Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 2 [Dr NoiseM Tapes]

The unknown and yet unveiled Dr. NoiseM strikes back with phase two of his so-called "Studio Works"-series which is another - quite harsh and uneasy - trip into the world of musical experimentalism and bending sonic borders. Especially the latter is proved true by the albums 16 minute long opener "Selfburning" which fuses heavily distorted but still kinda psychedelia driven guitars with loads of static noise and twisted LFO feedbacks into a distraught echo of post-apocalyptic Desert Rock unheard of before. And the further the album progresses the more desparation and cold hearted vibes are to be felt, especially when it comes to the bubbling sonic terrorism catered by "Bomb The Bilini" which combines layers of icy drones with frantically vibrating bass resulting in ten minutes of grinding Harsh Noize with occasional WWII TV documentary samples or the hard hitting Rhythm Industrial piece "Evil Surrounds Us". Furthermore Dr. NoiseM also dives into the tense and ominous world of real time landline scanning with its characteristicly bleeping background signals here and finally closes with "Some Noise" which switches from cumulative white noise to tweeting echoes and nervous cutups for lovers. Sweet one.


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