Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two Armadillos – Hamlin [Dessous Recordings 081]

Giles Smith and Martin Dawson a.k.a. Two Armadillos are back with their second release on Dessous Recordings and provide quality again. "Hamlin" is exactly that kind of dubby, partly Basic Channel-influenced DeepHouse one loves on the dancefloor for its basic approach and reduced attitude – no additional chords, strings and melodies needed here, just beats, bass and pleasure plus a few organic sounds flickering through, creating a huge late night athmosphere that’ll be well appreciated by loads of punters and DJ’s the same. Sascha Dive delivers his so-called Secret Dub version on the flip and stays quite close to the original vibe here although his re-work seem to be stripped down even more, whilst „Snowflakes“ on B2 works on a similar, but more uptempo level as „Hamlin“ does and will find its way into cases of minimal jocks as well.


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