Friday, November 14, 2008

Sascha Müller - 5 min. Acid Warning *The Remixes Vol. 01 [Säurebad Records 010]

Remixes of Sascha Müller's "5 min. Acid Warning" - provided by the likes of Pedro Duarte , LazioKasaa & Alec Cresp as well as Giorgio Gioacchini - are available via Säurebad Records now and is recommendable to all lovers of slightly Acid-flavored pumpin' ClubTechno which is sometimes a bit tool'ish or hypnotising and psychedelic. In comparison it's Giorgio Gioachini who's winning the rat race here as his rework sticks closest to what's called classic Acid with screaming, bubbly 303-lines and a bit of Chicago basement attitude.


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