Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Detroit Grand Pubahs - BUttFUnkula & The Remixes From Earth (The Album) [Detelefunk Promo]

Shortly after putting out the first 12" with three selected remixes of their new album "BUttFUnkula and The Remixes From Earth" the new longplayer has finally arrived and shows the work of Detroit Grand Pubahs seen through the eyes of, heard through the ears of and reworked by a wide range of highly ranked electronic dance music artists including the likes of Alexander Robotnick, DJ Godfather, Ectomorph, Steve Bug, Aux 88, Deetron and many others. The results are stunning - it seems like every single artist on remix duties crafted hard to deliver their very best, no matter if the reworks focus on DetroitTechno, Electro purism or TechHouse. This one is not the one to miss if u're in love with Techno music. File under: essential.


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