Sunday, November 20, 2016

Spaceheads - Laughing Water [Electric Brass Records 006 Promo]

Scheduled for release on November 21st, 2k16 via Electric Brass Records is the new Spaceheads album named "Laughing Water" which sees the formerly trumpet and drums duo from the UK enhancing their sound after a history of more than 25 years with the arrival of their long time friend Vincent Bertholet on double bass. And this enhancement is an excellent one as the well-captivating album opening title track draws us out into the centre of the dancefloor, working out to a thrilling take on Dancefloor Jazz with a spy movie twist whilst the following "Dark Blue" goes a little deeper in terms of Jazz Noir based on complex drums as well as talking trumpet notes and "Be Calmed" serves an excellent menu of laid-back, melancholia-driven, high quality Bar Jazz accompanied by various random found sound samples which we'd defo could imagine being featured on the very first editions of the legendary "Future Sounds Of Jazz"-series back in the days. The "Quantum Shuffle" is about to please those loving their organic Dope Beats to the max, the "Octopus" waves its eight tentacles to a more tripping, slightly dubbed out musical outing and "Machine Molle", the only vocal tune on this longplay piece, weighs in a little bit of Bossa- meets AfroBeat-infused fire for all late night dancers out there. Furthermore "Pedalo Power" sets a well-suiting vibe for futuristic cocktail lounging lightyears beyond the earth's heliocentric orbit and the final cut "Aire De Rhone" provides the ultimate organic score to calm down and drift into blurry dreamlands after a busy day. This is good stuff. Trust me.

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