Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jack Is Back [Poker Flat Recordings 117 Promo]

Fresh from the Poker Flat Recordings-stable is their newest 12" entitled "Jack Is Back" featuring two exclusive tracks taken from the forthcoming compilation "Forward To The Past". The labels head honcho Steve Bug provides his tune "Jack Is Back" on side A, a filthy, stripped down piece of raw Chicago House in its purest form - think of a classic track like "House Nation" and you'll find the same vibe, the same sound and the same overall feel, play it out to a club crowd and you'll find that "Jack Is Back" is not only an empty phrase, just floor-tested the tune last night and people were going wild. On the flipside Martin Landsky rides the Chicago vibe with his track "V2U" which is as well to be described as a very basic composition built only on un-edited percussions, another jacking bassline and no bullshit at all - these elements were enough to work punters right back in the heydays of early House music and tracks like this prove that these elements are still doing exactly that in 2011 when they're put together in the right way. This IS a form of minimalism and it's the best to be found amongst all. Must have!


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