Monday, February 19, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 53

Leipzig’s finest Breakcore- / Fakecore-imprint Phantomnoise Records is finally back after a long time of silence with Arrebite’s “Bicuda E.P.” , a six-tracker of what they call Break’n’Roll as it refers to Breakbeats as well as to Rock structures, produced by two guys from Brazil alongside their MC Diamondog. Imagine a freestyle mixture of ***Core – the name’s up to u, readers - , a bit of Beastie Boys entertainment and the anarcho attitude of so-called Baile Funk taken to a heavier level. Like that? Get that.

Offshore Recordings are coming up with their 19th release these days, which is essential for all lovers of high quality Drum’n’Bass. The A-Side sees Fracture & Neptune taking things back to the good old Virus days with their tune “Ups & Downs” – a minimalistic tool to be filed under the term of TechFunk. Proves that it doesn’t need more but spooky sounds, sparse on point basslines and a danger zone athmosphere created by droney strings to work the dancefloor properly. No drop focusing here or bullshit curlycueing, just stripped down to the bone music that defo is about to stand the test of time anyhow. On the flip there’s Macc providing a nice trilling bit of Drumfunk / Choppage named “Wrong To Perfection” for a more club-orientated audience, willing to follow the path of precisely edited beats and mad – well, not that mad but still tricky – FX through a night out. Featured by Metalheadz‘ DJ Flight on her show on BBC 1Xtra, so be ready to find some quality grooves pressed up here.

Mazi Namvar ak.a. Audio Soul Project is responsible for Dessous Recordings' 067 named “Enter The Night”, a recommended three track E.P. balancing between pumping DeepHouse and more minimalistic, techy approach. While title track “Enter the Night” convinces through a smokey, ever repeating male vox that puts the dancefloor crowd into a hypnotic state of trance, B1 “Sarabbath as well as B2 “No Exit” rely upon stripped down but still slightly sparkling arrangements strictly made for late night clubbing.


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