Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hyboid - Aliens Ate My Synthesizer! [Astro Chicken 002 Promo]

The Düsseldorf-based ElectroCosmic-imprint Astro Chicken recently released its cat.no. 002 which is Hyboid's debut longplayer named "Aliens Ate My Synthesizer!". Pressed on blue vinyl this piece contains a bunch of nine tracks - well, three of them are quite short so they might be called snippets - on a more uptempo tip although on a quite scenic, b-movie'esque sci-fi vibe and well able to please Cosmic followers and Electro heads alike. Especially check out "Attack Of The Bloogs" for a glimpse on hyperspeed sound. Very limited pressing again, so don't wait too long before you start searching for a copy.


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