Monday, May 16, 2005

EBM reloaded

The Hamburg-based Techno-producer CS , well known for his project Rotorik , relaunched his early 90's EBM-project T-E-T / Travailleur En Trance and released his debut album "Ultima Ratio Intervention" on Kampfbeat! Manoeuvre a few days ago which features - apart from re-edited early tunes like "Arbeiter Der Stirne / Arbeiter Der Faust" - several new tracks plus remixes from the likes of Daniel B. Prothese of Front 242-fame, Mark Hawkins or Dave Tarrida. A true sonic force this is, recommended for those oldskool EBM-headz as well as people who do love the new skool of EBM-/Industrial-influenced techno stuff revealed by The Hacker, Vitalic, The Horrorist and such... And btw - it's a limited edition of 500 CD-albums which might be sold out even quicker than you can get hold of a copy. Of course, this is available at Hamburg's Otaku Records , so if you are interested in purchasing this item just get in touch and they'll help ya out even if your not from Germany as they also do international mailorder on request.


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