Saturday, March 10, 2007

Longplay love 46.0

SJ Esau's new album "Wrong Faced Cat Feed Collapse" is piped for release on the infamous Anticon.-imprint on March 30th, a twelve track journey through different shades of what might be named AntiFolk / Indietronica / AvantRock or whatever seems to be fitting for an intimate amalgamation of classic Folk (song) structures and typical, foggy, Anticon.'esque beats close to the borders of what once was known as TripHop. Nice homelistening stuff that defo sweats a certain form of dark melancholia that'll well fit with red vine-induced campfire sessions - exclude the funny uptempo songs "Halfway Up The Pathway" from this, please.

Hamburg-based label Audiolith Records is about to release Plemo's forthcoming longplayer "Exzessexpress" on March 13th, which features 12 tracks right between Electro, Pop and a trashy, bleepy, high energy Disco attitude and a certain amount of sparkling glitz. Their great uber-hit "Flashlight" known from a former 7" release is to be found on the album as well as a tribute to Saalschutz's "Richtige DJs" named "Top 40 DJs" amongst other great tunes of which one is paying respect to Mrs. Madonna Ciccone as her voice seems to be used in the tracks intro and is meant to cause serious brockout in gay discotheques, small underground nightclubs and Indie pubs as well. Although not made for a mainstream audience all tunes are well accessible for those being freshly introduced to the sound of Plemo and a sureshot for all lovers of what might be called ElectroPunk. Check myspace for soundfiles and preview.

File under: Heavy as hell NoiseRock. This is what the press release says about Unsane's forthcoming album "Visqueen", scheduled for release on Ipecac in early April 2007, perfectly fusing subtle melodies, fuzzing noise and the furious anger of down to earth Hardcore within eleven tracks. The New Jersey-based bunch of three - original grassroot member Chris Spencer, Dave Curran and Vinny Signorelli - generates an ultra-massive wall of uneasy noise and distorted guitars, accompanied by a beserking drumset that stamps every resistance into the ground as if it was no more than nothing. Music for Mad Max-scenario's, post-war confrontations and decaying societies.


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