Monday, April 12, 2010

The Best Of Video Releases [Super 6 Records 050.5]

The Super 6 Records camp continue to celebrate their 50th release with another, quite special compilation of ten tracks taken off their catalogue and re-releasing them as CD + bonus DVD package, featuring each one as audio and music video version including audio material by Sascha Müller, Michael Lambart, Toph Subderground and others. The main part of the videos has been realized by VJ Pharmacom plus two additional cuts by eVADE, both using - except of Duality Micro's "Diving" video which sticks out as the only professional seeming one - raw, underground techniques of visual art and cutting well fitting to the basic, down to earth attitude the label represents from day dot and it is very clear that this one is dedicated to fans and followers. Those who've been around the electronic music scene in the early 90s will re-recognize some of the tricks and trickery displayed and for some it will be a flash back into the days when those ruled walls of big raves accompanying fog, lasers and strobe machines. Watch out.


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