage computational bleeps as a main motif, accompanied by various, not necessarily tempo-tied flute abstractions and eerie, wafting strings alongside disembodied vocals from various sources meandering through the tunes sonic realm even after the whole track is taking a turn towards ultra abstract Jazz and uncomfortably noisy territories around minute ten or so, causing a general feel of tension and unrest, not only because of the unidentifiable utterings seemingly coming from some strange, hell'ish beast of sorts ever present towards the compositions end. Dark.

The Dorf / Achim Zepezauer - Das Ende Der Kohle [Umland Records 020]

Fresh and forthcoming on Umland Records is this new DVD collaboration between the improvisational ensemble known as The Dorf and artist / musician as well as The Dorf-member  Achim Zepezauer who, conducted and led by composer Jan Klare, created quite a visual trip starting off following an obviously poor and suffering artist - cliche galore! - into his sparse, greyscale and slightly depressing flat and kitchen before taking a surprising turn into stop-motion psychedelia, colourful repetition of previous motifs and tripping visualisms, all accompanied by a non-stop mixture of (Experimental) Jazz, DarkJazz, Funk and intense PostRock with a raw, vintage touch and smokey vibes as well a quite surprising cover version of a well known classic towards the films end. Furthermore we'll find a full recording of the movies live premier with all music performed live by the whole The Dorf ensemble alongside two more live recorded pieces performed at the same occasion - the movie premier on May 14th, 2k15 in Essen. Defo an outstanding release, not only for fans of Jazz / Experimental Jazz but also for followers of arthouse and experimental cinema for sure. Check!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 074]

Another recent album coming in from Germany's most active underground producer is this one on which the man Sascha Müller himself treats us with twelve new tune from his studio vaults. The opening track "Return In" comes with loads of pumping, technoid energy, thrilling shakers and a fast-paced rave attitude, the subsequent "Return Off" engages in an even faster take on metallic-sounding TribalTechno sporting killer stabs and twisted, single note synth sounds whereas "Closer To The NDS Part 10" engages in dry, stripped down ElectroPhonk for advanced late night dancefloors loving dreamlike melodic sequences before "Return On" goes back to tool-oriented Tribal territories with a bang, bringing decent string atmospheres in to the mix as well. With "Katakomben" Sascha Müller presents a deep, stripped down variation of electroid, subaquatic Space Electronica, "Return Out" weighs in more Latin- / TribalTechno heat for steaming summer nights whilst "Network Exit" slows down significantly to employ a gooey variation of spaced out Ambient / ChillOut characterized by swampy analogue bassline pulses and outerworldly sweeps and the "Perfect Sunrise" follows on a similarly swampy, jet slightly more IDM flavored path. Furthermore we see "Reloaded" on a scraping, slighty distorted ToolTechno tip, fusing high energy with distinct DubTechno aesthetics, "Telecontrol" weighs in more late 90s Ambient vibes accompanied by decent digital clicks as a rhythmic foundation, "MS 20 Suicide" is a blueprint of a twisted, acidic, over the top modulation workout and finally "Burn Korg Burn" explores swampy modulation as well for a fascinating finish.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Lars From Mars - Oh Happy Man [Clang Promo]

Back with a new digital five track EP on Clang is label head Lars Graugaard a.k.a. Lars From Mars who's released his latest solo approach towards electronic music on November 23rd, 2k18. Opening with 74 second of "Mochos" we see Graugaard employ a super clean, scientific and slightly electroid Electronica feel for a start before "Anna Cook" takes us to the dancefloor with speedy, muscular and heavily pumping Techno, oozing nothing but power from its gooey bassline and tripping minimal sound. Following up is "Gint", another short and more bass heavy Future Tribal / Future Jazz interlude whilst "Show Motion", the EP's main piece at approx. 10 minutes runtime, presents raw, brooding, yet melodic Broken Techno / Techno Jazz for followers of Surgeon, Hi-Ryze or fans of classic Steve Stoll material whereas the concluding "Ikk?" waves goodbye on a warm, bass-driven Future Jazz note again.Good stuff.

Tomasz Bednarczyk - Illustration For Those Who [Room40 Promo]

Released via Australia's Room40 on November 16th, 2k18 is "Illustrations For Those Who", the first ever full length CD album by Polish producer Tomasz Bednarczyk in nearly ten years. Coming back from his Ambient hiatus although having employed a few other monikers for musical exploratitons since we see Tomasz Bednarczyk return to the source with his opener "Theme I", a crackly, blurred out take on the genre accompanied by mechanical background rhythm signatures whereas a walk through the "Botanical Garden" provides a deep dive into total calm and introspection before the "Jukebox" emits tender, soft pads and slow moving beauty whilst a "Rainy Drive" fuses, well, falling rain with a beauteous soft flow and soothing atmospheres - Ambient in perfection. Furthermore "Sunny Ambient" is exactly this on a warm summers day, with "Theme II" Tomasz Bednarczyk harks back to the crackling aesthetics employed by the albums opener, "Sunday" floats warm and easy like a cosy Sunday afternoon with a loved one and the final tune "Six Sounds" rounds things off with a shoreline-reminiscing swell and droning beauty over the course of nearly seven minutes. Ambient as Ambient can be and defo a sweet comeback to the genre after a decade.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Styrofoam - We Can Never Go Home [Sound In Silence 056]

Styrofoam is back! After eight years of silence the Antwerp / Belgium-based producer Arne Van Petegem unearths his beloved artistic moniker again to return with a new hand-numbered, limited album on the Greek label Sound In Silence. For the first time, after building a fanbase with early releases on Morr Music and other imprints in the early 2000s, we see Styrofoam present a full-on instrumental approach to his music, opening with "Fully Present" which is built from intricate, complex and polyrhythmic synth layers atop a slightly glitched out Electronica foundation before "It Isn't Real So It Doesn't Count" brings forth 186 seconds of shimmering, panoramic Synthtronica. With "The Crook Of Your Elbow" Styrofoam fully drifts off into warm, playful sonic realms, "Did Your Mouth Buy You This Scar?" opens with cascading, carefully layered melodies and warm, all embracing large scale bass waves whilst the follow up named "Love Restores Almost Everything" brings back a hint of Slow Phonk to highly advanced dancefloors. Furthermore the title track "We Can Never Go Home" follows on a path of raw, yet tender bass notes accompanied by climaxing, complex melodic arrangements for Electronica lovers able to handle dark, hard-hitting and splintered beats, "This Terrible And Beautiful World" is a crystalline, highly detailed uptempo affair which will be loved by the Post-Dubstep / Post UK Garage scene for a reason and the concluding "Blind Spot Safety Procedure" weighs in nearly nine minutes of frolicking, multilayered Ambient cascades, sweetest bass chords and a good portion of dope beats for an epic finish. Styrofoam fans surely will be deep into this.

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Michele Mercure - Beside Herself [RVNG Intl. / Freedom To Speed]

Released as a collaboration between the great RVNG Intl. and its sister label Freedom To Speed on November 9th, 2k18 is "Beside Herself", an anthology and archive of tapes self-released by the Harrisburg / Pennsylvania-based electronic music pioneer Michele Mercure somewhat between 1983 and 1990. Not only a sole artist but also producer for theater, film and performance music, activities covered in detail in the extensive liner notes, Mercure developed her own musical language based on experimentation and advice of several mentors, creating storming, yet stripped down and heavily miniatures like the fascinating opener "A Little Piece" which turns into a surprisingly melodic little tune over the course of 132 seconds whereas the follow up "Ghosts Before Breakfast" seems to be influenced by cascading SynthWave and Library Music, "Dreamplay 2" fully harks back to calm, widescreen Production Music with twangy guitars and a late summer nights feeling before "Beside Myself" weighs in a certain Industrial darkness beatwise nicely contrasted by very 80s synthesizer chords and field recorded vocal loop techniques. Celebrating "Liberation Day" we see Michele Mercure weighing in echoes of SynthPop, slightly asiatic melodies and subtle influences of cut-up and scratch techniques from the early HipHop scene, "The Sky Is Falling" provides quite a mixture of what  seems to be lo-fi video game music and dramatic synth chords pointing towards Berlin's Ingenious Dilettantes movement of the time, "Beginning" re-introduces cliche Asian sound aesthetics before "No More Law In Gotham City" provides an ultimate mental thrill due to its hypnotic abuse of multilayered backward vocal loops and experimentalist, dark electroid atmosphere of dystopian nature despite cascades of synthesized repetition introduce climaxing beauty throughout the further progress of the tune. The "Time Piece" seems to even incorporate elements of Country into its melodic, Synth-based foundation, "A Void Dance" is getting deep into cold science fiction realms before revealing distinct metallic lo-fi rhythms and minimalist bass melodies reminiscent of highly experimental P-Funk or Dub, "Mother" trips out on layers of reverb-heavy melodies and psychedelic simplicity, the title track "Beside Herself" explores synth-based romanticism and contemplation on top of syncopated beats and "Dinosaur Dancing" caters fascinating water droplets for a rhythmic structure whilst the crystal clear Synth works evoke memories of other electronic music greats of the time, like Jean Michel Jarre. Furthermore "An Accident Waiting To Happen" opens with noisy, militant Industrial rhythms and presents itself as the most aggressive track on this album with guitar and bass works resembling what would be become known as Chemical Beats later in the 90s, "Reverie" brings forth the exact opposite of its predecessor with distinct minimalism and, once again, Sinotronica whilst "De Dunk" turns out to be a dark, minimal and Phonk-infused affair once again revealing parallels to Berlin's Ingenious Dilletantes. Finally Michele Mercure's "Night Music" provides a score'esque touch for lovers of Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze, "Antigone" is on a more naturalistic tip, musically depicting green meadows along an untouched shoreline under attack from giant subsurface forces of evil and the concluding "Antarctica" waves goodbye on a level of large scale harmonic production and ethereal, angelic non-vocalisms alongside kitsch-dripping, slightly esoteric guitars. Defo an interesting glimpse into a window of mostly unknown or unrecognized electronic experimentation, this.

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Reinier Van Houdt - Igitur Carbon Copies [Hallow Ground Promo]

Another one released via Hallow Ground on November 16th, 2k18 is "Igitur Carbon Copies", the new album outing by Reinier Van Houdt which has been inspired by Stephane Mallarme's unfinished goth tale 'Igitur' from as far back as 1869. Employing the voice of David Tibet as a narrating layer reading fragments of the text atop an overall atmosphere of score'esque brooding darkness, intense, partly electrifying Drone, threatening Noize outbursts, multi-layered, reprocessed Field Recordings, single note pianos and scientific bleeps alongside elements of Cold Ambient this one does work best when listened to like a radio play / audio drama, in one session and with high levels of unperturbed concentration, allowing the sonic realm built around David Tibet's voice to create depictions of horror and suspense, a dark cosmos emerging from one's inner cinematic imagination, hypnotizing, spine-tingling and surely one that doesn't ever leave one alone throughout one's darkest dreams again. This is a movie without pictures, shot in grainy black-and-white and yet a well remarkable one for sure. Made for headphone consumption. Check. 

Sunday, December 09, 2018

S.E.T.I. presents S.E.I.T. - Sleep Environments For Interplanetary Travel (Official Trailer Video)

Mr. Andrew Lagowski a.k.a S.E.T.I. is coming at us with a massive 8xCD album box.

Sascha Müller - Mr. Robot [Sascha Müller Music]

Coming soon on Sascha Müller Music once again as a limited to 10 - !!! - copies floppy disk release is his very own single named "Mr. Robot", a one track piece that's all about rocking both Electro as well as Minimal Wave / Synthwave dancefloors with cute little melodies, a seductive text-to-speech vocal sample and, of course, dreamlike harmonies that will settle down in a very dear place of your heart for now and ever. Define: Braindance.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

PLYXY - Gloryland EP [Hallow Ground Promo]

A new one on the Swiss label Hallow Ground, released on November 16th, 2k18, is PLYXY's "Gloryland EP", the latest musical outing by Russian producer migrated to NYC Ros Knopov. Originally being a strictly limited tape and now available on vinyl as well the five track piece opens with "It Will Be Beautiful", a deep crackly take on floating Ambient beauty whereas the title track "Gloryland" follows on a path of crisp, floating calm evoking memories of an undisturbed, untouched winter landscape after an overnight snow fall. Furthermore we see "Ungod" unfold in a calm, yet dramatic manner, breaking off into icy, dubbed out pieces in the second half of the tune, "KatYusha" fuses highly melancholic Ambient with a kind of (Neo)Classical string section and the final "March Of Youth" floats along a blurry, crackling and meandering river of tonal shifts alongside illusions of ghostly whispering voices and musical surprises which are taking a turn towards the noisier, warped side of the electronic spectrum.

Erik Grisworld - Yokohama Flowers [Room40 Promo]

Freshly released via Australian label Room40 on November 23rd, 2k18 is Erik Grisworld's latest album "Yokohama Flowers", a longplay piece influenced by his collaborations with experimental film maker Louise Curham over the past years. Catering a menu of fifteen tracks within a total runtime of 47 minutes with each of them rarely exceeding the four minutes mark we see Erik Grisworld diving deep into the realm of unprocessed composition on his favorite instrument which is the prepared piano. Employing a distinct technique of repetition and variation whilst seeing beauty in simplicity over the course of this release the listener is drawn into a world of crystalline beauty and untouched purity within a few minutes only, focusing on nothing but the playfully intertwined melodies, finding calm and joy in these undisturbed solo exercises and etudes which will defo be appreciated way beyond the circles of Ambient and (Neo)Classical composition for a reason. Sweet.   

Friday, December 07, 2018

Maze & Lindholm - Where The Wolf Has Been Seen [Aurora Borealis]

Put on the circuit via the Aurora Borealis-imprint on October 26th, 2k18 is "Where The Wolf Has Been Seen", a collaborational album effort by created by Otto Lindholm and P. Maze which are working their ways through four compositional parts created for electronics and double bass on this one. With "Part I" the duo explores a deep, ruminant Ambient realm based on constant, low-frequency droning, fuzzing crackles and naturalistic string arrangements whereas "Part II" is on a more intense, threatening, yet also desolate and longing tip, depicting the isolationist feel of living in a lost enclave of a post-apocalyptic civilization sitting somewhere in the desert, surrounded by nothing but nuclear waste and ever rolling tumbleweed. Furthermore we see "Part III" presenting a quite uneasy sci-fi vibe with warped low frequency modulations, noisy interferences and cold, spooky atmospheres as a foundation for eerie strings before the final part, "Part IV", relies on a noisy, ever moving maelstrom of electronic and radio static progressing into intense Drone accompanied by highly melancholic low frequency string works bordering on Contemporary Classical / (Neo)Classical and elaborate score works musically, exemplifiying ultimate sadness and despair for now and ever. Thrilling!

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Thursday, December 06, 2018

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 073]

Another fresh collection of tunes coming from Uelsen's most active underground producer Sascha Müller is this twelve track album, once again released via Supersix Records. Opening with "Light Performance" we're taken into a realm of spatial, dreamlike IDM fused with ChillOut and Ambient structures over the course of nearly nine minutes whereas the follow up that is "Teta" fully employs playful, slightly electroid and Plaid'esque Electronica with a beautiful, ever repeating melodic sequence reminding us of a multilayered glockenspiel soundwise whereas "Baum 1" follows on a frolicking, yet crystalline path of pure joy and happiness. With "Mind Over This Planet" Sascha Müller provides a beautiful, melancholia-infusing variation on off kilter Ambient whilst presenting hints of DubTechno-stabs and modular warping in the same cut, "Baum 2" keeps up with the crystalline vibes of its predecessor and "No Response To Base" leads us into a wobbly, hypnotic, Trance-inducing MinimalTechno realm that fans of Plastikman / Richie Hawtin or the Perlon label will love for its spiralling nature drifting through an Acid / Intelligent Techno void before "Baum 3" seems to indulge in SinoElectronica and scattered, echo-heavy clap workouts over the course of 319 seconds. "Physical War" employs more of a bouncy, oldskool'ish assault technique for lovers of acidic ProtoTrance and ever so heavy claps. Furthermore "Baum 4" caters more of a subaquatic take on Ambient / IDM, "Closer To The NDS Part 09" weighs in twisted, aggressive ElectroBreaks with a jazzy twist for the darkest hours on the dancefloor whilst "Run Stop Return" brings more hypnotic, Acid-infused Minimal Techno with a few feedback overdrive moments to the table and the closing tune "Baum 5" is on a calm, yet intense and moving Electronica tip for highly advanced dancefloors.

Frederik Leroux & Kris Vanderstraeten - Zonder Webben [Aspen Edities 004]

Released earlier this year on the Belgian label Aspen Edities is "Zonder Webben", the collaborational album effort of guitarist Frederik Leroux and percussionist Kris Vanderstraeten built upon a series of improvisational sessions the two have been holding on a regular in the small village of Zichem / Belgium for the past four years now. Over the course of this time the two artists developed a distinct musical language of their own which is now manifesting within seven tracks rolled out over the course of 37 minutes, bringing forth calm and collected, yet highly improvisational textures which include echoes of remnants of fragments of what once was Post-PostRock but now has become a layer of of naturalistic, yet somehow disturbing outerworldy ambience in the opener "Wonderwel" whereas the follow up "Lui Uil" weighs in a very free understanding of Rock and Ultra FreeJazz, "Het Schuim Op De Golven" meanders in between Post-PostRock and reverberating Ambient realms before "Druppels En Knuppels" amalgamates tongue-in-cheek cuteness and minimalism in a way that makes up for our favorite track on this album. With "Nachternoen" we see the pair of artists go down a deep, emotional route of naturalist, slightly twangy guitar play which could be described as an experimental, stripped down to the bone take on Desert Blues, "RRR" continues on a similarly minimalist path despite relying on a harsher, more distorted and scraping metallic sound aesthetic and the final cut "Liever Lag" is as calm and beautiful as the end of a hot summers day out there in the desert for sure. Recommended!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Geneva Skeen - A Parallel Array Of Horses [Room40 Promo]

Another new one put on the circuit by the ever busy Australian imprint Room40 is "A Parallel Array Of Horses", the latest album piece by Los Angeles-based Geneva Skeen who's dealing with the theme of a collapsing, decaying society on her new longplay outing. The five track journey starts with "The Sonorous House", a tune comprised of several layers of partly reprocessed Field Recordings and warm atmospheric droning of varying intensity whilst "Los Angeles Without Palm Trees" surely seems to be a quiet, undisturbed, yet somewhat desolate and isolationist place disturbed by prevalent subfrequent shifts and mechanical repetitions somehow related to the now vanished genre of Clicks'n'Cuts, evoking memories of former Muslimgauze-releases on the former Audio.NL imprint paired up with beautifully dramatic Ambient arrangements over the further course of the track. Furthermore the title piece "A Parallel Array Of Horses" brings forth a fragile, ethereal take on Ambient influenced by echoes of (Neo)Classical composition and longing, melancholia-infused score works, "Frain, Refrain" presents a variation of outerworldly, warped choir performances with obvious parallels to Ayshay's 2011-released novelty smash "Warn-U" vibewise before the final composition "Flutter In Place" fully drifts away into fluffy clouds and calm Ambient territories. Defo recommended for all ChillOut heads out there.

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 12/2018

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Dan Mind - We Love You [Psychocandies 074]

Another one scheduled for December 20th, 2k18, this time via the Psychocandies imprint, is the new digital two track single by underground producer Dan Mind who's offering a raw, unprocessed and slightly oldskool'ish Techno effort alongside low frequency Tribal-influences on the title track "We Love You" whereas the second tune named "Klirrfaktor" weighs in some quirky, highly distorted Breakbeat / Phonk structures that reminisce Nitrate's legendary tune "Dust Bucket" being mixed up with fucked up Electro, experimental BigBeat and releases on Biochip C.'s former Anodyne label. Sick.

Sascha Müller - Traxxx Vol. 7 [SM Traxxx 30-2018]

In the pipeline for December 20th, 2k17 is "Traxxx Vol. 7", the next digital two track single by our favorite underground producer Sascha Müller coming straight out of Uelsen / Germany. With "Track 13" he brings us a storming, fast-paced take on wonky, spiralling AcidTechno for pumping underground peaktime parties whereas "Track 14" stays in the Acid lane but referes to a more screaming, mind-wrecking aesthetic that leaves punter struck with total ecstasy and an immediate urge to work out as hard as they can on the dancefloor. Killer!

2000 - Plant [Umland Records / El Negocito Records]

Put on the circuit as a label collaboration between Umland Records and El Negocito Records is "Plant", the first ever album released by 2000, a new evolution of Jan Klare's former band outfit 1000 which is now revived as a six member group - mostly due to the demand of bookers and festivals wanting them to make a return to the live circuit after one of their members left for New York city in 2017. Now, serving a bundle of twelve new tunes on this longplay piece, we see the sextet explore a deep, intimate feeling resembling the warmth as well as a live-and-direct touch usually provided by Chamber Music and stripped down Contemporary Classical arrangements whilst musically gravitating more towards a feeling of autumnal, late night Jazz Noir that gives room for sequences of Free Improvisation, large scale drama like in the epic "Toss", violent Free Jazz in "Rott" or even High Speed Funk affairs in the 125 second of "Shill" whilst "Teasy Venus" catches quite an easy, positive vibe on a classic Jazz standard note just too pick a few tracks out of this album that surely sets out to please quite a lot of Modern Jazz lovers out there.

Monday, December 03, 2018

The Vegetable Orchestra - Green Album [Transacoustic Research 009]

Put on the circuit on November 17th, 2k18 via Transacoustic Research is the "Green Album", the latest musical outing by the infamous group known as The Vegetable Orchestra which has been using  and abusing dried and fresh vegetables for musical purposes over the course of nearly 20 years now. With the ensembles fourth album they're continuing on this path for sure, catering a vegetable menu comprised of 14 tracks over the course of 48 minutes. In this, they're touching both on genres like Contemporary Classical whilst also serving a grotesque, tongue-in-cheek take on Novelty and Phonk,  especially prevalent in tunes like "Perfect Match" and "Internal Crisis", or even bringing elements of feedback heavy HarshNoize to the table as done in "Fasern". With the epicly named "Schwarzmooskogel" The Vegetable Orchestra even manages to incorporate oriental mystique and klaxon'esque horn-resembling sequences into their Novelty Music, "Hyperroots" even leads to an excursion to MinimalHouse-infused dancefloors similar to Matthew Herbert's unique take on the sample-based edge of the genre, "Bamako" caters African-infused Tribal Funk and somehow evokes memories of Was Not Was' legendary "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" basslinewise as well as digs down into more fever'ish, yet cute, tripped out and funny tribalisms with "La Valse Ephemere". But these are only a few tunes mentioned, taken out of this extraordinary, unique and interesting album release. Check.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Eternell - Still Light [Sound In Silence 054]

Coming in from the Greek Ambient-staple that is the Sound In Silence-imprint is the label debut by Höör / Sweden-based producer Ludvig Cimbrelius, better known in the world of highly relaxing music under the name of Eternell. Named "Still Light" the longplay piece, which once again is limited to 150 copies, is comprised of a total of three tracks with the opener "Inner Song" paving the way for things to come over the course of 19 minutes, fusing soft, slowly moving pillows of Ambient with inward-looking, slighty twangy guitar play for ultimate relaxation. Following up is the title track "Still Light" which brings half an hour+ - sic !!! - of the purest floating comfort which might classified as Pop Ambient by some, especially by followers of the Cologne-based Kompakt label, and the final cut "Resting On The Surface Of A Stream" perfectly describes the calm, all embracing nature of this 23 minute epos built on more billowing pads and slightly esoteric, yet even more romantic guitar workouts. Beautiful.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2018

01. Horsepower Productions - Reefer Max / Phantasy Rush [Effective 96]
Horsepower Productions are back on track with a new 12" and probably it's their best work ever in their nearly 20 years spanning career. With "Reefer Max" they're catering greatly to an audience craving for heavily dubbed out Jungle - or Jungle Dub ? - with basslines as deep as the deepest subaquatic abyss and great spiritual vocal samples whereas "Phantasy Rush" on the flip brings back the ecstatic vibe of early 90s UK Hardcore / Proto-Jungle Breakbeat in a quite modernistic way. Get!

02. LA-4A /  Alden Tyrell [Delft 017]
More Acid goodness. Whilst LA-4A brings on both a dark, twisted take on BrokenAcid as well as proper, dry electroid stomper on his side of the 12" Mr. Alden Tyrell goes down an expertly crafted, fast-paced Chicago jack route with his offerings, lifting up bouncing to new levels of true madness and ecstasy. Killer.

03. Various Artists - Scotch Bonnet Records Presents Puffers Choice Vol. II [Scotch Bonnet Records]
Reggae, Reggae, Reggae... and a hint of Dub as well as Dubstep. This is what's to be found on this excellent 12 track compilation delivered by Scotch Bonnet Records. Featuring massive tunes like the most beautiful opener which is Bim Sherman's "Lightning & Thunder (Mungo's Hi Fi Remix)", the anthemic future classic that is "Dance Inna New York" by Chief Rockas ft. Supercat, Nem's highly melancholia-driven piano-led "Purest Force (Mungo's Hi Fi Remix)", Dreadsquad's killer Dub excursion "Space" or the excellent Joy Division-rework "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Capitol 1212 feat. Earl 16 alongside many other great tunes this one is an essential cut for all lovers of the aforementioned genres for a reason.

04. Christian Smith & John Selway - Count Zero (Part II) [Tronic]
Dark, modernistic Techno tools for those who know. A1 tune "Delirium" is going down a gooey Acid route, B1 "Royal Movement" caters to the lovers of large scale basslines and the final B2 cut "Virtual Light" brings back excellent, pumping ClubTechno proper and therefore is the winning cut on this 12" release.

05. Air Liquide - This Is A Mindtrip [Intergalactic Research Institute For Sound]
Air Liquide are back and they're back after a long time! With the title track "This Is A Mindtrip", once again featuring the great Mary S Applegate on Spoken Word duties, we see Cem Oral and Dr. Walker explore deep, tripping Illbient structures, "Die Singende Säge" employs a subaquatic, bass-heavy ChillOut strategy and the final cut "Zeitgeber 3" kills late night dancefloors with an amalgamation of DubTechno reverberations and raw, spiralling Acid lines for a reason. Check.

06. Le Crabe & Optimis GFN - EP [Hirntrust Grind Media / Amertume / Urgence Disk Records / Et Mon Cul C'Est Du Tofu? / BRK / Bruits De Fond / Ccrecordz / I Feel Good Records / Sweat Lodge]
See review for details...

07. Various Artists - 303 303 EP [Planet Rhythm Records]
Acid, Acid, Acid. Four untitled tracks by four different, and unnamed, artists on clear vinyl, all highly addictive, banging and spiralling from here to a smoked out, strobe lit nirvana, a place of eternal workout and happiness to be found in humongous warehouses of the past or underground basement dancefloors of today. Timeless and good.

08. Hi-Ryze - 4-Track Progress EP [Yozmaz 002]
UK Techno is all the rage again these days and this re-issue is taking us back to the year 1993, a time when things were less formulaic, faster and freeform and electronic music still was a form of electronic expression. Too dancefloor-focused to be described as Intelligent Techno these four tracks fully convince with outerworldly, spine-tingling atmospheres, elements of Bleeps'n'Clonks, hints of Acid as well Motor City abstraction, making us wish that we could listen to them once again on unlimited warehouse sound systems whilst laser lights are flashing high above our heads like they did in the old days. Good stuff.

09. Koazoamo - Synapskollaps [... 001]
See review for details...

10. Heavee - WFM [Teklife Records 008]
More goodness from the Teklife camp on their 8th release which sees Heavee building a bridge between dry, dirty GhettoHouse and complex Juke / Footwork within eight tracks, oftentimes collaborating with genre greats like DJ Phil, Gant-man, DJ Paypal, DJ Rashad (R.I.P.) and Sirr Tmo. Highly recommended tunes: "It's Wack" and "Big Body Bass". 

Keisuke Matsuno / Moritz Baumgärtner / Lars Graugaard - Crush [Clang 064]

Released as a three artist collaborational effort via Clang on October 12th, 2k18 is "Crush", a new album recorded over the course of one day in September 2k16 in which Keisuke Matsuno, Moritz Baumgärtner and label head Lars Graugaard push forward into the realms of experimental music with five brand new tracks. The opener "Wheefing The Hoofer" totally starts to puzzle the listener with a highly experimental, 70s psychedelic take on what we only can describe as electric guitar meets modular electronics FreeJazz Improvisation, "Tomorrow Never Comes" is following up on a similarly psychedelic, yet more Blues meets dubbed out, ambient'esque PostRock orientated tip whereas the 144 seconds of "Grindle" provide an exciting, yet noisy variation of grinding, brain twisting Abstract Phonk / Illbient for those who know - or for those remembering projects like Zwei Tage Sauerstoff or 40 Sekunden Ohne Gewicht from a long gone past. Furthermore we see "Blended Conurbation" combine panoramic Ambient vibes with a fusion of Jazz and Rock drumming, tricky guitar works and haunted atmospheres before the final cut "Keep Something On" takes up nearly 24 minutes of the albums total runtime, filling these with an amalgamation of Isolationist Ambient, thundering background drums and distorted guitar feedback to make up the most intense and most thrilling track on this well-demanding album that is defo catering to a small, yet highly specialised audience.

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Siavash Amini - Foras [Hallow Ground Promo]

Released via the Swiss-based label Hallow Ground on September 7th, 2k18 is "Foras", the second album produced by the Iranian composer Siavash Amini for the imprint after making his label debut with "Tar" in 2017. Focusing on a conceptual idea of how the surrounding world, especially so-called 'dark' places, influence and interact with one's psychological experience we see the artist employing and reprocessing Field Recordings of such spaces, transforming them into something new which, in the case of the opener "First Came Their Shadows", results in a quite intense, thrilling take on unsettling, doomed, droning (Un)Ambient from the planets deepest vaults with a lighter episode towards the tunes end whereas the follow up "Aporia" provides a raw, static buzz of varied intensity as a foundation which, over time, despite its noisy nature surprisingly unfolds to be a well calming and soothing affair. Furthermore "The Beclouding" features more electrical buzzing in a Cold / Isolationist Ambient context evolving into tender, classic Ambient structures over the course of ten minutes proper and the final "Shadow Of Their Shadows" indulges deep in desolate Drone and a feel of dark, greyscale, post-apocalyptic dystopia similar to the classic beatless pieces once to be found on Christoph De Babalon's seminal "If You're Into It I'm Out Of It" album.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Blank Nurse / No Light - HIV 1994 [Forking Paths 015]

Put on the circuit as cassette tape on October 5th, 2k18 via Forking Paths is "HIV 1994", the new album project by writer / composer Evan Davies who is employing his experimental alias Blank Nurse / No Light for this seven track album. Dealing with the topics of depression and OCD the Canadian artist opens the journey with "Blood Fiction", a piece that fuses a beautiful, simple harp or guitar motif with Spoken Word, Electronica and Field Recordings whereas "Mocking The Ghost Of Crybaby Cobain" turns towards elements of Synth ultranoise paired up with screaming, destructive Black Metal and the "Flu Breather" explores unsettling, droning sawtooth basslines and an overall feel of warped, psyched out horror even though some melodic structures are shimmering through and a hounded lo-fi drum machine beat calls for movement on satanic dancefloors. "Outside The Clinic Is A Hungry Black Void Of Nothingness" is another call for celebration on Goth / SynthWave-infused festivities, "No Ecstasy" fuses echoes of Broken Beat with large scale Synth harmonies and EBM-reminiscing vocals whereas "Under The Vomit Moon" harks back to the art of IDM proper whilst also employing a layer of dark, desperate vocals and "TonyaHardingOJSimpsonNAFTASuicideCult Lullaby" - yes, it is spelled this way! - waves goodbye in a quite extreme manner, amalgamating crystalline, stripped down sequences and noisy, horror'esque SynthMetal parts within one track. Interesting!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

P.T.B.S. & Sascha Müller - Split E.P. [Psychocandies]

Soon to be released as 12" vinyl on the Psychocandies-imprint is the labels latest  "Split E.P.", a collaboration between the companies head honcho Sascha Müller and Meppen-based underground producer Ufuk Özbayar a.k.a. P.T.B.S. . Opening with "Absolut Bond (Sascha Müller My Name Is Acid Mix)" the pairs first collaboration effort weighs in a deep, hypnotic take on spiralling Acid music for strobe-lit underground raves whereas their second conjunctional joint "What I Mean (Great Evening Mix)" brings forth a darker, more pumping and minimalist approach whilst employing a creepy little motif that gets under your skin like the main theme from your favorite horror flic. On the flip we see Sascha Müller going on a double solo tip with "Work My 303", another masterly crafted Acid piece harking back to the finest twisted clubbing moments of the 90s, before the final cut "Generator Man" explores grinding, distorted Broken Techno / Wonky Techno realms, sucking each and every listener into a cold dystopian, post-apocalyptic future within seconds. Get this.

Streifenjunko - Like Driving [Sofa Music]

Back with their third album on the Norwegian Sofa Music label are Espen Reinertsen and Eivind Lønning, better known amongst followers of contemporary experimental music by employing their conjunctional alias Streifenjunko musically. Originally coming from a background of saxophone and trumpet the band has turned towards electronic influences with this album, delivering Ambient-infused start-and-stop aesthetics with the opener "Everything We Touch Is Electric", a piece also defined by short digital cuts and glitches alongside a melancholia-inducing, klaxon'esque layering of seemingly reprocessed plays on the aforementioned instruments whilst "Astronaut Peace" fully goes down a droning, atmospheric Ambient lane which causes mental unrest rather than a soothing feel due to its cold nature and slowly meandering sci-fi swell. Finally the title track "Like Driving", also the third piece featured on this album, indulges in full on melancholia, combining the attitude of both its predecessors in a deep, yet beautiful 19 minutes journey into the fascinating, emotional FutureJazz world of Streifenjunko. Recommended.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Fofoulah - Daega Rek [Glitterbeat Promo]

Pushed on the circuit on November 9th, 2k18 via the tirelessly working Glitterbeat-label is "Daega Rek", the sophomore album by London's AfroDub duo Fofoulah which is heavily influenced by the duos extensive tour experience after the release of their self-titled debut back in 2014. Opening with the tense, short instrumental cut that is "Nyari Garong" the pair paves the way for things to come, a polyrhythmic sensory overload of sorts which is fusing traditional African Tribal percussion patterns with muffled, Sherwood'esque Dub-aesthetics, intense vocal performances in a West African language called Wolof alongside echoes of experimental PostPunk, hints of Future Jazz in overdrive mode, beats in parts infused by various forms of urban bass music and the inherent madness of musical geniouses like Matthew Herbert, Jimi Tenor and the likes of, all falling together in fascinating, highly energetic and unique fashion to make this album surely a standout piece amongst everything roughly identified as World Music / Non-Western Music these days. Get.

Katharina Ernst - Extrametric [Ventil Records 011]

Released via Austria's Ventil Records as their 011 is "Extrametric" by multidisciplinary drummer and artist Katharina Ernst, her solo album and a seven track effort of diving deep into the realms of polyrhythmic performance and multi-patterned grooves both generated through the use of drum machines and synthesizers as well as through an arsenal of live played, or sampled, percussion instruments. The results of these experimental meditations on rhythm are subsequently named "X_01" - "X_07", covering a spectrum from thrilling technoid antigrooves to complex, Drone-infested DarkJazz-related episodes via playful, melodic Dope Beats for advanced BrokenHouse / Phusion-floors - check "X_03" / "X_04" for this specific vibe - to Cold / Death Ambient and even minimalist sci-fi scorescapes as well as inward-looking, shoegazing Psychedelia towards the end. Defo a great variety and a highly interesting, unique approach towards personal rhythm science that hopefully shall be experienced by each and every vinyl collector out there. Check.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 072]

Fresh on the circuit via Sascha Müller's very own Supersix Records imprint is the labels 072, a new twelve track collection representing the tireless studio efforts of the Uelsen-based producer. Opening with "Natural Fluid" we're drawn into a world of strange, robotic MinimalTechno for exoterrestrial sci-fi raves, "Closer To The NDS Part 04" stays on a similar raw and minimalist lane  before the "Crazy Agent" adds a rolling, abstract and discoid bassline and crisp echoes to a MicroHouse-vibe similar to tunes once released on labels like Perlon or Ladomat back in the days. Getting "Closer To The NDS Part 05" we're confronted with a gooey, spaced out take on pumping underground Techno with a motor city twist, "Daylight" brings forth some unexpected Ambient beauty slightly obscured by random digital clicks and clippings whereas "Tempelrotation" reveals a screaming Acid Techno tune that only has been available as limited 7" vinyl only release so far. The next up is "Alpha",  a sparse crystalline variation on Ambient / IDM as joyful and innocent as childrens laughter, "Closer To The NDS Part 06" is another uber-groove in terms of twisted, acidic MinimalTechno with a distinct pump whilst "Beta" picks up on playful, Björk'esque IDM-melodies once again over the course of 12+ minutes. The next chapter, "Closer To The NDS Part 07", pairs up pumping Minimal Techno with a sweet as a nut Acid line, the "Dog Hunt" weighs in a cold, isolationist, dystopian atmosphere alongside multilayered, mechanical and highly abstract rhythm signatures before the final cut that is "Closer To The NDS Part 08" harks back to groovy MinimalHouse once again, focusing on spine-tingling sawtooth synth vibrations and stripped down melodies with an abstract, yet undeniably jazzy twist. Sweet stuff.

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 11/2018

Monday, November 26, 2018

Ruben Machtelinckx / Frederik Leroux - When The Shade Is Stretched [Aspen Edities 003]

Released about a year ago in November 2k17 via the Belgian label Aspen Edities is "When The Shade Is Stretched", the imprints first artist split release which is a collaborational effort between the creative force that is Ruben Machtelinckx and Jazz / Improvisation talent Frederik Leroux in which both of the artists provide a showcase of their solo performance abilities and individual approach towards structured, yet improvised music. Whilst Machtelinckx, responsible for the first seven tracks on the longplay piece, employs a tender, multi-layered and oftentimes repetetive approach towards warm, summerly and partly even Folk-infused variations on Indietronica, acoustic guitar and banjo play and Post-PostRock we see Frederik Leroux bringing forth more of a stripped down, slightly more vibrant and experimental attitude, providing a scintillating flow of psychedelic, dreamlike nature entering the deepest realms of our subconscious, inducing flashing, illuminated periods in our REM-sleep and beyond.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Scanner - Mass Observation (Expanded) [Room40 Promo]

Another one track album released recently, this time via Australia's Room40 on October 5th, 2k18, is Scanner's "Mass Observation (Expanded)", a re-visit of Robin Rimbaud's legendary, seminal "Mass Observation" album once put on the circuit via Ash International a good 24 years ago back in 1994. Not only is this one of our favorite releases of all time which pushed the boundaries of Ambient / IDM to new levels, amalgamating electronic soundscapes with eerie, yet real life-related and presumably mostly illegal recordings from various sources, all taken off the kinda wire-tapped air surrounding Mr. Rimbaud at the time and leaving the listener behind with a dystopian unrest of ever present surveillance and an apocalyptic echo of what is '1984' as a movie having become real. Now, nearly a quarter of the century later, a new, previously unreleased variation on "Mass Observation" appears on the surface, stretched out over 53 minutes, slightly differing from the original cut, obviously noisier, more digital and yet oozing with unease, slightly sped up and therefore lacking quite a bit of depth in comparison to the originally released cut we all used to love and appreciate so much back in the day. But still, an interesting alternative cut this.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Book Of Air Vvolk - Se (In) De Bos [Sub Rosa 444]

Released via Sub Rosa on October 26th, 2k18 is "Se (In) De Bos", the new album by the conceptual Book Of Air-project, composed by Stijn Cools and this time performed by the 18 musicians group Vvolk. Following up to the 2016 Book Of Air album also entitled "Vvolk" this one is a straight up one-track album of 60 minutes length, slowly moving forward through billowing Ambient landscapes of sheer untouched beauty, seamlessly undergoing careful transformations and providing a blueprint for the genre in 2018 despite being - in opposite to the vast majority of Ambient albums out there - performed on real life instruments in one recording session, a fact that is stunning and highly fascinating as even experts on the genre won't be able to make out much of a difference due to the albums soothing, calm and dreamlike high end quality. Recommended.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

M. Geddes Gengras - Light Pipe [Room40 Promo]

Put on the circuit as a 2xCD album via the ever busy Room40-imprint on October 12th, 2k18 is "Light Pipe", the new ten track album effort produced by M. Geddes Gengras which happens to be his tenth solo longplay recording as well. Going into the first disc subtitled 'Interiors' we see the opening track "Mirrors" provide a deep 14+ minutes journey going way beyond the Ambient realm into a broader sense of classic ChillOut before the "Subway" makes a short stop and seamless transition into dreamy pad structures somehow evoking memories of early IDM-heroes like Future Sound Of London whilst the subsequent "Nave" brings forth a beautiful, yet longing and lonely take on haunted Isolationist Ambient, later on garnished with soft layers of manipulated guitars. With "Chancel", the 26 minutes main piece featured on the first disc, we're drawn into a world of classic pad-built Ambient soundscapes accompanied by buzzing electric background circuits and more Cosmic sounds whereas "Water Study" represents the cheesier, over-the-top side of the genre throughout its extended runtime. Inspecting the 'Exteriors' on the second disc we first see "Cherise" employing a twangy, slightly cheesy Post-PostRock / Guitar Ambient approach, followed by "Irwin" weighing in elements of classic 80s Synth / Cosmic mixed with the occasional World Music vibe every now and then. Progressing further the "Pinnacle" explores the magic of reprocessed organic instruments, the "Vulture" seems to be a surprisingly positive, curious and playful creature and the final cut "Cherise (Return)" and its mixture of Post-PostRock / Pop Ambient and lo-fi bleeps brings back memories of the well-beloved self-titled Aosuke album once released as a musical exception from their regular layout on Hamburg's Audiolith-imprint years ago.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Lewi B - Zeze / Suck Your Mum (Instrumental)

Things are getting deep on this one. Tune!

The Streets ft. Chip & Grim Sickers - Call Me In The Morning (Official Video)

This has to be the biggest chorus of urban music history. And btw - The effin Streets is back! Big ting!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Vera Sola - Shades [Spectraphonic Records]

Put on the circuit via the new label Spectraphonic Records on November 9th, 2k18 and already announced on these pages with video features for both its songs "Small Minds" and "The Cage" earlier this year is "Shades", the new album by Danielle Aykroyd a.k.a. Vera Sola, American-based artist and daughter of the famed Canadian actor Dan Aykroyd. Besides the two aforementioned songs the longplay piece, all produced and recorded by Vera Sola on her own, features eight more tunes, starting with the deeply dramatic, slightly Country'esque vibe of "Virgil's Flowers", followed by the more uplifting, positive, theatrical and surely PostPunk-infused "The Colony" whilst "Circles" is on a eerie, tense and inward-looking tip of minimalist, stripped down quality for late night listening sessions and "For" gravitates more towards an ethereal, yet emotional Folk vibe that surely sends shivers down everyones spine for a reason. Furthermore "Black Rhino Enterprises" employs a touching, seductive Dark Country attitude for those who know, "Loving, Loving" is as ballad'esque and of fragile beauty as its title suggests, partly evoking memories of ballads performed by German PostPunk- / Dark Pop-outfit NO MORE whilst "By Mothlight" could be a perfect melancholia-inducing post breakup song before "New Nights" finally gets deep into the realms of sparse, spatial, yet climaxing piano ballads, showcasing Vera Sola's stunning vocal abilities to the max. Well remarkable, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Jan Nemecek - Recurrences [Ous Promo]

To be released via Ous on November 30th, 2k18 is "Recurrences", the new eight track album created by the ever active sound and recording artist known as Jan Nemecek. Opening with "Alone" Nemecek sets the course for things to come with a crackly, blurred, misty approach towards the Ambient genre, bringing on a multiple layers of cold, clean and frosty sounds whereas the follow-up "Feel Safe" combines dreamy piano and guitar sections with drifty, slightly distorted harmonies and "I Pretend" brings forth more tender, yet shaky guitar works alongside reprocessed vocals, seemingly modular bleeps, more blurry athmospheres, experimental string works and DubTechno inspired echoes. With "Organs" we see Jan Nemecek going deep into slow moving, spatial Ambient territories, "Incidents I - II" caters a darker, more sci-fi related take on the genre bordering unsetttling Electronica and "Saws (Beats)" provides a weird, distorted variation of Classical Synth attitude - think Wendy Carlos' "Switched On Back" in full on experimental mode, kind of - before drifting off into a bass heavy stop-and-go Electronica realm. With "Foreverness" Jan Nemecek makes a return to cold'ish, piano-led vibes introduced at the beginning of the album which are slowly progressing into a warmer, all embracing tonality before "Sums" provides a final variation of nervous UnAmbient slightly reminiscent of Marcus Popp's early works as Oval back in the 90s.

Unknown War Heads - Timebomb EP [Psychocandies 073]

Upcoming on the Psychocandies imprint on November 22nd, 2k18 is the "Timebomb EP" by the Unknown Warheads project  which is delivering a set of three highly nuclear fueled tunes to all dancefloors out there. Opening with "Daddys Riders" the journey starts with pure mental destruction in terms of gooey, psychodistorted MonoAcid reminiscent of the former Mainz-based Labworks Germany label whilst "Kalium" brings forth a deep, highly seductive bass groove for an ultimate mind trip whilst the tracks' main motif keeps harking back to spaced out ProtoTrance and maximum beauty for all lovers of classic Intelligent Techno before the final cut "Patty Pinku" provides more of a raw, unprocessed Tribal Acid Techno experience. A future classic, this.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Shadowbanned On Instagram?

Yes, sometimes one has to deal with social media myths and unfortunately this one here seems to be very real - the mysterious shadow ban. Affecting both baze.djunkiii's Instagram account to be found at as well as the hashtag #nitestylez on the platform and seemingly effective after this post from November 15th, 2k18 putting a new pile of incoming promos on display we've seen issues in terms of organic reach, like- as well as overall interaction rates plummeting from an estimated 26+ likes per post average to < 10 likes / interactions, all coming exclusively from followers of the channel and seemingly not reaching anyone beyond this group. Furthermore searching for #nitestylez on the platform reveals a message reading

'Recent posts from #nitestylez are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram's community guidelines'

which obviously does not apply for anything put on display on baze.djunkiii's channel as the aforementioned post as well as all others do follow the guidelines, the content strategy on this channel hasn't changed from the very beginning nor have we ever employed hashtag spam or any form of bot-led or paid channel growth manipulation. Therefore we presume that either someone used #nitestylez for posting inappropriate content on Instagram or the 'report content' functionality has been willingly abused to render baze.djunkiii's Instagram account close to useless for a certain amount of time. No matter what, we've reported the problem to Instagram by now, several times, will continue posting and hope to be fully back on track soon - no matter what the restrictions might be for now. To make sure to miss any of the content please follow directly and as well report a problem to the Instagram team if the posts arenot popping up in your subscription feed at all. Thank you!

Philip Corner - Extreemizms: Early & Late [Unseen Worlds 021 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Unseen Worlds-imprint on October 12th, 2k18 are Philip Corner's "Extreemizms: Early & Late", a collection of nine compositions created by the American artist that harks back to the year 1958 whilst also presenting more recent works, meaning those have been written in 2015/2016. Dedicated to a life of extremes that also is reflected in his musical works we see Mr. Corner take things to different levels with the short, but highly thrilling and dramatic string duo opener "wHoly Trinitye, A Duality Ov Duos - First" before "2 Extreemizms" take a hard stylistic turn in terms of exploring a fragile, tender take on organic Ambient performed by, once again, string instruments that will also apply to the tastes of those following the paths and inherent mystique of naturalistic Nordic Folk despite being not related to Folk at all - this is before a full on experimental, improvised and chaotic outbreak happens for a closing after minute 11 or so. Following up is the 1958-composed triplet of "Two-part Monologue No. 1 - 3" catering towards a (Neo)Classical / Contemporary Classical audience despite employing a nervous, unsettling background atmosphere of score'esque quality throughout the whole set whereas "wHoly Trinitye, A Duality Ov Duos - Second" gets down with more buzzing, dark'ish drama within 49 seconds only. Furthermore "Finale - Violin, Cello, Piano" is an exercise in calm, yet brooding minimalism with an emphasis on piano noir, "wHoly Trinitye, For A 'Free-Togethering'" sees witches perform unholy rituals whilst dark angels create apocalyptic layerings on string instruments and "wHoly Trinitye, Another Duet, Just One" brings forth a final 107 seconds of oscillating longing and vibes from the darker side of the spectrum for both Contemporary Classical aficionados as well as the occasional score head out there.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 071]

And here it is - another new twelve track album on Sascha Müller's very own Supersix Records imprint, bringing us more previously unreleased music form the artists bottomless archive vaults. Opening with "Phase Shifter" we're entering a dark, subsurface world of desolate Illbient and wapred vocal transmissions, "Closer To The NDS Part 01" caters to those longing for weird lo-fi bleepouts and the "Evil Monotron 1" tackles a similar route, yet focusing on a twisted, mind-bending, repetetive bassline motif alongside characteristic and possibly modular bleeps before "The Space Is Our Friend" brings forth dreamy, angelic Ambient structures and ethereal non-vocalisms over the course of its 10+ minutes runtime whilst turning from calming and beautiful into strange, unsettling, cut-up and glitched out. Following up is "A Stage Of Drones", surprisingly rather indulging in the genre known as Clicks'n'Cuts rather than in drones, "Closer To The NDS Part 02" is slow, raw Oldschool Techno reminiscent of the Italian scene in the early 90s whilst "Evil Monotron 2" brings forth more twisted experimentalism and so does the follow-up that is "Evil Monotron 3". Dealing with "Interactive Warlords" we see Sascha Müller exploring a sci-fi'esque take on electroid, well dancefloor-functional MinimalTechno with a noisy, digital twist, "Closer To The NDS Part 03" provides a hypnotic, braincell breaking take on lo-fi Space Techno, "Halbtet" is a raw, unprocessed piece of fascinating, tongue-in-cheek Intelligent Techno and the final cut "Artektika" takes the genres vibe even further, introducing a kind of Tribal-influenced heat alongside hard-hitting percussions to strobe-lit peaktime underground dancefloors.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Re-listen: Stay Ok @ StayFM / Augsburg (25.10.2018)

A two hours live radioshow on StayFM / Augsburg - thx for having me!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Veder - Evergreen [Aspen Edities 002]

Going back to October 2017 with a review on Veder's "Evergreen" we're taking a closer look at the second release of the Belgium-based label that is known under the name of Aspen Edities, providing an outlet for Niels Van Heertum's acoustic quartet comprised by himself alongside Ruben Machtelinckx, Joachim Badenhorst and Eivind Lønning. With a full acoustic instrumentation of euphonium, guitar, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet the four musicians create a deep atmospheric setting with opening tune "Fern" which is as rural and untouched as things can get, evoking memories of the beloved "Die Fünfte Dengelophonie" by Harald 'Sack' Ziegler and Frank Schültge 'Blumm' which is one of our favorite classics in terms of Ambient PostRock / Post-PostRock whereas the following "Hemlock" follows a calm, stripped down yet more Jazz-infused path before "Sedum" fully unfolds like an impressive widescreen panoramic view of a sunset over the Alps mountain range on a clear late autumns day. With "Klauwier" the four musicians cater a sweet and touching take on stripped down Post-PostRock with a little nod to romantic, yet slightly off-kilter Jazz harmonies, "Doven" follows the tender romanticism of its predecessor whilst gravitating towards a classy BarJazz attitude, "Die Immergrüne" is on a slightly experimental Jazz Noir-tip with a score'esque attitude and the final cut "Lage Zwaluw" once again harks back to innocent, naturalistic beauty and closes a circle as the albums opener provided a similarly touching feel. Recommended!

Album artwork on Instagram!

Andreas O. Hirsch - Early Carbophonics [Makiphon 005 Promo]

Scheduled for release on December 7th, 2k18 via the Makiphon label as 10" vinyl album are the "Early Carbophonics" produced by Andreas Oskar Hirsch, his first recorded take on his self-developed instrument named the Carbophone. The plucking instrument which can be seen as a modernist, electro-acoustic evolution of traditional African instruments like Kalimba or Mbira is the foundation of the eight untitled, partially blended tunes to be found on this mini-album which combines a playful feel of time- and locationless subaquatic tribalisms with bits of Ambient and leftfield Indietronica, bringing forth a dreamlike, slightly psychedelic feel over the course of its total runtime of 26 minutes, getting especially trippy and fascinating in its fourth track which makes us wonder if these takes would be even greater if experienced throughout a live performance in a small intimate microclub setting for a maximum of 50-80 spectators. Interesting stuff, this and maybe one of the 2018-blueprints for the Future Tribal-genre as well.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Camila Fuchs - Heart Pressed Between Stones [ATP Recordings Promo]

Already released via ATP Recordings on September 7th, 2k18 was "Heart Pressed Between Stones", the latest album put on the the circuit by Camila Fuchs as a follow up to their 2016 debut "Singing From Fixed Rung". Still comprised of Camila De Laborde and Daniel Hermann-Collini we see the duo deliver a body of six tracks starting with the misty atmospheres of "One On One", bringing forth a hypnotic, raw and ritualistic beat structure, morphing IDM synths and a distinct vibe harking back to 90s works provided by the Icelandic queen of everything whereas "Heatwave (Coming Towards You)" presents an even more fragile attitude when it comes to the dreamlike interaction between vocals and backing atmospheres whilst being also the tune responsible for naming the album within its lyrics before "My Body" takes on an eerie, haunting variation of fascinating Post-PostRock mixed with echoes of Apocalyptic Folk, being the soundtrack to your darkest and wildest dreams. With "Direct Truth" Camila Fuchs cater more of a mysterious, billowing Ambient Folk vibe, entering the "Battlefield" we're taken back to the heydays of early IDM musicwise with a captivating, Future Sound Of London-resembling feel of brooding sci-fi doom and the final cut "For All Stable Appearances, He Was Wild" digs deeper into dark, apocalyptic realms of the future, even weighing in more tribal drums alongside its vantablack musical backdrop. Highly unique. Check!