Thursday, February 25, 2010

Martin Landsky - Werkschau [Poker Flat Recordings Digital 012]

Scheduled for March 5th via Poker Flat Recordings sublabel Poker Flat Digital is "Werkschau", picking a bunch of eleven tracks and five remixes Martin Landsky crafted for the likes of Detroit Grand Pubahs, Steve Bug and Soopa-Fi and others - a collection of the producers favorite tunes from his now nine years lasting release history on Poker Flat, including his day dot tune "Crude Clay" alongside a new version of his classic "1000 Miles" now entitled "2000 Miles", classics like "FM Safari" or "Mission Upskirt" and other highly appreciated pieces. No matter which track one choses as favorite - all of them showcase Martin Landsky's specific take on TechHouse with a futuristic attitude, a reduced, timeless and jacking vision of sound, driven by sharp hi-hats, on point claps and a knowledge of Chicago's House music history transferred to dancefloors of now and tomorrow, tracks that stick in boxes for ages and cause excitement whenever they're played out. Defo a good one that will hopefully lead to some serious repress action as a lot of these tunes are not available on vinyl no more and off the shelves for ages.


Anonymous Georg said...

Cool Recording, thankx.

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