Monday, February 27, 2023

Remont Pomp / Mikolaj Trzaska / Adam Zuchowski - Sam Jestes Pomp Vol. 1 [Gusstaff Records / Kilogram Records Promo]

Another album released by the ever buzzing Poland-based imprint that is Gusstaff Records on January 27th, 2k23 is "Sam Jestes Pomp Vol. 1", a ten tracks and 40 minutes spanning longplay effort recorded by band outfit Remont Pomp in collaboration with well renowned artists Mikolaj Trzaska on sax and clarinet as well as Adam Zuchowski on double bass. With Remont Pomp being a currently nine-piece group inspired by African Music, performed on traditional ethnic instruments by musicians with intellectual disabilities, with two previously released albums and international tours under their belt the sound of their third long form outing provides a muscular fusion of widely complex polyrhythmic percussion patterns and bold repetetive sax motifs with a well jazzy twist which contain elements of Eastern European melancholia especially prevalent in tunes like "Grota" whereas the series of tunes subsequently named "Free Pompy 1-5" caters tender, free-floating interludes and bridges, "Swieta Proznia" serves a deeply melancholia-inducing, yet caressing take on ethereal late night Jazz and "Pompujemy Krew" is coming full circle in terms of combination of Jazz meets Tribal polyrhythms just to name a few. Defo a well interesting listening experience for all fans of non-conformist Jazz, this.

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