Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Menasse Workala - Play Me E.P. [Strøm Recordings 004 Promo]

Strøm Recordings are back on the circuit with their 004, this time straight out of the studio of Menasse Workala. Scheduled for september 15th this one is to be flying off the stores shelves quickly as there's nothing but high quality music to be found. "Play Me" provides a quite uplifting, slightly trancey vibe on top of a steadily pumping bassdrum that is about to enlighten all grim faces out on the dancefloor and somehow refers to the early days when Trance wasn't all about cheap appreggios, cheesy vocals and loads of drumrolls but about a deep hypnotic, ever floating feel that embraced everyone to make 'em feel fine and comfortable. On the flip there's "Far From Existence", a tune that is also on a deep but more ClubHouse influenced tip, coming up with a seductive groove, sweet melody plus hands in the air breakdown making everyone scream. Defo a nice one and one to stick in my box for a longer while.


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