Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 63

Christoph Götsch, better known as Malente to the dancefloor massive, comes up wit a new 12" under his MANROX-moniker on Luscious Sounds named "tHIS MANROX" these days. Hyper-functional for primetime sets the two versions of title track plus the additional "sP€ND uR cA$H" are to be filed under the flag of the "louder" kind of ElectroHouse which is quite popular amongst the likes of Boyz Noise, Eric Prydz, Digitalism and others these days and will be appreciated by many punters for sure when hammered through a huge PA system.

D'julz' "Runny" is the forthcoming 085 of Poker Flat Recordings, a more tool'ish, long time building tune with a kind of psychedelic feel to it that either is good for paving the way for another ultra-slamming track to follow within the next mix or just to keep the late nite crowd moving. It's rarely seen that Poker Flat puts out something like this, something that ain't kind of anthemic, recognizable or at least jackin' but as long as there's a certain high quality standard delivered nothing wrong with that anyway. Berkson & What's rework of "Runny" takes things to a warmer, more organic, housier and as well catchier level, using some well-known stab sounds that add a bit of extra drive to the whole tune - will be played out more often than the original version. B2-track "Sign" seems to be big time influenced by Cologne's mid-90s experiments in reduction and minimalism delivered by artists like Mike Ink - remember his great "Telefon"-remixes for Andreas Dorau ??? - and to have transfered this attitude to a thrillling 2k7 level. Rate "Sign" as number one out of three tunes delivered on this 12".

Up for something more cheesy and anthemic? Then check out Prayce's new single "Feel Good" put on promo circuit via Zeitgeist / Universal these days, which delivers a mixture of Filter-/Disco-House and Umek's Astrodisco-ingredients for suburban candy ravers and commercial floors. Not to be taken too serious but this one guarantees a moronic grin on everybodys face and makes sure that them are punters are 'avin it when they're E'd up. Can't help lovin' it for this FX, same goes for some ultra-cheesy Happy Hardcore.


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