Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baths - Obsidian [Anticon. Promo]

Baths' new and June scheduled "Obsidian" album seems to the antipode to the recent wave of bloody, gore'esque DeathRap and drug-infused CrackHop that has been floating through these pages lately. To be released via the quality serving Anticon. label the Pitchfork darling of 2010 caters ten variations of a deep and blurry, string driven musical background with a clearly Downtempo-related feel (...although some tunes are breaking out into more danceable fields) on which Will Wiesenfeld a.k.a. Baths unfolds his melancholia sprouting vocals that interweave IndieHop references with a more poetic, folky, intimate and campfire'esque performance. This blurryness is responsible for making "Obsidian" feel more like sort of an autumnal longplay piece, working best when there's thickening fog outside, the temperatures are getting close to zero again and you need to hold someone in your loving arms again. Making love to "Obsidian" seems to be a good thing to do as well. Or just to fuck. Which is a difference.


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