Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dr. NoiseM - Perculator [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

The ever active yet still mysterious producer Dr. NoiseM is back with a new cassette tape release these days and up to cater the needs of all fans of experimental electronics and collectors alike with this limited edition print run of only 35 copies worldwide. Opening the album with its title track "Perculator" the artist serves an excellent trip into fragile Ambient Electronica for highly advanced ChillOut floors which is, in parts, reminiscent of Nommo Ogo's most outstanding work on labels like Isolate Records whilst the following "Perculator Read" is a blueprint for ultraminimalist, beatless Deep Listening Music with a dark'ish twist and "Passing The Perculator" provides more spine-tingling thrills with a steady, near-silent background Drone and a stripped down, lo-fi'esque melodic motif that comes across like a transmission from an undisclosed location in deep space. On the flipside we'll find "Perculator To The End Part 1 & 2" rolled out over the course of nearly 20 minutes for each part, fusing Dark / Cold Ambient-resembling atmospheres and Industrial-influenced Electronica structures to a great result, making this the best album in this specific niche we've heard in 2k17 so far. Highly recommended.

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