Monday, August 17, 2009

Meaniebar: Upcoming Changes In 2010

It's been since February 2007 now since I've been playing every monday night out @ Hamburg's Meaniebar and ever since I've been dedicating one monthly monday night entitled "Urban!zm" to the sound of Dubstep / Grime and MythStep. But throughout the last twelve month it became more than evident that there's a total lack of innovation and new sounds in this musical field these days and I'm quite bored of far more than 90 percent of new release that deliver only same same and no different. Due to this "Urban!zm" nights will only take place on a bi-monthly basis from 2010 onwards which are 6 shows instead of 12 per year. The now free other nights will be covered by two different concepts - "Phlexi.BRX" for classic NuSkool- / ElectroBreaks and "Mission:Cosmic" for the sound of Epic Synth, Cosmic Disco, Italo Disco and some Library Music as well.


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