Tuesday, September 26, 2017

DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess - Meets New Soulmates At Nyege Nyege Deejay Laboratory [Jahmoni Music]

Coming straight from Munich's Jahmoni Music-camp is this lovely little mixtape release by DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess. Following her unique, multi-layered and tempo varied polyrhythms we see DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess presenting a tour de force through afro-eccentric influences, both traditional and contemporary, intense Spoken Word passages, minimalist and instrumental PostPunk, before taking a turn into highspeed Dub and twisted bass music, heavy Tribal House with oriental influences, even GhettoHouse, brutally swinging bass beats and dubbed out Space Jazz abstractions  as well as raw, unprocessed Underground Electro. Defo a well eclectic selection for all those who love a) cassette tapes for a reason and b) to dance their ass off far beyond any form of mainstream electronic music influences. This is one for all true music lovers out there.


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