Friday, June 26, 2009

Patrick Chardronnet - Piper [Audiomatique 036 Promo]

Patrick Chardronnet is back on Audiomatique Recordings with this new two-tracker released as the labels 036 and it seems like he tries to explore new, more laid back grounds here. But sad to say this happens not necessarily for good as all those well-known afterhour elements in "Piper" like tripped out tribal / ethnic percussion glimpsing through, short cut vocal bits and even some horns seem to not fall together in the right place like the track has not been finished yet or a unmixed version pathed its way onto vinyl. "Dropout" on the flip does a better job though as here's a bit of layered DeepHouse melancholy invlvd that somehow reminds me of early releases on Hamburg-based label Dial but is not able to get me by the balls either. I suppose both tracks might work well played out in a context of long, neverending Ketamine-induced afterhours but are not my cup of tea when they're singled out.


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