Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rayon - A Beat Of Silence [Morr Music 152 Promo]

Scheduled for release on November 11th, 2k16 on Morr Music is "A Beat Of Silence" , the sophomore album of Markus Acher's Rayon-outfit which is making a comeback with a mostly  non-electronic menu of nine tracks these days. Using an array of instruments including harmonium, marimbaphone, piano, glockenspiel and various objects amongst many others throughout the course of the album which are played by Acher himself as well as by musical companions like Tadklimp, Sachiko Hara, Cico Beck etc. we see Rayon creating sparse, yet musically rich arrangements of melodic beauty with a slightly melancholic twist at times that might - or might not - be influenced by Acher's work in terms of writing film soundtracks and scores. The overall feel of "A Beat Of Silence" might be described as well suitable for the Film Noir genre and can be, somehow, described as comparable to entering a long barred attic on a late summers day - with rays of light entering the room through blind windows and little holes in the roofing tiles, dusty cobwebs all over the place and a lot of romantic, fond memories being brought back by heaploads of vintage things and furniture scattered and stored in places like this. At times, these memories can be a little more lively like in the tender, rhythmic and delightful "Dots" whilst "-Kona" provides more of an introspect, thoughtful and contemplative ambience and the nearly seven minutes spanning "But For One Minute" serves a well powerful, experimental and fast-paced fusion of PostRock, Rock-influences like distorted background guitars and loads of lo-fi elements that followers of the former Ingenious Dilletantes movement or extremely artschool influenced PostPunk / Noize-crossovers might relate to. So there's a lot to discover on here and we're pretty sure that not only die-hard followers of all things Morr Music will enjoy this longplay piece for a reason.       

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