Friday, March 30, 2007

Grime r_port vol. 17

Distance's debut album "My Demons" has been recently released via Planet μ and has to be rated as the best and most consistent album the Dubstep scene has seen to date, as it covers the genre's whole spectrum from ambient'ish athmospheric depths via beat abstractions to harsh, more industrial flavored tunes but keeps the focus on what is regarded as Dubstep without the attempt of forcefully squeezing any foreign elements into sound structures they don't fit into. This is not about "keeping things real" or whatever kind of purism, but as one might agree there haven't been many "crossover" tracks out there even worth an average rating compared to what their producers use to serve when they stick to their favorite genre without being experimental. Tracks to check: "Weigh Down" and "Ska" for tearing up dancefloors and "Tuning" for Source Direct- / Photek-influenced darkness.

Skynet, better known for his more technoid Drum'n'Bass-productions, has put out his Dubstep-tracks "Swamp" and "Isolate" as 008 of Argon Records and proves quality in that, too. While "Swamp" comes with an epic, dark'ish and hypercold sci-fi flava accompanied by characteristic, ancient drum sounds, "Isolate" is a deep, athmospheric tune that'll probably fit best as last record played near sunrise after a long Dubstep night out. Name it Ambient Halfstep.

Neu Rave meets Dubstep is a fusion that no-one ever dreamt of to be good, but what Sebastian's Remix of Klaxons' tune "Golden Skans" released on the french imprint Because serves is pure dancefloor devastation. Dubby halftime vibes meets ravey strings meets hyper-melancholic Neu Rave Vocals meets effect loaden moshpit sequences... a melting pot of sounds that seems to be nothing but a fuckin' anthem. Get that, buy blindfolded. No questions, please.

Kev Martin's SpeedHall / Industrial Dancehall outlet The Bug comes up with a new 12" named "Jah War" on Ninja Tune featuring Flowdan, that seems to be more influenced by Grime than any of their former productions. Two versions featured here - one harsh, brutal and ultra-compressed, while the flipside - rumours talk about a remix by a well-known Dubstep / Grime producer - seems to be more chilled, but still thrilling. Hunt down quickly as this single is quite limited and will be sought after soon.


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