Thursday, December 21, 2017

Panoptique Electrical - Quiet Ecology [Sound In Silence 044]

Coming in from the Greek Sound In Silence-label is their late November released album "Quiet Ecology" created by the now Adelaide, Australia-based sound artist that is Jason Sweeney under his musical moniker Panoptique Electrical. Making his third appearance on the imprint we see Sweeney open his latest effort with "The World Is So Loud", a beautiful and organic 11+ minutes take on pure Piano Ambient romanticisms accompanied by decent cello strings, the follow up "In A Vow Of Silence" weighs in more of a droning, solemn and intense approach towards autumnal Ambient music and "Footfalls" caters the needs of those bathing in loneliness and melancholia throughout cold winter nights, shedding tears and suffer from broken hearts. With "Upon A Map" multilayered channels bring on a quite alarming, yet also natural and medieval feel of sorts, "A Place With Trees" takes us back into a more romantic mood and the final cut finds its place "In Between Buildings", following a similar path but unfortunately doesn't play through its entire runtime because our copy of this release is somehow scratched and faulty towards the very end. If you love Piano Ambient and moody feels, this one's for you anyway.


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