Saturday, October 02, 2010

ULTRNX - The Byterockin' EP. [Audiolith Records / Riptide Recordings Promo]

If one's asking for a pair of fellows ready to bring back the laser glitz to the banging world of (French) ElectroHouse / NuRave / Whatever it's very likely that the name ULTRNX comes up sooner or later. With their new "Byterockin' EP." brought to you digitally and as CD-format via Audiolith and as 12" vinyl via Riptide Recordings they're about to take hearts and dance floors by storm. Especially "Rockstr", also remixed by the likes of A.G. Trio, Ghettosexxx and Saint Pauli, is a high potential track not only for club nights but also TV ads or other forms of commercial abuse due to it's discoid feel and vivid hookline. But this is not the only banger to be found here - check out "Believe" for further proof or have a glimpse at their promotional teaser video below.


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