Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Longplay love 50.0

Ipecac are about to release "Lickers Last Leg" , their 86th release btw, on june 1st, which is the new album of Goon Moon. Expect a twelve titles and 54 minutes long journey to the wonderful mixture of leftfield'ish Pop, Psychedelia and earth bound Southern-flavored Rock music, brought to you by the bunch of Jeordie White, Chriss Goss and guest appearing artists like Zach Hill, Josh Freese, Whitey Kirst and others. Starting the album with the best song - "Apple Pie", a deep melancholia driven ballad that'll be on my personal toplist for this years autumn - might not be called the cleverest manouevre but as the following songs are somewhat between solid and good that does not do as much harm as it could have done otherwise.

Brendon Whitney a.k.a. Alias sees the release of his first ever remix collection album on may 25th, which is to be put out under the simple name of "The Collected Remixes" via Anticon. Featuring anthemic works as his great redo of John Vanderslice's "Exodus Damage" - huge sing-a-long chorus "Dance, Dance, Revolution!" included here - and more reworks for the likes of Lali Puna, Christ., Sixtoo and lesser known acts like Boy In Static and Lucky Pierre amongst others this great album once showcases Alias' ability to fuse cloudy, abstract instrumental HipHop-beats with Electronica'esque sounds, slices of (Anti-)Folk, Leftfield'ish Pop and his own personal note that makes his productions that recognizable from their first bars. As most of the remixes previously have been available on vinyl only, this collection is essential for all non-vinyl-addicted lovers of Alias' music and recommended to all others as well. U need this.

Offshore Recordings, our favorite label for Advanced-/ Intelligent-/ Leftfield-/ Abstract-/ whatever- type of nonconforming Drum'n'Bass proudly presents its first CD-formatted various artists compilation named "Buried Treasure" these days featuring highly appreciated artists like ASC, Martsman, Fanu, Sileni amongst others on remix and production duties. As one might already guess from the names dropped all ten tracks are not standardised DJ fodder for your average rave floor as there's no clowning or drop focusing involved here, but function well for advanced and experienced crowds throughout a proper clubnight which takes care of the whole spectrum of Drum'n'Bass, especially the deeper end which is sometimes named Choppage / Beardage / Edits as pseudonyms for a special kind of beat - or better: breakbeat - science. If u're not the vinyl type of guy and about to cop only one Drum'n'Bass-CD this month "Buried Treasure Vol. 1" is to be filed as essential.


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