Friday, April 18, 2008

Kode 9 vs Badawi - Den Of Drumz / Badawi vs Juakali - Crows [Roir USA]

After literally ages of Dubstep-boredom this 12" on the Roir USA-imprint delivers freshness again into a neverending stream of cloned releases that have been put throughout the last weeks. "Den Of Drumz" partly reminds of Mala's releases on DMZ as it uses a kind of uptempo'ish Broken Techno-beat - 4-2-the-floor beat but the last bassdrum heavily syncopated - and interesting percussion- and hihat-structures on top, accompanied by echoic Dub-references that perfectly make sense and do not come along as over-abused classical offbeat stabs but inna deep, melancholic way instead. "Crows" on the flip is one for all those influenced by Illbient-heroes like DJ Spooky and the whole Crroklyn Dub-posse as well as for fans of SpokenWord-/Dubstep-MC The Spaceape, usually on the road alongside Kode 9. Dark mystical stuff is to be found here that musically tells tales of a forthcoming apocalypse. Deep shit!


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