Friday, October 29, 2010

John Tejada - Sweat (On The Walls) *The Remixes [Poker Flat Classics 001 Promo]

The latest addition to the Poker Flat Recordings-empire is their freshly entroduced Poker Flat Classics-series starting off with remixes of John Tejada's seminal 2004 anthem "Sweat (On The Walls)". Whilst the original version is featured on B1 and one to grab for all those who missed out on the original pressing Martin Landsky's rework comes up with supercooled but floor-functional attitude for posh, glitzy nightclubs. On B2 we see Donnacho Costello at the controls responsible for another re-lick which goes down a well hypnotic road with its slowly moving strings and thrilling beeps accompanying the characteristic synth-line of the original tune - defo the more interesting rework of these two but still not necessarily essential if you still keep the original copy of "Sweat (On The Walls)" somewhere in your collection.


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