Sunday, February 08, 2009

Things Have Been Coming Full Cyle Again

Just been listening to The Crystal Method's 1997-released album "Vegas" recently and it just came to my mind that things in electronic dance music have come full cycle again. These days and throughout the last two years we've seen - especially within the incestuos, forum-based and nerd-poisoned Drum'n'Bass-scene - a lot of discussions going on about the growing influence of classic Rock music and its structures in electronic dance music, mostly revolving around that "Pendulum-thing" as Pendulum have been playing more big rock festivals throughout the last 12 months and that they're seen as mainstream or even sell out as they've reached a stage of playing in front of 10k+ ppl, moving away from the so-called underground structures and even siging a deal with a major company.
But still, if one looks closer and about ten to twelve years in the past all that Electronic meets Rock fusion has been there once before, not in Drum'n'Bass but in what was called Big Beat, a musical vision that has been filed as electronic music for beer drinking pub heads not only once, and it has had some mainstream success due to a clear crossover potential back then, too. Which is not bad at all, coze the so-called underground desperately needs those crossover projects if they're coming from the heart and not coming for just the money to introduce new folks to electronic beats and these days with a decreasing amount of record sales and an equals zero appearance of electronic music in the mainstream media new folks is more needed than ever before.


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