Friday, February 16, 2007

Grime r_port vol. 16

Boka Records have seen their eleventh release not too long ago and once again provide high class material for Dubstep dancefloors. The Others are on production duties here, delivering two massive tracks. Whilst “Hear Dis Style” could be filed under the slightly ridicilous and well made up sub-genre of Happy Halfstep due to his ultra positive attitude and jumpy bassline figure spreading an anthemic, rave-like vibe seldom seen on Dubstep floors, “Underworld” comes up as a baaad metallic sci-fi tune which, not only due to it’s score’esque intro, begs for several rewinds instantly. Warped bassline terror plus dark string arrangements alongside a quickly accessible, recognisable signal and a massive, junglistic Amen interlude are about to destroy dancefloors. What they call it in London? Disgusting!

On whitelabel these days – TRIM 001 - there’s Trim & Wiley’s legendary battle tune “Boogeyman” that has been performed live billion times before when Roll Deep’s been on stage throughout the last years. Anyone seen dem man live will ever remember that massive punchline “I’m not scared of the Boogeyman I scare the Boogeyman” on top of Wiley’s beats which are for sure larger than life. On the flip we got Trim a.k.a. Trimson a.k.a Trimba showcasing a few of his performance 16bar lyrics on top of a slightly melancholic halftime beat, letting other MC’s know why he’s one of dem dopest grime vocalists around.

One of the biggest Dubstep-tunes out on 12” these days is MRK1‘s “Never Warned” which has seen release on his own imprint Contagious recently. Based upon a well known Reggae-influenced vocal hook from back in the golden days of the Jungle movement and accompanied by slow, grinding beats plus a kind of ravey signal that – melody wise this is - as well appears as bassline figure the tune is to be recognised immediately after a few seconds, no matter where being played and by whom. Beggin‘ for a reload. Flipside features Skream’s remix of MRK1s “Plodder” , a tune that’d better be left unremixed as Skream cannot add anything to it but transfers the whole thing into a completely new context which doesn’t have a lot in common with the darkness of the original tune , that has been out on whitelabel for a while. B2 “Eye Of Ming” is a proper one again which fuses asian, especially chinese, influences and sounds with slow, darkish Dubstep.


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