Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goldner Anker - Goldner Anker [SuperKamiokandeDetektor 005 Promo]

Major Label offspring SuperKamiokandeDetektor starts its new year with the release of their 005 which is the self-titled debut longplayer of Goldner Anker, a Dresden-based band outfit that made waves in 2010 after releasing a widely appreciated split-7" with DYSE and fuses influences from FunkMetal, Indie and PostPunk, is Pop conscious but still closer to street credibility than to any sales charts, raw and energetic and - most of all - true skool and unique, not only due to their b-movie inspired used of dramatic, dark'ish organs like in "To Blame". If this was a better world a whole lot of todays skate kids would listen to Goldner Anker instead of any Emo bullshit. Slightly 90s, but good.


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