Monday, January 29, 2007

Longplay love 44.0

Easy summer grooves, anyone? Guess so, as the view out of my office window offers nothing but darkness - yes, it's post-midnight though - , cold and snow and I might not be the only up for some warmth and organic grooves, which are provided by PMJ feat. Roy Ayers' new album "Love Not Truth" on PMJ's very own label Postmodern Jazz spinning rounds right now. A nice soundtrack for high-class loungin' in perfectly designed venues, expensive cocktails in hand and drifting away to jazzy, mostly organic sounds accompanied by excellent vocalists Roy Ayers, Judy La Rose and passed away Mel Nixon. If you're collector or connaisseur of so-called NuJazz - although the term seems to be dated but has not be replaced by a better one to date - this is defo one album to check out these days.

If the term Acid Jazz / Dancefloor Jazz hadn't been that over-abused in the early 90s it would be a more than well fitting definition of what "Socialised Jazz Beats", the third Various Artists compilation on Den Haag's Social Beats, serves to all music addicts. Artists like Cookin' Quintet, Solo Moderna, The Jazzinvaders, Phil Martin - as artist as well as remixer - , and other provide a bunch of all in all 13 tracks for finest jazzfloorin' , slightly influenced by Brazil, House and, this pointin' out to one special track, Drum'n'Bass but still as organic as organic can be. Recommended for club & DJ abuse.

"Marie's Sister's Garden" is the title of Voodooshock's second full-length album which is piped for release on Exile On Mainstream on march 9th. Four troublesome years after their debut Voodooshock come up with a solid 11 tracks journey through all facets of grounded Slow Rock and Doom, sometimes anthemic as in the albums title track "Marie's Sister's Garden" , sometimes epic, dark and creeping as in the nearly 8 minutes long "Funeral Farewell". Served in a detached and unagitated way the albums worth increases every time you listen to it and due to that will well stand the test of time. Might even be regarded as future classic by Doom headz, so make sure to check this one out.


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