Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Duality Micro vs. Sascha Müller - DmVsMv 0.1 EP [Super 6 Records 058.5]

Another fresh one on Super 6 Records is the cryptically named "DmVsMv 0.1 EP", a collaborational five track-release by Duality Micro and the labels head honcho Sascha Müller which teamed up to explore a sonic world of lo-fi'ish 8bit bleeps, little cheesy melodies and crushed, distorted drum sets - a fusion for small venues dance floors and experienced crowds consisting of nerdy types and off their head music experts, geeks and programmers, upfront bloggers and all those people. The term Micromusic would well fit when it comes to discussing genres and those who love a proper brain dance are well recommended to check this one out.


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