Thursday, January 15, 2009

Simon Flower - Phosphenes [Poker Flat Recordings 101 Promo]

Poker Flat Recordings are back for 2009 after reaching the three digit realm in late 2008 and they're coming on strong with Simon Flowers "Phosphenes" accompanied by an Efdemin relick plus the additional track "Late Night". Musicwise this 12" has to be filed under the flag of dark, sci-fi-flavored minimalism with loads of metallic sounds and heavyweight Techno-influences that go straight back to the late 80s / early 90s, a time when everything in Techno was about future, space and some raw darkness as well. Tracks like Enemies Of Carlotta F.O.C. II's "Der Feind" or Force Legato's "Sytem" come to mind for a reason and somehow "Phosphenes" manages to transfer their moody athmosphere into 2009 without sounding old fashioned or retro. Defo a good one although this sound is a bit unusual for a Poker Flat-delivery.


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