Friday, December 18, 2009

Wive - PVLL [Exile On Mainstream Promo]

It's mid-december now, 2010 is near and Exile On Mainstream are already announcing their first release for february - 5th to be exact - which is gonna be the new and very first album of Wive named "PVLL". The driving forces behind Wive as a new band outfit are Hannah Murray and Matt Irvin, former members of A Whisper In The Noise from whom they split in autumn 2008, plus helping hands of Isaac Everhart, Dustin Marks and Meghan Irwin, Matt's wife. The bunch of them serve a musical vision strictly lead by a straight DIY-attitude, that can be described as fey and engrossed, partly transferring Desert Rock-influences into the realms of orchestral Indie Pop that mixes up with some Shoegazing Electronica. Deep, autumnal or even wintery music that as well features classical instrumentation in some tracks, talking violin and piano here, and will be well appreciated by all lovers of fragile musical beauty. Fans of Belle & Sebastian might check this one out as well.


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