Monday, August 14, 2017

Dieter Von Deurne & The Politics - s/t [Morr Music 153 Promo]

As announced earlier this year with the video post of  "I'm On Trial" we see Morr Music putting out the same titled debut album of Dieter Von Deurne & The Politics, the new band project launched by Dutch fellow Dieter Sermeus who is harking back to his teenage roots, influenced by his very first, and late 80s launched, band Orange Black - an Indie & related outfit which soon played warm up slots for the likes of Pavement or Stereolab as well as other of its founders teenage idols.  And these influences do show - not necessarily in a heavily nostalgia infused way but in the albums overall atmosphere which incorporates fuzzy guitars and an awareness of Alt Rock as well as Psychedelia with raw, vintage lo-fi feel, some Grunge and bits and bops of more contemporary Indie for todays younger crowds. The album even caters a surprisingly deep and romantic mid-album ballad named "Reckless Kids" which makes a heavy, yet thrilling turn about mid-tune as well as a brutal distortion excess towards the ende of the second to last  tune "Love Trouble". This is a nice one for sure.  


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