Monday, February 23, 2015

Grauhandversteinerung - Wir Pfeifen Auf Den Gurkenkönig [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 007 Promo]

There's some heavy stuff coming atcha with the latest limited release put on the circuit via Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse which seems to be one of the most active German tape labels these days. And - apart from the 16 pages of the absolutely unreadable and fully incomprehensible additional magazine / booklet entitled "Die gegen 0 tendierende Geschichte" (read as: "The totally random, disconnected story that makes no sense at all") - it's the 21+ minutes long opener "Transgendered Childhood Pt. II", a heavily distorted and super noisy hybrid of Hardcore, Industrial Techno and Tribe Tekno, which - from it's very first bars onwards - makes a clear musical statement about how the worlds going down and how we're all about to end up in hell, no exceptions. Merciless bassdrums and twisted cuts provide maximum mayhem in drugged out concrete bunkers here. With the follow-up "Heptagramm (The Phuture)" we're taken further into Rhythm Industrial wars that are mixed up with computer game bleeps, piano lines on Acid and other madness before the short cut "Der Baum" caters the headstrong with echoes of Post Industrial Hardcore. Turning to side B we'll find tracks like "Verrückte Sachen Von Hinten", "Personenschwanzaenderung (So Siehts Aus)", "Kackschlappen (Radio Edit, 2004)" or "Useless (Deine-Fresse-Im-Nagelbrett-RMX)" and many more meandering in between Rhythm Noize, insane loop attacks, dark'ish drones and alien'esque echo signals as well as brutal bass-lacking Noize Rave signals. Plus: there's lo-fi, analogue Speedcore and musical power violence for those who love a bit more of brutal excess blasting through their stereo speakers. Good stuff for sure.


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Thanks for this!
I am not a fucking robot but the tape is pure art

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