Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reece - Gagarin - Returns [Monstermusik Promo]

Reece - a name that brings up memories and a flickering glimpse of good old times but this one is neither connected to Alex Reece nor the legendary Reece-bassline anyway. This Reece is named Nick Reece, Honolulu-born and now based in Berlin, serving his new album "Gagarin - Returns" on April 12th which is the official Gagarin day as we learn from the press sheet and pleasing all lovers of classic ChillOut, Downtempo, Balearic and Lounge music with this twelve track piece that has a not only a bit of epic, cinematic qualities to it. Huge production, strings, some kitschy cliche sounds, intimate and sensual piano parts... all is there, all put in the right place as well to make sure that everyone feels comfy and well-pampered while this one plays in posh beach clubs or at Ibiza terraces. If you like places like this, watch out for a copy.


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