Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blaktronics - Robo Bop / The Edge [Rubaiyat]

All those who love to hunt down extremely rare releases are recommended to watch out for the forthcoming Blaktronics 7" on Rubaiyat, which is not only limited to 150 copies worldwide but also features an individual, unique street art style artwork by Robotermark on each sleeve. These are the facts for collectors but let's talk music now. Whilst "Robo Bop" explores the musical area between Detroit-influenced Downtempo, Electronica and Experimental Electro - remember labels like the long gone 800Trak here - "The Edge" on the flip side will be loved by all those who really dig the sound of labels like Anticon. with their deep, foggy Downtempo and / or Advanced Instrumental HipHop-attitude. Defo a nice one.


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