Monday, July 13, 2009

Plutonium Pogo - Behind The Scenes...

Thursday, 9th.

Dropping in at about 14.30 at the Audiolith office where Dadajugend Polyform are about to arrive at 15.15 to be in time for an on air interview at Byte.FM-studios at 16.00 . Bad news on the phone as the boys are stuck in a heavy traffic jam somewhere around Hannover and announce to arrive later. Finally another phone call - they haven't moved for about an hour and won't make it so the interview has to be cancelled. Fuck. In the meantime some hard rain is coming down so expectations for the night lower, especially as The Gossip are playing a show near Molotow tonight which is about to attract a part of our target group. Postpone soundcheck to 19oo and when Dadajugend Polyform rush in at the office after a ten hours journey they're wasted and it's about 19.30 so we're in a hurry. Doors open in time but due to shitty weather and Gossip show there are not that many people showing up as we hoped to. Hmpf.

Friday, 10th.

Before going on the road just a short stop by at Otaku Records to check some new tunes. Purchasing the re-issue of DMX Krew's "Come To Me" on Permanent Vacation which I still can't get out of my head, then I'm back at the office waiting for Saskia to arrive from Korbach as she'll be our driver for the next days. Heavy rain again on our way to Kiel where we're meant to play at Alte Meierei which is a nice squatted place with a proper and friendly crew able to work very professionally which is not necessarily granted playing in places like this. PA is loud and heavy although with a few feedback problems, Das Audiolith plays a nice warm-up set to a mixed punk'ish and alternative audience, Dadajugend Polyform performing their best show in these three days and later on I'm killing a mad crowd with a mixture of NuSkoolBreaks, RaveTechno, IndieElectro and some ElectroHouse. Absolutely bonkers - rewinds, mad scratches, cutting in samples and other turntable trickery. Totally appreciated by the crowd which was still wanting more when they had to turn the music off at 04oo due to squat rules. Ppl living there need sleep. Understood. Off to bed for a few hours, but couldn't sleep for a while coze Holger of Dadajugend Polyform is snoring like a madman and I'm really afraid of him suffocating right next to me.

Saturday, 11th.

Up at 09oo again coze Das Audiolith has to be in Hamburg at 11oo to hop on the bus with Clickclickdecker to play bass when they're performing at La Pampa Festival the same day. Back to mine after that, shower, some sleep, showing Saskia around town and breakfast at Pauli Pizza before picking up Krink who's joining the crew for the last gig at Lüneburg's Asta Wohnzimmer. This place is tiny, very tiny and super hot when filled with people, but before this happened a lot of technically unexplainable shit occurred that no-one ever heard of - including weird feedbacks, trouble of getting a stereo signal out of a simple turntable (even after we changed the mixer), skipping needles and even weirder digitally crushed signals when I was taking over from Krink after his rocking set somewhen late in the night. Btw - my warm up set included a range from Cosmic Disco to old Breakdance Records to DMX Krew and some House. Did some scratching as well and even scratched, sampled and cutted spontaneously to Dadajugend Polyform's final track. Madness.

Basicly this is what u have to know about our first Plutonium Pogo-tour if u missed it, we'll be back and on the road soon so watch this space or our official website for news and info. Once again mad props, thx and lots of love to Saskia for joining us as our first official driver as well as all crew showing up and having a good time. Rock on.


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