Monday, November 09, 2009

Road Trip Details: Low Cost Travelling

For all those trainspotters out there interested in details of this weekends travelling schedule. There was no real need to hurry, so I decided to keep travelling costs down and use low price - that means slow speed as well - train tickets only.

friday, november 6th.

16:15 departure Hamburg
17:29 arrival Bremen

18:06 departure Bremen
19:20 arrival Osnabrück

20:19 departure Osnabrück
20:55 arrival Münster

to play a Plutonium Pogo DJ-set @ Amp alongside Das Audiolith.

sad but not new fact: lots of proper youths can't speak english properly.
another fact: two UK army members I met on the train thought I was an american due to my accent. I'm not.

saturday, november 7th

13:10 departure Münster
15:16 arrival Warburg

15:21 departure Warburg
16:09 arrival Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe

16:29 departure Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe
17:33 arrival Marburg

to find myself picked up by Saskia who drove me to Trauma where I was supposed to support Egotronic with pre- and aftershow sets.

fact: young ravers still do likeTechno / Rave tunes from 1992.
most surprising fact: seeing my Hamburg-based long time mate Daniela entering the place, who was visiting a friend of hers in Marburg and hadn't the faintest idea that I was playing there. Quelle surprise. Lucky chances.

sunday, november 8th

15:00 approx. departure Marburg by car with 2/3 Egotronic plus Tilli & Fabian OffDate
17:30 approx arrival Braunschweig

18:20 departure Braunschweig by train
19:05 arrival Hannover

19:21 departure Hannover
20:14 arrival Verden

20:24 departure Verden
20:41 arrival Rotenburg

20:49 departure Rotenburg
21:57 arrival Hamburg with a delay of 15 minutes

22:00 heading home by taxi cab

fact: I think that the majority of soccer fans is a bunch of total dickheads.


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