Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trentemøller - Vamp (Kasper Bjørke Remix) / Miss You (Gluteus Maximus Remix) [PWLTD 01]

Well, this one doesn't seem to be an official Trentemøller-Release but looks like a bootlegged piece as it just comes in a black paper sleeve with no official label announced but only a matrix number that could be as well made up. But whatever this one exactly is - for sure it contains two nice, decent tunes that are well recommended to all those loving their deep, pumpin' House music played out in small underground clubs only attended by those who know, by those to be called House music lovers that are happy to be left alone by E'd up trend kids. Kasper Bjørke's remix clearly wins here with a nice groove and sweet cowbells all over the place and makes this one the first Trentemøller 12" I really dig. Ask yr local dealer to hunt this one down for you and you'll see lovely smiles on yr venues dancefloor.


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