Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Kutin / Kindlinger - Decomposition IV: Variations On Bulletproof Glass [Ventil Records 008]

Soon to be released via the experimental electronic music focused Ventil Records-imprint as their 008 is "Decomposition IV: Variations On Bulletproof Glass", created by the creative conjunctional force known as Kutin / Kindlinger. Based on samples recorded from a bulletproof glass pane exposed to physical impacts of different kinds the pair composed a highly fascinating array of eight tracks, starting with the desolate, isolationist rhythm signatures of "X26" which later progresses into harsh and grinding Rhythm Industrial before "H.A.A.R.P." mixes up a droning bassline, Ambient spheres and highly abstract electronic structures to a mind-boggling effect, resembling the fall of a whole future society in a way whilst the opening sequence of "T.I.A." seems to be taken straight off an experimental early 70s sci-fi flic due to its great, retrofuturist sound which is later accompanied by creeping Electronica / Illbient for an extra bit of darkness. In "I Throne" we see Kutin / Kindlinger provide a huge anthem in terms of crossing over between Industrial and PostPunk with intense vocals performed by Elvin Brandhi, "P.A.N.E. #1" caters a spine-tingling take on what's best to be described as Dark Tribal whereas the follow-up "P.A.N.E. #2" gravitates more towards a Tribal-infused take on grinding Electronica, accompanied by buzzing electrical oscillations, a thrilling breakdown as well as a meandering, psyched out melodic component from outer space. With "L.I.W. the pair of producers is digging deep into slighty distorted, fluttering Cold Ambient structures and the final cut "Hypnagogum" weighs in approx. 10 minutes of masterly crafted Ambient / ChillOut for advanced crowds, schooled by the IDM-/Intelligent Techno-scene of the early 90s and therefore is one of the most accessible tunes on this album, which - overall - is a highly recommended one for any fan of quality electronic music for sure. Get!


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