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baze.djunkiii Charts 01/2k21

01. Luz1e - Ridin EP [Shall Not Fade 040]
Being a dedicated UK Bass Music connaisseur can be quite a frustrating thing these days as the increased output frequency of certain high quality labels and a diminished cash flow caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic don't match up and even the most avid collector and DJ has to skip on more essential releases than ever. Shall Not Fade is one of these labels putting out more excellent stuff than one is able to keep up with and they certainly nailed it with Luz1e's four track masterpiece that is the "Ridin EP". Walking the blurred line between a high speed take on modernist UK Garage, bits of (Future) Jungle and classic ElectroFunk / Ghetto Bass these tunes are made to get down dirty on any bass-focused dancefloor around the globe with only a limited quantity of 300 copies available worldwide and especially "Hyperfunk *Deep 8reak Cut" paying homage to the classic heydays of UKG.

02. Skatt Bros. - Walk The Night [Spaziale Recordings 009]
A little bit of a controversial one here as the Spaziale Recordings label is known for its - let's say - irregular, questionable business and licensing practices and therefore shouldn't necessarily be supported as accusations of one of its associates forging documents to acquire licensing rights have been bubbling for quite a while now. So much for a business perspective. From a DJ's and collectors point of view the prospect of adding a clean, sealed copy of Skatt Bros. epic 1979-released ProtoHouse / DirtyDisco cut "Walk The Night" to the collection is quite tempting and for the love of this sex hormone-oozing tune I did gave in this time because this one's a massive bang0r and so is the B2 uptempo anthem that is "Old Enough" for a bonus.

03. Pugilist - Heavy Lies The Crown EP [Trule 007]
Pugilist's Discogs bio describes the Melbourne resident as being focused on 'releasing multi genre bass music' and they're having a point here when it comes to his latest four track EP released via Trule which defo is another one of these labels to watch out for these days. Influenced by both Dubstep, Dark Garage and Sublow as well as being infused with elements of Future Jungle and well intricate overall beat science these cuts are amongst the finest, and deepest, in highly advanced Bass Music today.

04. Opus III / Kingz Of The Castle [Naughty '93]
That's a cheeky little bootleg 10" here coming at us in a wonderful mustard-marbled colour variation from the deep vaults of the Naughty '93 label. With the artistic originator behind these cuts being unknown both takes on electronic music classics "It's A Fine Day" by Opus III and Wamdue Project's "King Of My Castle" are at home in the grey area between classic Jungle vibes and more of a Happy Breakbeat-leaning variation of UK Hardcore and therefore will be heard in a variety of sets when the pandemic is over.

05. Age - The Orion Years [Hybride Sedimento 003]
It's been 25 years since Thomas P. Heckmann utilized his Ambient / Electronica alias Age to release "The Orion Years" via Mille Plateaux, an epic tribute to the early and groundbreaking German science-fiction TV series 'Raumpatrouille Orion'. Now remastered, updated and with a partially altered tracklist this album provides a sweet trip into the realm of spiralling Intelligent Techno, floating Acid Trance, Deep Space Ambient, Proto-IDM and beyond still and defo is a worthwile addition to every electronic music collection not only for those oldskool ravers who've spent hours and hours in ChillOut rooms of the 90s.

06. Nexus 21 - Made In Detroit [Network Records]
Another trip down memory - or better: history - lane as Chris Peat and Mark Archer finally unleash a set of tracks they recorded at KMS Studios in Detroit, MI back in 1990. With the influence of Motor City being an integral part of their musical approach anyway it seems only logical that especially the string work in the beautiful Bleep meets House crossover that is "Don't Do It Like This" seem to scream D-E-T-R-O-I-T! in capitals whilst "Nexus" on the flip comes in with a harder, yet more uplifting Techno vibe and "No Statues" is going full on complex, emotional early Intelligent Techno / Proto-IDM for a closing.

07. Move D & Benjamin Brunn - Let's Call It A Day [Smallville]
Originally put on the circuit as a CD album via Bine Musik back in 2006 the Hamburg-based Smallville label has released this classic collaborational effort by David Moufang a.k.a. Move D and Benjamin Brunn for its first time ever vinyl release, bringing back minimalist, yet warm and all embracing Armchair Techno as well as tender, stripped down organic Ambient / Deep Listening Music with epic track lengths of up to 17 minutes for a new generation of vinyl enthusiasists of today. This is deep.

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