Friday, March 13, 2009

Intrauterin Tapes For Cuba

As I realized only a few days ago the Hamburg based Subvert Store, provider of skateboarding equipment and clothing is collecting stuff - used clothing, shoes, decks and other equipment - for the suffering skateboarding scene in Cuba, where even passionate skaters are forced to be up to six months off as they don't or rarely have the opportunity to replace broken decks and other stuff. Supporting this small urban scene in a far away land seemed to be a good thing to me so as I'm not invlvd in any skateboarding activities - although I used to have a board as a nipper - I donated a part of the still existing backstock of my now defunct mixtape label Intrauterin Tapes that provided DarkJungle, Drum'n'Bass and UK Garage mixtapes to the Hamburg-scene back in the days to the Cuban skate scene today, hoping to do sth. good and usefull.


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