Friday, April 06, 2007

Longplay love 48.0

The trinity of Doc. AtmosfearCrush, Tomahawk and Machete a.k.a. Boing & Peng is responsible for "The Unmasked Comedia" , 026 of Super Six Goodies, a ten tracks journey into the realm of deep, hypnotic, intelligent ClubTechno. All tunes deliver a certain kind auf trippyness that hasn't be heard in technoid music for quite a while and brings back a feeling of floating through multicolored worlds of 3D animations - anyone out here remembering the legendary X-Mix-Series that used to set standards in video art in the 90s? Due to this and quality production a release worthy to check out.. Nice.

Spitting Off Tall Buildings are about to release their second - and last as well as the band's going to split - album under the name of "Good Night And Good Luck" via Exile On Mainstream on May 11th, a longplayer that is best to be filed under the flag of noise-influenced PowerPop: Melodic, epic but still fueled with a certain kind of distortion when it comes to their wall of sound-like guitars. Although all ten songs unite fragility and power, melancholia and anger plus there is a recurrent theme that rounds out the picture of the album as a whole which is a proper one anyway I wonder if anybody will miss Spitting Off Tall Buildings for anything but their name as there are numerous bands around of a similar sound.

Another album scheduled for May 11th is Neurosis' upcoming "Given To The Rising", which is due to be released via Neurot Recordings on this date. Ten songs within 71 minutes of the blackest, most evil slow psyched-out Southern Rock around that is surely able to darken the sun on the brightest summer day of which especially the 5 minutes intro of "At The End Of The Road" serves some of the most grinding, nail-biting music this extreme genre has ever seen. Able to cause a severe trauma if played to unstable, labile persons. A true statement and due to that a great album.


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